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Common Secretarial Interview Questions #secretarial #interview #questions,secretary #interview #questions,secretary #interviews


Typical Secretarial Interview Questions and Answers

Sample secretarial interview questions frequently asked by interviewers. The interview answer guidelines will help you prepare your best answers to land the secretary job you want.

Secretarial jobs require a broad base of skills and competencies. The questions asked in the interview for a secretarial or administrative professional job will vary depending on the employer, the level of the job and the candidate’s experience.

However, this is a good sample of the interview questions that are most commonly asked in secretarial recruitment.

Describe how your work experience relates to this job.

Look at this from the employer’s point of view. Focus on the aspects of your experience and any formal or on-the-job training that apply to the tasks and responsibilities of this secretary job and the needs of the company.

Analyze the secretary job posting to determine the key skills required for the job and detail your experience in each of these areas – examples include writing and editing correspondence, scheduling, dealing with inquiries and information management. Secretary Duties

What software packages are you proficient in?

List the packages you are familiar with. Discuss how much experience you have with each package, describe the functions you regularly used and the type of work you have generated. You can support your interview answer by taking along some work samples.

What sort of documents have you produced on Excel?

Detail your knowledge of Excel. Relate your data management skills to the job requirements. Use examples of the functions you are familiar with such as creating, modifying and formatting spreadsheets to support your proficiency level.

What sort of word documents have you been responsible for typing?

Be detailed and demonstrate your familiarity with the functions.

“I performed tasks such as creating and editing tables, columns and charts as well as sorting table data and performing calculations in tables. I created and formatted forms . “

What experience do you have with planning meetings?

Detail the actions you have taken to set up and co-ordinate meetings such as organizing the venue and times, informing participants, preparing agendas and organizing documentation. Go on to describe your experience in taking minutes, typing them up and distributing them. This is another opportunity to provide a work sample.

Focus on your organizational and planning skills in answering secretarial interview questions like this.

Describe how you handled your manager’s work schedule.

Detail how you kept yourself informed and up to date with your manager’s commitments and co-ordinated his or her appointments and meetings. What systems did you use to manage schedules and calendars? How did you follow up?

How have you gone about prioritizing your work?

One of the key secretarial interview questions. Explain how you schedule and prioritize your tasks and activities appropriately. How do you decide which are the most important tasks? Focus on key aspects like finding out the urgency of the task, determining deadlines, working out how long the task will take and setting realistic targets for yourself.

When do you develop your list of activities to be completed – at the start of the day or before you go home ready for the next day? How do you reshuffle your priorities as situations arise that demand a change in your priorities?

What sort of correspondence were you responsible for generating?

Detail the types of correspondence you were responsible for with the focus on your written communication skills, accuracy, spelling and grammar ability.

Highlight the level of responsibility you were given – reports, letters, memos etc. Refer to the methods you used to send and distribute correspondence.

What kind of inquiries did you have to respond to?

Secretaries and administrative professionals are expected to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Describe the type of interactions you had with colleagues, management and clients. Highlight how you used your knowledge of the department, organization and business to respond efficiently to these queries.

Describe what record-keeping you were responsible for.

Secretaries or administrative professionals serve as information managers for the company. They are responsible for objective and detailed record keeping.

Explain which record keeping you were entrusted with and how you made sure these records were updated and accurate. What methods did you use? Highlight your attention to detail and accuracy.

What sort of confidential information did you have to deal with?

Confidentiality and discretion are key skills for a secretary. Expect secretarial interview questions that explore your ability to handle confidential information. Detail the sort of sensitive information you had access to. Explain how you made sure the information was kept confidential. How was the information stored and destroyed?

What cash handling experience do you have?

Explain what types of transactions you handled – check, cash, bankcard – and what procedures you used to process and document these. How much money was involved? Focus on accuracy in terms of collection, receipting, reconciliations and banking.

Tell me about the manager/s you worked for?

When answering secretarial interview questions about previous managers avoid saying anything that can be seen as negative. It sends up a red flag about your attitude to authority and supervision. Find positive aspects to highlight. Focus on the areas in which you worked well together.

Be ready for the secretary interview questions that explore your competency and motivation for the job. Prepare your own winning answers using the sample answer guidelines.

Asking the right questions in your interview is important. Go to this list of questions to ask in your secretary interview to prepare good questions for your job interview.

The top 10 music colleges in the United States #best #american #music


The top 10 music colleges in the United States

High school seniors are used to stressing about college applications, essays, SAT scores and anything else related to the college application process. But for students who want to study music, those are just baby steps leading up to the big, scary, anxiety-filled audition day.

Years of practicing your craft will inevitably come down to about five minutes in front of a panel of judges.

One way to decrease this audition anxiety is to target colleges that fit your specific career goals. College Factual applied their rankings methodology to determine the top 10 music schools in the United States so if you are hoping for a career in music, consider these college options.

Editor’s Note: College Factual bases college rankings by major on a unique selection of characteristics, including the quality of the overall school, Focus Coefficient and the starting and mid-career salaries of graduates within the major, among other factors .

1. Southern Methodist University

The high amount of financial aid afforded to undergraduates as well as the large number of students majoring in music earns this Dallas college the #1 spot. SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts focuses on fostering artists’ abilities as both musicians and community influencers within a concentrated environment. Georgia Sackler, a rising sophomore Voice Performance major with a minor in Musical Theatre, says the program’s small size affords her opportunities she wouldn’t have at other institutions. “What I’ve found most enriching about studying music in Meadows is the individual attention I receive…This is also a testament to the incomparable instructors with whom I have been fortunate enough to study,” says Sackler.

Of these 10 schools, Boston College boasts the highest starting salary for music graduates at $60,000 per year. BC allows students to double major in other fields if they so choose, or to use electives to gain more experience on stage. There are several active ensembles students can participate in through the music school as well, ranging from a cappella groups to an Irish fiddle, twiddle and dance ensemble.

3. Princeton University

Since Princeton holds the #8 spot as the best overall college in the U.S. the University will give you a wonderful education regardless of your major. The music school offers a major in music as well as a certificate through the Program in Musical Performance, which is perfect for students who want to focus on another field of study outside of Princeton’s esteemed music school.

Yale comes in at the #4 best college overall as well as the #4 music school. With a student to teacher ratio of 6:1, students can expect to enjoy small classes created through an arranged partnership with the school’s undergraduate major and the graduate professional program. Studying here for your undergrad is a great way to potentially transition to Yale’s esteemed graduate school, which only admits about 200 students per year.

5. Stanford University

This degree comes with a lofty price tag, but since Stanford provides students with enough financial aid to rank in the 20th percentile amongst all colleges in the U.S. you may not have to foot the entire bill. The music program focuses on the “Western, classical tradition,” however, students can choose a concentration in performance, conducting, composition or music history/theory.

6. Cornell University

With three Pulitzer Prize winning graduates to its name, Cornell offers a competitive and distinguished music program (which should be enough to help you get past the weather conditions in the area.) The curriculum focuses not only on traditional music, but also on modern styles such as jazz and rock n’ roll. The Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center. opened in 2006, mirrors the school’s passion for experimental music, as it provides students with five studios and a 14-station teaching lab as well as several other recording spaces.

Brown offers undergraduates a Bachelor of Arts in music with three areas of concentration to choose from: a theory, history and composition track, an ethnomusicology track and a computer music and multimedia track. Eligible undergraduates are also given the opportunity to take on some graduate level courses.

Duke’s music program provides a comprehensive education in performance, theory, history and ethnomusicology. The undergraduate program exposes students to a wide-range of musical knowledge to prepare them for potential graduate work within a more concentrated field of study.

9. Columbia University

Columbia University in The City of New York allows students to define their own music education with various schooling options, including a partnership with Juilliard in which students can participate in The Exchange or The Joint Program. The Exchange lets students take instruction at Juilliard, but disallows them from participating in ensembles or classes. The Joint Program, however, allows students to receive a B.A. from CU as well as an M.M. from Juilliard in only five years.

10. College of William and Mary

William and Mary s music students study their art within the context of a broader liberal arts curriculum. The school offers a diverse set of classes, although the majority of its teachings are rooted in classical music. About 25% of William and Mary students are involved in the school of music at some point in any given semester, whether that’s through performing in an ensemble or taking a class as an elective. For more college rankings, ratings and information on majors, explore College Factual.

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What is data governance (DG)? Definition from #data #governance #examples


data governance (DG)

Data governance (DG) refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an enterprise. A sound data governance program includes a governing body or council, a defined set of procedures, and a plan to execute those procedures.

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The initial step in the implementation of a data governance program involves defining the owners or custodians of the data assets in the enterprise. A policy must be developed that specifies who is accountable for various portions or aspects of the data, including its accuracy, accessibility, consistency, completeness, and updating. Processes must be defined concerning how the data is to be stored, archived, backed up, and protected from mishaps, theft, or attack. A set of standards and procedures must be developed that defines how the data is to be used by authorized personnel. Finally, a set of controls and audit procedures must be put into place that ensures ongoing compliance with government regulations.

This was last updated in July 2007

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Compare Cheap Life Insurance Quotes #life #insurance #policy #quote


Life insurance

Compare life insurance quotes through our preferred provider, [1]

  • Compare life insurance companies in a quick and easy search, with policies for ages 18–80
  • Our life insurance calculator and guides can help you find the right security for your loved ones
  • You can speak to a fee-free, impartial adviser – phone 0800 808 6907 or request a call back ¥

  • Terms Conditions

Looking for life insurance? Think quality and commitment

Life insurance clearly isn’t a product to take lightly – it needs to be understood and committed to, and we aim to help you find the right insurers who can offer policies you can rely on. Look for value rather than cheapness – our commission sacrifice scheme helps us offer you quality products at the right price Matt Sanders,

  • What is life insurance?

    Life insurance is a type of policy that pays out to your partner, children or other beneficiaries if you die while the cover is in place. That might sound bleak, but have you considered how your family will cope financially when you’re gone? A life insurance policy lets you provide for your children’s future and protects them from financial hardship.

    Matt Sanders,

  • How can we help you with life insurance today?

    Need more information?

    Buying life insurance can seem a daunting proposition, but our partners Assured Futures can give you free, impartial, expert advice, while help make comparing and purchasing the right policy online a straightforward task. [1]

    You may want to speak to an adviser as a first step, and you can either call 0800 808 6907 ¥ or – to save your phone bill – request a call back by filling in a simple form online with your contact details and the time you’d prefer to chat.

    If you’re ready to get a life insurance quote online, we offer options for all ages from 18-80, plus choices for over 50s lifelong protection .

    Click through to our simple-to-use life insurance form and you’ll be asked how long you’d like the term of the policy to run for and how much cover you’d like – there’s a life insurance calculator available to help you decide.

    You’ll be asked whether you want critical illness cover included and, if so, whether this is to be integrated with the life insurance or independent of it.

    There’ll be help text to guide you through if you’re struggling with the definitions, or you can read more in our articles where you’ll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

    Life assurance or life insurance?

    Most people use ‘life assurance’ to mean ‘life insurance’ and vice versa. However, they do technically refer to different things.

    Strictly speaking, life insurance pays out if something happens to you, whereas life assurance pays out when it does.

    So, cover for a fixed term is life insurance, whereas a whole of life policy would be considered life assurance.

    You can also choose level term life insurance – where the cover amount is fixed for the policy duration – or decreasing term, where the cover amount decreases over time, perhaps in line with a repayment mortgage.

    Decide whether cover is just for you (a ‘single life’ policy) or for you and another person (a ‘joint life’ policy).

    Add your basic personal and contact details, and let us know whether you’d like to be contacted for free advice on your life insurance.

    The final question asks whether you’ve smoked tobacco or used nicotine replacement products in the last 12 months, a question that needs to be answered accurately as it plays a key part in finding you the right policy.

    You’ll then see our comparison table showing the options that include the company name, premium cost, the amount you may save through our commission sacrifice scheme, if the rate is guaranteed or reviewable and the cover amount.

    When you see a product you like the look of, click the button for more detailed information and for the chance to go ahead with a purchase.

    Did you know.

    • The average payout on a term life insurance policy in 2014 was £60,900 with 98.7% of claims being paid [2]

    Read more about your options and the things to consider in our guides, where you’ll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

    Find out more about things like calculating the cover you need, how the life industry works, whole of life insurance, if funeral plans are worthwhile, making a will, whether you should write a policy in trust, if you should consider holding multiple policies, and options for older people, high-risk groups and those with existing medical conditions.

    There’s also plenty to read on more obscure areas of life insurance, including gift inter vivos, terminal illness cover, waiver of premium, Family Income Benefit and relevant life plans.

    Life insurance features: Covered mag

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  • How to stay fit at work

    Over 50s plans have a qualifying period of normally 12 or 24 months during which, if the policy holder dies, the policy will only return the premiums, and not the ‘benefit’ amount

    [1] For comparing quotes online, introduces customers to
    For help, guidance and advice,, introduces customers to Assured Futures Limited. Assured Futures Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority no. 176392
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    [2] Source: Association of British Insurers media release, 17 August, 2015, ‘Protection insurers help more families than ever before with 350 payouts every day’

    ¥ Assured Futures’ office hours are 8:30am-7pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30am-5pm on Friday and 8.30am-midday on Saturday. If you request a call-back, calls made to you by Assured Futures are completely free of charge. If you decide to call Assured Futures, calls from mobiles and landlines are free of charge. Your call may be monitored or recorded for training and security purposes Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for insurance mediation activity under firm reference number 465053. You may check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA website. Limited is registered in England and Wales (Company No. 5799376). Registered office: Imperial House, Imperial Way, Newport, Gwent, NP10 8UH, United Kingdom. Copyright 2006-2017 Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Common Fly Species #Silver #Spring #Pest #Control


    Common Fly Species

    Flies can regularly be found in homes and businesses across the UK.

    Some species are more common than others and are attracted to different environments suited to their natural habits and lifecycle.

    Knowing about the size, habits, seasonality and lifecycle of different fly species, can help to identify the most effective prevention and fly control methods.

    FACT: On average, the adult housefly will live for around 30 days. They go through a complete four-stage cycle that consists of egg, larva, pupa and adult stages.

    Autumn Fly

    Autumn flies affect both horses and cattle, and are usually seen on the face and often around the eyes.

    On host animals, they obtain protein from nasal mucus, saliva, and tears. The flies have microscopic “teeth” on their mouthparts, which are used to stimulate the flow of tears and aid this feeding process.

    At night they rest on vegetation or man-made structures. Most daylight hours are spent feeding on plant sugars, the surface of manure deposits, or on animals.

    Key Facts

    • Females are almost identical to the house fly.
    • Males have an orange abdomen with a black mark down the centre.
    • The female is approximately 6–7mm, and is generally larger than the male.

    Life Cycle

    • They are strong fliers and are capable of travelling several miles, but most stay within the vicinity of their breeding grounds.
    • Breed in animal dung in fields.
    • They undergo a complete metamorphosis with distinct egg, larva or maggot, pupal and adult stages.
    • The white eggs, about 1.2 mm in length, are laid singly but pile up in small masses.
    • Each female fly can lay up to 500 eggs in several batches over a three to four day period.
    • The lifecycle can be complete within 12–20 days depending on temperature, with as many as 12 or several generations occurring in one summer.

    Bluebottle Fly

    Bluebottle flies (also known as Blow fly) can often be seen hovering around dustbins. These scavengers are attracted to pet faeces and dead animals and as such are known carriers of disease.

    Their name originates from their iridescent colours that are similar to coloured bottles.

    Key Facts

    • Adult is 1/4″ – 1/2″ in length.
    • Metallic blue colour.
    • Larva — Similar to the house fly larva in all respects except size. 3/4″ when mature. They take 7 – 12 days to mature.

    Life Cycle

    • Eggs hatch 0 – 18 hrs (partial development may occur within the female).
    • Breeds in mostly meat derived substances, sometimes cheese.
    • Common pest of dead rodents/birds etc.

    Cluster Fly

    Cluster flies are commonly found in quiet, undisturbed parts of your home, such as attics and wall voids. They require warm places to hibernate over winter.

    You may see a large group of cluster flies around a window, as they are attracted to the light on sunny winter days.

    Key Facts

    • 6–10mm in length.
    • Dark grey–olive thorax clothed with crinkled golden–brown hairs.
    • Wings overlap when at rest.
    • Sluggish in flight.

    Life Cycle

    • Eggs laid in soil in late summer or early autumn.
    • Larva develop in earthworms – feeding on their host for several days. Then they molt and pupate in the soil.
    • Development time from egg to adult is about 27 to 39 days.

    Crane Fly

    (Daddy long legs )

    Crane flies pose no immediate harm to humans. Adults do not feed, bite or sting.

    They can be found in damp, mossy woodland.

    Key Facts

    • Adult is 60mm long (wingspan 75mm).
    • They are grey–brown and slender.
    • Legs are super–thin and long.
    • Larvae is 15–75mm long. They are worm–like and grey, brown or cream coloured.
    • When resting, some crane flies extend their wings and others fold them flat.

    Life Cycle

    • Crane flies have a very short life span with most species surviving just long enough to complete the reproduction cycle.
    • Eggs are laid over the water of a pond or lake, or on the vegetation near the lake shore and hatch after about six weeks.
    • The larvae live in the water or in moist soil for up to five years depending on the species. Their feeding habits may cause damage to plant roots.
    • In the spring the larvae pupate and then emerge as adults.

    Filter Fly

    Filter flies are often associated with sewage beds, where larvae feed on sludge–like organic matter. They are also known by a variety of names; drain fly, sewage fly and moth fly are a few examples.

    Key Facts

    • 2mm in length.
    • Tan coloured body appears as grey.
    • Wings densely covered in hair and held tent–like over the body when at rest.

    Life Cycle

    • Eggs hatch 1–6 days.
    • Larvae 10–50 days to mature.
    • Pupae 1–3 days to mature.

    AARP Health Insurance #aarp, #aarp #health #insurance, #aarp #health, #aarp #insurance.


    AARP Health Insurance

    About AARP

    Founded in 2005, AARP Financial Inc. is a wholly owned taxable subsidiary of AARP, dedicated to helping people prepare for a more secure financial future by providing access to products and services designed to help people meet their retirement needs. It provides access to a carefully chosen array of proprietary investment products and services, including mutual funds and financial guidance. AARP Financial also manages provider relationships and performs quality control oversight for a wide-range of products that carry the AARP name and are made available as AARP member benefits, by independent providers.

    Founded in 1958, AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives. AARP has grown to 40 million members and has offices in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    Wiki Says

    AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, is a United States-based non-governmental organization and interest group. AARP operates as a non-profit advocate for its members and as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the United States. It also sells insurance, investment funds and other financial products. AARP claims over 35 million members, making it one of the largest membership organizations for people age 50 and over in the United States. Membership is expected to grow significantly as baby boomers age.

    AARP Health Insurance Says

    AARP offers quality comprehensive and supplemental health insurance plans for members ages 50-64:

    • Essential premier health insurance – specially selected individual major medical health insurance plans offering quality coverage for clients and their families.
    • Essential health insurance – basic fixed-cash hospital indemnity plans that offer some coverage with a significantly lower premium.
    • Essential plus health insurance – enhanced fixed-cash hospital indemnity plans offering a lower-cost option to major medical insurance.
    • Hospital indemnity insurance – competitively priced indemnity plans with fixed-cash benefits payable in addition to other health insurance clients might have.

    For members over 65, AARP has an array of quality Medicare advantage, Medicare supplement and Medicare prescription drug insurance plans specially designed for Medicare-eligible persons.

    • Medicarecomplete – comprehensive plans that offer all the benefits covered under Medicare and more. This includes prescription drug coverage, no limitations on pre-existing conditions and fitness benefits.
    • MedicareRx – Medicare prescription drug coverage plans to help protect from the rising cost of drugs and unexpected changes in drug needs.
    • Medicare supplement -plans that help cover some of the expenses not covered by Medicare and help limit annual out-of-pocket expenses.

    Contact AARP Health at:

    AARP Health
    P.O. Box 1017
    Montgomeryville, PA 18936
    Telephone: (800) 444-6544

    Looking for a new health insurer? Read reviews of the best health insurance companies .

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    All rights reserved is a part of the family

    Disclaimer: The insurance products on are from companies from which QuinStreet may receive compensation. Compensation may impact where products appear on (including the order in which they appear). QuinStreet does not include all insurance companies or all types of products available in the marketplace.

    Compare quotes from top companies

    Drywall Repair: Water Damage #repair #water #damaged #drywall


    Drywall Repair: Water Damage Drywall Repair: Water Damage

    Drywall repair. water damage can be devastating and if not taken care of immediately it can have a lasting effect on your drywalls. The damage can be recognized and corrected, and depending on the area, you can even do it by yourself. To circumvent the long term effects of water damage from happening, there are some steps that you can follow to successfully restore your drywall and minimize the water damage.

    Tools needed
    As with any do-it-yourself project, there is a set of tools that you need to have handy before beginning the project. For this work, there are no specialized tools or skills needed. The tools needed are high strength fans, joint compound, drywall patch, drywall tape, putty knife, and nails of various sizes.

    Step 1
    Start by isolating the area where the damage has been inflicted upon by the water. Observe the manner in which the water damage has occurred. If it is due to stagnant water, it may be repaired. If it is due to some sort of a leaked pipe or so, you may need the help of an expert. Once the source is established, cut out the wet drywall and allow air to circulate through the opening. This is where the high strength fan comes into play.

    Step 2
    The drying process can take a while, sometimes even a full day. However, while it is going on, you need to observe if the area is being dried effectively. If even after 10 hours certain sections are significantly dry, you may need to cut out more of the wall and expose it to the air. Failing to observe the drying process may result in mold buildup which will only add to your woes. Mold can seep into the water system and make it a very expensive to completely remove it. It is best to keep it from happening by taking some extra care in the drying process.

    Step 3

    Once the section is sufficiently dry, replace any worn out or weakened studs with new ones and place a new drywall patch over the holes. Use a plywood backer board if the hole is very large to support the drywell in place. Then, nail in the drywall to the backer board and spread some joint compound using the putty knife. Smooth out the surfaces and look out for any leaks that may appear on the floor. In case they do, leave a small gap between the drywall and the floor to protect the wall.

    Step 4

    Finally, use the drywall type to tape out the area where the drywall meets the existing wall using good quality drywall tape. There are tapes which are specifically made for such purposes that are available in the local hardware stores. Once a smooth finish is obtained, you can paint over the drywell to match your existing d cor. This is the last step in restoring your drywall to its original glory.

    Missouri Teacher Education Programs #missouri #teacher #education #programs, #missouri #bachelors #in #education,


    Missouri Teacher Education Programs

    (found programs from 32 schools)


    In recent years, the population of Missouri has grown significantly. This means, of course, an increase in the amount of students at schools throughout the state. As student numbers rise, teacher numbers have been decreasing. The state of Missouri has created a number of programs to strengthen the teaching workforce of the state, particularly in areas like math, science, and English.

    Featured Online Programs:

    Online programs may not be available in all states

    If you have ever wanted to shape the future of Missouri through your career choice, now is the time to contact teaching programs in Missouri for more information. A career in elementary, secondary, or post-secondary education could be ideal for you.

    Teacher Education in Missouri

    The goal of a teaching degree is simple: provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to get a Missouri teaching license and effectively educate students at your licensure level. Because of this, many programs are fairly competitive when it comes to admissions.

    Before you can be accepted to an education program, you may need to pass the PRAXIS exam, which tests your baseline knowledge of core subjects like math and English. In order to get your license after graduation, you must pass the PRAXIS-II.

    The way you prepare for these exams depends on what grade you plan on teaching. Teaching techniques and theories differ quite a bit between licensor levels, so carefully decide which grades you are interested in teaching. Those who want to become elementary school teachers may enroll in a wide range of courses like Literacy in the Primary Classroom, Teaching English as a New Language, Multiculturalism and Education, Social Studies in the Elementary School, Educational Policies and Laws, and Learning & Motivation. To round out your education and test your teaching competencies, your school will likely require a semester of student teaching.

    Several organizations and associations provide funding for teaching students. One resource to look into is T.E.A.C.H. Missouri .

    Teaching Careers in Missouri

    The field of education is one that’s always changing, which is why it is so important to surround yourself with skilled education professionals who can help you grow as a teacher. As a member of the Missouri Education Association. you may stay on top of new research and legislative changes that affect teachers.

    This can also help you take advantage of the great job outlook in Missouri. A 10% increase in demand for elementary school teachers is expected through 2022 (O*Net, 2012). In this time frame, jobs for special education teachers may swell by 3% (O*Net).

    Search for Teacher Education Programs by City

    Teacher Training Programs in Missouri

    • Grand Canyon University Online: Comparing Grand Canyon University degrees may help you find a teaching program that suits your carer goals. Grand Canyon University Online programs cover various areas of licensure, including physical education, elementary reading, talented and gifted education. and teaching English as a second language.
    • University of Missouri: Those who need flexible education options may prefer University of Missouri Online. Aspiring teachers can study fields like art education, early childhood education, educational leadership, and library media. There are degree options at the Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, and EdS levels. Many programs lead to a full MU teaching degree.
    • Missouri State University: Undergraduate students have many degree options at MSU, from early education and elementary education to special education and art education. At the graduate level, degrees include counselor education, educational technology, and secondary education.
    • Walden University Online: With a Walden University Master’s in education, you may be able to expand your knowledge of complex teaching roles and career paths. Available areas of study at Walden University Online include instructional design and technology, educational administration and management, and educational technology.

    2015 Salary Figures for Missouri Teachers

    • Elementary: $50,240 per year
    • Secondary: $48,170 per year
    • Post-Secondary: $32,600 per year

    Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (BLS 2015)

    Compare the Top Online Brokerage Accounts #online #brokerage #comparisons


    Compare Online Brokerage Accounts

    Online brokerages accounts offer easy access to investing for just about anyone. Generally, online brokerage firms charge lower fees compared to full-service brokers. Most online brokerages provide a wide-range of investment options including stock, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs in taxable accounts or IRAs and other tax-deferred investment vehicles. Brokerage accounts can vary based on research tools, trading platforms, order execution speed, customer service and margin accessibility.

    Did You Know

    An online brokerage account is a great option for you if you don’t want to pay broker fees. Just keep in mind fees can still add up, especially if you do a lot of buying and selling.

    Top Online Brokerages



    What We Liked

    Get a $150 cash bonus when you open an account

    Total Monthly Cost: $105.75

    Cost Per Stock Trade: $9.95

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    University of Phoenix – Online Bachelof of Science in Management Degree Reviews


    Bachelof of Science in Management


    The University of Phoenix Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) program is designed to develop professional knowledge and skills of general managers in their organization or professional industry for improving organizational effectiveness. The curriculum is built upon a social science foundation of attaining performance excellence achieved through dynamic and evolving workplace managerial skills.The program enhances the foundation through a learning-centered and participative educational set of courses. This is accomplished with behavioral objectives that concentrate on the development of general management roles to align resources, and to improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. Managers become prepared to apply professional skills and knowledge to focus on the future, manage innovation, and make decisions based on facts in a customer focused atmosphere.The BSM degree program has a 36-core credit required course of study. These courses fulfill only part of the 120 minimum credit requirements for degree completion. An associate’s degree is required for admission into this BSM program. Students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English, mathematics, and critical thinking, as well as to complete the Interdisciplinary Capstone course. To earn the BSM degree, a 72 lower and 48 upper division credit maximum and minimum split is authorized.

    Recent Reviews

    Never had a problem with U of Phx
    September 15, 2014
    I have been attending U Of P online since 2012, I earned my AA in business management and am currently working towards my BS in Business Management. I will start off by saying that if you are not a self disciplined person and expect everything to be handed to you then the On-line experience is not going to work for you. The coursework requires lots of reading and writing over the 9 weeks or 5.

    UOP – Getting to work
    August 5, 2014
    I have been reading the negative comments by those that attend the online version of UOP. Let s just say it is different from attend campus classes. I ve had hard teachers THAT ARE ACTUALLY TEACHERS and not facilitators. I can count on one hand how many facilitators I had. DO YOUR RESEARCH! – I ve had several teachers that didn t teach worth anything and considered UOP an easy check. Let s just say they are not at the.

    Ashamed to say I attend UoP
    April 15, 2014
    I am in my last year of a 4 yr management degree. I have maintained A s throughout my time in U of P. I have to say, 1/3 of those courses I know very little about, another 1/3 I deserved a C grade. Not once do I feel I knew the material well enough to justify an A. I am almost certain every learning team is a mandatory match between the high grade students and.

    Business Managemrnt
    September 1, 2013
    I have been in the university of Phoenix since 2010 and have completed more classes than in a regular college. In many classes, I feel as if I am in a high school course. I have teammates who act if they are in high school. They do not act if this is a college course and it makes it very frustrating when they do not want to do their part. If you enroll in a.

    May 3, 2013
    My husband received his Bachelor of Science Degree in 2005 (almost 8 years ago). He went through the ceremony we celebrated and he really thought he had his degree all these years. Today he finds out that he in fact DOES NOT have a degree. Turns out that the human resources department at his new job told him that UOP informed that he was two classes short of completing his degree. They further told him.

    December 13, 2012
    Do the research before deciding which school to attend. Looking at the negative reviews, I believe the comments are a bit glorified. Like any real education class, you have to put work into it in order to get something out of it. Some of the comments are just not true unless it differs from one degree program to another. For me, group grade is not the majority of the final grade, it is 30%. If.

    Satisfied with my degree
    September 6, 2012
    I felt that some of my friends were writing papers that were lengthier than mine at UOP. Also, I felt that they were being more educated than I was attending UOP.

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