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Howto switch brokers, transfer assets (ACAT) and avoid fees #switch #brokers,acat,in-cash,in-kind,transfer #assets,full,howto,in


Switching brokers? What you need to know to avoid getting hit with fees!

So you ve been thinking of switching your online broker. But how does this work? What happens to the stocks you hold? Do you have to sell and re-purchase them? Are there fees involved? Taxes?

How to transfer stocks from one broker to another?

If you ve never switched a broker before, fear not. It isn t that complicated, though for the uninformed, you may be hit with exit fees by your existing broker. In this HOWTO I ll even show you how to minimize or avoid this. Exit fees vary from $50 to $95. Ouch!

In Kind or In Cash transfer?

When you switch brokers, you have the option of transferring your assets in-kind or in-cash and either partially or in full. The term for account transfer is called an ACAT transfer. ACAT stands for Automated Customer Account Transfer. And though the usage ACAT transfer is redundant (the T in ACAT stands for transfer), it has become customary to use the terms ACAT transfer together.

In kind transfer implies moving your stocks to the new broker. If you have 100 shares of AAPL with broker A and you did an in kind transfer to broker B, your 100 shared of AAPL are moved to broker B. This is typically what one would choose.

In cash is basically liquidating your assets and moving the cash out to your new broker. You normally don t want to do this. When you sell at a profit, you ll be liable for capital gains tax.
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A partial transfer is when you want to transfer a portion of your asset to the new broker. If you wish to move 75 shares of AAPL to broker B and keep the rest with Broker A, you d do a partial in kind ACAT transfer of AAPL.

The ACAT is normally initiated from the new broker not the existing broker.


Before your transfer your assets over, go over the fees with your existing broker. You should look for Account transfer fees or ACAT fees. Here s what you need to know.

  • There are no fees for incoming ACAT
  • Most brokers charge for outgoing ACAT
  • Some brokers don t charge for partial ACAT but there will be a charge for a full ACAT
  • In addition to ACAT, brokers might also charge an account close out fee
  • As far as I know, Scottrade and Vanguard don t charge ACAT fees

How to avoid or minimize ACAT fees

When you switch brokers you d normally do a full in kind ACAT. And chances are that you d be hit with a $50 fee on your way out by your existing broker.

MoneyCone Tip: In order to avoid this fee, don t do a full ACAT, instead do a partial ACAT, leave one share of the asset, liquidate it and take the cash out. Most brokers don t charge for partial ACAT. So taking the AAPL example:

      You d initiate a partial ACAT transfer out of 99 shares of AAPL to broker B
      Once the transfer is complete, do another partial transfer of 1 share of AAPL to broker B and keep some cash in broker A
      If this goes through as well, transfer the money out of broker A to your bank and close your broker A account
      The third step may or may not work depending upon the broker. You still can eliminate the fee by selling that one share of AAPL, take the proceeds out as an ACH transfer to your bank (not to your new broker!). That way even if you have capital gains, this is greatly reduced. 1 share instead of 100.
      This will work only if your existing broker doesn t charge for partial ACAT. Most don t, but do check.

MoneyCone Tip: Never do a in cash ACAT. If you must, do this instead: liquidate your assets (sell all stock!), do an ACH transfer of the cash to your bank and close the account. No ACAT fees.

MoneyCone Tip: Move any cash with your current broker to your bank as an ACH and and then to your new broker instead of doing an ACAT to your new broker.

For your convenience, here s a list of ACAT fees charged by brokers.

Goodwill® Helps Low-Income Families Hit the Road for Job Success #how #to


The Goodwill Blog

For many low-income job seekers trying to achieve economic stability, landing a job is only half of the battle. Monthly car payments can quickly drain already limited resources, and without a vehicle, just getting to work can be a challenge.

In Michigan, growing numbers of low-income families are getting the vehicles they need to travel to work and run basic errands, thanks to Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan’s Workers on Wheels (WOW) program.

The Goodwill® agency has worked with a local car dealership, Jack s Auto Sales and Services, for the last 12 years to get the most value out of their vehicle donations.

“We started out inspecting and servicing the donated cars, advising whether they were worth getting back on the street or not,” dealership owner Jack Tokie told the Traverse City news outlet The Ticker.

Now, when the Goodwill receives a high-value vehicle that low-income families cannot afford to insure, it works with the car dealer to sell the vehicle and use the profit to purchase two to three reliable vehicles that better fit the needs and capabilities of the WOW recipients.

“Sometimes we’ll receive a vehicle that because of its high value and thus, higher insurance requirements, may not be a prudent placement for our families in need,” explained LuAnn Heinert, director of the Goodwill WOW program.

When one family’s aging father could no longer drive, family members donated his 2004 Chrysler Town and Country minivan to the WOW program. The car dealer sold the minivan and produced three vehicles for low-income families in its place – a 2003 Kia Sedona, a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport and a 1996 Plymouth Voyager.

“Jack’s went through a lot of work for us to make this happen; I can’t tell you how many times they’ve come through for us,” said Heinert. “It’s really refreshing that we have people like this in our community.”

Read more about the program in The Ticker

Goodwill s network of 164 independent, community-based Goodwill agencies in the United States and Canada offers customized job training, employment placement and other services to people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges. To find out about services in your area that can help you succeed, use our locator to look up the name and contact information of the headquarters nearest you.

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San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


San Antonio Personal Injury Attorneys

Serious Lawyers For Serious Accident Injuries

Car wrecks, work disasters and other injury-causing accidents are more than events that cause physical pain. They can be emotionally draining and financially crippling, leaving entire families struggling to make ends meet.

At the Law Offices of Fidel Rodriguez, Jr.. we understand how much a serious accident can affect our clients and their families. We know this from legal experience: Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience, and founder Fidel Rodriguez, Jr. has been a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer for nearly 30 years.

We also know from personal experience: Our attorneys and staff come from hardworking South Texas families, and when a client is kept from working and enjoying family time because of accident injuries, we understand how this affects spouses, children, parents and extended family. That is why we work so hard — and are so proud — to represent our clients and help them through the legal system to get the compensation they deserve.

Are you ready to speak with a lawyer about your case? Call toll free 866-545-HURT (4878) for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Hablamos español.

Accident Lawyers Representing Clients Throughout South Texas

When people are seriously injured in accidents, our firm is here to fight on their behalf. We handle cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to construction accidents, defective product cases and other personal injury claims. As one of the most established injury firms in South Texas, we have also become a go-to firm for workers with oil field injuries in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Contact Our Firm For A Free Consultation

We understand that contacting a lawyer may be an intimidating experience. We want to make your experience in the legal system as simple and stress-free as possible, beginning with your free case evaluation. Schedule yours by calling our main office in San Antonio at 210-465-1212 (toll free 866-545-HURT (4878)) or send an email. We will respond to you as quickly as possible to learn the details of your case.

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Binge-Watch Fiesta: Streaming Shows on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go #netflix, #hulu


10 Spanish-Language Shows to Binge-Watch, Starting Now

You used to have wait for your summer trip to la patria to access your favorite Spanish-language shows. Now, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go have made that a thing of a past (the waiting, not the traveling). Below, the 10 best shows you won’t be able to stop watching. Note: Technically one is in Portuguese, but you get the idea.

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1. El Negocio (2013–present)
Available on: HBO Go
You’ll like it if: You loved Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
El Negocio
(shown above) follows the life and drama of three call girls who unite to modernize the world’s oldest profession with business-savvy and social media. As the trailer says, just because it is the world’s oldest profession doesn’t mean it has to be totally lame or behind the times.

2. Capadocia (2008–present)
Available on: HBO Go
You’ll like it if: You’re a fan of Orange Is the New Black.
Starring Ana de la Reguera, this addictive series delves into the dark depths of an experimental prison in Mexico City. Definitely think OTINB — but with even more boobs (and blood).

3. Alice (2008–2010)
Available on: HBO Go
You’ll like it if: If you loved My So-Called Life.
In this sexy, introspective coming-of-age story, a young woman named Alice journeys to find herself when she moves to São Paulo, her own version of Wonderland. Through new experiences, friendships, and relationships, her view on the world evolves. This one is actually in Portuguese, but English and Spanish subtitles are available.

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4. Mi Corazón Es Tuyo (2014–present)
Available on: Hulu Plus
You’ll like it if: You were an avid The Nanny fan.
Ana Leal is a nanny by day, an exotic dancer by night. She keeps the secret of her night job from her employer, wealthy businessman Fernando Lascurain, who she also happens to be falling in love with. This fun, light-hearted series keeps it PG-13, as Ana’s dancing is more of go-go girl than stripper.

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5. Teresa (2010–2011)
Available on: Hulu Plus
You’ll like it if: You couldn’t get enough Desperate Housewives.
Teresa (beautifully played by Angelique Boyer) is the woman you love to hate-watch. She’s got it all: looks, money, romance, power, but she is bad with a capital “B.” This 2010 telenovela is a remake of a telenovela by the same name from 1959 starring Maricruz Olivier. It was remade again with Salma Hayek in 1989. One question remains: Who will play Teresa in 2029?

6. Isabel (2011–present)
Available on: Hulu Plus
You’ll like it if: You’re a huge fan of Reign (or The Other Boleyn Girl or anything Phillipa Gregory has ever written).
Isabel follows the story of a young Queen Isabella I of Castille, the famous Spanish queen who ruled as sovereign in a time when women were expected to be no more than mothers and wives. In this historical drama, the indomitable Queen faces challenges to her throne not only with inspiring strength, but also with stunning gowns.

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7. Nuestra Belleza Latina (2007–present)
Available on: Hulu Plus
You’ll like it if: You tuned in to every episode of America’s Next Top Model .
What attracts us to reality shows? Larger-than-life characters, bubble-gum entertainment, the real-yet-glamorous lifestyles, and, of course, drama. Bridging reality TV with a beauty pageant, Nuestra Belleza Latina brings together beautiful — sometimes bizarre — women and a cast of idiosyncratic judges, such as Osmel Sousa.

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8. El Tiempo Entre Costuras (2013–2014)
Available on: Hulu Plus
You’ll like it if: You love Homeland .
Based on María Dueñas’s New York Times bestselling book, El Tiempo Entre Costuras is the tale of a seamstress turned spy. This visually cinematic series follows the story of Sira, who, during the Spanish Civil War, transmits secrets messages hidden in between the seams of her clothes.

9. La Fea Más Bella (2006–2007)
Available on: Hulu Plus
You’ll like it if: If you loved Betty la Fea or Ugly Betty. (It’s a Mexican remake of the original Colombian series.)
If you’re a fan of any story of a female underdog trying to make it in a world where it seems like only beautiful women are appreciated, you’ll enjoy watching Letty try to prove herself in the cutthroat modeling and advertising industries.

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10. Gran Hotel (2011–2013)
Available on: Netflix and Hulu Plus
You’ll like it if: You enjoy Downton Abbey.
This 2011 Spanish TV series is a delightful mix of Downton Abbey and the Duchess of Duke Street. with the added element of suspense. Set in a grandiose hotel in the Spanish countryside in 1905, the show follows Julio, who goes to the hotel where his sister used to work as a waitress until she mysteriously disappeared after being fired. What follows is a web of drama and intrigue among the hotel dwellers.

San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney – Malaise Law Firm #divorce #attorney #san #antonio


San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney

For All Your Bankruptcy Needs in San Antonio, TX

Thousands of residents in San Antonio are facing difficult times due to our current economic conditions. Whether you have been affected by a job loss, divorce, medical expenses or overwhelming credit card debt, you may find yourself unsure of what your next step should be. Having to confront handling your finances can be a difficult thing to do, but ignoring them can lead to dire consequences. With the help of a caring and dedicated San Antonio bankruptcy attorney at the Malaise Law Firm, our firm will work closely with you to determine your financial situation and recommend the best option for your circumstances. Our bankruptcy attorneys in San Antonio will not speak to you in complicated legalese, instead they will explain in simple terms the options for relieving your financial situation. Scheduling a free bankruptcy consultation is your first step towards financial peace of mind.

Many people assume that bankruptcy should never be an option, buying into the many bankruptcy myths that surround the process. It appears complex, frightening and may seem insurmountable, something you can never come back from. This is not the case, however, and the myths should not be believed. With the proper guidance and experienced legal support of a knowledgeable San Antonio bankruptcy attorney, it doesn t have to be the end of your life, but rather a way to begin the next chapter of it.

By sitting down and evaluating your situation with you, your lawyer will be able to help you decide whether a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 would be a better fit, as well as help you understand all of the aspects caused and affected by it, including foreclosure. credit card debt and life after bankruptcy. By thoroughly and completely comprehending both the process and all the ramifications, you can feel more comfortable as your begin to navigate through it with the help of your San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer at your side.

Considering that it is generally the fastest and most straightforward form of bankruptcy, consumers often file under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This type of bankruptcy involves a liquidation of eligible assets to pay off creditors, although much of the debtor s property is likely to be protected and creditors may not be paid off in full from the proceeds of liquidation. A debtor will also have to qualify to file Chapter 7 by taking the means test, which involves a comparison of the debtor s income against the state median. Although Chapter 7 is often referred to as straight bankruptcy, it is a complex legal process that is best approached with the protection and guidance of an experienced lawyer. Our firm handles these cases with professionalism and personal, friendly service.

What Is Business Law? Definition & Overview – Video & Lesson Transcript

#business law


What Is Business Law? – Definition & Overview

Business law is a broad area of law. It covers many different types of laws and many different topics. This lesson explains generally what business law is and how it’s used.

Definition of Business Law

Business law encompasses all of the laws that dictate how to form and run a business. This includes all of the laws that govern how to start, buy, manage and close or sell any type of business. Business laws establish the rules that all businesses should follow. A savvy businessperson will be generally familiar with business laws and know when to seek the advice of a licensed attorney. Business law includes state and federal laws, as well as administrative regulations. Let’s take a look at some of the areas included under the umbrella of business law.

Starting a Business

Much of business law addresses the different types of business organizations. There are laws regarding how to properly form and run each type. This includes laws about entities such as corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. For example, let’s say I decide to start my own pet grooming business. I need to decide what type of business I want to be. Will this be a partnership? Will it be a sole proprietorship? What papers do I need to file in order to start this business? These questions fall under the laws that govern business entities. which are state laws. The type of entity I pick will also affect how I pay my federal income taxes. These, of course, are federal laws.

Next, what will my business be called? Let’s say I decide on Barks Bubbles as a name for my dog grooming company. Now I need to know if anyone else already has that name. This is a trademark question. Patents. copyrights and trademarks are part of intellectual property law. The federal law governs most intellectual property law. Then I need to know if I’ll require any special type of license for this business. Do groomers need a license? Am I allowed to have animals on my property, or do I need some sort of special permit? I’ll need to check my local and state laws to find out. How will I advertise my business? Am I allowed to say that I’m the ‘best in town?’ This question falls under consumer protection law. which can be federal or state law. Wow. That’s a lot of business law, and I’m not even open for business yet!

Buying a Business

Now let’s say I decide to buy a business instead. I’m going to buy Patty’s Pampered Pooches from my Aunt Patty. There are many business laws that govern how to buy a business. If I buy Patty’s business, do I now own the actual store? This is a real estate law question. Do I own the pet grooming equipment in the store? This is a property law question. Both of these fall under state law. Am I now the boss of Patty’s employees? This is an employment law question.

Can I start hiring my own employees and ordering supplies? This will involve contract law. since I’ll be making new agreements with people regarding my business and determining which of Patty’s agreements I need to uphold. Contracts are legally binding agreements made by two or more persons, enforceable by the courts. Businesses are involved in many different types of contracts, and as a result, there are many interesting cases involving breach of contract. A breach of contract is when one party doesn’t hold up his or her end of the bargain. It’s common for parties to dispute the terms of a business agreement or disagree on how the agreement should be performed.

For instance, consider the famous case of Locke v. Warner Bros. Inc. Sondra Locke was a longtime girlfriend of Clint Eastwood. When the two broke up, Locke sued Eastwood for support. As a part of their settlement, Eastwood negotiated a contract for Locke with Warner Bros. Locke was given a director’s contract, where Warner Bros. would pay Locke for any projects she directed or produced. Locke proposed more than 30 projects, but Warner Bros. never hired her. She sued Warner Bros. for breach of contract, saying that Warner Bros. never intended to hire her in the first place. After a court ruled that Locke had enough evidence to proceed with her case, the parties settled.

This case demonstrates the importance of making good contracts. A wise businessperson will be sure to enter contracts with a good understanding of the content and a good faith interest in upholding the contract.

Managing a Business

There are many laws that concern managing a business because there are many aspects involved in managing. As you can already see, running a business will involve a lot of employment law and contract law. For my new business, I’ll need to know how to hire, what my contracts should look like, what kind of benefits I have to provide, how to pay employee insurance and taxes and even how to properly fire an employee. Many of these employment and benefit laws are federal laws and regulated by government agencies. For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a federal agency that enforces employment discrimination laws.

If I also decide to sell things as part of my pet grooming business, like dog collars or dog treats, then I’ll need to be familiar with the laws on sales. For businesses that conduct sales, it’s especially helpful to be familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code. or UCC. This publication governs sales and commercial paper and has been adopted in some form by almost all states.

What happens if I provide services but have trouble getting paid? Let’s say I groom several dogs for Victor’s Vet, but he won’t pay my bill. Can I demand payment or report him to the credit reporting agencies? This is a debt collection law question. Debt collection laws are mostly federal laws. For instance, many of our debt collection laws are found in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or the FDCPA, which is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

What happens if Victor just didn’t like my services? Let’s say Victor accuses me of purposely sabotaging his chances at a national dog show by giving his poodle a bad haircut. Can Victor sue me? And, if so, will his lawsuit be against me personally, or will it be against my Barks Bubbles business entity? This scenario falls under tort law. Torts are private, civil actions for wrongful deeds. Tort law is usually state law. This is an extensive area of the law and includes things like work injuries and negligence claims.

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How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 5 Easy Steps

#online business ideas


How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Blogging has opened up a whole new world to online marketing, if you want to know how to start a blog and make money online then follow this step by step guide.

Starting a blog has never been easier. I have created and managed dozens of blogs over the past few years and I have gathered quite a lot of experience in that time. There are lots of ways to make money blogging but I ll cover what I have found to be the best ones right here, but first I am going to run through how to set up your own blog today. You can actually follow along and do it right now!

If you want your own online business you are going to need a blog or site! Creating a blog is really easy and there is no need for any complicated coding, HTML. CSS skills or anything technical.

Step 1 Decide on a blogging platform

There are lots of different platforms which you can build your blog on. But the most popular by far is WordPress. I have used WordPress for years and it does everything you could possibly want. Some of the leading websites in the world are built on WordPress including this blog!

The last I heard, WordPress has been downloaded over 72 Million times, so that in itself should be enough to tell you that it is the best platform to use.

The advantages of WordPress are:

  • There are thousands of free themes and layouts to choose from
  • WordPress uses plugins, there is a plugin for almost everything, so no need for coding
  • Easily add images and multimedia
  • Simple to install (takes 2 minutes)

With WordPress you can create what is called a self hosted blog , and this is what we are going to be doing. This means that we can use our own hosting and most importantly, our own domain name. If you use the free blogging platform on or you will be given a subdomain, which will look something like this ( This also restricts you to many of the features of hosting your own blog.

It also gives your blog more credit if it is self hosted on your own domain, and you have full ownership of it. For this reason I ALWAYS self host my blogs.

Step 2 Choosing A Domain Name And Host

You want to put a bit of thought into selecting your domain name. You can choose to use your business name, your own name or a domain that contains keywords related to the type of site you are building. My advice is to choose something that is brand-able and easy to remember, keep it short if possible.

There are lots of Domain registrar s where you can check and register a domain, here are a few that I have used:

Where To Host My Blog

There are hundreds of hosting companies out there, I ve tried many of them and encountered bad experiences with almost all of them at some point. I then came across BlueHost. Since I started using their hosting I have never had any problems. Their support is fantastic, their servers are fast and reliable and best of all, they are cheap.

I think it s around $4.95 per month. which is great value. Having a reliable host is the foundation for your whole online business, so don t get it wrong.

You can register a BlueHost account right now. and continue following my step by step guide.

Almost forgot; you can host as many sites as you want on just 1 BlueHost account.

Step 3 How To Install WordPress In Less Than 2 Minutes

This is the part where a lot of people are afraid of. It can seem daunting, the thought of installing WP and setting everything up correctly! Luckily BlueHost have a quick 1 click installation.

Simply login to your BlueHost account:

You should have set up a domain when you opened the account

Scroll to the wordPress Installation Tab

Now Click The install Button

Now simply select your domain where you want to install WordPress and fill in the remaining

The application will install WordPress and all of the files and database in just a few seconds.

Here is a video to show you the process:

Step 4 My Installation Is Complete. Now What?

Congratulations, you now have your very own blog hosted on your own domain. Now if you have never used WordPress before you are going to have to learn how it all works.

There is far too much to explain in this post, so I have found a few links which will take you through the process of setting up your new blog:

Step 5 How to make money from your blog

Making money from your blog can be a difficult task. It took me a long time before I started making any money from blogs, mainly because I was inexperienced and didn t really know what I was doing at the time. Luckily I gained a lot of experience from my failures and now I can pass that experience on to you.

There are tons of ways to monetize your blog to make money, some of them include things like,

  • Adsense Get paid when people click on ads
  • selling a product
  • Selling other peoples products as affiliates
  • selling a service
  • blog advertising,
  • Drop Shipping Selling physical products that you don t actually own

These are the main areas to focus on and I have used all of these myself to make money on my blogs.

The first thing you need to determine is what your blog is all about . If for example you are writing a blog that provides a lot of information, similar to this blog, then you may want to think about using Google Adsense or selling advertising space on your blog.

Drop Shipping For Success

If you are thinking of basing your blog around certain products (something like a blog about PC s and Tablets) then you would benefit from selling products. For this you would need to use Drop Shipping.

Here is the best Drop Shipping Wholesale directory that I have used – SaleHoo

Ever wondered how people make a fortune on Ebay? Here is the answer They use Drop shipping. I have done it myself with Ebay and Amazon .

The great thing about Drop shipping is I DONT HAVE TO BUY THE ITEMS until the customer buys them!!

So you can open an online store with absolutely no stock, and then when a customer purchases an Item, you simply order it from the drop shipper and have it delivered straight to the customer!


I hope this guide has provided you with some good information to get you started. You should now have your WordPress blog set up and you now have the knowledge to know how to start a blog and make money anytime you like. So the next step in the process is to take action. Taking action is the best piece of advise I was given. It s no good reading posts like this if you don t take action. If you haven t already done so, get your Bluehost account and start building your blog!

I’m an internet Marketer with a love for online business. Get in touch if you need a helping hand with Internet marketing, SEO or Business

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Understand Business Law & Regulations #small #business #association #loans

#business law


As a small business owner, you are subject to some of the laws and regulations that apply to large corporations. These resources can help you understand which requirements do apply to your business.

Learn the basic rules when it comes to advertising, labeling and marketing your products or services.

Hiring your first employee or building your business team requires you to comply with a special area of law. This guide will help ensure your small business follows employment and labor laws.

Learn about the financial laws that protect businesses, investors and customers and how you can comply.

Learn how intellectual property law can protect your business interests and find out how to register a trademark or service mark, file a patent or copyright your work.

Whether selling on eBay, or operating an e-commerce site, there are several laws that you must comply with such as how and when to collect sales tax. Learn more about laws for online businesses.

Learn how intellectual property law can protect your business interests and find out how to register a trademark or service mark, file a patent or copyright your work.

Laws to protect the environment could impact your small business. Refer to this guide to find out how to comply with environmental laws.

If you are conducting business transactions outside of your state, you need to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Learn more about UCC requirements.

Learn more about a variety of tools, guides and training materials that can help you comply with occupational safety and health laws.

Be sure to understand all laws and regulations about employee eligibility as you prepare to hire employees.

Need help determining which laws your small business must comply with? These resources can help.

Business plans and templates #business #loans #online

#business plan


Business plans

A business plan gives an outline of your business, the market in which it will operate and how it aims to make money – and should answer this question: why will your business succeed when so many others fail?

We can help you answer this during our Enterprise programme, which provides you with the skills, tools and confidence you need to become your own boss. But, there s no reason why you can t start putting pen to paper today.

Download our templates and financial tables to help you get started.

Top Tips

Be concise

It’s really important that potential investors can understand what your business is all about from a quick glance at your plan. Make sure you include a summary of your business, and how it will make money right from the start, and use simple language throughout.

Be specific

Being specific is just as important as being concise. The details will help you drill down into how you will actually deliver your plan.

Know your market

A big part of knowing whether your business will be successful is understanding your audience. Make sure your plan is clear about your target market – who will you be selling to and how many other companies are already selling similar products?

Know your finances

The other essential part of a business plan is the finance section. If your business isn’t going to make any money, it won’t be successful so you need to be very clear on how you will make a profit. Use it to your advantage – y our plan will be incredibly useful when it comes to securing loans and investment, but that’s not its only use. It’s also a personal tool to help you understand your objectives.

Don t try and do everything on your own, join our Enterprise programme today .

5 Unique Online Business Ideas, Small But Successful #business #plan #template

#online business ideas


5 Unique Online Business Ideas, Small But Successful

Entrepreneurship has always fascinated me. I m amazed by the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with building your own business. and I respect the risks that come with working for yourself. Even if your venture fails, as a business leader you still learn valuable lessons that you can use to make your next attempt more successful.

Taking a successful business model from someone else and building on it is no crime. In fact, it is how most leaders build businesses. It doesn t always take a stroke of genius to get to the top. But when those once-in-a-lifetime ideas strike, your window to act may be small. I don t accept the idea that all of the good ideas have been taken. These five unique businesses are proof that you can find prosperity, even in a market that may not have even existed when you first had your idea.

1. Santa Mail

When I first heard about Santa Mail. I had one of those Why didn t I think of that? moments. The premise couldn t be simpler: Parents order letters for children, and Santa Claus himself puts a note in the mail. For just under $10, your kids will get a personalized letter from Santa that is (genuinely) postmarked from the North Pole in Alaska. The site isn t flashy, but it s simple and effective.

Santa Mail has been around since 2003, and as far as I can tell, it was the first company of its kind. Since then, at least four sites offering the same service have popped up. Even though someone may come along and offer something better, for now, Santa Mail is at the top of its niche.

2. Alchemy Goods

Though recycling has been popular for years, practical-use items made from recyclable items and materials are quickly becoming more desirable. From clothes and bags to water bottles and wallets, these unique items are high-quality goods that let people show off the positive difference they re making for the environment. Alchemy Goods was originally born not out of ingenuity, but of necessity.

When Alchemy owner Eli Reich s messenger bag was stolen, he decided that instead of buying another, he would make one himself. With plenty of bicycle inner tubes lying around, he decided to make it the primary material for his new bag. Long story short, the completed product was a huge hit at the office, and Eli began to make them on a much larger scale. Today, Alchemy products are carried in many stores across the country.

3. Fetal Greetings

The greeting card business has been huge for years, and it seems to get bigger with every passing holiday. Fetal Greetings offers a special opportunity for expecting mothers: To have their baby greet the world in the form of a card! Holly Nill-McKay started the company in 1999, and while the idea may sound strange, I love it. It s a great example of a unique and clever idea that builds on an existing industry. The cards themselves are cute, and they make wonderful surprises to send to family and friends to announce a pregnancy.

4. Something Store

Do you love the feeling of waiting for something in the mail? I know I do, and that s why I tried out Something Store. A few years ago, I saw a piece in a popular magazine about an online store that sells mystery objects. I was intrigued. For $10 (no shipping cost), they send you a random item. It could be anything in the world. Since 2007, they ve shipped over 50,000 somethings to customers who wait with anxious anticipation.

I tried it and received an unusual, metal, spider-like object. It winds up and moves along the floor or tabletop. I looked it up and found that it usually retails for about $28. While I wouldn t necessarily have bought it in the first place, for $10 I got a pretty good deal.

5. I Do Now I Don t

Every day, couples in love get engaged. And every day, couples who have fallen out of love separate or break an engagement. When the latter happened to Josh Opperman, his fiancee was kind enough to return the engagement ring. and he didn t know what to do with it. Since the wholesale markup on engagement rings is insanely high, he would have taken a huge loss in returning it. So instead, he started his business, I Do Now I Don t. an online marketplace for unwanted engagement rings. Customers can buy rings at prices far cheaper than you d find at a traditional store, and you can sell at rates that are better than you d get if you tried to return the ring. Business started booming, and now you can buy and sell other jewelry items there too.

Final Word

This short list of examples just goes to show that not all of the good business ideas are taken just yet. It seems to me that when I get one of those genius ideas, I m always in the shower. By the time I get out and try to remember what was on my mind, it s gone. I hope it is not just me that this happens to.

How do you get inspiration to strike? And what do you do to remember your ideas and put them into action? Share your ideas, or any other unique sites or businesses you ve found. I m always looking for strange and intriguing things.

You are looking at Matthew Breed. He is a 30 year old sports nerd who lives in North Florida with his fiancee, Sarah. Originally in school for a Business degree that did not work out due to capricious youth and irresponsibility, he is currently “getting past” his Peter Pan syndrome and attends classes for a degree in Information Technology while working full time. His care for personal finance stems from a modest upbringing with fiscally responsible parents who highly value education and frown upon frivolity.

I believe in the importance of selecting a type of bussiness thats not very popular or well know When someone thinks about starting a business the things that come to mind are vending machines limo services daycare services and so forth. When in fact its the less well know small business ideas that can often be the right pick. Very often the type of businesses like limo services vending machines daycare are much more closely monitored by local state and the federal goverment. Their may be strict licensing and permit processing requirements strict zoning ordinances may apply. For example If you have a limo service you may not be able to operate from your house. And daycare forget about it their are a mermaid of regulations regarding this type of business. If you pick a business thats not well know or new its most likely less regulated. Take the internet a home based internet business it is likely to be less regulated not because federal state and local busy body bureaucrats do not want to regulate it but because its so new their have not been a lot of laws and regulations passed regarding this type of business. Just give those do nothing busy body bureaucrats twenty years or so and they will take care of that. Corrisa Malone

Yes Internet-based business are less regulated however there is still the FTC regulations that companies and individual have to abide by.

FINAL WORD, put a child s crayon in the shower to write your idea with on the back of shower wall. It wont wash off if you look for the right crayon.