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System Requirements – CommServe

Cluster – Support

The software can be installed on a Cluster if clustering is supported by the above-mentioned operating systems.

For information on supported cluster types, see Clustering – Support .

The hardware requirements for CommServe installed on either physical or virtual machines is explained in Hardware Specifications for CommServe.

  • The software installation requires 10 GB of disk space on the operating system drive. This space is used for temporary files copied during the installation or upgrade of the CommServe and Microsoft SQL Server software.
  • For hard drive requirements details of other components (such as the MediaAgent ), see the corresponding system requirements pages.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with Service Pack 2 is automatically installed during the installation of the CommServe software. Later SQL Server service packs and updates must be installed manually. We recommend to maintain the SQL Server up-to-date with any important updates released by Microsoft. For other important recommendations, see Considerations for SQL Server 2012 .

The CommServe also supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (including R2 Editions).

The Microsoft SQL Server application that is installed on the computer must be dedicated to support the software and cannot be shared by other applications.

In a clustered environment, SQL Server 2012 with the appropriate service pack must be installed and clustered prior to installing the CommServe software. The CommServe software automatically uses the default or the named instance created during the SQL Server installation.

Recommended SQL Server Settings

The database instance used by the software requires specific SQL server settings. Using the SQL Management Studio, verify the SQL properties listed below.

SQL Memory Size

Access the server properties and navigate to the Memory page. The maximum server memory should be 50% of the physical memory available in the computer on which the software is installed.

Server Collation

Run the sp_helpsort system stored procedure, and verify that the server default collation has the following properties:

  • Character Set is 1252/ISO (default)
  • Sort Order is Dictionary order, and case is Insensitive
  • Unicode Collation includes General Unicode. case Insensitive. width Insensitive

Temp Database Properties

Navigate to the tempdb database (under the Databases | System Databases node), and access its properties to verify the following:

  • The tempdb database has at least 100 MB of disk space. Depending on the components that you decide to install later, additional space may needed.
  • Click the Files page to check the autogrowth properties of the database files. The Enable Autogrowth option must be selected, and the file growth should be set to 20%

Note: To preallocate tempdb space or disable the autogrowth option in an Enterprise environment, allocate atleast 30GB space for tempdb. Monitor and track the usage of tempdb periodically to ensure that the tempdb usage is less than 20GB. If the tempdb size is nearing 20GB, contact the software vendor to investigate the reason for tempdb growth.

Service Accounts

For Service Accounts, use the same Local System account for each service and enable auto-start for SQL services.

On clustered environments, use an account with administrator privileges (such as, a member of the Administrator local group of the computer or domain).

Hardware Validation for CommServe Database

The CommServe database needs to be on a fast disk for optimal backup performance. Before setting up the CommServe, the storage volumes must be validated for high performance. This can be done using IO meter tool which measures the IOPs (Input Output Operations per second). For more information, see IOPs for CommServe Database Volumes.


Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 8.0, 9.0

.NET Framework Requirements

Both .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 are required and are automatically installed.

Note: For .NET Framework 3.5, if the server is Windows 2012 or higher, the role is only enabled during installation if the machine has an internet connection. If there is no internet connection, you must manually enable the role.


By default, the Web Server and Web Console packages are installed with the CommServe. To install this software, IIS must be enabled on the CommServe computer and meet the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager version 8.0 or 8.5 (on Windows 2012 only)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager version 7.0 (on Windows 2008 only)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager version 7.5
  • All components of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager version 7.0 should be installed on Windows 2008

By default, the Simpana software uses the name of the server computer (where the CommServe component is being installed) as the CommServe name. During the installation of the CommServe component, the software also allows you to specify a different CommServe name.

Note: The CommServe name cannot be CommCell . If you change the CommServe name during installation, do not change it to CommCell .

CommServe Database on CIFS

The CommServe’s SQL database is not supported on a CIFS share.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

The software supports Java 7 Update 17 (JRE 1.7.0_17) or later versions or any version of Java 8.

If a supported version of Java is not installed on the computer, you will be prompted to install Java 7 Update 17.

Notes on Combined Installations

Installing more than one Simpana package on a single computer is a common practice. For example, if the computer has an Exchange and an Oracle database, you will install the Exchange Database Agent and the Oracle Agent to protect the data from both databases.

When you combine multiple functions on a single computer, the storage resources required to support the software for that computer are not essentially cumulative. This is because Simpana packages share some of the same software. As a result, combined installations require about 30 MB less disk space than installations where the software resides on separate computers.


Third-party maintenance (minor) releases or service packs that are supported by the Commvault software may not be listed in our System Requirements. When possible, Commvault provides information on any known issues related to these minor releases or service packs. In some cases, these minor releases or service packs affect how the Commvault software works. Commvault software may experience changes in functionality as the result of the third-party minor release or service pack. These changes are beyond the control of Commvault. Platforms that are supported in the current version of Commvault software may not be supported in earlier versions of the software. Contact your software provider to ensure that third-party minor releases or service packs are compatible with the Commvault software.

Additional considerations regarding minimum requirements and End-of-Life policies from third-party vendors also apply.

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Miami’s Trusted Mold Restoration Company Since 1986

  • Non Stop 24 Hour Service
  • 30 min Response 24 Hours a Day
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Mold is man’s worst enemy; after all it has been around longer than we have. What causes mold, you may ask? Well, if there is an area that is dark, warm, and full of moisture it will breed mold. Mold not only hurts your property, but your health as well. Not to mention the health of your children, family, and pets.Do not be taken by surprise when the mold hazards have become too much, instead, inspect your property for mold and mildew to avoid any dangers.

Mold may appear to be harmless, but it is actually one of the nastiest critters in the property damaging business. Mold Inspection Miami is property-servicing company that is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving you, and saving you from any mold damage.

Client Testimonals

Copyright 2010. Mold Inspection Miami. All Rights Reserved

Serving all of Miami: Aventura, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, Biscayne Park, Carol City, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Cutler Ridge, Doral, El Portal, Fisher Island, Florida City, Golden Beach, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Homestead, Indian Creek, Islandia, Kendall, Key Biscayne, Medley, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Miami Springs, North Bay Village, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Opa-Locka, Palmetto Bay, Perrine, Pinecrest, Monore County, South Miami, Sunny Isles, Surfside, Sweetwater, West Miami

Super Restoration is a South Florida based company with over 20 years experience in Water remediation, Mold remediation, and Fire damage remediation for both residential and commercial properties. Serving all of South Florida with locations in Miami, Miami Dade County, Broward County, Monroe County and West Palm Beach Florida, we are only moments away from helping you mitigate your Water, Mold or Fire damages so your home or business can get back to normal.

Whether you’ve just experienced a water leak in your home or office and are facing minor to serious water damages, Super Restoration has helped thousands of customers in Miami, Miami Dade County, Broward County and West Palm Beach mitigate their water damages through our highly trained, licensed staff team member and state of the art of equipment. We consult our clients and advise them that damages related to Water can accelerate the creation of toxins like Mold behind base boards, floors, walls and roofs within 24 hours of an accident. Therefore do not hesitate to call us for a free telephone evaluation. Mold creates an unsafe environment for you, your children or pets, let Super Restoration stop the spreading of the ill damages caused due to Mold.

Unfortunately Fires can ignite in practically any environment due to accidents or negligence on someone’s part, even more unfortunate are the dangers and toxins Fire’s release into the home or office environment once they’ve been ignited. No matter how small or extensive your Fire damage is, Super Restoration has assisted numerous residents and businesses in Miami, Miami Dade County, Broward County and West Palm Beach in restoring their home or office environment through the removal of Soot and Fire particles. Let Super Restoration help you restore the missing pieces in a Fire accident so you can recover the home or business environment you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Nas – I Know I Can Lyrics #nas #ill


I know I can
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8 Things You Didn t Know About Drake

Jared Leto Compares Writing A Song To Having A Kid

What s That Line?

8 More Hilarious Misheard Lyrics About Food

Watch the company you keep and the crowd you bring
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Save the music ya’ll
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Roy Hammond;Nasir Jones;Salaam Remi

Air Conditioner Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands #air #conditioner #rankings, #air


Air Conditioner Ratings, A Repairman Reviews The Brands.

With our central air conditioner ratings you can cut through all the sales hype and find value. It truly is like you were taking a repairman shopping with you! We have given you our top picks followed by reviews of all of the brands.

The first category is basic air conditioners which have an efficiency of 14 SEER and are the least expensive. The next category is premium air conditioners. These units have an efficiency rating of at least 18. These are usually two speed units and are the next step up as far as price is concerned. The last rating is for ultimate air conditioners. These units have an efficiency rating of at least 20 but are also the most expensive.

Best Basic Unit:

Our highest rated basic central air conditioner is the DX14SA from Daikin. The units have louvered panels to protect the coil as well as a compressor sound blanket to minimize the noise during operation and an ECM condenser fan motor for long lasting energy efficiency. They are backed by an industry leading guarantee in the basic category. For more info, you can get thetechnical specs.

Top Pick In Premium Units:

Our highest rated premium central air conditioner is the AMANA ASXC18 model. The brand name is licensed to GOODMAN which is owned by DAIKIN global. The unit has a two speed condenser fan as well as a compressor sound blanket for noise control. The unit has advanced onboard diagnostics as well as the ability to communicate with the other parts of the home’s comfort systems. The unit is also backed by an industry leading warranty. For more detailed info, you can get thetechnical specifications.

World’s Best Central AC Unit:

If you simply want the best central air conditioner on the market today, it is the AVXC20 model from AMANA. The units are made by GOODMAN MANUFACTURING which is a part of DAIKIN GLOBAL and they have a 24 SEER efficiency rating. They also have a variable speed condenser fan motor for added energy savings and quiet operation. They feature louvered metal panel construction with a powder coat finish to protect the condenser coil and they are backed by an industry leading warranty. For more info you can get thetechnical specs.

Other Air Conditioner Ratings

We continue our air conditioner ratings with an alphabetical list of manufacturers and reviews of their products. You can continue to scroll through the list by clicking on the NEXT button or you can jump to the brand by entering the brand name in the search box at the top of the page.

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Useful Now
  • span class=”lw_item_thumb” a href=”/live/news/1456-leaders-in-us-economy-say-we-are-still-in-on-paris” img src=”,0,1200,627/ignore_cropper/1/5086_wearestillin3_facebook.jpg” alt=”” class=”lw_image” width=”400″ height=”252″/ /a /span span/ h2 a href=”/live/news/1456-leaders-in-us-economy-say-we-are-still-in-on-paris” Leaders in U.S. Economy Say We Are Still In on Paris Climate Agreement /a /h2 p College of the Atlantic joins over 1,000 business leaders, governors, mayors, and colleges and universities from across the country to ensure the U.S. remains a global leader in reducing carbon emissions. /p
  • span class=”lw_item_thumb” a href=”″ img src=”,0,1400,832/ignore_cropper/1/3886_screen_shot_2016-05-17_at_31438_pm.jpg” alt=”” class=”lw_image” width=”400″ height=”252″/ /a /span span/ h2 a href=”″ Finding Advantage in Being a Really Small College /a /h2 p The Chronicle of Higher Education explores how an institution of 350 students can have an impact on innovation in higher education, in a video chat with COA President Darron Collins 92. /p
  • College of the Atlantic joins over 1,000 business leaders, governors, mayors, and colleges and universities from across the country to ensure the U.S. remains a global leader in reducing carbon emissions.

    Courses offered this fall:

    U.S. Farm and Food Policy
    The Dream of the 90s: Alt.Culture in America
    Principles of Comedic Improvisation
    U.S. Farm and Food Policy
    The Dream of the 90s: Alt.Culture in America
    Principles of Comedic Improvisation

    COA’s logo: interconnected symbols for human, earth, and water.

    College of the Atlantic

    105 Eden Street Bar Harbor, ME 04609 207.288.5015

    • div class=”lw_blurbs_body” div class=”footer-widget” div class=”footer-widget-image” img src=”” alt=”footer-icon-maine”/ /div div class=”footer-widget-content” p Snow plows, thermostats, earmuffs, toothpicks, and power drills were all invented right here in the great state of a href=”/about/bar-harbor-maine/” Maine /a . /p /div /div /div
    • div class=”lw_blurbs_body” div class=”footer-widget” div class=”footer-widget-image” img src=”” alt=”footer-icon-local-leaf”/ /div div class=”footer-widget-content” p strong Green Commitment /strong From global a href=”/academics/areas-of-study/environmental-law-politics/” politics /a to campus a href=”/about/environmental-commitment/waste-management/” waste /a , COA students engage on all levels. /p /div /div /div
    • div class=”lw_blurbs_body” div class=”footer-widget” div class=”footer-widget-image” img src=”” alt=”footer-icon-buoy”/ /div div class=”footer-widget-content” p COA s campus doesn t end at the water s edge; our research often brings us a href=”/islands/mount-desert-rock/” 25 miles out to sea /a . /p /div /div /div
    • Snow plows, thermostats, earmuffs, toothpicks, and power drills were all invented right here in the great state of Maine.

HSRAANZ – Using Research to Improve Health Services – Systems #conference #number


HSRAANZ Webinar 27 April 2017 – Still time to register. – Thu Jun 08 06:12:19 +0000 2017

Practice nurse-led weight management in Australian general practice is feasible, acceptable and patients and profess Thu Jun 08 02:48:31 +0000 2017

High Value Data Collections Project – National Survey of Researchers – HSRAANZ Thu Jun 08 02:47:40 +0000 2017

Queen’s Birthday honours a coup for less glamorous areas in medicine – #GoogleAlertsThu Jun 08 00:12:36 +0000 2017

Drawing insights from the works of brilliant statisticians, such as Fisher, Neyman, Pearson, Lindley, Birnbaum, Pratt, Raiffa, Good and Tukey, Dr Catalin Tufanaru from the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide will present the fundamental issues related to the debate regarding the distinction between conclusions and decisions in quantitative research. The webinar discusses ideas and implications relevant to health researchers, practitioners and policy-makers (no mathematical formulas are presented). ‘Decisions’ and ‘conclusions’ are defined, and their meanings and implications for quantitative research are discussed. Significance testing, hypotheses testing and confidence intervals are examined from the ‘conclusions versus decisions’ perspective. Examples are discussed and suggestions for best practice in quantitative research are proposed.

The recording of this webinar held on 18 May is now available. It features:

Robin Osborn (Vice President and Director, The Commonwealth Fund) discussing how the Fellowship works, the program throughout the year, and eligibility

Jane Hall (Director of Strategy, Centre for Health Economics and Research Evaluation, University of Technology Sydney) on he Fellowship and its relevance to Australian applicants.

Robyn Whittaker (2010-11 New Zealand Harkness Fellow) discussing her Harkness Fellowship experience, her project, and how the Harkness Fellowship changed her life, personally and professionally.

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Commercial Finance |

Property, Business Purchase & Buy 2 Let Investments. Up to 75% of Property / Business value. Specialists in Pub, Hotels, Offices, Manufacturing & Retail Premises. Special deals for sitting tenants.

Funding for residential and commercial new build and refurbishment projects. Up to 100% of the total funding requirement can be provided in many cases – call us today funding still available .

POS Retail Finance, Loans for Leasehold Business Purchase, Loans for shop equipment, Cash Advances against Debit and Credit Card Transactions.

Low Cost Home-Mover ‘GAP’ Bridging Finance from just 6.5% p/a. Non-status and investor loans from just 0.75 % per month flat rate. Quick to organise we can have funds to you in days.

Flexible, tax efficient and low deposit solutions to aquire any business asset / machinery or vehicle. Sale and Leaseback of existing owned assets to 80% of market value.

Poor cashflow, late payers. Affordable Factoring Invoice Discounting can significantly assist cash in to your business and reduce / redirect overdraft facilities. New start business welcome.

Innovative and Cost Effective financial solutions.

Throughout the major changes experienced in the UK financial markets over recent years we continue to deliver innovative funding solutions for our clients.

Providing the skills and expertise to ensure a positive lending decision is our core strength and we achieve a very impressive success rate for our clients.

Even if your own Bank has refused to support there is every chance we can offer a solution.

We work at a senior level with over 200 UK based alternative lenders across a broad range of Products and Services.

Contrary to popular belief, funding is still available for well supported and professionally presented cases.

Interest rates and terms can be very competitve with fast decisions and decisive action to get the required funds to you in the fastest possible time.

We will quickly assess your funding requirement and can very often be in a position to offer indicative terms the same day.

Working with us will greatly improve the chances of your funding requirement being approved.If it can be funded we will secure the finance for you – guaranteed.

Please get in touch and allow us to demonstrate what service and choice really mean.Contact our team today for free confidential advice, without obligation.

Quick enquiry

Call us today

Telephone White Rose Finance on 0845 838 1954.

White Rose Finance Group Ltd, No 1, Abbey Court, Benedict Drive, Selby, YO8 8RY
Tel. 0845 838 1954 | Fax 01757 700 963

Commercial Finance |

White Rose Finance Group are Credit Brokers, Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Reference Number – 630772


Use Your Cell Phone Instead of Your Credit Card #credit #card #swipe


Use Your Cell Phone Instead of Your Credit Card

Ever wish you could pay for something with your cell phone? Chances are if your friends have kids, they’ll whip out their cell phone to show you pictures. So why not put other staples of the wallet–such as driver’s license, credit cards, and membership cards–on the cell?

Although we’re a ways off from putting driver’s license info on our handset, we can now link a credit card to our mobile, allowing us to pay for things like restaurant bills, parking meters, and cab fares using our phone. This is a promising concept, but the services are not yet nationwide, and the process needs fine-tuning, as I found in some recent hands-on trials.

For starters, I tested Watertown, Massachusetts-based MobileLime. It’s one of the first mobile payment systems in the United States that lets you use any cell phone on any carrier to pay for goods and services. MobileLime works only at merchants that have partnered with it. For now, the service is limited to a few dozen vendors in the Boston area and one in upstate New York.

Tryout in Boston

Registering for MobileLime was straightforward: I went to the company’s site, put in my phone and contact information, and then chose whether to link my phone number to my credit card or a prepaid account. Linking to a bank account is not yet an option, but MobileLime says that it will provide that service if customers ask for it.

I used MobileLime for lunch at Boston’s Sunset Cantina. When I walked in, I called MobileLime’s toll-free number using my Treo 600. The automated system asked me for the restaurant’s location number, a unique identifier assigned by MobileLime. I asked the hostess for this code. She looked confused for a moment and then said, “Oh, you’re using LimeWire [a file-sharing service].”

She asked the owner, who didn’t know the number, either. Fortunately, Matthew, one of the servers knew the code. I punched it in, hung up, ate lunch, and at the end called in again with the amount and approved the tip MobileLime’s automated system suggested. Matthew asked for the last four digits of my phone number and came back with a receipt.

I realized later that I could’ve called in only once–at the end of the transaction. When, for example, I went to Toscanini’s, a Cambridge ice cream shop, I paid in just one call.

Carlsbad, California-based Black Lab Mobile is a service similar to MobileLime. It is beta-testing its payment system that retailers, such as theaters and restaurants, can use to let their customers pay by cell phone. Black Lab President and CEO James Linlor says the service should be available this fall. For now, you can only send money to another Black Lab user through your mobile phone–say, to cover your Friday-night poker losses.

To do that, you tie a credit-card-based account to your phone number and supply the recipient’s phone number. Put in an amount, and your bet is paid off.

Cell Phone Meter Feeders

In Coral Gables, Florida, the city parking department contracted with Toronto’s Mint Technologies for its PayMint parking-meter payment system. One of about 1500 users is Hank Klein, the 61-year-old vice chairman of Codina Realty Services, who says PayMint makes his life easier–no more scrounging for coins. If a meeting runs over, he simply calls in and extends his time.

If he forgets to call in and tell the service he’s left his parking space, PayMint will send a text message to his phone to ask if he’s still there. Klein wishes he could use PayMint for more than just parking meters. “I’d love to use my phone to pay for everything,” he says. (In Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, and Yonkers, New York, another company–MPark –offers a service similar to PayMint.)

Paying for everything using your cell phone will be at least a couple of years off in the United States, estimates Mint Technologies president, Frank Maduri. The company is first testing credit cards embedded with radio frequency identification chips. The next logical step is to have cell phones with these RFIDs–which could make payments easier than MobileLime’s process, as no calls would be required.

Phone manufacturers are developing RFID-enabled phones for monetary transactions and other uses such as gaming and networking. Nokia offers a version of its 3220 phone with a built-in RFID, and Motorola is testing several phones that use this technology. Still, the biggest demand for such phones is likely to come first in wireless phone hotbeds like Japan.

Wallet-Free Future?

Indeed, in Japan and in Finland people already buy goods via their phones. But even in those countries, a wide-ranging payment system is still an emerging idea. (By the way, don’t confuse this process with the micropayments that let you buy such things as ringtones, games, and graphics to download to your phone.)

NTT DoCoMo, for example, Japan’s largest wireless company, has been encouraging its users to pay for things with their cell phones. It even bought a stake in Sumitomo Bank and is using C-Sam’s OneWallet software so it can more efficiently handle transactions.

Once all the players do figure out these procedures and technologies, payments by cell phone and the resulting wallet-free culture could be a big thing.

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Physical Education Central: Grad schools for physical education #physical #education #online #courses


Online University PE Graduate Programs/Classes

The program is designed for individuals wishing to become a physical education professional or permanently certifying themselves as a physical educator. You will research cutting edge topics in physical education instruction and learn to apply them to a physical education classroom setting. Coursework does not repeat information from undergraduate learning, but rather extends your study to the next level of learning. While the program does not provide health education certification directly, you can take your undergraduate and graduate health credits to your respective state for health certification approval. You will complete a physical education electronic portfolio as a culmination of your degree including a mission statement, resume, sample lesson plans, and assignments associated with the program.

Fresno Pacific University�s Master of Arts in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education is fully accredited by WASC, 100% online, and accelerated. The physical education emphasis provides students with a broad understanding of the current physical education practices and supplies the tools necessary to develop standards-based physical education programs. Students can complete the program in either 14 or 17 months. It is designed to allow physical education teachers to work full-time and complete their degree.

The University of Houston’s Online Master of Education in Physical Education is a degree that you can get on your own time. UH’s Department of Health and Human Performance is dedicated to the understanding, development, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Our students are trained to become top coaches, personal trainers, fitness and rehabilitation experts, through online access to experienced professors and challenging and comprehensive classes.

Kent State University Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Program

Doctor of Education in Kinesiology (Online) at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
UNC Greensboro (UNCG) is offering its EdD in Kinesiology (EdD in KIN) fully online beginning Fall 2014. The EdD in KIN is an interdisciplinary, professional degree program specifically designed for practicing professionals who have a minimum of three years of experience and desire a doctorate that is focused on professional scholarship and practice (leadership, advocacy, and teaching) in Kinesiology. Students can earn their degree (60 credits including their dissertation) in four years; all coursework will be completed online. There are three required campus visits in the summer (Orientation, June 18-20, 2015, Yr 3 Oral Comp Exam and Dissertation Proposal Defense, Yr 4 Dissertation Defense).

University of South Florida online MA Degree in Physical Education Teacher Education
This entirely online Masters of Art (MA) degree program in Physical Education Teacher Education is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and features course content presented in Canvas as well as readings from selected physical education textbooks and journals. Additionally, online discussions of current topics and issues are used throughout the program. The courses in this program have been specifically designed to assist current teachers in providing best practices in contemporary physical education K through 12 instruction, curriculum, and evaluation. This philosophy requires that course assignments be mostly project based and relevant to practicing teachers in order that they can apply knowledge gained to their individual teaching settings. Most of the program courses use a project based format where students read and discuss content online and then apply what they have learned in authentic action projects which are then shared online with others. Some courses require projects related to observing, assessing, or teaching K-12 students. The required curriculum is 30 hours or ten 3 hour courses and can be completed in one year, but many students (especially those who have coaching assignments) may take up to three plus years to complete.

The fully online Master of Science in Kinesiology: Physical Education Emphasis program is intended to allow students to enroll in online classes, while maintaining their current position. This degree is designed to provide teachers, coaches, and instructors with necessary tools and techniques to improve their classroom success. The fully online master s degree is comprised of 36 total semester hours, following a suggested course outline of two courses per semester, for six consecutive semesters.

“Sport Physiology” (HHD 550-01), 3 graduate credits, fully online. This science-based course examines the human body’s response to sport training and performance and is ideal for students and professionals in exercise science, kinesiology, health and human development, athletic training and coaching, and allied health programs. Participants will study the muscular, neuromuscular, cardio-respiratory, and endocrine systems during physical performance; and examine nutrition, ergogenic aids, body composition, weight control, temperature regulation, and other aspects of athletic training and sports conditioning. Students will also use virtual laboratory experiences to study basic sport testing techniques.

“Sport Nutrition” (HHD 551, 3 graduate credits, fully online). Current sport nutrition knowledge in a science-based course. Learn about carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral, and vitamin metabolism and function; popular ergogenic aids and sports performance; nutritional quackery in sport; current nutritional recommendations for improved physical performance; fluid and electrolyte needs, use, function, and loss during sport performance; calculation of energy intake, expenditure, and needs for athletes; thermoregulation, fluid balance, and rehydration; and nutritional analyses and consultation techniques.

The Ohio University online Master�s in Coaching Education program is nationally-recognized as a leader in preparing coaches to excel at all levels of competition. The comprehensive curriculum focuses on areas of coaching that directly impact athletic performance and is built around NASPE�s �8 Domains of Coaching.� As a result, our graduates are equipped with the technical and leadership skills necessary to maximize team performance and ensure a lasting coaching career.

The Master of Education in Athletic Administration is a 36-credit program for students interested in careers within educational institutions, including secondary schools, colleges and universities; both non-profit and profit-oriented organizations that offer sport fitness, and wellness services; government agencies such as city recreation departments, state parks, and recreation departments; and sport governing bodies at the state, national and international levels. 100% Online One of the most affordable online master�s degrees around, offered by a respected, private, nonprofit institution. Earn your master�s degree online, with one course per 6-week intensive terms.

Online Adapted PE Programs/Classes

  • Drake University Adapted PE Courses (Choose the adapted link. They offer online Adapted PE, Coaching, and Other PE Courses)

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MHI Health Informatics

Program Director: Julia Zarb

MHI Program Brochure 2016 [PDF]

Health informatics at IHPME is offered via the MHI professional program and as a concentration within the Health Services Research (HSR ) program. Emily Seto is the Academic Director for MHI and Health Informatics Research Lead for the HSR program.


MHI is ideal for emerging early to mid-career candidates from healthcare, business, and technology backgrounds.

  • 16-month full-time program combines expertise in health systems with applied knowledge in information and communication technologies.
  • Four-month professional practicum placement provides experiential learning under the mentorship of leading health informaticians within government, health service provider organizations and the private sector.

Executive MHI

The Executive Master of Health Informatics (EMHI) program stream is designed for mid- to senior career candidates with clinical, business and technology-related healthcare backgrounds. This program option enables students to continue professional employment, sustaining career momentum, while gaining specialized health informatics knowledge.

  • 22-month modular format; involves an employer-based project.
  • Developed for individuals who are already established in healthcare and health informatics-related roles, and who require a relevant graduate credential to move forward in their careers.

Welcome to Health Informatics

To stay on the vanguard of the changing health informatics field, MHI faculty include cross-appointed individuals from the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at University of Toronto, as well as dozens of adjunct faculty drawn from senior healthcare leadership roles.

MHI graduates are ready to lead organizational and health system change with unique abilities to integrate clinical expertise with information and communication technologies.

With an outstanding post-graduation employment rate in health informatics and related roles, MHI graduates emerge as solution architects building professional careers with the necessary clinical, technical and leadership skills to bridge knowledge and cultural gaps in the clinical and healthcare delivery sectors.

  • IHPME and iSchool faculty members are national and international experts in health systems and information technology.
  • Students participate in problem-based learning via lectures, seminars, case studies, computer labs and on-line learning.
  • Outstanding career prospects with lower tuition than an MBA and many other professional graduate degrees.

MHI delivers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a solid foundation in key health informatics competencies, including: health and clinical systems and policy; health information processing; information and communication technologies in e-health; measurement, decision analysis, decision support and evaluation; project management; knowledge management and change management.

Students in the MHI program come from a variety of early to established career stage backgrounds that reflect the broad scope of the healthcare sector

  • Health sciences physicians, nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, social workers, or other allied health professionals.
  • Health administration Health Services Professionals and Administrators.
  • Computer and information sciences and technology computer science specialists, health related software vendors and developers, engineers, and information technologists.
  • Business system analysts from the public and private sectors.

Applicants without this experience may also be eligible for the MHI program. If you have questions about the applicability of your experience and/or suitability for the program, we would be happy to speak with you.
Consultations with program faculty can also be arranged.

Practicum placements get top marks from industry.
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Student Expectations

MHI students build competencies and expect strong career outcomes.

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