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Dallas Car Insurance – List of Agents in Dallas, Texas #dallas #car


Dallas Car Insurance

3110 Webb Ave Ste 150, Dallas, TX 75205

Central, Chubb, Foremost, Kemper, MetLife Auto & Home, Nationwide, Progressive, Safeco, State Auto, The General, The Hartford, Titan, Travelers, Victoria

Full service independent insurance agency providing insurance clients multiple auto, home and business insurance quotes to ensure the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive price. We only represent the top rated insurance companies in the industry and provide our clients options.

2.00 miles distant

3110 Webb Ave Ste 150, Dallas, TX 75205

Central, Encompass, Kemper, MetLife Auto & Home, Progressive, State Auto, The Hartford

2.00 miles distant

3110 Webb Ave Ste 205, Dallas, TX 75205

2.00 miles distant

3110 Webb Ave Ste 150, Dallas, TX 75205

Progressive, Safeco, The Hartford

2.00 miles distant

2828 Routh St Ste 650, Dallas, TX 75201

2.03 miles distant

1910 Pacific Ave Ste 5035, Dallas, TX 75201

2.04 miles distant

1910 Pacific Ave Ste 14180, Dallas, TX 75201

2.06 miles distant

100 Crescent Ct Fl 7, Dallas, TX 75201

2.09 miles distant

750 N Saint Paul St Ste 1400, Dallas, TX 75201

Chubb, Kemper, Nationwide, Safeco, State Auto, Travelers

2.09 miles distant

2521 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75201

Chubb, Safeco, The Hartford, Titan, Victoria

2.09 miles distant

6029 Penrose Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

kendall pearson” data-distance=”2.1062238765936″>

2.11 miles distant

Goosehead Insurance – Dionne Dumas
Kendall Pearson

325 N Saint Paul St Ste 3100, Dallas, TX 75201

2.11 miles distant

3333 Lee Pkwy Ste 600, Dallas, TX 75219

2.12 miles distant

300 Crescent Ct Ste 600, Dallas, TX 75201

The Hartford, Travelers

2.14 miles distant

3626 N Hall St Ste 408, Dallas, TX 75219

Encompass, Kemper, MetLife Auto & Home, Progressive, Safeco, State Auto, The General, Travelers

Foremost, Safeco, Titan, Victoria

At Gasha Insurance Agency, our goal is to find our clients the best coverage at the absolute lowest cost. Our high customer satisfaction is a testimony to our dedication to providing top rated services. Our established relationships with a variety of insurance companies allow us to find you the right coverage.

5.08 miles distant

9400 N Central Expy Ste 305, Dallas, TX 75231

5.09 miles distant

118 E Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75203

5.12 miles distant

3030 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247

5.13 miles distant

Absolute Insurance Agency

10211 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

Alfa Vision, Foremost

5.15 miles distant

2030 Empire Central Ste 107, Dallas, TX 75235

5.17 miles distant

851 S Rl Thornton Fwy Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75203

Alfa Vision, Foremost

5.18 miles distant

Cowboy Insurance Group

9525 E R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75228

5.18 miles distant

2031 John West Rd Ste 108, Dallas, TX 75228

5.18 miles distant

2031 John West Rd Ste 102, Dallas, TX 75228

5.26 miles distant

400 S Zang Blvd Ste 1219, Dallas, TX 75208

5.27 miles distant

8140 Walnut Hill Ln Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75231

Alfa Vision, The General

5.28 miles distant

9400 N Central Expy Ste 120, Dallas, TX 75231

5.28 miles distant

9400 N Central Expy Ste 903, Dallas, TX 75231

5.29 miles distant

2261 Singleton Blvd Ste 107b, Dallas, TX 75212

5.30 miles distant

400 S Zang Blvd Ste 922, Dallas, TX 75208

5.34 miles distant

1322 Record Crossing Rd, Dallas, TX 75235

Foremost, Titan, Victoria

5.35 miles distant

Tyme Insurance Agency

7402 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75231

Alfa Vision, Foremost

5.38 miles distant

8144 Walnut Hill Ln Fl 16, Dallas, TX 75231

EMC, Kemper, MetLife Auto & Home, Nationwide, Safeco, State Auto, The Hartford, Titan, Victoria, Westfield

AC Repair – Air Conditioning Services in Canoga Park, CA #Air #Conditioning


Most people don t realize how much stress is placed on an HVAC system over time. The average American home uses their home cooling/heating system for about 3,300 hours a year. That s roughly 9 hours a day. Imagine for a moment if you were to drive your car that much the amount of wear and tear that you would put on it. Were that the case, you know you d have to get frequent oil changes and tune-ups if you wanted your car to last at all. The same principle applies to your air conditioning system. In order for it to run at its best and have a long lifespan, it must be properly maintained.

The key to keeping an existing air conditioning unit in great shape year after year is having regular inspections and tune-ups by a trained professional. Our team has over 50 years experience working with all manner of residential and commercial cooling systems, and we know what elements are most likely to cause problems, what things need regular cleaning or replacement, and how to diagnose a potential problem before it spirals out of control. Canoga Park offers a variety of maintenance options to help you stay in control of your system. Not only that, but a well maintained system will keep bills at their lowest, maintain or even improve performance, and extend your equipment s lifespan. Keep up with regular maintenance, and you can have a high performing HVAC system for years to come.

Ready to Save on Your Monthly Energy Bill?
Call Today to Make Your Home as Cool and Comfortable as Possible
We Have Air Conditioning Experts in San Fernando Valley Standing By…
(818) 477-4547

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Surveillance Equipment


The following is an overview of the Shipping Pass Pilot subscription service. You should review the Terms Conditions for a more detailed description as well as service limitations prior to signing up for Shipping Pass.

What is Shipping Pass and how will it make my life easier?

  • You told us what you wanted and now we re delivering it. Shipping Pass is our new subscription program designed to bring you unlimited 2-day free shipping for one year with no minimum order. Get what you need ― fast!

    How much does Shipping Pass cost?

  • It s just $49 for a whole year of unlimited free shipping after your initial 30-day free trial. Start your free trial now.


    What products can I order using Shipping Pass?

  • We focused on the bestselling products customers like you want most in categories like Baby, Clothing, Electronics and Health Beauty.
  • Marketplace items (products not sold by, and items with freight charges are not eligible for Shipping Pass.

    How do I know which products qualify for Shipping Pass?

    Does buying a Shipping Pass subscription get me any extra FREE shipping benefits?

  • YES! As an added benefit, you ll receive FREE value shipping on a large selection of non-eligible Shipping Pass items. These are sold by and flagged with FREE Shipping.

    More details on what is eligible with Shipping Pass:

    Items Addresses

  • Human Services Salary: What to Expect with Your Degree #human #resource #management


    The field of human services and social work does not have a reputation for making people rich. The people who go into this area do so because they are passionate about helping others. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to make a living in the field of human services. In fact, many people find they can live quite comfortably on a human services salary. We’ve outlined some of the more popular careers in human services below, complete with detailed salary information.

    Learn how our online bachelor s in human services can lead to rewarding careers in human services and social work!

    Program director

    Program directors coordinate and supervise community organizations and social service programs. In the human services world, they often lead volunteer workers who help to provide services to underserved sectors of the population.

    The most recent data available (May 2010) reported a median annual program director salary of $57,950 for program directors. The median annual wage is the point at which half the workers in a given profession earn more than that amount and half earn less. The top 10 percent of program directors made more than $96,920 and the bottom 10 percent earned less than $34,330.

    Compared to other management positions, human services program directors are underpaid. The median annual wage for all management occupations in May 2010 was $91,440. However, human services program directors still earn well above the national median wage for all occupations, which was $22,840 in May 2010.

    Wages vary by area for program directors, as well. The table below shows a breakdown of salaries by industry.

    Probation officer

    Probation officers work with men and women who have been released from correctional facilities. They help these former inmates to reintegrate to society and find programs and resources that aid in finding jobs, housing and other assistance.

    As of May 2010, reports showed that the median salary for probation officers was $47,200. The top 10 percent of earners made at or above $80,750; the bottom 10 percent earned less than $30,920.

    Compared to other social workers, including counselors, community organizers and social services workers, probation officers earn a decent wage. The bar graph below compares the salaries of probation officers to other social workers and the national average.

    Substance abuse counselor

    Substance abuse counselors assist clients who suffer from addiction, including alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and other compulsive behaviors. They are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medications.

    In May 2010, the median annual wage for these professionals was $38,120. The top 10 percent earners made more than $60,400, while the bottom 10 percent made $24,690 or less. Wages for these workers vary depending on the work setting. The table below shows the differences in pay by industry.

    Substance abuse counselors come in between the national average for all occupations and community and social service occupations. The national median salary for all positions is $33,840 and the median salary for all community and social service occupations is $39,280.

    Case manager

    Case managers are direct-service social workers who help people cope with problems in their lives and find community resources that will further aid them. They do not diagnose or treat mental illness, but rather help clients cope by taking action to deal with the repercussions of any mental illness, traumatic event or behavioral disturbance.

    In May 2010, the median case manager salary was $42,480. The top 10 percent of workers earned more than $70,390. The bottom 10 percent of earners made $26,710 or less. A breakdown of case manager salaries by industry is below.

    The median salary for case managers is reported to be nearly $10,000 more than the national median for all occupations.

    Child advocate

    Child advocates are social workers who work exclusively to protect children and ensure that their rights are not violated. They may work in hospitals, schools, community youth programs or government agencies. They assist children who need additional education resources, live in poverty, suffer from mental or emotional disturbances or are at risk.

    As of May 2010, the median child advocate salary was $40,210. The top 10 percent of earners made at or above $70,390. The bottom 10 percent of workers made less than $26,710. However, these figures fluctuate by industry. The following table shows the breakdown.

    Grant Writer

    Grant writers assist nonprofits and individuals in applying for and earning grant funds from the government or private donors. They may work independently as freelancers or as an LLC, directly for an organization or at a writing firm or service.

    The median annual wage for grant writers in May 2010 was $52,750. The median salary for all writers and authors was $55,420, and the national median for all occupations is $33,840.

    Interested in pursuing one of these careers? Get more information about a human services degree !

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    Manage an ATM Business, ATM Machine Opportunities #business #courses #online

    #atm business



    Your ATM Business.
    Our Expertise.

    Are you an entrepreneur? ATMs offer a business opportunity with amazing potential to convert your existing business relationships into revenue. With our expert help, you can start and manage your own profitable ATM machine business .

    Our ATM management solutions are all designed to maximize customer success and make business easy.

    Start, build and manage your own ATM business

    Do you know businesses that need, but don’t have an ATM? Do you work with retailers who already have an ATM, but would be willing to change processing or maintenance to consolidate their vendors to a single trusted source (you)?

    PAI can help you start and manage your own ATM business through ATMs you own, sell to merchants, or convert to PAI for processing.

    Curious about learning more? Call PAI today at 877.271.2627 or fill out our contact form to discuss this opportunity with one of our ATM experts with no obligation. We will help you understand how to operate a successful ATM machine business!

    Contact Payment Alliance International

    How can I report duplicate business pages? #small #scale #business

    #business pages


    How can I report duplicate business pages?

    A business location should be listed only once on Yelp. If a business has multiple locations, each individual location should be listed separately (although there may be exceptions – for example, a food truck that appears in different parts of town on different days can have a single business page). If you notice that there are multiple pages on Yelp for the same business location, you can let us know by submitting a report.

    Yelpers Business Owners

    From the website (

    1. Find the business page
    2. Click the Edit link:

    3. Check the This is a duplicate of another business on Yelp box at the bottom
    4. Provide your email if you’re not logged in to a user account
    5. Provide a link to the duplicate business page(s) and any further information
    6. Click Submit Changes

    From an iPhone

    1. Find the business page
    2. Tap the More Options icon:

    3. Tap Edit Business
    4. In the Notes field, let our moderators know that the page is a duplicate
    5. Tap Done
    6. Tap Submit

    From an Android

    1. Find the business page
    2. Tap the Overflow Menu:

    3. Tap Edit Business
    4. In the Notes field, let our moderators know that the page is a duplicate
    5. Tap Done
    6. Tap Submit

    10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page #business #invoices

    #business pages


    10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

    If you are wondering how to get the most out of your Facebook business page, you are not alone. With over 1.440 billion monthly active users, the social network is attractive to businesses across the globe. While some businesses just have a Facebook page for the sake of having one, you can learn how to get the most out of your Facebook business page by applying best practices.

    Here are ten things that can boost your Facebook page.

    1. Upload behind-the-scenes photos.

    Imagine you are looking to hire a consultant. You clicked on an ad and land on the website. It all looks nice and well taken care of but the about page and a photo of the consultant are nowhere to be found. If you don t show behind-the-scenes photos or videos on your Facebook page, you are as anonymous as this consultant s website.

    2. Upload videos and create playlists.

    Videos that are uploaded to Facebook, and not embedded from YouTube, for instance, can be put into playlists. Show off how-to tutorials, new product features, instructions, a behind-the-scenes video series and more, all while showing up better on people s timelines.

    3. Test the call-to-action button on the page header.

    Facebook pages can have a call-to-action button on the page header. If the button has been enabled by Facebook, you will see the button Create Call to Action on the bottom right of your Facebook page header. Split test what call to action results in the most sales, likes and page website visits. Typically Watch Video, Shop Now, and Contact Us are good choices to start with.

    4. Share exclusive offers.

    Give people a reason to come back to your Facebook page timeline. Share giveaways and special offers that expire within 24 hours of posting. If you have already grown engagement on your page successfully, try sooner expiration times such as 60 minutes or have people vote a winner among submissions of fans (e.g. the best selfie with the product).

    5. Run a contest.

    One of the main reasons so many people spend so much time on Facebook is because it is entertaining. Publish a funny photo and run a caption contest to keep fans entertained and attract new people to your page. Contests do not necessarily need to result in vouchers or a financial reward such as discounts or freebies.

    6. Interact with other Facebook pages.

    Comment as your page on other business pages and like pages of your employees, companies near you if you have a physical location, businesses you are collaborating with or companies whose services or products you are using. Liked or tagged pages will often times return the favor and mention or like your page in return, which is free cross-promotion. Any pages you like with your own page can be displayed on the left hand side as vertical tab.

    7. Celebrate milestones.

    Let fans know what is happening with your page so they feel part of your community. Use Google Analytics and post updates what geographic region new fans are from. That increases chances that these fans feel addressed and click like or comment which then results in your post on their timelines. More each increases the chances to get more likes and in this case, you might get a like simply because someone it from the same town.

    8. Create a custom tab.

    Custom tabs require some programming but are worth considering for any business focused on more than a very few customers. Integrate live chat, billing, policies, shipping information, your background story, subscriptions, signups for upcoming events, webinars and downloadable content such as ebooks or case studies.

    9. Split test engagement strategies.

    Start split testing strategically what kinds of posts boost engagement. If you have fewer than 10,000 likes or not much engagement on your page, start with a simple schedule and content type test. Post every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at a specific time of the day with specific kind of content, such as photos on Tuesday and Friday, long text on Thursday. After two to four weeks, switch one weekday out with another (e.g. Monday instead of Tuesday) and see what performs better.

    10. Show other social media pages.

    Facebook business pages are an effective way to showcase pages and profiles on other social media networks. Add Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other tabs to your Facebook page to give potential customers and fans a holistic overview of your corporate culture and brand. Besides showing what you are all about, it is an opportunity to have a one stop destination for all social media activity.

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    Mlm business #lawn #mowing #business

    #mlm business


    5 Signs that MLM Opportunity Might Be a Scam

    With scrutiny coming to bear on the mutli-level marketing (MLM) company Herbalife, there are many who are asking questions about whether or not these work from home “opportunities” are scams.

    There are a number of legitimate businesses that allow you to get into direct sales from your home. In my neighborhood alone, there are several stay at home moms that sell a variety of products, from Scentsy candles to Tupperware to costume jewelry. My own mother sold Avon for years while I was growing up. Most of those I know in these programs, though, don’t actively recruit others to sell in an attempt to boost their own income; rather, they are involved to get the products at a discount, and maybe make a few bucks on the side.

    Not all programs are as forgiving, though. In some cases, you might find yourself buying large amounts of product, only to sit on it. Even worse, you might get on a MLM company’s “fast track” or pay for a special “program” that leaves you in debt – and without any real results.

    Before you sign up for an MLM program, consider these 5 signs that you might be dealing with something that is more like a scam than a true home business opportunity:

    1. Focus is More on Recruiting than Selling

    One of the first things to watch out for is a focus on recruiting rather than selling. If you are being recruited in order to recruit more people of your own, rather than actually focus on selling the product, that might be a red flag. Consider whether or not there is a lot of focus on getting you to recruit more “team members,” instead of focus on acquiring customers. If the recruits are the customers, that could be a red flag.

    2. Poor Training

    What sort of training and support do you receive? How are your questions answered? If you are asking tough questions, and they are deflected with homilies on positive thinking, you could be looking at a MLM scam. Also, consider the training situation. Are you provided with actual business techniques and support? If the training consists of how to convince recruits, or tips on selling to friends and family, your “home business opportunity” might actually be a work at home scam.

    3. Pressure to Pay for More

    Are you being pressured to pay for more product? You might be asked to join a “fast track” or become “elite” by purchasing a great deal of inventory all at once. Or, you might be pressured into buying an expensive business package in order to get the business support you need. If you are asked to pay for extra training (beyond attending an annual conference or convention) on a regular basis, or if you are asked to pay for basic office supplies, you might be in trouble.

    Be especially wary of those that ask you to put your costs on a credit card, or encourage you to take a home equity loan or line of credit to pay for this “business investment.”

    4. Sales Tactics Brought to Bear on You

    Do you feel as though you are the subject of a high-pressure sale when you talk to the MLM representative? You might be told that you have to make a decision right now in order to get a good deal on the initial kit, or to buy in at a “special” price, it could be a scam. Most legitimate companies allow you to talk it over with your family, or sleep on your decision.

    5. Seems Too Good To Be True

    As with everything in life and in purchases, you need it to pass the too good to be true “smell test.” Are the claims about the product outrageous and hard to really prove? Is there are a lot enthusiasm about the “amazing” program, without much to back it up? Watch out for anything that seems too good to be true. Chances are that it’s actually a scam.

    Jim Wang writes about personal finance at

    Read the original article on Bargaineering. Copyright 2013.

    10 businesses named after family members – Mollie Makes #new #business

    #creative business names


    Choosing a name for a business is tricky it s got to be catchy, memorable and sum up ‘you’ too. We searched the web for crafty companies who took family names as the ultimate personal inspo. Find out how this line-up of crafty businesses came up with their shop names.

    So you re looking for a business name. How about naming it after Nan, or combining your name with your partner s like celebrity power couples? If all else fails use our trusty craft business name game. take your favourite colour and find the quirky paint name for it, use one word from the colour name, add your craft of choice and the name of the street you grew up on (or a family member s name). Shuffle them round until they make no sense! So, Dayroom Crochet Orange or Henrietta Embroidery Villa. Huzzah, it works! Now you try.

    1. Flossie Limejuice

    Shelagh called her business “Flossie Limejuice after her mother-in-law s nickname for her grandson’s toy rabbit. Aww!

    2. Anais Aiyla

    Mish named her business after her daughters Zoie Amelia Anais and Emilie Aiyla Aeon. She says: “When we moved back to the UK from the Cayman Islands, one way I found to help them adjust to their new (very cold) surroundings was to crochet for them.”

    3. Bobostitch

    Cross stitch queen Hannah Sturrock named Bobostitch after her son’s mispronunciation of his sister Baby Olive s name. “She was born around the same time, says Hannah. The name is a constant reminder for me that the business is totally intertwined with our family life.

    4. Lily Val

    Owner Valerie McKeehan says: “Lily is a nod to my mother. We both share a love of flowers, in particular, stargazer lilies!”

    5. Mingo Grace

    Designer Farrah Gee named her children’s clothing brand after her little twins’ middle names.

    6. Kit and Nancy

    Maker Laura named her business after her grandmas: Kit and Nancy.

    7. Bob John Knitwear

    Jonie Worton’s knitwear company is named after her equally hands-on grandfathers, engineer John and builder Edgar known as Bob.

    8. Clarise Crafts

    Alyssa borrowed her business name from her mother Denise, who set up a jewellery business with her friend Claire under the name Clarise , merging the two friends names. Alyssa says: “I do get called Clarise but I see it as my crafty alter-ego!”

    9. Holly and Evie

    Let’s not forget the most important family members of all! Lucy Vernon named her knitwear company after her first dog Holly, and her current pooch, Evie.

    10. Lily Dot

    Aussie “vintage whimsy” store Lily Dot was named after two very creative grandmas.

    Named your business after loved ones too? Leave your business name and link in the comments below and tell us why you chose the name.