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5 Small Business Financing Options for Startup Entrepreneurs #business #management #software

#business financing options


5 Small Business Financing Options for Startup Entrepreneurs

Credit Cards

According to a 2012 National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) study [click the image above for the full infographic], 79% of small business owners used credit cards to start or grow their business. That says a lot about the significance of using credit cards to capitalize a small business.

According to another study (PDF) conducted by Keybridge Research, the use of business credit cards to start or grow a small business has tremendous positive effects on the business and the economy as a whole. The study found that the expansion of credit card lending between 2003 and 2008 contributed to the creation of 1.6 million jobs and for every $1,000 of business credit card use, a $5,500 increase in revenue was experienced by the small business.

The bottom line is that about 4 out of 5 small business owners will be using credit cards.

Founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, did it in the early days. Most other successful business owners have done it as well. It’s like anything else in that, you can use credit cards the right way or the wrong way. So plan this like you do your business.

I like what T. Boone Pickens says about planning. He said:

“A plan without action isn’t a plan. It’s a speech.”

Don’t make a speech about using credit cards, make a plan. Places like Lendio and NCH Capital help a lot of business owners learn how to use business credit cards to grow their businesses.


Microloans are small loans typically issued to borrowers who are low income earners or have less than perfect credit and do not qualify for traditional bank financing.

According to the Microfinance Information Exchange, MicroBanking Bulletin Issue #19. nearly 74 million entrepreneurs across the world have microloans that are equal to a combined total of $38 billion U.S. dollars (as of 2009). Statistics vary but most microlenders report that between 95 99% of their loans are repaid. has over a 99% repayment rate this month alone.

Repayment rates suggest that small businesses have experienced a significant level of success as a result of obtaining microloans. Furthermore, according to a recent survey (PDF) conducted by Accion U.S. Network, 42% of survey respondents said their business income increased (between 2010 2011) as a result of a microloan.

Personal Savings

This is the #1 small business financing option for most people who find that they don’t qualify for credit cards, microloans, or any other type of “traditional bank financing.”

This is a great way to get started. If you don’t quality for things like business credit cards or traditional bank financing, then you may want to take the appropriate steps to correct any credit issues that may be part of the problem. We would all like to have more financing options in the future as we grow our businesses. If you’re like millions of other business owners with less-than-perfect credit, then do something about it.

Resources like Creditera are invaluable as it is currently the only credit monitoring platform that allows business owners to monitor both business and personal credit in one place.

The 3 F’s: Family, Friends and Fools

This is a great example of how the small business financing options are different for everyone. For some people, that list of possible investors from their friends and family is a long one. For others it’s, well, a short list shall we say.

Often times it is difficult to obtain financing from family and friends because they may not fully understand the business or believe it will succeed. You will really need to do what it takes to convince them the business will be lucrative and successful to get them to invest.

Entrepreneurs are famous for over-selling their cool ideas to their Uncle Louie and then seeing things not work out. If you do accept an investment from a friend or family member, then I suggest using something like ZimpleMoney. Whatever you do, be sure to treat your friends and family no different than you would a savvy angel investor. They deserve updates, communication and to be one of the first phone calls when there is a problem.

You should treat them as the partner you allowed them to become when you accepted their check. As for the fools I’ll leave that one alone.

Retirement Accounts

This small business financing option is highly popular for entrepreneurs who want to purchase a franchise. In order to use your retirement account to fund your business, you would use the Rollover for Business Startup (ROBS) Strategy.

This strategy is slightly complicated so you’ll want to consult with an expert such as Benetrends or Tenet Financial Group. It consists of forming a C Corporation and rolling your current retirement plan over to the new corporation’s retirement plan. It’s a relatively complex strategy. So don’t try it on your own and do your due-diligence. The term ROBS actually comes from the IRS ROBS compliance project.

ROBs strategies are common but are right up there as the most risky ways to finance a business along with Home Equity Lines of Credit and using personal savings. Again, in the event that your business fails, you likely lose your nest egg or whatever portion of it you “rolled over.”

I probably side with my friend Joel Libava, The Franchise King, on this when I say that I don’t think of franchisees as “full-fledged,” 100% entrepreneurs. I also cannot negate what my other good friend, Rieva Lesonsky, says when she argues, very respectfully, that franchisees take a lot of risk in buying a franchise. Especially a less established franchise.

When franchisees “roll over” their nest egg and start a franchise they totally get my respect and they clearly are taking a risk. I guess for me, I can’t get past the part about following directions and needing to get permission from the franchisor for many business decisions that an entrepreneur would not only make, but would make quickly, and he/she would laugh at the thought of needing someone’s permission.


Successful business owners all have one thing in common. They take action. They execute.

Mistakes and failures come with the territory, so learn your options, move forward, and accept that there will be lessons to learn along your road to success. Figure out which small business financing option is best for you and your dream.

Tom Gazaway is Founder and President of LenCred. His expertise is in helping small business owners who are in the first two years of business to properly obtain business financing that separates their personal and business credit while also protecting, preserving, and improving their credit profiles. Tom blogs on the LenCred blog, The Business Finance Lounge.

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Editor’s Picks

Thanks for the mention.

I m 100% okay with folks using a PORTION of their retirement savings to buy a franchise.

They need to make sure it s done right, though. The paperwork involved must be perfect. And, several other things need to line up. the right age, enough back-up money, etc.

Great article, Tom

The Franchise King®

Thanks Joel. It s great to have you clarify your position on this.

I think the part I liked the most about your comments was when you said, make sure it s done right. When a franchisee or other type of small business owner works with a qualified representative from a reputable company like the ones I mentioned (or other company that meets those criteria) and uses a ROBS strategy then it can be an excellent way to bring your dream to reality.

Thanks again Joel.

I guess most startup entrepreneurs always go with the three F s or with loans. But then again, there are always the safe players who invests their existing savings. I would like to see some unconventional ways to generate some money for startup.

Internet Business Opportunity #online #business #degree

#online business opportunity


Internet Business Opportunity

How To Find The Right Internet Business Opportunity

Many people are looking for online income opportunities. It is an attractive idea to earn an income from home, with nothing but your computer and an Internet connection. However, this also poses a big challenge for most people. Finding the right Internet business opportunity is not as easy as it seems nowadays. Many of the opportunities that can be found online are mostly scams. Yet there are still some genuine opportunities to be found.

Are you currently stuck in a job, that is not paying what you re worth? Perhaps now is a good time for you to half a look around, to see if you might find something that appeals to you. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can find out in the Online Internet Business Opportunity you ve found is legitimate.

There are many programs to be found online, which make big incoming claims. Some of these programs are legitimate, but many are not. So if you re looking for an income opportunity online, make sure that the claims of the program are realistic. It will not help you to be scammed by somebody. If it is a real opportunity, they will make honest claims.

Something else that can be important, is to look for reviews. Reviews can tell a lot about the program. Most reviews can be found online. Simply type in the name of the program in the search bar of any of the major search engines, and include reviews in your search phrase. You will find many sites that list a number of reviews, which you can have a look at.

Carefully read through all of the reviews and pay special attention to the negative reviews. If you for the large number of people speaking about the about program in a negative manner, then chances are that you should look for a different opportunity. Another great way to see if a program is legitimate, is to see if it is registered at the site of BBB .

Once you have found the right Top Free Internet Business Opportunity. you still need to find out if this program can work for you. There are some things you need to take into consideration here. First and foremost, it is important that you have the right feeling and motivation to do what is necessary. Are you looking for a part-time job. Or do you want to replace your entire income? How much time do you have to spend solely on your work?

If you just lost your job, you may be able to spend most of your day working on the program. However, if you have a day job. this might be much more difficult for you. Most business opportunities do require quite some time, so make sure you have the necessary time to make this work.

Also consider your strengths and weaknesses. If you have poor communication skills. it might not be the right choice for you to work on a program that requires you to talk to clients all day. The same goes for tech skills. If you don t have them, choose something else, that doesn t require you to learn complicated skills before you can start making any money.

If you pay attention to the above, and make sure that you start an online business with the right mindset, you have a much bigger chance to succeed. Of course, as with anything else you want to achieve, a Free Home Internet Business Opportunity takes time and effort to make it work. There is no magic button that can make the sales for you. But the right attitude can go a long way.

MORE INFO about Internet Business Opportunity can be found RIGHT HERE.

Business finance explained #business #startup #ideas

#business finance loan


Business finance explained

4. Loans

A loan is credit, usually in the form of cash, that you borrow and repay over an agreed length of time. Banks, community development finance institutions, other businesses and even friends and family can provide businesses with loans.

As well as repaying the amount you’ve borrowed, you normally have to pay interest on a loan. The amount will depend on:

  • how long you need the loan for
  • how much you borrow
  • whether the loan is ‘secured’ – eg if you own your home and agree to transfer ownership to the loan provider if you don’t keep up your payments
  • other factors, like the Bank of England base rate

The interest rate may be:

  • fixed, so it won’t change for the length of the loan
  • variable, so it will change with the Bank of England base rate or the bank’s cost of borrowing

Reasons for getting a loan

Loans are generally suitable for:

  • paying for assets – eg vehicles or computers
  • start-up capital
  • instances where the amount of money you need won’t change

It’s not a good idea to take out a loan for ongoing expenses – you might find it difficult to keep up repayments.


  • unlike overdrafts. loans are not repayable on demand – this means that you’re guaranteed the money for the whole term (generally 3 to 10 years)
  • loans can be tied to the lifetime of equipment or other assets you’re borrowing the money to pay for
  • you won’t have to give the lender a percentage of your profits or a share in your company


  • loans aren’t very flexible – eg you may have to pay charges if you repay early
  • you might struggle to meet monthly payments if your customers don’t pay you
  • if your loan is secured against your personal property or assets (eg your home) you could lose them if you don’t keep up the payments
  • the cost of repayments for variable rate loans can change, making it harder to plan your finances

Find funding

You can look for either:

Buy a Home Based Online Business Opportunity business for sale on #start #your #own #business #ideas

#online business opportunity


Home Based Online Business Opportunity For Sale

View all 3 photos

No expensive Franchise Costs and ongoing Franchise Fees
No Industry experience required
No 5 year lease agreements, no expensive equipment to purchase
No stock holdings or staff necessary
Make 80% Up Front Profit per Sale
Genuine GLOBAL opportunity with NO restrictions and
You call the shots!

We are an established Global Market Leader in a $65 Billion dollar industry. With our recently fully accredited Leadership Development program spanning in over 50 countries and boasting 50,000 plus satisfied customers, we are still enjoying exponential growth and ongoing success.

This is a Home Based, Online business opportunity positioned in the Personal Development and positive media Industry.
Successful partners in this business come from all walks of life – from Sales and Marketing, to Law, Accounting, Health Professionals, Teachers, Trades people, General Management, Hospitality, Customer Service, previous Business Owners, and stay at home mums and dads, not wishing to return to previous work environment. It is for entrepreneurial minded people who wish to really take charge of their lives and career, by creating a financially rewarding lifestyle you always knew you deserved!

Home Based and online opportunity.
A proven simple system to follow
A lucrative revenue plan which consists of Upfront, Leveraged and ongoing Residual Income streams. Profits of up to 80% per sale paid upfront (ranging from $1828 – $19,000USD).
Flexible hours, you choose, full time or part time.
Low set up costs – to kick start this business all you need is a phone, computer and internet not to mention a real desire and belief to finally earn what you are really worth.
International travel opportunities.


NOT MLM, we are in the Direct Sales Industry
NO Cold Calling
NO Hassling Friends and Family
NO Pressure Selling
NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme
This business is not for everyone, it requires commitment and dedication.

12 month home study, accredited, personal development course
5 Day Live Wealth Creation Seminar
8 Day Live Personal and Leadership Development Seminar
Annual product updates.


A burning desire to achieve more and really get paid for your work.
Be self-motivated to succeed.
Be a self-starter.
Be a leader.
Willingness to learn, grow and help others.
Possess the highest levels of Honesty Integrity, and
Be fluent in English.

If you feel you tick all the boxes, simply contact us using the form below to register your interest today.

Local Listings #business #applications

#local business listing


Local Business Listings

Can local customers find you? Let’s find out.

If you’re not listed, you could be missing out.

Local Listings is a highly effective way to expose your small business to valuable local customers. Unlike other places you might market your business, local listings sites are being used by people in your area who are ready to buy. In fact, research shows that over half of all local searches end with a purchase!

Directories in our ever-expanding network include:

Google Bing AOL Yahoo YP

People are searching. Will they find you?

How Does Webs Local Listings work?

You provide your details.

With our easy-to-use guided tool, you can enter your relevant business information in just a few moments.

We submit everything.

We will simultaneously submit the details you provided in the first step to over 100 local search directories.

New customers find you.

Once your details are listed, potential customers will see your small business ranked in their local search results!

Get listed in just 5 Minutes!

Webs Local Listings makes it easy to get your business listed everywhere online. Simply provide us some basic information about your business and how you would like it to appear in search results. We’ll handle submitting that information to over 100 local directories online, including Google, Yahoo, and

Create a free website

With a powerful free website builder and professional website templates. Webs can help you easily create the website you’ve always wanted to promote your small business, sell something online, or simply showcase your creativity.
Ready to get started? Get helpful tips for small business websites and more in our resource center.

2016 Webs. A Vistaprint company. All Rights Reserved.

Webs makes small business marketing simple.

Explore the Webs online marketing platform below.

Better Websites Made Simple.

Social Marketing Made Simple.

Sign Up

Trends in Small Business Loans – Biz Loans – Small Biz Loans #printing #business #cards

#biz loans


Trends in Small Business Loans

Small business lending is evolving and the future of getting a small business loan will never be the same. Since 2011 the 2008 economic crisis lending has hit somewhat of a standstill, both commercially and personally; and now with the rise in alternative lenders and lenders like Kabbage, creating partnerships with banks to give customers better and longer terms and more flexible products, small business loans are trending up. This means that now is the time to find the right financing option for your small business.

Small business lending has turned a corner. Traditional lenders have realized how important small businesses are to the nation’s economy and are committing to lend more and more to these types of companies. In fact, one of the biggest lenders in the nation, Wells Fargo, has promised that by the end of 2018, they will have lent out $100 billion to small businesses alone. Small businesses have more options than they ever did before when it comes to seeking loans and working capital. Small business lending approval rates rose from 18.8 percent in March to 19.4 percent in May. which is a record high since the economic downturn.

Recently a few new market trends have emerged when it comes to small business loans. These trends are initially positive for small business owners, albeit competitive. So here are six lending trends to look out for in 2014.

#1 Easier toGet an SBA Loan
Thanks to the Small Business Administration, it is now easier than ever before to get a small business loan. Don’t get confused and think that the SBA itself is lending out money or saying yes to anyone who applies. Rather, the SBA is guaranteeing a portion of small business loans, making it easier for financial institutions to lend to them. There are still a variety of qualifications you will need to pass in order to be eligible for a small business loan (size requirement, finance qualifications, and lender qualifications). There are a variety of programs backed by the SBA like the 7(a) Guaranty Loan Program, SBA Express Program, and the Micro Loan Program.

#2 Non-Bank Alternative Lenders

The biggest trend is the increase in alternative lenders in the small business loan marketplace. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions have made it difficult in the past for small business owners to get a loan. With all the hoops they expect you to jump through plus the amount of time it takes to get your application approved, it is no wonder that alternative lenders like Kabbage have become so popular. The current trend is shifting toward more and more small businesses seeking alternative solutions to traditional lenders. This is most likely due to the current low interest rates.

Last month Wells Fargo, one of the largest traditional small business lenders, committed to lend $100 billion to small business in the United States by 2018. This is sure to be picked up my more large traditional lenders as they come to realize what a large part small businesses play in our local economies. From 2008 to 2012, access to capital from traditional lenders for small businesses came to screeching halt. In fact, traditional bank lenders like Celtic Bank have turned to alternative lenders like Kabbage to help finance more small businesses!

#4 Increase in Middle-Market SBA Loans (up to $5 Million)

Back in 2010, the SBA increased its loan size to $5 million for the 7(a) loan program, which made it even easier for medium sized businesses, which often needed larger loans, to get funding to help their business grow and thrive. Before 2010, SBA loans were more popular and more targeted at new businesses and smaller “mom and pop” businesses. Due to the increase in SBA loans, however, there has been a trend in more experienced traditional lenders who frequently give out SBA and commercial loans lending to middle market businesses, which didn’t previously benefit from any loan program on the market.
#5 Lending on the Go

Another trend in small business lending that has taken off recently is mobile lending. Because it has become so easy to access working capital, alternative lenders have taken it one step further by providing working capital on the go. Many alternative lenders offer apps for your smartphone that allow you to manage your accounts remotely. Kabbage’s mobile app was the first of its kind to actually allow you access to working capital on the go while also allowing you to qualify from your phone and receive cash in as little as seven minutes! Technology is making it easier than ever to connect with your financial institution quicker and with less hassle.

#6 Cash flow is King
This last trend has been around since the advent of small business lending. Your cash flow says a lot about your business overall. and it is one of your most valuable assets. When lenders look at your business, they will always take your FICO score and cash flow into account. If you have a good average cash flow, getting a small business loan can be a cinch. If not, you can be seriously derailed. In fact, banks are looking at their clients cash flow cycles all the time to assess their financing options. Many larger banks are looking into their middle market accounts to see where they can lend even more money than before. Having a positive cash flow will help you tremendously when it comes to financing your business.

As times change, so do market trends, especially in the financial world. This year we are seeing a dramatic boost in how small and medium sized businesses are funded. This boost is great for our local economy and small businesses around the country because it helps keep small businesses flourishing. What trends have you seen recently in the financial arena? Are they affecting the way you find funding for your small business?

Madie Hodges currently works on the Kabbage blog editorial and content management team. She has worked in content marketing and finance since graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2013. She enjoys offering small business owners tips on marketing, finance and staying connected with your customers.

Latest posts by Madie Hodges (see all )

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  • How to use the SBA for business acquisition financing – Smart Business Magazine #sample #business #plan

    #business acquisition loan


    How to use the SBA for business acquisition financing

    Most businesses have intangible assets that are difficult to value and nearly impossible to collateralize. You will hear terms like “blue sky” or “goodwill” to describe these assets.

    Due to the more flexible collateralization standards associated with U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, these assets can be financed along with the more tangible assets that are a part of the business acquisition. This is just one reason why a business owner should consider an SBA loan for a change of ownership or business acquisition, over a conventional loan.

    Smart Business spoke with Romona Davis, vice president of SBA Commercial Lending at Ridgestone Bank. about the advantages of utilizing the SBA for business acquisition financing.

    Beyond flexible collateralization standards, why else are SBA loans more attractive?

    Conventional loans for business acquisitions are based on a three- or five-year term. This can make it tough for the business to meet the debt service requirements of most lenders. Utilizing an SBA loan, the acquisition can be stretched out over seven or even 10 years. This lowers the payments and makes it easier for the borrower to hit the debt service targets of the lender.

    Stretching out the amortization of the loan also frees up additional cash flow for the new owner of the business. He or she may then use that cash flow to invest in marketing, implementation of new initiatives or adding a product line. Cash flow is king.

    In addition, long-term amortization can help with the ebbs and flows of business that inevitably arise. If you are in a downslope when a three-year conventional loan becomes due, the bank might put you in forbearance or impose monthly renewal fees. With the SBA, you have something in place long term.

    Is seller financing sometimes involved in a business acquisition?

    Yes, quite often. With SBA financing of a business acquisition, a seller’s note can be used as a portion of the required equity injection.

    Typically, lenders in a business acquisition scenario prefer a 25 percent equity injection from the borrower. This can be a tough requirement for many borrowers. If the seller agrees to hold back a note, and it is structured correctly, that note can be counted as part of the borrower’s equity injection, thus making it easier to come up with the needed equity.

    Also, the sellers are often sole proprietors or family businesses and they want to see their legacy carried forward. Keeping the seller engaged assists the buyer in making the transition and assures the bank there is a team in place that can make it longer term.

    What was the change the SBA made to its ownership rules and why?

    The SBA removed the liquidity requirement a few years back. Without that requirement, the SBA made it possible for businesses with owners who have strong liquidity to obtain financing through an SBA loan. Removing the liquidity requirement allows borrowers who may not have good liquidity to bring an equity partner who has liquidity to the table to help them get an approval.

    The reason the SBA made this change was to provide borrowers more flexibility in how they can structure their business when they seek SBA financing.

    When business owners use an SBA loan for a business acquisition, what do they need to understand about the lending process?

    Business acquisition loans are complex. Anyone who is considering utilizing bank financing for a business acquisition should engage his or her banker early in the process. Ideally, before you even start negotiating with the seller.

    Your banker can advise you on areas where you can be flexible in negotiation and areas where you need to be less flexible. He or she also can alert the buyer to some of the pitfalls to avoid.

    Since a lot of information will be needed from both parties, the sooner documents are provided, the easier the process becomes. Also, be sure there is open and honest communication from the start. Don’t leave any surprises to the end, or your financing can be delayed or compromised.

    Always make sure you are dealing with a lender who has SBA experience and a bank that is a preferred lending partner with the SBA.

    Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC

    Insights Banking Finance is brought to you by Ridgestone Bank

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    Ideas for Cottage Industries #cheap #business #ideas

    #cottage industry ideas


    Earn money with a Cottage Industry

    A small business, stand alone or supplementary

    In the garden
    If you have a large enough garden, it is possible to not only supply yourself with food, but make things from it to sell at good profit.

    Take tomatoes and onions. You but two packs of seeds which will cost you no more than a couple of pounds. You sow from these 20 tomato plants and 150 onions (even then you will have only used about a third of the seeds !).
    When they’re ready, rather than selling them at the gate, you make chutney and relishes from them and sell on the gate, at boot fairs or simply friends and their work colleagues.
    Look at it as; the seeds cost me £1, if I sell them ‘out the ground as they are’ they’ll bring me £20, but if I make them into chutney I’ll get £100 !

    Then there’s natures freebies such as horseradish – costs nothing, but made into sauce which is an easy and fast job, it’s 100% profit. There’s wild garlic, wild strawberries, blackberries, elderberry, all sorts of things.
    Even stinging nettles can be eaten or made into hair tonics, as can rose hips.

    A good look and read of a wild herbal recipe / medicinal / useage book is quite mind boggling.

    Or just taper off one area from your garden and grow the same thing in it and sell that, flowers even.

    The thing is that from a working point of view, the garden is mainly spring, summer and autumn work, but the actual results of your hard work are to be had all the year round.

    From Home
    The list could be endless, but if you have a skill and like doing it – use it to your profit.

    Here’s a list of some things either I’ve done or other people who I know have done.

    Build Rabbit hutches and sell in local paper and auction
    Chicken Arks
    Quilt covers
    Wood carvings
    House number and name plates
    Marmalade making
    Candle Making
    Wooden toy making
    Wood carved dowsing pendulums

    Find out the market for it and plan out how you’re going to target that market, all the financial outlays and plan accordingly. Even plan the escape route if you have to.

    More ideas – Bird Boxes, Chicken Coops, Pet Runs, Chutney and more

    Earning Extra Income

    Business Acquisition Financing #start #online #business

    #business acquisition loan


    Our Services

    Business Acquisition Financing/Leveraged Buyouts

    “It costs less to buy an existing business than to build one from the ground up,” say business experts.

    That could be why, despite credit often being elusive and economic uncertainty, there seems to be increasing leveraged buyouts and merger and acquisition activity. Motivating factors include the opportunity to get into emerging markets, new geographic territory, build brands and increase profits more quickly.

    Nearly 80% of companies recently surveyed anticipate at least one acquisition in the short term and, conversely, one-third of middle market firms are open to outside investors.

    In today’s rigid credit market, securing bank funding can be difficult for companies or transactions that don’t fit into the bankable box.

    If the target company does not have a lot of assets, positive cash flow and strong profit margins, traditional bank financing can be tough – if not impossible to find. Alternative commercial financing options are available.

    Key factors to the type and availability of funding is the structure and type of the company that is being acquired and its valuation and growth plan. Acquisitions often involve different layers of capital which could include debt financing, mezzanine financing and private equity, depending on these factors.

    Business Capital specializes in providing “out-of-the-box” capital solutions to fund any situation or acquisition.

    If a buyer or seller is not well versed in financing, it is vital to partner with a reputable firm, like Business Capital. that understands the complexities of the situation and all the available options to determine the right source and structure of financing for each specific business opportunity.

    Does your business plan include an acquisition in your future?

    When considering an acquisition (and alternatives for acquisition financing), key items to deliberate are:

    • The continued growth opportunity provided by the target company
    • The acquisition financing terms
    • The purchase price

    Many acquisitions that fail often do so because these factors are not carefully considered. Acquisition Financing is not “one size fits all.” Business Capital is expert in this type of complex transaction and will address each of these factors to structure and package the best solution with financing terms that are highly customized to each client’s needs; and also provide analysis of the purchase price to determine if it can be supported by the cash flow and assets of the acquisition, and falls within industry standards.

    Why Business Capital?

    Business Capital has been providing debt financing and restructuring services to small and middle market companies for over a decade. With a strong background in leveraged buyouts and acquisition financing, BizCap has a proven track record of successfully structuring and syndicating the optimal loan or loan combinations to quickly execute this type of transaction. We have developed solutions and are accustomed to the complexities in all areas of debt financing; we have the capacity and experience to provide, structure and coordinate event financing in all sizes, types, industries and situations. If necessary, our business debt restructuring practice can also reduce liabilities and debt to pave the way for a successful outcome.

    Click on the Links below to see our recent acquisition financing, leveraged buy-out restructuring for acquisition deals:

    Secured Business Loans – UK SME Lending #business #current #events

    #secured business loans


    Secured Business Loans: The Essentials

    Find out if a secured loan is right for your business.

    Are you about to launch a new venture? Or perhaps you’re planning ahead for a seasonal dip in income and want to boost cash flow. Maybe you’re expanding and need bigger premises, new equipment and more staff.

    Launching or growing a business inevitably involves investing money. An injection of capital can give you the stability and freedom to get things off the ground or take your enterprise to the next level. This is where small business loans come in – when you find the right lender, the funds can be a lifeline.

    Focus on alternative finance

    The options are numerous – which is great news for all smaller ventures – but identifying the loan that best suits your business is essential to securing funding in the first place, not to mention having a loan that’s affordable.

    Lenders apply their own criteria, payment terms, interest rates, and requirements for collateral as security (more about that in a moment). It’s worth focusing on lenders in the mushrooming alternative finance sector, whose terms tend to be more flexible and suited to SMEs.

    Secured or unsecured loans?

    First, let’s look at the basic differences between secured and unsecured business loans.

    You can typically borrow more with a secured loan than with an unsecured loan – some lenders offer in excess of £1 million in fact. Secured loans generally offer lower interest rates too.

    One point worth mentioning is that because you can borrow larger amounts with secured loans, lenders need to reduce their risk by asking you for security on the loan. So they’re likely to ask you to provide collateral as security against the loan. Then, if you default, the lender has a higher chance of recovering the money you owe.

    Think of it like a pawn shop: you provide an item to the lender who evaluates the asset and decides how much you can borrow based on its value. It may be a simplified comparison, but it illustrates the basic idea.

    Company collateral as security

    When businesses apply for large loans, they’re likely to be asked to pledge company collateral as security. What lenders want as assurance varies, but you should expect to pledge assets such as the following:

    • Commercial property
    • Land
    • Vehicles
    • Equipment
    • Fittings and fixtures
    • Or, instead of individual assets, some lenders request the net worth of all assets

    The value of your assets must be sufficient for a lender to justify giving you the loan.

    Personal guarantees

    As well as providing company collateral, you may be asked to give a personal guarantee as additional assurance for the lender, making individuals liable for the loan. Lenders’ requirements vary but often depend on your company status – we explain more below:

    If you’re a limited company or LLP

    • If you have a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP), the majority of lenders will expect you to provide a personal guarantee alongside company collateral.
    • Directors or shareholders with a minimum of around 20% to 25% share in a limited company are also likely to be asked to provide a personal guarantee.

    If you’re a sole trader or partnership

    • When it comes to sole traders and partnerships with unlimited liability (not LLPs), the rules are different when it comes to any kind of loan: you’re always personally liable. and, as a result, you won’t be asked to put up any company collateral.

    Since each lender has a different approach to decision-making, always look closelyat lenders’ terms.

    Another point to highlight: if you refuse to provide a personal guarantee this could reflect badly on your application – and your intention to pay back the money. So regardless of whether you’re a sole trader, a partnership, a limited company or LLP, be prepared to provide a guarantee such as residential property or valuables such as jewellery.

    Secured loans = flexible terms

    In return for security, lenders can be more flexible with their terms, giving borrowers competitive interest rates and long repayment periods – anything between 2 and 10 years.

    On the other hand, if you’re a shoestring startup or a new business yet to build up valuable assets, you might not have enough collateral to put up for a large loan. If this sounds like you, then an unsecured loan could work better for you – but you still need to weigh up the pros and cons.

    Whatever you do, choose your small business loan wisely, and you must be confident that you can pay back the loan or you may risk losing the company and personal assets.

    Your first step on the road to funding

    Since lenders have their own criteria and meticulous assessments, it’s worth talking to them directly. In fact, a chat with one of the experienced relationship managers at Fleximize is a great place to start. As innovators in lending to SMEs, our team understands the demands of small business finance, and the significance of such a serious financial commitment. Call us on 020 7100 0110.

    Small Business Administration Business Plan Tips #incorporating #a #business

    #small business admin


    Writing a Business Plan: Tips from the SBA

    The best way to turn your great business idea into a reality is through the creation and use of a well-thought-out business plan. A strong business plan not only attracts investors or secures financing in the early stages of business development, but can also function as a roadmap for the future.

    Great business plans have a structure that allows you to define what your business is, the market it serves, how it will conduct operations and the money it will make and spend. Here are the sections the Small Business Administration recommends including in your business plan.

    Editor s Note: Need more in-depth support for your business plan? Fill in the questionnaire below and we ll have a top rated company offer you a competitive quote to write your business plan for you.

    Executive Summary. The executive summary is considered the most important part of the business plan, and is usually written last. Its purpose is to summarize the rest of the plan, introducing the reader to your business in its most condensed form. It should talk about the highlights of your business, your mission statement, the history of your company and what you see in its future.

    Company Description. This section goes into more detail about your products and services, how they meet the demands of the market and the differentiators that set you apart from your competitors. [See Related Story:Business Plan Tools for Startups]

    Market Analysis. This is where you show off what you know about your industry, and in particular, the market your product or service will serve. Discuss your target market, its size, the distinguishing characteristics of your offering, and how much market share you can capitalize on accordingly.

    Organization and Management. This details how you are going to run your company and conduct day-to-day operations to meet company goals. Talk about organizational structure, the management team and what makes this team qualified to run the company.

    Service or Product Line. In this section, describe your product or service and the consumer needs that it meets. If applicable, talk about patents filed on intellectual property. Describe the product s life cycle, and any research and development activities for new versions or products.

    Marketing and Sales. In this section, discuss your overall marketing strategy, including market penetration, growth, channels of distribution and communication. Your sales strategy includes your sales force and sales activities what will get your product or service into the hands of the customers your marketing strategy created.

    Financial Projections. Here, you will discuss historical financial data and the prospective financial data developed after you ve analyzed the market and set clear objectives for your business. Projections should explain any assumptions you ve made in developing the data.

    Funding Request. If you are planning on using your business plan with financing institutions or investors, your business plan must include a funding request. Discuss your current funding requirement, the requirement over the next five years and how you intend to use the funds.

    Appendix. This is not in the main body in your business plan but can contain data that would be of interest to financial backers. This can be your personal credit history, r sum s, letters of reference, contracts, list of business consultants and other documents.

    In an email interview with Business News Daily, Tameka Montgomery, associate administrator of the SBA s Office of Entrepreneurial Development, shared some additional thoughts on what entrepreneurs should know about writing a business plan.

    Business News Daily:What are the most important qualities of a good business plan?

    Tameka Montgomery: It s very important your business plan is thorough and well written, but you also want it to be clear on what you have to offer. Ask yourself: Beyond basic products or services, what are you really selling? Identify your niche. You don t want to become a jack-of-all trades and master of none, because this can have a negative impact on business growth. As a smaller business, it s often a better strategy to divide your products or services into manageable market niches. Small operations can then offer specialized goods and services that are attractive to a specific group of prospective buyers.

    BND:What are some of the challenges new business owners face in creating their business plans?

    Montgomery: One of the big challenges for smaller businesses is actually building a business plan. SBA can help [with its] Build a Business Plan online tool. It provides a step-by-step guide to help new business owners through the process of creating a basic, downloadable business plan. The great thing about this tool is they can build a plan in smaller bites, save their progress and return at their leisure.

    BND:Is there anything entrepreneurs often overlook when making a business plan?

    Montgomery: Entrepreneurs often overlook concrete, specific plans and sales forecasts. All businesses need to project sales because the plan versus actual impact of sales is the key to ongoing management in changing times. Your costs and expenses pivot on sales.

    BND:Do you have any general tips for creating a good business plan?

    Montgomery: Business owners should reach out for help. SBA has an extensive network leveraged through our resource partners and available to small businesses nationwide. The resource partners include 950 small business development centers, more than 100 women s business centers, and 350 chapters of SCORE volunteers who provide training and counseling. Counseling is free, and training courses may have a small fee to cover costs through this strong network that provides management and technical assistance. In addition, SBA s online training offers free courses and online tools to assist entrepreneurs with business management resources.

    Editor s Note: Need more in-depth support for your business plan? Fill in the questionnaire below and we ll have a top rated company offer you a competitive quote to write your business plan for you.

    Ready to write your business plan? Here are some more free templates to help you get started.

    With an Associate s Degree in Business Management and nearly twenty years in senior management positions, Marci brings a real life perspective to her articles about business and leadership. She began freelancing in 2012 and became a contributing writer for Business News Daily in 2015.

    5 At-Home Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents #business #signs

    #business from home ideas


    5 At-Home Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents

    Childcare is expensive, but so is opting out of your career to be a stay-at-home parent. If you want to leave the rat race, but keep investing in your professional development (and 401k), starting your own at-home business might be the answer. Becoming your own boss doesn t have to be scary actually, it can be enjoyable and empowering at the same time.

    These are just a few options for parents who want to work from home.

    1. Blogger – Writers unite! Whether you want to start your own blog or contribute to someone else’s, blogging is a great way to keep your brain keen and put money in the bank. The best part about being a blogger is the flexible schedule, so you can work after your kid(s) go to bed. The potential income isn t too shabby, either. Bloggers earn a median salary of $37,059. which will come in handy at bill time.

    2. Virtual Assistant/Virtual Bookkeeper – In today s digital age, virtual occupations are becoming more popular. Not only is hiring an virtual (or remote) worker a more economical option for employers, studies show that remote workers are also more productive and happier than those who report to an office on a daily basis. Virtual assistants pull in a median wage of $15/hour. and virtual bookkeepers estimate about $30/hour to $70/hour, depending on their qualifications and availability. If virtual work seems like your cup of tea, then look at sites such as Elance. Upwork (formerly oDesk), or LinkedIn .

    3. Designer – Do you have web design skills or graphic design skills? Many businesses and startups could really use your services to get their marketing materials up to par. If you can only commit to smaller, one-off projects like a logo design, check out sites like Fivrr and GigBucks to get a few projects under your belt.

    4. Consultant – Quite often, parents leave the working world to raise their children, but end up feeling guilty for wanting to return to their once-thriving careers. One way to fill the need to utilize the skills that you once used to pave a promising career path, while still being there for your child(ren), is to start a consulting business from home. Depending on your area of expertise and experience, you could pull in an impressive salary. Below are the median salaries for a few types of consultants:

    5. Crafter/DIYer – If you are fortunate enough to be a decent crafter or DIYer, then you might consider selling your handmade goods online and generating an income that way. Etsy makes opening an online store easy-peasy, and the site s popularity is only growing check out one Etsy shop owner s inspiring story, here. A great way to gain momentum and some followers online is to post your products on Instagram. Pinterest. and Facebook .

    Think you re past your prime for the entrepreneurial world? Think again. Mary Kay Ash started Mary Kay cosmetics at the seasoned age of 45 years old. World-renowned author, J.K. Rowling was a single mother on welfare until the age of 31, when she penned the outrageously successful Harry Potter series. For more inspiring stories about entrepreneurs who took the leap of faith later in life, check out this infographic by Funders and Founders .

    Tell Us What You Think

    Have you started a successful at-home business while being a stay-at-home parent? Share your inspiring story with our community on Twitter .

    Records of the Small Business Administration SBA #best #business #banking

    #the small business administration


    Records of the Small Business Administration [SBA]

    Overview of Records Locations

    Table of Contents

    • 309.1 Administrative History
    • 309.2 Records of the Small Defense Plants Administration 1951-53
    • 309.3 General Records of the Small Business Administration 1954-68
    • 309.4 Records OF SBA Field Offices 1955-82
      • 309.4.1 Records of SBA Region I, Boston, MA (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)
      • 309.4.2 Records of SBA Region V, Chicago, IL (IL, IN, OH, MI, MN, WI)
      • 309.4.3 Records of SBA Region VI, Dallas, TX (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)
      • 309.4.4 Records of SBA Region X, Seattle, WA (AK, ID, OR, WA)
    • 309.5 Motion Pictures (General) 1953-87
    • 309.6 Video Recordings (General) ca. 1969, ca. 1975, 1980-89
    • 309.7 Sound Recordings (General) 1980
    • 309.8 Machine-Readable Records (General) 1968-91 6 data sets

    309.1 Administrative History

    Established: As an independent agency by the Small Business Act (67 Stat. 232), July 30, 1953.

    • Small Defense Plants Administration (1951-53)

    Functions: Provides financial assistance to small businesses and investment companies and to state and local development companies. Licenses and regulates small business investment companies.

    Finding Aids: Forrest R. Holdcamper, comp. Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Small Business Administration, NC 71 (Sept. 1964).

    Related Records: Record copies of publications of the Small Business Administration and its predecessor in RG 287, Publications of the U.S. Government.

    309.2 Records of the Small Defense Plants Administration

    History: Established by the Defense Production Act Amendments of 1951 (65 Stat. 131), July 31, 1951, to encourage small businesses to contribute to defense production. Abolished, effective July 31, 1953, by the Defense Production Act Amendments of 1953 (67 Stat. 131), June 30, 1953. Liquidation activities and prime contract administration transferred to the SBA by the Small Business Act of 1953, and EO 10504, December 1, 1953.

    Textual Records: General correspondence, 1951-53. Sample case files relating to tax amortization, materials and equipment, contract procurement, certificates of competency, loans, and joint determination, 1951-53. General subject files, 1951-53. Records of Director of Contract Procurement Charles H. Swisher, relating primarily to the ammunition program, 1951-53.

    309.3 General Records of the Small Business Administration

    Textual Records: Administrative subjects files, 1953-72 (372 ft.). Administrative and correspondence files of the Administrator, 1982-83. Personal subject files of Administrator James C. Sanders, 1983-84. National directives, 1965-75 (300 fiche). Sample case files relating to applications for business loans that were declined, canceled, or withdrawn, 1954- 55. Minutes of meetings, and conference proceedings, of the National Advisory Council and of regional and state advisory groups, 1954-68. Advisory Council files, 1969-70. Minutes of the Loan Review Board, 1953-56. Research reports from SBA sponsored studies, 1961-62.

    309.4 Records OF SBA Field Offices

    309.4.1 Records of SBA Region I, Boston, MA (CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT)

    Textual Records (in Boston): Advisory Council records maintained by the Concord, NH, District Office, 1971-74.

    309.4.2 Records of SBA Region V, Chicago, IL (IL, IN, OH, MI, MN, WI)

    Textual Records (in Chicago): Advisory Council records maintained by the Chicago District Office, 1974-77.

    309.4.3 Records of SBA Region VI, Dallas, TX (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)

    Textual Records (in Fort Worth): Advisory Council records maintained by the Dallas, TX, Regional Office, 1972-82. General correspondence of district and community advisory councils, 1967- 70. Records relating to Disaster Field Offices, 1955-69.

    309.4.4 Records of SBA Region X, Seattle, WA (AK, ID, OR, WA)

    Textual Records (in Seattle): Advisory Council records maintained by the Boise, ID, District Office, 1966-72.

    309.5 Motion Pictures (General)
    74 reels

    Informational and instructional films for prospective small business owners, covering such areas as advertising, marketing, employee relations, women in business, customer service, financial analysis, cash flow forecasting, recordkeeping, and theft prevention (75 reels).

    309.6 Video Recordings (General)
    ca. 1969, ca. 1975, 1980-89

    Pension, made for information and training, ca. 1969 (1 item). Your Business Resource, explaining SBA mission and functions, ca. 1975 (1 item). Office of Advocacy productions, 1980-89 (25 items).

    Structuring a State’s Small Business Program, 1980 (3items).

    309.8 Machine-Readable Records (General)
    6 data sets

    Loan Accounting Cash Collection System (LACCS) data files for the period 1968-88 and for fiscal years 1989 and 1990, consisting of public domain files and unsuppressed ( archives ) files, with supporting documentation.

    Bibliographic note: Web version based on Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States. Compiled by Robert B. Matchette et al. Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration, 1995.
    3 volumes, 2428 pages.

    This Web version is updated from time to time to include records processed since 1995.

    Guide to Federal Records

    Small Business #best #business #schools

    #small business admin


    About Us

    Palm Beach SCORE chapter is a nonprofit organization that provides small business counseling and training and works closely with the Small Business Administration (SBA) . PB SCORE has over 60 local mentors from virtually every business category you can imagine: marketing, manufacturing, service, retail sales, export, legal and many more. No matter where you are in business, we can help: I have a great idea, now what?; Startup idea; help becoming a successful business; help managing success; buying a business; selling a business; relocation; a new start West Palm Beach SCORE will find someone to help you succeed!

    • We offer support such as: Free, unlimited counseling at our office, business site, over Internet or telephone whatever works best for you.
    • Excellent selection of free business workshops designed to give you the training and insight you need to thrive in today s market.
    • Help with government information and resource material SBA guarantee loans . alternate financing programs, grants and many more.
    • Advanced low-cost workshops, local events and training Quickbooks; Buying a business; Simple Steps to Start; business plans; + many more!

    SCORE National – an SBA (Small Business Administration) Subsidiary

    SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and has been mentoring small business owners for more than forty years.

    SCORE is a valuable network of 13,000+ volunteers who offer small business entrepreneurs confidential business counseling services at no charge. SCORE volunteers have the knowledge and experience to help any small business owner get the help they need. Our dedicated volunteers represent over 3,000 years of experience across 62 industries.

    SCORE also provides local workshops and events throughout the country to connect small business owners with the people and information they need to start, grow, and maintain their businesses, as well as online workshops available 24/7. SCORE provides resources, templates and tools to assist entrepreneurs in developing tools and plans they need to navigate their way to small business success.

    Founded in 1964, SCORE is headquartered in Herndon, VA and has 364 chapters throughout the United States and its territories, with over 13,000 volunteers nationwide.

    Stanford University #business #signs

    #best business schools


    Stanford University

    Business School Overview

    The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University offers these departments and concentrations: accounting, e-commerce, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, human resources management, leadership, manufacturing and technology management, marketing, not-for-profit management, production/operations management, organizational behavior, portfolio management, public administration, public policy, real estate, sports business, supply chain management/logistics, quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research, and technology. Its tuition is full-time: $64,050 per year. At graduation, 71.7 percent of graduates of the full-time program are employed.

    Leadership is one focus of graduate business programs on Stanford s sunny campus. Students grapple with simulations of tough management cases, like having to lay off employees. Each simulation is filmed, too, so students can critique themselves and learn from each other. The GSB also hosts the The View From the Top speaker series, which brings in leaders of major corporations across the country to speak to students about effective management.

    Students at GSB can earn an MBA, or a Ph.D. in seven areas. Seasoned managers can enroll in the MSx Program and will earn a Master of Science degree in management in 12 months. There are no part-time, online or evening degree options offered. MBA students can opt for joint or dual degree programs through Stanford s Law School. School of Engineering. School of Medicine. School of Education. School of Humanities and Sciences, and School of Earth Sciences. For students who want to explore a subject without committing to a degree, there are more than 30 cross-school elective courses to choose from. There are also specialty programs, like the summer Stanford Ignite certificate program, open to graduate non-business students.

    When not studying, students can get involved in more than 70 organizations, which range from the studious Finance and Investment Club to the relaxed Wine Circle. There are also ongoing campus initiatives like the Center for Social Innovation and the Center for Leadership Development and Research.

    The business school is located on the eastern end of the Stanford campus, and GSB students may live nearby in university housing. Most on-campus residents are first year MBA students who all live in the same housing complex. To get around campus and downtown Palo Alto, Calif. students can hop on the school s free bus, called the Marguerite Shuttle. Notable alumni of the school include Richard Kovacevich, former chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo Co.; John Donahoe, president and CEO of eBay; and Ellen Siminoff, founding executive of Yahoo!


    Same-Day Franchise Financing Up To $250K #business #card #template

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    Franchise Financing

    Looking for an easier way to get financing for your franchise? You ve come to the right place. Balboa Capital is a leading direct lender that specializes in franchise financing. We can structure and deliver a flexible, affordable solution that works within your budget. We make the entire process quick and efficient, and you will work with a single point-of-contact every step of the way. If you are purchasing new furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF E), starting the re-imaging process, or launching a property improvement program (PIP), we can help.

    • Financing Plans Up to $1 Million Per Owner/Operator
    • Franchise Working Capital Loans up to $1 Million
    • Credit Lines up to $500,000
    • Up to 70%/30% Soft Cost/Hard Cost Financing
    • 24-60 Month Terms
    • Up to 84-Month Terms for Acquisition Financing and Remodels
    • Easy Application Process
    • Competitive Rates
    • Fast Funding
    • Possible Tax Deduction Ask Your Accountant

    Business calendar example #business #partner #wanted

    #business calendars


    Business calendar example

    This month business calendar example reminds about the date and time of business and private appointments and events.
    “A wall calendar is a calendar intended for placement on a wall. Wall calendars can serve as reminders of holidays, important events, and company events.
    Businesses frequently give wall calendars away for free to customers as promotional merchandise.” [Wall calendar. Wikipedia]
    This business calendar example was created using the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the Calendars solution from the Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.

    Business calendar is a special type of calendar, it must be functional, convenient for scheduling the affairs and meetings, and also must have strict, official and unobtrusive interface. So you must pay special attention to the business calendar design. Now you don’t need to be an artist to design business calendar thanks to the unique drawing tools of Calendars Solution for ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software.

    The calendars around us everywhere in the modern world. There are a lot of calendar types, each of them has its own assignment: Business calendar, Personal calendar, Economic calendar, Financial calendar, Daily calendar, Monthly calendar, and many other useful calendar types. ConceptDraw PRO offers you the possibility to make your own unique calendars on the base of the Blank Calendar Template which is included to the Calendars Solution from the Management Area.

    Milliard of people every day use the calendars which around us everywhere. For their creating designers apply large efforts, and also all their fantasy to make them attractive. Now we are glad to offer you the effective drawing tool – Calendars Solution from the Management Area for ConceptDraw Solution Park which contains the ready-to-use Blank Calendar shapes.

    ConceptDraw PRO has a large selection of various shapes, objects and clip-arts. It also has a tool that helps you find exactly what you need. ConceptDraw PRO has calendar objects available, and it’s very easy to customize it and set your dates. The ability to create a custom calendars is delivered by the Calendars solution. With the help of ConceptDraw PRO you can create a calendar that helps you plan your day / week / month and do not forget about the important things in life. For any day in your custom calendar, you can create a task list and add hyperlinks to a relevant information.

    ConceptDraw PRO
    Video Lessons


    Calendars solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with templates, samples and library of vector stencils for drawing the business calendars and schedules.

    The economic calendar is a convenient way to display the economic events, the situation on the financial markets, it is a handy tool to keep track the chronology and dynamics of important events in the economy. But how design an economic calendar? ConceptDraw PRO extended with Calendars Solution from the Management Area is a useful, convenient and effective software for quick and easy design professional looking and attractive economic calendars.

    Use ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and business graphics software to draw your own flowcharts of business processes.

    These donut chart templates was designed using ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Pie Charts solution from Graphs and Charts area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. All these donut chart templates are included in the Pie Charts solution. You can quickly rework these examples into your own charts by simply changing displayed data, title and legend texts.

    Human Resource Development (HRD) focuses on the help employees develop their personal and organizational skills, abilities, and knowledge, HRD also helps to adapt an organization to the changing of external environment. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software supplied with HR Flowcharts Solution from the Management Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park can effectively help in labour-intensive process of human resource development.

    ConceptDraw PRO extended with Seven Management and Planning Tools Solution from the Management Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park is the best software for drawing all types of diagrams from the Seven Management and Planning Tools: Affinity Diagram, Relations Diagram, Prioritization Matrix, Root Cause Analysis Tree Diagram, Involvement Matrix, PERT Chart, and Risk Diagram (PDPC).

    Human resource management (HRM) is a professional discipline which oversees and manages an organization’s human resources, and aspires maximize employee performance for an employer’s strategic objectives. The HR Management Software is an incredibly powerful tool for those who need to analyze or present human resource process flows in a visually effective manner.

    Business Processes

    Business Process solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with business process diagrams as cross-functional flowcharts, workflows, process charts, IDEF0, timelines, calendars, Gantt charts, business process modeling, audit and opportunity flowcharts.

    Management Area

    The solutions from Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park collect templates, samples and libraries of vector stencils for drawing the management diagrams and mind maps.

    ConceptDraw PROJECT allows you to modify common working hour schedules individually for each employee.

    The UTD Top 100 Business School Research Rankings – Naveen Jindal School of Management – The University of Texas at Dallas #sell #my #business

    #business school rankings


    Research Rankings Overview

    The UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management has created a database to track publications in 24 leading business journals. The database contains titles and author affiliations of papers published in these journals since 1990. The information in the database is used to provide the top 100 business school rankings since 1990 based on the total contributions of faculty.

    Additionally, the database can also be searched by:

    • Any journal or combination of journals between the time period 1990 to date to get a ranking of schools
    • School name to see a list of publications by a school for any combination of journals and time period between 1990 to date
    • Author name to see a list of publications by an author for any combination of journals and time period between 1990 to date
    • Key phrase in article name to see a list of publications containing that phrase for any combination of journals and time period between 1990 to date

    The Jindal School of Management maintains and keeps this website current to provide timely data on research productivity in leading research journals across major disciplines in business schools. The school has worked hard to ensure data integrity, but as with any project of this type where the affiliation data is not always clear, some errors may exist. If you spot an error, please send us the corrections at Top 100 Admin.

    List of Journals

    The Accounting Review

    Journal of Accounting and Economics

    Strategic Management Journal


    UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management provides a tool to study research contributions based on publications in 24 leading journals in major business disciplines. The database contains author and affiliation information on all papers published in these journals since 1990. Authors affiliations are recorded at the time of the paper publication.

    A single-authored paper results in the school of affiliation being credited with a score of 1. If there are multiple authors from different schools, each school gets a score of p/n, where p is the number of authors from the same school and there are a total of n authors on the article. If an author lists multiple affiliations, each of the schools that author is affiliated with gets a corresponding scaled score. For example, if one of the n authors lists m affiliations, each school that author is affiliated with gets a score of 1/nm.

    The database can be searched by any period between 1990 to the current year for any combination of journals, resulting in aggregated scores for schools. This provides a clear picture of contributions from each school for the selected journals and time period. One can also search the database by school names, author names and key phrases in the title.

    The Jindal School of Management also provides a ranking of the top 100 schools in North America and worldwide based on publications in all 24 journals for the last five-year time period. The school also provides links to prior rankings starting with the period 2000-2004.


    Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, the nature and diversity in which author affiliation information is provided in the journals sometimes make it hard to categorize and report the information accurately. UT Dallas Jindal School of Management has attempted to verify information using the web when possible.

    While searching for articles, author names are provided in the search results. They are not listed in the sequence specified in the published paper. Also note that when information on authors is provided, if the same author is listed twice, it indicates that the author has listed multiple affiliations.

    If you believe there is an error in the information provided, please send specific information to the administrator.

    The Naveen Jindal School of Management appreciates your input to this ongoing research effort.

    SBA Lending › BBCN Bank #business #loan #interest #rates

    #sba financing


    SBA Lending

    SBA 7(a) Loans

    If you’re looking to purchase inventory, equipment and machinery, an existing business or commercial property, 7(a) loans offer the longest terms available to repay the loan.

    • Loan terms from 7 to 10 years for business purposes
    • Loan terms up to 25 years for owner-occupied commercial real estate property
    • $50,000 to $5 million in available financing
    • Quick pre-approval and decision process


    • SBA PLP Lender
    • Quick decision making process
    • Experience in helping small businesses succeed

    SBA 504 Loans

    Under this program, BBCN Bank provides 1st Deed financing and the Certified Development Company (CDC) provides 2nd Deed financing for commercial property purchases. What makes these loans so advantageous is that business owners only need to contribute as little as 10% equity into a project.

    • Loan terms up to 10 years with amortization schedule, from 20 to 25 years (1st Deed)/ from 20 years (2nd Deed)
    • For purchase of commercial property (51% owner occupied) or hotel/motel
    • $500,000 to $15 million in available financing
    • Up to 90% financing (90% LTV)


    • SBA PLP Lender
    • Quick decision making process
    • Experience in helping small businesses succeed

    SBA Express Loans

    The SBA Express program gives small business borrowers an accelerated turnaround time for SBA’s review.

    • Loan amounts up to $350,000
    • Quick pre-approval and decision process
    • Financing for a variety of business purposes
    • Ease cash flow with extended repayment terms


    • SBA PLP Lender
    • Quick decision making process
    • Experience in helping small businesses succeed

    SBA Working Capital Program (EWCP)

    As trade financing specialists, BBCN Bank’s SBA and Commercial Lending teams can provide a better understanding of SBA’s export lending programs, and are able to guide you through the process every step of the way. The benefits of an EWCP loan include:

    • Financing for suppliers, inventory or production of export goods
    • Ideal for export working capital during long payment cycles
    • Allows exporter to extend more liberal global sales terms
    • Low fees and quick processing times


    • SBA PLP Lender
    • Quick decision making process
    • Experience in helping small businesses succeed

    See how BBCN Bank can make a difference for your company with an SBA loan.

    Note: PLP = Preferred Lenders Program

    Quick unsecured business loans #start #a #business

    #quick business loans


    NAB QuickBiz Loan

    This loan is available only as fixed interest rate principal and interest loan for a 12 or 24 month term with monthly repayments at a rate of 13.85% per annum. Variable rate loan and interest only loans are not available. Economic costs may be payable if you terminate early. If this does not work for you, we have other loan options that may better suit your needs.

    You can only receive funds from one approved NAB QuickBiz Loan every 90 days.

    Fast online decision is subject to credit assessment and ID verification

    This loan is only available for loans which are wholly or predominately for business purposes. This loan cannot be used to make payments to the Australian Tax Office.

    Your business must have been in operation for at least 12 months and have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN).

    You need to be at least 18 years or older to apply and hold an Australian citizenship or permanent residency.

    This loan is only available for sole traders, business partnerships with 2 or less individual partners, and companies with 2 or less directors borrowing in their own right. It is not available for joint borrowers who are not partnerships, or partnerships where one or more partner is a company. It is not available if you are borrowing as trustee of a trust.

    Any shareholders of companies listed in the application must be individuals, and not companies.

    If you are an existing NAB Customer, you must have operated all accounts in accordance with the terms of those accounts.

    If you are an existing NAB Customer, you can only apply for this loan if you have less than $1m in existing business lending and less than $100k in unsecured business lending with NAB (inclusive of this application).

    You must have an Australian bank account, in the same name as your business, to receive your funds.

    NAB may have other options which suit your business better if you do not meet the conditions for this loan. You can contact us 13 10 12 to discuss.

    Best Business School Programs (MBA) – Compare Rankings #business #link

    #business school rankings


    Best Graduate Business Schools (MBA)

    Choosing the right MBA program is a complicated decision that will continue to affect your career long after graduation. Our list includes only AACSB accredited schools as this is the most respected accreditation agency when it comes to business schools.

    While it is critical to select a program that specializes in the area of business you want to study, be sure to consider the reputation of the school as well as the network of contacts you will build while you are there. For example, if you are interested in quantitative investing, then you might want to look into the MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. If entrepreneurship or venture capital is your passion, then you may want to apply to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Both of these schools have stellar reputations for their programs in those specific concentrations, and their respective networks of contacts will continue to aid in the development of your career for years to come. It is also important to pay close attention to the Smart Rank, which weighs important factors along with expert opinions. Additionally, it is beneficial to consider the average salary for graduates. While this should not be the single determining factor, it can help you make a decision once you have narrowed down your choices.

    Read the following sections for more information on the various factors to consider when choosing a business school. Once you are ready to start researching, head back to the search results page and use the different filters to find the best business school for you.


    Our Smart Rankings are based on the most important factors in the quality of a business school institution and are determined by rating each school on these factors.

    Admissions Selectivity
    GMAT and GPA of incoming students indicate the quality of the student body, which generally translates to the quality of the business school. We also include the average amount of previous work experience the entering class has and the acceptance rate (lower generally indicates higher quality).

    Expert Opinions
    US News. Bloomberg. the Economist. the Financial Times and Forbes rankings are taken into account. These organizations carry a lot of weight in their rankings and look at their own unique factors when determining rankings.

    Post-Graduation Salary
    It’s important to know that when you finish your MBA, you’ll be able to land a job with a decent salary, so post-graduation salary is taken into account when determining rankings.

    Programs Offered

    For students with alternative scheduling and program needs, some schools offer special MBAs. These include:

    Part-time MBA: A part-time MBA is a great choice for a working individual or a student with family responsibilities. Part-time MBAs take longer to complete, but they typically require only half the work load.

    Executive MBA: An executive MBA is designed for managers or executives with several years of work experience. These programs allow seasoned leaders to further develop their skills, while largely maintaining their day-to-day work schedule.

    Online MBA: An online MBA offers the greatest flexibility, allowing students to work from home.

    Website Builder: Create a Free Website #business #proposals

    #free business websites


    My Website? Built with Jimdo.

    Your ideas, perfectly presented

    Build your website with the content that’s important to you. Upload your photos and create beautiful galleries. Start a blog to keep your customers and friends up to date. Build a website that’s easy to find on Google and other search engines and easy to share with your social media networks.

    Create your own online store

    Easy. Fast. Sold! You can start your online store in just a few minutes. Add your products, upload your pictures, set your payment method, and you’re ready!

    Responsive templates

    Mobile responsive? You bet. Your Jimdo website will look fantastic on all devices. Whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, our websites automatically adjust to the size of the display.

    Edit your website, anywhere!

    At home. On the bus. At the airport. With Jimdo’s app for iOS and Android, you always have your website on your smartphone or tablet. Add new photos, edit text, or publish your latest blog post on the go.

    Get the free Jimdo App

    Business Plan Model – Business Plan Samples #business #administration

    #business plan model


    By admin on May 19, 2016 Business Plan Outline

    Business Plan Model. Get inspired with this gallery well over 500 example strategic business plans. Pick the category that s nearest for your own small business or industry, and examine an agenda you want. LivePlan includes all 500 sample plans, so that you can easily reference them when you are writing your personal plan.

    Business Plan Model. A strategic business plan describes what your organization does. This written document states your company’s operational and financial targets for future years and just how it provides meet them. A company model describes where and how you decide to operate your organization. The model you select is detailed inside your strategic business plan.

    Gallery of: Business Plan Model

    Related Business Plan Model

    Preschool Business Plan Nobody has access to a new crystal ball that can offer accurate predictions about how the restaurant.

    Free Business Plan Outline Also format your plan for marketing straight to your customers or end users. These kinds of.

    Event Planning Business Plan Sample. Every experienced investor knows that detailed economical projections for a new corporation are an act.

    Business Plan Pdf, There has been a time when company plans were anything from 75 to 100 webpages in length.

    Top 10 Weekend Business Ideas with Little to No Startup Costs #new #business #loans

    #weekend business ideas


    Tour Guide

    Those lucky enough to live in a tourist hotspot could start a business as a weekend tour guide. Walking tours are all the rage, and lend themselves to unique themes. Bike around historic districts, and learn the hidden stories in cobbled streets and family businesses. But before you start collecting fees, talk to your city tourism department about leading tours. No doubt they’d be happy to give you permission to promote tourism in the area, and may even help you plan lucrative routes. Once you’ve become established, consider compiling your expertise into podcasts or guidebooks, or even investing your profits in a fleet of Segways. Segway tours typically charge $60 or more per person.

    Farmer’s Markets

    Demand for local food is in full swing. Take advantage of the local food craze by starting a business selling at farmer’s markets. Visit your local farmer’s market and talk to the Market Master: she can tell you what’s overdone (tomatoes) and what’s in demand (honey, perhaps). Spend a few hours during the week preparing your wares, and sell all day on Saturday, Sunday or both. This business idea can require some advance work, but the benefits are rich. Build relationships with customers and bring them pleasure with your crisp green beans or heavenly baked goods. This piece on Ideas for Rural Businesses here on Bright Hub can get you started. For the skinny on selling on Farmer’s Markets, see my other article called How to Sell at Farmer’s Markets .

    Want to start a small weekend business that you can run out of your home, investing as much – or as little – time and money as possible? Check out these weekend business ideas.

    Freelance Writer

    Everyone is an expert at something. If you’re a good writer, translate your passion into a weekend business by writing freelance content for websites, travel agencies, entrepreneurs and more. Develop a specialty, like writing business plans or How-To guides, and network with local businesses and organizations to provide high-quality copy. If there’s not much in your area, search Craiglist and other sites that list online freelance writing jobs. Freelance writers can work from home and set their own hours, but it’s up to you to market your skills and keep up a steady stream of work. Beginning pay is low until you build up a quality portfolio of work.

    Teach DIY Skills

    Handy with a power saw? There’s a DIY novice who would pay to learn your skill. Demand is especially high around all those independent women who would love to learn how to fix their own leaky faucets without calling their dad. See if you can rent a woodwork classroom at a school or community college, or set up more informal classes in your own garage. Organize workshops around themes: putting up shelves and pictures, plumbing problems, and painting tips. DIY classes can be a satisfying weekend business idea.

    Home Staging

    Weekend entrepreneurs with a flair for interior design can start a business as a professional home stager. Every real estate agent has ’em: those undeniably ugly houses with screaming pink walls, hairy rugs and retro furniture straight out of the ’70s. Talk to your local real estate companies about hiring yourself out as a weekend home stager. Paint the walls a neutral color, tear down those hideous drapes, and improve the look of the home. Network with furniture stores to rent tasteful living room ensembles, and display their logo in return. This could be a time-consuming business, but getting those unsellable homes out of the real estate agent’s hands can lead to rich rewards. A commission of $800 to $1000 is reasonable.

    Weekend Musician/DJ

    Avid guitarist or drummer? Always current with the hottest musical trends? Starting a weekend business as a musician or DJ might be right for you. Local bars are always looking for live talent, especially if you charge a low fee or tips only to get your foot in the door. DJs are needed for weddings and middle school dances. Including setup and tear-down, gigs usually run anywhere from three to seven hours for a night.

    Green House Cleaning

    Many household cleansers contain toxic ingredients. These ingredients leach into the environment and contaminate the water we drink. Moreover, their harsh chemicals can spark allergic reactions in children and adults alike. There’s new interest in cleaning households with green products, ranging from baking soda and vinegar to commercially sold cleansers food in natural food stores like Whole Foods. Why not start a weekend business as a green house cleaning service? Market your business to an upscale clientele who will pay for the coveted “organic” label. What’s more, they’ll boast to their friends about their green credentials, and those referrals will boost your profit margin. If you’re into the green movement but not into doing other people’s dirty work, check out this article for more green business ideas .

    How to Finance a Franchise Purchase – Small Business #dog #walking #business

    #how to finance a business


    How to Finance a Franchise Purchase


    • Be prepared to put down about 20% of the cash you will need from personal funds.
    • If conventional lenders turn you down, look into an SBA-backed loan.
    • Consider tax implications if you’re considering tapping a retirement plan.
    • Related How-Tos


      Commercial banks fund many franchises, so look to these lenders first. The single most important issue in landing bank financing is your credit rating. You will need to present a complete loan package including a personal financial statement, copies of personal tax returns for three years, and verification of the source of your down payment.

      Bankers favor businesses with brand names and long track records of consistent cash flow, so your choice of a franchise system can help or hurt you. Ventures with few locations are less attractive, in part because they lack proof that they can do well in all types of areas or economic climates.

      Bank loans unsecured by collateral are relatively rare, even for those with good credit. In addition to securing a loan with a mortgage on your home or other asset, be ready to be asked to put your own money into the deal, typically about 20% of the amount needed. Even with healthy businesses and solid collateral, most bank loans to new franchisees occur when a borrower has established relationships with a banker, or has previous experience, or is a figure in the community. If that’s not you, consider a loan backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

      SBA loans are partially guaranteed by the government, making them less risky. The standard SBA loan for franchisees is known as the 7(a), which is issued by a bank or other qualified lender, and partly guaranteed against default by the government. Because of that backing, such loans are seen as relatively low-risk.

      SBA loans of five- to six-year maturities can provide short-term working capital and equipment. Real-estate loans can run for 20 years or more. About 10% of all SBA loans go to franchisees, with the size running between $250,000 and $500,000, and maximum of $2 million. Most of that money is for franchise entry fees, improvements or working capital. Borrowers must be creditworthy, typically must contribute some equity, and are expected to repay the SBA loan out of the franchise s cash flow.

      Many SBA loans carry fluctuating interest rates. While the actual rate is negotiated between the bank and the borrower, it s subject to SBA maximums, which are tied to the prime rate. While a low rate may be attractive initially, make sure you can generate enough business to cover the payments if the rate rises.

      Another government lending program involves the Department of Veterans Affairs. The program, called Patriot Express because of its relatively fast approval time, makes loans up to $500,000 to active-duty military preparing to transition to civilian life, as well as to spouses and survivors of veterans. The loans come with the SBA s lowest rates.

      A few franchisers offer internal financing. For example, a company may defer a portion of the initial franchisee fee, essentially financing the deal. Interest rates are likely to seem high compared to other options. However, you may not have to put up collateral.

      Sometimes it makes sense to tap 401(k), Individual Retirement Account or other retirement funds rather than seek a loan. But rather than just taking an early withdrawal, which may be subject to taxation, you may want to consider setting up a C corporation that will own and operate the business. Then roll over money from your self-directed retirement account into that corporation s profit-sharing plan and direct that those funds be invested into the franchised business. But this is a risky option: If the franchise fails, your retirement fund can be wiped out. Check with a professional on possible tax implications, and consider the tradeoffs carefully.

      Related WSJ Articles and Blog Posts:

      Online Tools:

      • Franchise Opportunities Directory — A database of more than 1,200 franchise systems, searchable by industry, keyword, start-up cash, investment and other criteria, from the International Franchise Association.
      • The Franchise Registry — A searchable database of franchises whose Small Business Administration (SBA) loan applications receive a streamlined review, from franchise information and analysis provider FRANData and the SBA.
      • VetFran Directory, from the International Franchising Association — A list of more than 250 franchise companies offering financial incentives to veterans who have been honorably discharged.

    Additional Resources:

    • Finance Start-Up Guide — A list of links to information about small-business funding, from the Small Business Administration (SBA).
    • SBA’s 7(a) Loan Program Overview — An introduction to the most-used type of loan of the SBA’s business-loan programs.

    Units of Study – The University of Sydney Business School #business #planning #software

    #new business opportunities


    Unit of Study

    Business opportunity and strategy design assignment (35%), start up financials (15%), group business plan (20%), presentation (25%), peer review (5%)

    For small open economies such as Australia’s, new business opportunity identification and exploitation are often critical to firms’ long-term growth and survival. Identifying new markets, developing new products and implementing new business models are highly-regarded and valuable skills for entrepreneurs and business managers alike. In addition to exploring the special problems (and advantages) associated with entrepreneurial start-ups, the unit explores commercialisation and corporate venturing. Topics include opportunity recognition, strategy development, business planning and investor documentation, venture capital and other funding sources, as well as entrepreneurial and creative leadership. The unit is structured around learning from engaged practice, and requires students to work with startup and early stage businesses.

    2002-2016 The University of Sydney. Last updated: 2 May, 2016

    ABN: 15 211 513 464. CRICOS number: 00026A. Phone: +61 2 9351 2222.

    All Business Directory – Referring Sites #business #card #templates

    #business list


    Rubl: Online Card and Board Games
    Category: Internet & WWW
    Online tournaments in gin-rummy, cribbage, and other games. Play for money prizes or for free against other people worldwide.
    More Info –

    Sydney Marriage Celebrant: Lynette Gordon
    Category: Weddings
    Marriage Celebrant, Lynette Gordon conducts and creates wedding ceremonies, commitments and other occasions in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
    More Info –

    CorNu Enterprises
    Category: Business Coaching & Consulting
    Practical business management educational products. The materials are designed for self-paced learning. They are organized in bite sized chunks so busy people can absorb the information and apply the ideas immediately.
    More Info –

    Icon Disposable Gloves Plus
    Category: Safety Products
    Our mission is to provide small businesses and individuals with the best brand name safety supplies at prices that were previously only available to large companies.
    More Info –

    Sterling Wine Online
    Category: Online Gifts
    We are dedicated to providing the highest quality wine accessories, wine decor and wine gift items at competitive prices
    More Info –

    Lake Macquarie Dermatology
    Category: Skin Care Products
    Based in Toronto NSW Australia, we provide expert care for all skin related problems, as well as professional advice on maintaining and improving skin health and appearance. Our website will provide you with information regarding our practice.
    More Info –

    Heart2Heart Ceremonies: Marriage Celebrant
    Category: Weddings
    For your wedding ceremony on the Gold Coast Queensland, choose Marlee for unique and personalised ceremonies as your authorised marriage celebrant.
    More Info –

    Direct Eyewear: Prescription Sunglasses
    Category: Eyewear
    Online provider of discount eyeglasses, reading glasses and prescription sunglasses. Our aim is to provide a quality product at an affordable price. Our prices are significantly lower than those of a retail shop because we charge a lower mark-up.
    More Info –

    Rod Holder Depot
    Category: Sports Retailers
    Providing the top of the line quality rod holders and stainless steel marine hardware. Our mission is to make your on-line shopping as easy as possible and to provide top quality products and service every day.
    More Info –

    Villa Ixtapa: Vacation Rentals in Ixtapa, Mexico
    Category: Vacation Rental Properties
    Vacation rental house for rent by owner on the Mexican Riviera, Pacific coast of Mexico, north of Zihuatanejo. Property with 3 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, sleeps 6. Private swimming pool. Daily rates and yearly lease available.
    More Info –

    Cyn’s Home Business: Ideas & Opportunities
    Category: Home Based Business
    Generate internet income with legitimate Online home business opportunities, turnkey internet business, Free home business tips.
    More Info –

    Alma Vista Stud: P.R.E. Spanish Horses
    Category: Horses
    Alma Vista Stud breeds on request and sells champion purebred Spanish P.R.E. – Pura Raza Espa�ola horses for breeding and riding.
    More Info –

    Top Website Tips
    Category: Web Design & Development
    Providing the top tips for improving your website and tools to help you promote your website. Directory, article and press release lists to add free back links to your site.
    More Info –

    EON Systems Inc
    Category: Software
    EON Systems billing, scheduling, practice management and EHR software makes managing your practice easy. Best with chiropractic, physical therapy and multi-disciplinary practices.
    More Info –

    SteveConstable: Chicago Web Company
    Category: Web Designers
    Chicago web company that offers clients in Chicago web company services at an affordable rate.
    More Info –

    Epis: Full service Investigaition, All Surveillance
    Category: Investigation Services
    Full service private investigation company specializing in Worker�s Compensation, Liability, Surveillance, Pre-employment backgrounds, including Personnel Issues, such as time card fraud, theft, substance abuse, and sexual harassment.
    More Info –

    Fusion Pearl: Exotic Pearl Jewelry
    Category: Jewelry
    Handcrafted pearl jewelry featuring Tahitian pearls, south sea pearls, akoy, abalone blue, and freshwater pearls embellished with precious metals and gems.
    More Info –

    Moore Lifestyles: Best Health & Wellbeing
    Category: Health & Beauty Care
    We have endeavored through our knowledge and resources to share with you what we have determined to be the most realistic and effective ways to achieve a wellness.
    More Info –

    Cedar Creek Treasures Online
    Category: Gifts
    We are an online store which offers a treasure chest of items at incredible savings. Visit us today for a great shopping experience.
    More Info –

    EAI SIM Solutions
    Category: Software
    EAI SIM Solutions implement flexible and extensible Enterprise Application Integration solutions. We use open standard middleware technology for Identity and Access Management, enhancing internal security and accountability throughout the enterprise.
    More Info – Business Directory
    Category: Directories
    Find companies, products and services on this comprehensive categorized business to business directory. Offers free and paid submission services to the business sector. Allows the addition of extensive business information on all directory entries.
    More Info –

    Football Boots Online: Sportswear
    Category: Sports
    Sportswear portal, the place where you can source big name products at reasonable prices. Find quality, world-class goods such as Nike Vapour football boots and Reebok football boots. So bookmark this site.
    More Info –

    Vancouver Mortgages
    Category: Mortgage Lenders
    Looking for Vancouver mortgage and loan services We ll find you the best mortgages and loan rates for Vancouver city Contact our brokers today.
    More Info –

    Healing Acupuncture Center of Austin, TX
    Category: Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is the holistic healing art of moving chi, life energy. Karen Nunley has years of experience in healing and pain remediation through acupuncture.
    More Info –

    Scotland In Oils: Scottish landscape Gallery
    Category: Art Galleries
    Oil paintings of Scottish Castles and well known landscape scenes are our speciality. Artists gallery, no middlemen, buy online direct.
    More Info –

    SAS Business Data Network #home #business #ideas #for #women

    #business data


    SAS Products

    SAS Business Data Network provides a business data term list, which is an authoritative vocabulary that promotes a common understanding between stakeholders in an organization.

    The most recent release is SAS Lineage 3.1.


    SAS Business Data Network 3.1 Now Available

    SAS Business Data Network 3.1 is an application that enables you to manage a business data term list. It supports a collaborative approach to managing the following information:

    • Descriptions of business terms, including their requirements and attributes
    • Related source data and reference data
    • Contacts (such as technical owners, business owners, and interested parties)
    • Relationships between terms and processes (such as Data Management Studio jobs, services, and business rules)

    By linking terms to business rules and data monitoring processes, SAS Business Data Network provides a single entry point for all data consumers to better understand their data. Data stewards, IT staff and enterprise architects can use the terms to promote a common vocabulary across projects and business units. Permissions can be set to allow only specific users to access and/or control the data in SAS Business Data Network.

    SAS Business Data Network also provides workflow support that enables you to divide the responsibilities for creating, reviewing, and approving terms among the members of your team. In this way, each role can be fulfilled by the most qualified member of the group.

    Free Online Documentation

    • Most recent release for SAS Business Data Network

    SAS Business Data Network 3.1

    • SAS Business Data Network 3.1: User’s Guide PDF | HTML
    • The User’s Guide is accessible within the product.
  • All online documentation for supported releases of SAS Business Data Network [HTML]
  • Technical Papers

      SAS Global Forum 2014
    • Managing the Data Governance Lifecyle [PDF]
    • What’s New in SAS Data Management [PDF]

    SAS Publishing Representatives are available in the U.S. from 8-5 ET to answer your documentation questions. Contact us at 1-800-727-3228 or e-mail.


    Curriculum consultants are available in the U.S. from 9-5 EST. Contact us at 1-800-333-7660 or e-mail.

    International customers, please contact your country office.

    Online Support Resources

    This page contains online support resources that are specific to this product. Visit the Support page to access various self-help and assisted-help resources or submit a problem through the SAS Technical Support form.

    Data Management Community

    Share your experiences, questions and ideas with other SAS Business Data Network users.

    Business data #business #degree

    #business data


    U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services

    Monthly report that provides national trade data including imports, exports, and balance of payments for goods and services. Statistics are also reported on a year-to-date basis. Data are continuously compiled and processed. Documents are collected as shipments arrive and depart, and are processed on a flow basis. The BEA uses the data to update U.S. balance of payments, gross domestic product, and national accounts. Other federal agencies use them for economic, financial, and trade policy analysis (such as import/export promotion studies and import/export price indexes). Private businesses and trade associations use them for domestic and overseas market analysis, and industry-, product-, and area-based business planning. Major print and electronic news media use them for general and business news reports.

    Access Use Information

    Downloads Resources



    Metadata Created Date

    Metadata Updated Date

    Data Update Frequency

    Metadata Source

    Additional Metadata

    Metadata Created Date

    Metadata Updated Date

    US Census Bureau, Department of Commerce

    Public Access Level

    Data Update Frequency

    Harvest Object Id

    Harvest Source Id

    Harvest Source Title

    Commerce Non Spatial Data.json Harvest Source

    Data First Published

    Data Last Modified

    Source Datajson Identifier

    Source Schema Version

    Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Suggest a dataset here.

    Bureau of the Census




    Share on Social Sites

    Department of Commerce

    Top Ten Social Media Sites for Business Networking #free #business #email

    #business networking sites


    Top Ten Social Media Sites for Business Networking

    Top ten social media sites for business

    Social media is becoming more powerful today than it was at its inception and as such there are now more social media sites out there than ever before. There are tons of sites that are geared toward certain jobs, areas, and age groups. It helps to understand event marketing definition to be able to move forward in the right direction. Business can benefit now more than ever from social media as more and more sites are becoming business friendly. Small business networking sites and business related networking sites can really give your business a boost. Here are ten sites that are incredibly useful to businesses across the board.

    This site is a group of dedicated entrepreneurs and business professionals that are dedicated to helping one another succeed with helpful information, tips, and tricks. Communication on this site is key and can help lead to worthwhile and useful business contacts and information that can help any business go from hum drum to successful in a matter of months.

    This site is a networking site that allows professionals to post resumes, talk with one another, and build valuable connections. This site is perfect for both starting business professionals and those that have some experience under their belt.

    Business networking groups like this one allow entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, and so much more. The site works to bring professionals from all walks and genres together to create a truly diverse and interesting work place. The site is mainly geared toward those individuals that are starting new ventures and need both support, advice, and information.

    This is an online community and marketplace where ideas can be exchanged, worked on, and fabricated. It was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that are interested in starting new ventures and just need that little extra push in the right direction. E.Factor is a type of experimental marketing.

    This site was founded as a way for business professionals to get in contact with other professionals. The site works to partner small business owners and entrepreneurs that may want to invest. This is also a great place to share ideas and build valuable business connections. This site and many others like it are called event marketing agency.

    This is an online community created by that is geared toward connecting entrepreneurs to one another. The site works to create lasting connections and allows users the chance to talk with one another, share ideas, and network over a large area.

    This site encourages mutual success through a vast network of entrepreneurs, business people, and small business owners that can help encourage and offer information for others. This site is a great opportunity for new business owners or those with an idea to start the process of owning their own business. Every new business should be on this business networking sites list.

    This site is an ultra enhanced address book that allows users to stay in contact with one another and truly be part of a community. There are tons of great features that make this site great for anyone with a plethora of contacts that needs a succinct and organized way to store, work with, and use their current contacts while gathering new contacts.

    This site allows users to organize themselves according to profession, location, and former jobs to help others find one another. This site is great for connecting with other users by being able to simply search to find users that have similar interests and past references.

    Business networking sites like Linkedln offers businesses the chance to become acquainted with other business professionals. It offers users the chance to peruse thousands of profiles, find potential employees, other professionals, and even business partners. This site is great for those that want tons of information at their fingertips. Being a business does not mean that you have to completely get out of social media. Social media offers businesses a chance to share their interests, knowledge and more.

    Suggested Read on this Topic:

    [easyazon_block add_to_cart= default align= center asin= 1497316650 cloaking= default layout= top localization= default locale= US nofollow= default new_window= default tag= totesome04-20 ]

    Luxe MiniCards #business #continuity #plan

    #small business cards


    Luxe MiniCards

    Some projects are very exciting, current, or transient by nature – what you might call “of the moment”.

    And when it comes to making moments special, we recommend Luxe MiniCards – small, luxurious to touch, and sure to make an unforgettable impact.

    Whether it’s vouchers for a special offer for one day only, or a small note to let people know about your latest project, Luxe MiniCards will make sure your message marks the moment.

    A difference you can truly feel

    Luxe MiniCards are made from award winning Mohawk Superfine paper. Tactile, and beautiful – for all your little moments.

    We take Mohawk’s finest paper, and sandwich four layers together, to create an impressively heavy, and unforgettable card.

    Our Quadplex technology allows you to choose a rich seam of color that runs through the middle of your cards. Choose from Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink or Green.

    Best Credit Cards for Small Business of 2015 #business #process #outsourcing

    #small business cards


    Best Credit Cards for Small Businesses

    Francesco CorticchiA & Mdash;Getty Images

    See this year’s top picks for budding entrepreneurs and established owners.

    MONEY and NerdWallet have picked the best credit cards in five different categories: cash back. borrowing. travel rewards. student. and small business cards. Most of our picks assume you are using cards strategically to maximize rewards, and paying off your bill each month to avoid fees and finance charges. MONEY also went one step further this year to add an easy choice the best no-muss, no-fuss, no-annual-fee option.

    Easy Choice: Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business

    • APR: 0% on purchases for nine months; then 13% to 21%
    • Annual fee: $0
    • Sign-up bonus: $200 after spending $3,000
    • Rewards: 1.5% cash back on all purchases
    • Why it s a winner: For stable, successful small businesses, Spark is an all-around winner, with no annual fee and cash back on every dollar spent. If your firm s outlay is $5,000 a month, for instance, you ll clear $2,000 back in two years, factoring in the $200 sign-up bonus. Add employee cards for free to boost your rewards.
    • Caveat: If your business maintains revolving balances, find a card with a lower financing rate.

    Best for Borrowing: U.S. Bank Business Edge Platinum

    • APR: 0% on purchases and balance transfers for the first year; 10% to 18% after that
    • Annual fee: $0
    • Why it s a winner: The U.S. Bank Business Edge Platinum is ideal for bootstrapping startups, debt-carrying small enterprises, and other small-business owners for whom borrowing costs are paramount. It offers the lowest APR without incurring an annual fee. You also get a year s worth of runway to pay off big purchases or tide you over until cash flow picks up.
    • Caveat: With no rewards or sign-up bonus, this no-frills card is really only for businesses with ongoing debt.

    See all of MONEY s picks:

    Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes. Market data provided by Interactive Data. ETF and Mutual Fund data provided by Morningstar, Inc. Dow Jones Terms Conditions: S P Index data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved. Terms Conditions. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions

    2016 Time Inc. All rights reserved. Part of the Sites. Powered by VIP


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    As a regular visitor to, we are sure you enjoy all the great journalism created by our editors and reporters. Great journalism has great value, and it costs money to make it. One of the main ways we cover our costs is through advertising.

    The use of software that blocks ads limits our ability to provide you with the journalism you enjoy. Consider turning your Ad Blocker off so that we can continue to provide the world class journalism you have become accustomed to.

    Five months into my #Helen4SG campaign #creative #business #cards

    #business venture ideas


    Five months into my #Helen4SG campaign

    I said at the outset that this campaign would be a marathon, not a sprint, and so it has proved to be.

    The UN Security Council has now conducted three indicative ballots. I am still positioned in the middle of the pack.

    Media interest continues to be high, not least on whether the UN might follow the lead of other major countries and organisations and look seriously at appointing a woman SG.

    It was pleasing to see the outcome of a survey of UN staff which rated me highly for the position. The UN’s greatest asset is its dedicated staff. The bureaucratic systems don’t serve them well. I would want to work closely with staff to build the best, most responsive, most effective UN there could be – the world’s peoples and our staff deserve no less. In the end our work is all about people.

    The New Zealand Herald editorialized on the contest on Thursday; their theme – is Helen too strong? One would hope strength of character would be a prerequisite for the position! objectid=11702283

    The NZ Herald also covered the outcome and implications of the third straw poll:

    The next indicative poll will be conducted at the UN Security Council next Friday – 9 September. Following the Leaders’ week at the UN General Assembly beginning Monday 19 September, the final indicative poll will be held on Monday 26 September. It is then expected that that the UNSC will move to ballots where coloured cards – code for vetoes – by Permanent Members are used in the first week of October.

    Some analysts question whether Office Depot plan will rejuvenate company – Sun Sentinel #business #plan #layout

    #office depot business


    Some analysts question whether Office Depot plan will rejuvenate company

    Office Depot plans to close 300 more stores

    Office Depot announced Wednesday plans to close 300 more stores nationwide over three years. CEO Roland Smith said the company is making good progress despite the disruption from the year-and-a-half long merger attempt with Staples.

    Office Depot announced Wednesday plans to close 300 more stores nationwide over three years. CEO Roland Smith said the company is “making good progress” despite the disruption from the year-and-a-half long merger attempt with Staples.

    Marcia Heroux Pounds Contact Reporter

    Office Depot stock gets bounce but long-term turnaround in question

    One day after Office Depot CEO Roland Smith offered his first glimpse at how he intends to turn around the Boca Raton-based retailer, some industry analysts said they were, for the most part, not wowed by the plans.

    They agreed, though, Smith had done what he had to do to boost Office Depot’s fallen stock.

    Jefferies analyst Daniel Binder says Office Depot’s $250 million cost-savings plan, announced Wednesday, does little to really reinvent this company.

    In his report on the retailer on Thursday, Binder said a second round of store closures 300 on top of the 400 already closed is, not surprisingly, part of the the new strategic plan.

    Retail analyst David Marcotte said he also was not surprised by any of Smith’s cost-cutting or future plans. However, by initiating a dividend and announcing strategies that boosted the stock, Smith made a successful move to deal with investors in a very difficult market. At the end of the day, you have to take care of investors, Marcotte said.

    Office Depot’s store of the future

    Randy Vazquez / Sun Sentinel

    Bethany Simpson, center, helps customers at the Office Depot in Margate on Wednesday. This location offers services such as professional printing and a business pro section that is designed to cater to business owners.

    Bethany Simpson, center, helps customers at the Office Depot in Margate on Wednesday. This location offers services such as professional printing and a business pro section that is designed to cater to business owners.

    (Randy Vazquez / Sun Sentinel)

    Office Depot stock rose 6 percent on Wednesday and closed at $3.51, up 3 cents or 0.86 percent, on Thursday. The stock has a 52-week range of $3.11 to $8.09. In May, both Office Depot and Staples’ stocks plummeted after their failed merger.

    Mike Baker, analyst with Deutsche Bank Research in New York, said in a report Thursday that Office Depot has a well thought-out and reasonable plan to improve their business trends. We think they are heading in the right direction.

    Still, Deutsche maintains a hold on the stock because Office Depot continues to fight market-share losses that are leading to sales and profit declines. Jefferies also rates the stock a hold rating.

    Beyond cost cutting, Office Depot also is launching Business Select, a special program to better serve small businesses; increasing its product line in janitorial and break-room supplies; and further investing in education-related sales.

    Office Depot and Framingham-Mass.-based Staples ended their planned merger on May 16 after an 18-month challenge by regulators. A U. S. District Court judge gave the Federal Trade Commission a preliminary injunction to block the merger and Staples and Office Depot decided not to fight it.

    Moving forward, Smith said one plan is to focus on smaller format stores with special services for small businesses and a curated selection of products. Four stores of the future have been rolled out, including one at 5500 W. Sample Road in Margate, he said.

    Office Depot said it would expand the new format to 24 stores this year and 100 in 2017.

    Marcotte said smaller stores are cheaper to run, with less labor, and easier to close if they don’t work out. The larger format stores that Office Depot currently has are expensive to close.

    In its conference call Wednesday, Office Depot said it had expected a lower transfer rate of customers than the 30 percent it saw with the 400 stores it closed as of its second quarter.

    While Office Depot swung to a quarterly profit compared with 2015’s second quarter loss, the retailer saw a 6 percent sales drop to $3.2 billion, compared with $3.4 billion in the same quarter in 2015.

    Marcotte said rival Staples hasn’t instituted many changes since the merger failure, except dropping Staples Connect, its proprietary smart-home and office product. He said Staples already has smaller format stores.

    Staples is scheduled to announce its second-quarter earnings on Aug. 17.

    Longtime Staples CEO Ron Sargent stepped down June 14. Company veteran Shira Goodman was named interim CEO while executive recruiter Korn Ferry conducts a search for a permanent successor.

    Office Depot lost one of its own top executives recently. Chief legal officer Elisa Garcia resigned, effective Aug. 17. Macy’s announced her appointment as its chief legal officer.

    Promoting and advertising your business – Canada Business Network #start #a #business #ideas

    #advertise your business


    Promoting and advertising your business

    Promoting your business is an ongoing activity that involves everything from word of mouth, to trade shows, to paid advertisements in the media. Once you have developed your marketing plan and are ready to choose your promotional techniques, the resources below may be helpful.

    General resources

    Choose the type of advertising that matches your marketing budget and follow some of BDC ‘s best practices for advertising.

    Build your road map for finding and keeping customers with this free marketing plan template.

    Learn how to measure the results of your advertising so you know which styles, methods and media to use.

    Learn how to create a website so you can attract more customers to your business.

    Online marketing techniques like social networking, emailing and blogging are useful and involve little to no direct costs.

    This free guide can help you develop a social media strategy for your business to attract, engage, and retain customers.

    Increase your visibility among domestic and foreign buyers by registering on this free promotional database of over 50,000 Canadian companies.

    Become a certified Aboriginal or minority-owned supplier or register to access these suppliers and benefit from inclusive supply chain practices.

    Handing out promotional material is an important marketing activity, even in an online world.

    Applies only to: Ontario

    Find out how you can set up a business improvement area and the possible benefits for your business.

    Learn how to spread the word about your business.

    Participating in trade shows can be worthwhile if you choose the right ones, prepare well, and follow up.

    Discover the advantages of marketing your business with email.

    Find out what signs mean for your business, and how to use them to your advantage.

    Find out about business solutions that could help your small business manage shipping, e-commerce, marketing and more.

    Industry-specific resources

    Applies only to: New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island

    Learn how to attract customers to your tourism business through Internet and social media marketing.

    Register your business as a potential supplier of goods and services for the shipbuilding industry.

    Applies only to: New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland and Labrador

    Find out how to become a supplier to the shipbuilding industry in the Atlantic provinces. This also includes building and repairing ships.

    Applies only to: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Promote your high-quality, distinctive Newfoundland and Labrador craft, gift and apparel products through this provincial branding program.

    Applies only to: Newfoundland and Labrador

    Are you looking to develop wholesale markets for your business’ craft, gift and apparel products? This program could help your venture’s sales growth.

    Applies only to: Nova Scotia

    Learn how to identify tourism opportunities in your region and how to develop and market your new business.

    If your Canadian tourism business provides a unique experience for travellers, you could get a chance to market your product for free to key countries.

    Applies only to: Ontario

    Find out how to market your product or service under the Ontario brand and how to reach key tourism markets.

    Applies only to: Ontario

    You may be eligible for funding to help you cover some the costs of commercializing your interactive digital media content.

    Applies only to: Ontario

    You could get financing to help your business consortium market an Ontario tourist destination to tourists outside Ontario or Canada.

    Applies only to: New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Newfoundland and Labrador

    Obtain up to $8,000 in financial assistance for the translation of your promotional materials, if your business is located in Atlantic Canada.

    Date modified: 2016-08-30

    Secondary menu

    7 Ways To Promote Your Business Online For Free #business #reports

    #advertise your business


    7 Ways To Promote Your Business Online For Free

    Senior reporter, The Huffington Post

    Hi there, you can call me Kim. I’m Senior reporter at The Huffington Post and I’m based in Greater New York City Area.

    You may not have wads of cash to spend on marketing in the early stages of your startup, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t effective ways to get your brand out there.

    Before the Internet, small businesses only had a few ways to market their products cheaply, through methods like printing out fliers or sponsoring little local events. Now there are all kinds of opportunities out there on the Web—you just need to know where to look.

    Here are seven ways to promote your business online that won’t cost you a dime:

    1. Use the three big local listing services

    Registering your business with Google Places allows it to be found more easily on Google searches and it shows up on Google Maps. All you have to do is fill out the form and register, then get your business verified through their confirmation process, which can be done either with a phone call or snail mail. Yahoo! also has a big database of businesses called Yahoo! Local. It’s free, and is certainly worth the few minutes it takes to set up. Microsoft’s Bing has a similar service that’s easy to sign up for.

    2. Embrace social media

    Social media isn’t just a tool to gain exposure—it has now become a necessary time investment for every business to make. You can tie in ads and offers on your Facebook page and have a direct channel with your customers on Twitter. Networking on LinkedIn—both at the personal and company level—can be another way to help your startup.

    3. Start a blog

    A blog not only helps your company get its name out through followers, but is a way to connect with your consumers more directly. But remember that one of the major keys of blogging is to keep your stream updated as frequently as you can. A dormant, abandoned blog is worth nothing.

    4. Put up multimedia on YouTube and Flickr

    YouTube provides a free way to distribute creative promotional videos, but in order to succeed you must put up content that people want to view and are relevant to your business—a simple ad will not work. A Flickr profile can also help by giving you one place to compile all the photos for your business, and allows you to link back to your website.

    5. SEO your company website

    Search engine optimization cannot be underestimated in the world of constant Googling. Pick up a book or head over to an online how-to-guide on SEO and make sure your site is primed for performance on search engines.

    6. Press releases

    Every time your business does something newsworthy, don’t hesitate to shoot off a press release—maybe folks will pick up on it. They’re a powerful media tool to use to help generate publicity, and having free distribution of them is a bonus. There are dozens of websites out there that you can use for your press releases, such as PRLog and 24/7 Press Release .

    7. Join a relevant online community and contribute

    Every niche has communities online that you can get involved in. But just signing up for a forum and posting every once in a while about your business isn’t beneficial for anyone, and will likely just annoy people. Actively contribute and build a rapport with the community, while keeping your business out of it. Passively promote your business by putting a link in your signature or mentioning it only when the context is appropriate.

    The Philippine Star – Business #sample #business #plan

    #latest business news


    By Atty. Alex B. Cabrera | Updated September 4, 2016 – 12:00am

    I was working my foot off on a large pedal of a one-wheeler. No, it was not a single-wheel “bicycle.” It was a Singer sewing machine, and I was in sixth grade. It was my mother’s favorite machine, the one she taught me how to use when she was still all young, healthy and alive. Not a toy for boys you would say, but I didn’t mind.

    By Mary Ann Reyes | Updated September 4, 2016 – 12:00am

    The recent acquisition by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and Globe Telecom of the telecommunications assets of San Miguel Corp. is probably the biggest news to hit local business headlines in recent years, not only because of the sheer magnitude of the transaction but also due to its ability to change the whole telco landscape.

    By Francis J. Kong | Updated September 4, 2016 – 12:00am

    Conflicts are good. Yes, you heard me right. When there is no conflict, there will be no creativity.

    3 Ways To Advertise Your Business Without Spending a Dime #harvard #business #press

    #advertise your business


    3 Ways To Advertise Your Business Without Spending a Dime

    As a business owner, you already have a lot to worry about. From meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations to making sure all of your expenses are paid, it’s hard to wear so many hats at once. Add in a whole marketing plan and budget. and the costs can quickly get out of hand.

    Luckily there are many ways to advertise your business without spending a dime. Here are some examples:

    Every business website should have a blog attached to it. A blog enables a business to connect with their customers. You can show some behind the scenes action at your business, describe your products, and introduce your team. Starting a blog is very simple and if you have an already established website, you can typically download a blog template for free and get started right away.

    Once you get more proficient with your blog. you can learn about search engine optimization and how to leverage your blog to ensure your customers can find you easier through a Google search.

    Learn Pinterest Marketing

    Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most important social media sites out there. You can learn how to create images for your blog posts or your business for free with a service like Canva. and then post those images on Pinterest for free.

    Watch free videos on how to use Pinterest effectively, join group boards, and regularly pin every day to find the marketing plan that works best for you. The best part is that this strategy will only cost you your time, not your money. and it can dramatically improve the traffic that goes to your website.

    Word of Mouth Marketing

    It might seem old school, but word of mouth marketing is still one of the best (free) ways to market your business. You can start by asking your current clients or customers to tell their friends and family about you. Lots of business owners don’t think to ask their clients to write a testimonial or offer to give a discount to them if they send business your way. For example, if you’re a hair stylist within a salon, you can tell your customers that you will give them a free haircut for every three new customers they send you. It’s a simple way to market that again, only costs you your time.

    You should also regularly build your business contacts through attending networking events in your local area. Join your chamber of commerce, attending networking dinners, and hand out your business cards when you strike up a conversation with someone new. Remember, you are your best asset when it comes to your business and you’re also your own best salesperson because you know your business best.

    Ultimately, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on marketing for your business. With a little bit of time and focused effort, you can absolutely grow your business without spending a dime by networking with other business owners, optimizing your website, and learning social media strategies to grow your business.

    From Our Partners

    Business – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) #business #images




    Ireland to join Apple against EU tax ruling

    Does Australia need lemon laws for dodgy cars?

    Samsung halts sales of Galaxy Note 7 over exploding battery concerns

    Doubts in renewable energy funding leads to suspension of projects

    CommSec pays $700,000 in penalties, $1.1 million in refunds to clients

    Why the banks rate cuts were more generous in May

    Sane club MIT entrenched with Debelle s appointment as RBA deputy

    Travel sites to amend price clauses to allow cheaper hotel rates


    Watch: Business News in 90 Seconds

    Editor s Picks

    Foreign banks funding the apartment boom: UBS

    Direct action not as motivating as carbon tax, research finds

    How often do we print money and what happens to the old bank notes?

    Better regulation of all political finance would help control foreign donations

    Big was not beautiful in financial year 2016

    So long, economic theory

    Budgets and polls

    Warning signs were there

    Brexit and the future of work


    Video 1:31 Australian share market closes lower amid US rate hike concerns

    Video 3:31 Friday markets with Julia Lee

    Video 1:27 Business in 90 Seconds

    Video 7:48 Dr Richard Corkish and Christopher Murray speak to The Business

    Video 3:55 Why record low rates aren t lifting retail spending rates

    Video 1:38 Business in 90 Seconds


    Audio 4:39 Zombie economy: the state-owned steel companies slowing China down

    Audio 3:11 Farmers nervous about political pressure to allow genetically-modified material in organic food

    Audio 2:50 Small winemakers unite to fight Govt reforms that would exclude them from rebates

    Audio 3:50 Car enthusiasts arrive in Alice Springs for Red Centre Nats

    Audio 5:03 IMF flags growth downgrade as G20 firepower questioned

    Audio 3:14 Soaring ambitions of powerful tech entrepreneurs crash back to earth as satellite blows up on launch

    Business Programs

    The Finance Report with Alan Kohler

    The Finance Quarter with Andrew Robertson

    The Business

    Get Listed with Bizify the Free Business Directory Today #how #to #finance #a #business

    #free business directory


    Join the fastest growing free business directory

    Bizify is one of the fastest growing free business directories in the UK for both small and large companies who wish to make themselves found online. The best thing about Bizify is how easy it is to use, and how fast you can search for, and find, exactly what you are looking for. Whether you’re a Carpenter in Kent or a Printing Company in Newcastle, Bizify has a space for you in our online business directory .

    of the Month

    Xebra Accounting

    How did Xebra Accounting come about? Xebra Accounting started when I left a larger accounting practice to develop cloud based accounting services, which I saw as a game changer as to how accountants work with their clients. The name was simply an idea that we came up for a modern firm, and when we saw the designers logo ideas, our xebra stood out from her other ideas. What is a typical day like at Xebra Accounting? We are a small team, but do operate as a team, so that we help and support each other. We.

    What makes different?

    There’s no one thing that separates us from most other business directories. however the overall service we are offer is far different to most. As well as being able to search for businesses as usual, you can also use Bizify as a Social Media Directory. providing unique benefits for both your customers and you as a business. Offering a free place to advertise and connect with businesses you require, Bizify also presents you with the opportunity to integrate your favourite images, videos and trusted customer reviews.

    Bizify is an ideal place for you to list your business online. As a team of creatives, we specialise in helping you to get the best out of your advertising and online marketing. We are able to re-design your website or build you one from scratch. As well as this, we can help you to optimise your search results (via Google, Bing and Yahoo), with our industry leading SEO services.

    Are you looking for a FREE Business Directory?

    As a free online business directory. Bizify lets you advertise your company for free. The power is totally in your hands as we allow you to add your own information and various other attributes, such as opening times and reviews. This allows you to be easily found by those who require your services anywhere in the UK.

    During the hardest recession known for generations, we have provided an all in one solution to advertising for free online. Because of our efforts, hundreds of companies are listing their business right here with Bizify. From plumbers and electricians through to multinational chains, we cater for all.

    How does Bizify work?

    Incredibly easy to use, Bizify is highly suited for businesses looking to advertise and customers performing a search. All you need to do is type in the kind of business you require and the location you are searching from. From there our advanced online directory will then do the rest, pulling up all the relevant businesses in that specific area and allow you to find exactly who or what you so desperately need.

    Bizify work to give you the best service for your time and trouble by updating our records and listings daily. Doing this allows us to deliver the most effective results that have been optimised especially for you.

    The benefits of Bizify couldn’t be clearer. With free business listings that offer a variety of features, including the ability to upload your own logo, integrate your Facebook page and add your company information, Bizify allows you to advertise your businesses services and skills to those who live and work locally.

    So what are you waiting for? Sign up today. get listed and get reviewing other local businesses today .

    Free SEO Report

    For all small businesses looking to expand and grow, getting the fundamentals right is extremely important. No doubt you will have already signed up for a FREE business listing with Bizify, allowing you to be found on the web in more places than one, and are looking for new ways to improve your business online.

    Business lending #free #business #templates

    #business lending


    Business lending | NatWest

    Our Small Business Loans can give your business the flexibility it needs. Borrow from £1,000 up to £25,000 at a fixed rate. You know how much you’ll pay each month, allowing you to manage your cash flow in line with your plans. Terms ranging from one year, up to ten years. Suitable for most types of small to medium sized businesses – from sole traders to partnerships and limited companies.

    Add your signposting title here… We’re backing British businesses

    At NatWest we’re committed to supporting British businesses grow. Our range of lending products could be used alongside the Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme or the Regional Growth Fund; or if traditional bank financing is not appropriate for you, we can help you understand some sources of non-bank finance options that are available. Talk to us about all this and more; eligibility criteria applies for all funds and schemes.

    Company Structure #business #consultant

    #office depot business


    Company structure

    The merger in 2013 of Office Depot and OfficeMax has created a stronger, more efficient global provider of business products, services, and solutions, fully committed to setting a new standard for serving the workplaces of today and tomorrow through innovation and exceptional customer experiences.

    Our global headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida. Our company CEO and Chairman is Roland Smith.

    Office Depot’s operations are structured through a North American division and an international division.

    North America Division

    Our operations in North America provide business products, services and solutions to consumers and businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Our North American operations include a dedicated business-to-business sales organisation; retail stores operating under Office Depot and OfficeMax banners; and a combined website for Office Depot and OfficeMax customers at Our Canadian affiliate, OfficeMax Grand Toy, serves business customers via an advanced e-commerce website, award-winning customer service centers and direct sales representatives.

    International Division

    Our International Division includes operations in Europe and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Central Latin America, providing business products, services and solutions through a dedicated sales force, the web, retail stores and catalogues, and using a mix of company-owned operations, joint ventures, licensing and franchise agreements, alliances and other arrangements.

    Vending Software #business #cards #online

    #vending business


    Vending Software For Your Route

    VendSoft is a powerful web-based vending management software targeted at small and medium vending machine operators. It will help you manage your vending business and reduce your expenses.

    Do You Need Specialized Vending Software?

    Business owners involved in the vending industry have particular challenges. At all times, they strive for top level efficiency and lowest overhead and supply costs. Vending operators use many different methods to create a more profitable business: changing vendors, product types or machines, expanding routes, and tracking product sales across locations. The main tie is the collection and use of data. It is a waste of time to try to fix things when you do not have the correct information to determine where your business is lacking.

    Gathering the right information efficiently will allow you to progress ahead of your competitions and make great decisions about how to expand or improve your company. Advanced data software also creates more efficiency in the office, since you will not have to figure everything out for yourself.

    What Does Vending Software Do For You?

    The primary reasons to use vending software is to track inventory of products, your assets, organize your route and map it for speed and for deciding what product will do best at each location. Even if you are just starting in the vending industry, you will benefit from this type of software. It will get you started on the right foot. If you own or operate a very large vending company, this organization tool is invaluable.

    Why Pay for Special Software?

    Many companies may think it’s fine to just use a spreadsheet or database to track inventory and profits, but that method wastes time. When you want to get into profits fast, it is important to not do that. If your company grows or takes on new product lines and routes, you may have to pay a technician to create completely new spreadsheets.

    Here are some arguments against using a simple spreadsheet program and explanations of why dedicated vending software is right for you:

    1. More time needed to input and analyze the data collected. Separate spreadsheets will cover sales records, area information, and product and inventory. It would be better to use this time to find new locations for vending machines, improve maintenance or research new products.
    2. Knowledge of proper mathematical formulas and equations or hiring someone to do it for you for spreadsheet data use. With software programs specifically designed for vendors, all of that is already taken care of. By just inputting your data, you can generate useful reports about profits and products right away.
    3. Spreadsheets do not offer automatic input via smart phone or mobile device. Apps like DEX protocol allow you to directly record and download all information about receipts, date and time and servicing to the vending software. No data entry at the office needed.
    4. It is impossible to manage routes with a spreadsheet. Vending software can map machine locations and design the quickest and most efficient routes for you. You can also monitor the mileage and fuel needs of your drivers. As your business expands, professional vending software can expand with you.
    5. There are different levels of access that can be assigned to different people in your office. One user level would allow administrative assistants to input data, while another, more secure level can allow only you to analyze information for reports.

    As you can easily see from all the information given above, investing in dedicated vending software can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of your vending business.

    VendSoft Benefits

    Save Money

    VendSoft will help you to efficiently manage your vending routes. Deliver the right products to the right machines on time. Keep the right inventory.

    List of Business Social Networks for Professionals #business #seminars

    #business networking sites


    Business Social Networks

    Updated March 25, 2016.

    Business social networks can provide the cornerstone to recruiting efforts for a company and can be a great asset to the hungry professional hoping to leverage their business contacts in order to improve their job. Focused on business, these social networks provides the tools needed to reach out and make business connections, find new jobs, or find specialized job seekers.

    Whether you are looking for a promotion or looking for new opportunities, social business networking can be just the thing to advance your career. Business social networks are also a boon to recruiters looking to fill urgent vacancies.


    Image of Company Loop.

    CompanyLoop is a business social network aimed at workers in the same company. By restricting access to only co-workers, CompanyLoop allows you to connect with your fellow employees and share knowledge specific to your business. Not only can you stay up to date with your co-workers, you can find the people you need to get your tasks done faster. More

    Continue Reading Below


    Image of DoMyStuff.

    DoMyStuff is a social network designed to connect people who want stuff done to people who will do it. DoMyStuff allows everything from household chores to business tasks to be outsourced to thousands of assistants bidding on the jobs. An alternative to hiring a temp agency to fill short-term needs, DoMyStuff is also a good site for people looking to do odd jobs. More


    Image of DOOSTANG.

    DOOSTANG is a business social network marketing itself as an exclusive career community for top young professionals. To become a member, you must either be at a company that is hiring or have an invite from a current member. While the idea is to raise the level of talent in the job seeker pool, whether this is actually true is open for debate. More

    Continue Reading Below

    Fast Pitch

    Image of Fast Pitch.

    Fast Pitch connects enterprising professionals to other professionals and is a great way for job seekers to become involved with potentially their next boss. It also provides tools for businesses to market themselves and helps drive traffic to the business website. In this way, it is a great business social network for entrepreneurs. More


    Image of Konnects.

    Konnects is a business social network aimed at the young professional who wants to start building a network of contacts. It is also geared toward the new business looking to start their own community and offers the tools needed to promote the business. More


    Image of LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is the most popular business social network and one of the most recognizable social networks in the world. Focused on helping professionals maintain their list of connections, LinkedIn also provides invaluable information on companies and is a great resource for job seekers and for filling job vacancies. More


    Image of PairUp.

    PairUp takes a step away from the standard business social network by focusing on the frequent business travel. Providing the tools to share travel plans and alert colleagues that you are arriving in town, PairUp is a great resource to cope with changing itineraries. More


    Founded in late 2001, Ryze was one of the first social networking websites. With the ability to set up company networks, Ryze is a great destination for businesses wanting to get more done on the web. It is also great for professionals who want to create their own business networks and connect with other professionals. More


    Spoke is a business social network that specializes on the recruiting aspects of social networks. Unlike many other social networks for professionals, Spoke is an open-ended network that allows businesses to search through the database and tailor their recruiting efforts to a specialized audience. More


    XING is one of the oldest business-oriented social networks. With over six million professionals using the service every day and conducting business in 16 different languages, XING is a world leader in business networking. An excellent site for keeping track of your business contacts, XING can also help employers fill job vacancies and help young professionals land their fist big job. More

    Free Company Credit Report and Credit Check – Creditsafe #business #computers

    #business credit reports


    Free Company Credit Report

    Credit check one of your business customers for free

    Creditsafe company reports are affordable, high quality credit reports giving you comprehensive information on your customers, suppliers and competitors.

    The information within a Creditsafe report is updated daily and is sourced directly from Companies House, The Registry Trust, The London Edinburgh Gazette, Trade payment partners and a multitude of additional data sources from around the world.

    Creditsafe company reports employ a system which rates companies from 1 -100 indicating the likelihood of a company entering insolvency in the next 12 months. High risk companies are highlighted in red whereas creditworthy companies are highlighted in green allowing anyone in the organisation to make informed decisions when extending credit or evaluating business opportunities.

    To access a free company report simply complete your details using the form opposite.

    Important Information: In order to receive your free company credit report you must supply a business email address and landline telephone number. Please note only one free report will be given per company.

    What’s included in a company credit report?

    • Credit Rating Limit
    • Up to 5 Years Accounts
    • Full Director and Ownership details
    • Holding Subsidiary company details
    • Adverse CCJ Information
    • Payment performance information
    • Full registered company details
    • Companies House image documents
    • Email Monitoring and Updates

    Article Page #business #web #hosting

    #daily stock market


    The behavior of daily stock market trading volume ☆

    • Bipin B. Ajinkya
    • University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611, USA
    • Prem C. Jain
    • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA

    Available online 23 August 2002.


    This paper documents the empirical distributions of daily trading volume prediction errors for several commonly used volume measures and expectation models for individual firms and for portfolios. The prediction errors for raw volume measures are significantly positively skewed, with thin left tails and fat right tails. However, natural log transformations of the volume measures are approximately normally distributed. For longer than one-day prediction intervals, recognition of autocorrelation in daily trading volume is advantageous for detecting abnormal trading. Results of analysis for clustering of events and for different size firms are also presented.

    This work has benefited from suggestions of Ray Ball (the editor), Mike Barclay (the referee), Linda Bamber, Bryan Church, Greg Clinch, Dan Elnathan, Gun-Ho Joh, Andy Lo, Craig Mackinlay, Jens Stephan, Rex Thompson, Senyo Tse, Jerry Warner, and workshop participants at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Texas A M University. This work was completed while the first author had a summer grant from the Fisher School of Accounting, University of Florida, and the second author was a Peat Marwick Research Fellow.

    Copyright © 1989 Published by Elsevier B.V.

    Citing articles ( )

    Free Building an Online Business Online Course #home #based #business #ideas

    #free online business


    Building an Online Business Course

    Study at your own pace!!

    Course Description

    Building an effective online presence is critical for growing your business as it gives your company access to thousands or millions of local, national or international customers who are searching, interacting, sharing and shopping online. In this course you will learn why you must get your business up and running on the Web using e-commerce sites, review sites and social networks. You will also learn that having a Website which is easy to navigate, is informative, and has a good domain name, the right design template and memorable Web copy will help your business stand out from the competition. The course discusses why it is important to have a presence on the mobile Web and how to attract your target audience using tools like Google AdWords. This course will be of great interest to all business owners who are thinking of setting up a Website for their business but are uncertain of how to go about doing it. It will also be beneficial to any company or organisation that wants their existing Website to be more effective at attracting potential customers.


    To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. A link to purchase your Diploma certificate will then appear under the My Certificates heading of your My Account page.


    Learning outcomes
    – How the internet will help your business to attract customers and encourage growth;
    – Creating effective design;
    – Getting your website found on Google search;
    – Getting your website to show up in a local search;
    – How a mobile website is important;
    – Learn about Google Analytics;

    Building an effective online presence is critical for growing your business as it gives your company access to thousands or millions of local, national or international customers who are searching, interacting, sharing and shopping online. In this course you will learn why you must get your business up and running on the Web using e-commerce sites, review sites and social networks. You will also learn that having a Website which is easy to navigate, is informative, and has a good domain name, the right design template and memorable Web copy will help your business stand out from the competition. The course discusses why it is important to have a presence on the mobile Web and how to attract your target audience using tools like Google AdWords. This course will be of great interest to all business owners who are thinking of setting up a Website for their business but are uncertain of how to go about doing it. It will also be beneficial to any company or organisation that wants their existing Website to be more effective at attracting potential customers.

    Not for download or distribution.

    03 December 2012

    Course Duration (Avg Learner):

    Minimum Grade/Class Level:

    Elīna Ciunele Latvia It gives you a very basic information about online business and google products 2016-07-19 12:07:00

    Esther F United Kingdom Loved this course. It was simple and straight to the point. I loved the fact that we were given practical steps to take. Would highly recommend. 2016-07-15 18:07:06

    Sonya Rooks United States of America Really informative. Thanks 2016-07-14 21:07:00

    Jens Abustan [[]] To learn a lot of ideas about online business 2016-07-07 04:07:51

    Jens Abustan [[]] To build a business through online 2016-07-07 04:07:29

    Said Fuad Kenya Very informative 2016-07-04 13:07:14

    Suzanne Sanders United States of America Good review of the processes; however, feel a bit outdated. Nevertheless, as always–appreciate the leg up folks! 2016-06-07 00:06:26

    Rachit Gupta India It was a great Learning Experience. 2016-05-27 10:05:08

    Lim Chieh Fu United States of America A nice course, just my opinion, maybe can add more information about how to do online businesses, such as selling, transactions, marketing. Thanks Alison! 2016-05-27 07:05:13

    Ajmal Ashraf India It’s a good course mentioning the “GOOGLE” way of setting up online businesses. 2016-05-26 20:05:21

    Edexcel A level Business Studies #business #address

    #business studies


    Edexcel A level Business Studies (2008)

    Why choose this specification?

    Our Edexcel A level Business Studies specification centres on an enterprise theme, with a focus on entrepreneurial skills and global perspectives.

    The specification promotes a holistic understanding of business, encouraging analytical skills, critical approaches and methods of enquiry, and introducing students to international business, equipping them either to work in or to manage a business in an international context.

    Teaching support

    Studying this specification

    Our Edexcel A level in Business Studies is built around an enterprise theme, enabling you to think of a new business idea and how you might research and develop it. You’ll also be introduced to international business, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding to either work in or manage a business in an international context.

    Contact us

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    Business Credit Reports #business #card #print

    #business credit reports


    Make Smarter Business Credit Decisions Here is quick and easy to use. The information is very straight forward and navigation is simple. There is no need to learn codes or rating systems as I have seen on other sites. I highly recommend as a simple, more affordable solution to your credit reporting needs. has helped our business tremendously by allowing us to do credit checks on current and prospective customers in an easy and efficient manner. The website is easy to use, and the best part is that there is no limit on how many times we utilize it.

    I would highly recommend The company provides an excellent product at a fair cost. I work directly with Abby Glenn, a Senior Account Executive at Abby is very personable, professional and efficient. I enjoy working with her. is a quick and easy way to view Company credit ratings. It has been immensely helpful to us in determining who we give credit terms to and who we make COD.

    We never have any issues and if I have a question my rep Chuck Liquori who is great and always helpful. He is my only vendor who calls periodically to check to see how things are going with the service. That goes a long way.