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Home Equity Line Of Credit- America First Credit Union #home, #equity, #loan, #heloc, #rates, #credit, #mortgage, #fixed, #utah, #nevada, #idaho, #arizona


Home Equity Line Of Credit

Our home equity lines of credit — or HELOCs — are open-end loans based on the value of your residence minus your mortgage balance. Eligible members can use these funds for substantial home improvements, large expenses and other needs.

We offer standard options, such as our Fixed for Five or our No Closing Costs, that let you draw from up to 80% of your home’s equity, whereas our ideal line allows you to borrow up to 100% of the value.

Other America First HELOC benefits:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Competitive rates
  • Interest paid may be tax-deductible*
  • Free online financial calculators

For the lowest possible monthly payment, our Interest-Only Home Equity Line of Credit gives you control. Apply today for an interest-only home equity line of credit and use the equity you’ve built up in your own home to fund that next major expense.

Ideal for members with at least 20% equity in their home looking for increased short term cash flow. We offer low variable rates with interest-only payments for the first 5 years for greater convenience. Ask one of our representatives about getting started

  • Rates as low as 4.49% APR
  • No closing costs
  • Up to 80% loan to value
  • Interest-only payments over a 5-year draw period
  • 10-year repayment period with principal and interest payments based on 10-year term.
  • Available on primary and secondary residences

Ideal for members with at least 20% equity in their home who prefer rates staying fixed throughout their loans’ terms. This unique, no-closing-costs line starts with a low rate based on Prime. At the end of the initial five-year period, the rate adjusts, then stays fixed for another five years. This is a great way to fund improvements you plan to pay for quickly or invest in whatever your family needs, with peace of mind regarding market fluctuations.

Ideal for members with at least 20% equity in their home who prefer rates staying fixed throughout their loans’ terms. This unique, no-closing-costs line starts with a low rate based on Prime. At the end of the initial five-year period, the rate adjusts, then stays fixed for another five years. This is a great way to fund improvements you plan to pay for quickly or invest in whatever your family needs, with peace of mind regarding market fluctuations.

  • No closing costs
  • High credit-limit potential
  • Low FIXED interest rates
  • Interest paid may be tax-deductible*
  • Low monthly payment: $50 or 1.25% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater
  • Free financial calculators

Applicable terms and conditions

  • Minimum $5,000 loan amount
  • Up to 15-year fixed or variable annual percentage rate (APR) loan, up to 20-year balloon fixed APR loans available
  • Variable-rate loans may not exceed maximum APR of 18%
  • Fee of $250 if loan is reconveyed within 24 months
  • Home must be located in the state of Utah, Arizona or Nevada
  • Homeowner must provide evidence of adequate insurance before disbursal of funds
  • Federal law requires a three-business-day rescission period. Upon expiration of said rescission period, funds will be disbursed unless America First Federal Credit Union receives written notice that the right to rescind has been exercised by any party with that right.

Documents that will help expedite the review process

  • Income verification
  • Two years of tax returns (if self-employed)
  • A current statement showing the balance of your first mortgage
  • This year’s property tax notice or current appraisal
  • Homeowner’s insurance statement

This option is ideal if you prefer easy access to your funds and the ability to draw as you see fit. And you can do it with no closing costs. You can borrow up to 80% of your home’s value, minus your mortgage balance. Other benefits are:

  • No closing costs
  • High credit-limit potential
  • Low variable interest rates
  • Interest paid may be tax-deductible*
  • Low monthly payment: $50 or 1.25% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater
  • Free financial calculators

Applicable terms and conditions

  • Minimum $5,000 loan amount
  • Up to 15-year fixed or variable annual percentage rate (APR) loan, up to 20-year balloon fixed APR loans available
  • Variable-rate loans may not exceed maximum APR of 18%
  • Fee of $250 if loan is reconveyed within 24 months
  • Home must be located in the state of Utah, Arizona or Nevada
  • Homeowner must provide evidence of adequate insurance before disbursal of funds
  • Federal law requires a three-business-day rescission period. Upon expiration of said rescission period, funds will be disbursed unless America First Federal Credit Union receives written notice that the right to rescind has been exercised by any party with that right.

Documents that will help expedite the review process

  • Income verification
  • Two years of tax returns (if self-employed)
  • A current statement showing the balance of your first mortgage
  • This year’s property tax notice or current appraisal
  • Homeowner’s insurance statement

With this loan, you can borrow up to 100% of your home’s value, minus your mortgage balance. That means you’ll have the resources you need. when you need them. Advantages include:

  • Access to all your hard-earned equity
  • Low variable interest rates
  • Interest paid may be tax-deductible*
  • Low monthly payment: $50 or 1.25% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater
  • Free financial calculators

Applicable terms and conditions

  • Minimum $5,000 loan amount
  • Up to 15-year fixed or variable annual percentage rate (APR) loan, up to 20-year balloon fixed APR loans available
  • Variable-rate loans may not exceed maximum APR of 18%
  • Fee of $250 if loan is reconveyed within 24 months
  • Home must be located in the state of Utah, Arizona or Nevada
  • Homeowner must provide evidence of adequate insurance before disbursal of funds
  • Federal law requires a three-business-day rescission period. Upon expiration of said rescission period, funds will be disbursed unless America First Federal Credit Union receives written notice that the right to rescind has been exercised by any party with that right.

Documents that will help expedite the review process

  • Income verification
  • Two years of tax returns (if self-employed)
  • A current statement showing the balance of your first mortgage
  • This year’s property tax notice or current appraisal
  • Homeowner’s insurance statement

*Please consult a tax advisor regarding the tax deductibility of interest and charges related to your Home Equity Loan.

Context aware security #context #aware #security




Cyber attacks are increasing in sophistication and frequency, yet the shortage of skilled technical professionals has continued to grow exponentially. ISACA’s Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) was created to help fortify the industry through practical, hands-on training and certification focused on real-world abilities. Our goal is to build a stronger, more informed workforce that can keep organizations and their information secure—now, and in the future.

To help you and your business stay secure, we have put together a number of helpful, free resources and tools.

Cyber Security Career Resources


Social engineering, insider threats, and advanced persistent threats are the top three cyber threat concerns for 2016. With the CSX Threats Controls tool, you’ll have access to the latest user-friendly ways for professionals to find more context and information on cyber threats and potential controls.

State of Cyber Security, Part 2

Cybersecurity Nexus: Building a Stronger Cyber Security Workforce

CSX can help you gain the knowledge and skills to get the job done and give you the guidance to keep your career moving in the right direction. Whether you’re looking to learn more about cyber security, or a seasoned expert, our holistic program can provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

  • Practical, Skills-Based Training
  • Hands-On Labs
  • Performance-Based Certification
  • Global Conferences, Educational Programs and Networking
  • Career Development
  • Thought Leadership
  • Tools and Resources
  • Membership
  • And Much More!

Earn a low-cost, professional certificate in cyber security.

Build your technical skillset with hands-on training and earn a performance-based CSX Practitioner certification.

Cybersecurity FOR KIDS

Introducing Cynja, a new app that helps parents keep their children secure online.

Parents and kids can now benefit from ISACA’s cybersecurity guidance, featured in a new app from Cynja.

  • Our digital lives begin at a very young age, and kids need to be protected in the digital world as much as they do in the physical world. If we can equip kids with the information they need to be cyber-savvy, they will be safer and we will create a cyber security culture for the generations to come.
  • ISACA guidance in the app helps parents teach their kids about secure online behavior related to social media, privacy, phishing and more.
  • The app is available at

Learn more about Cynja

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SQL Tutorial – Learn SQL Query Programming Language #sql #sign


SQL Tutorial – Learn SQL Query Language

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a computer language aimed to store, manipulate, and query data stored in relational databases. The first incarnation of SQL appeared in 1974, when a group in IBM developed the first prototype of a relational database. The first commercial relational database was released by Relational Software (later becoming Oracle).

Standards for SQL exist. However, the SQL that can be used on each one of the major RDBMS today is in different flavors. This is due to two reasons: 1) the SQL command standard is fairly complex, and it is not practical to implement the entire standard, and 2) each database vendor needs a way to differentiate its product from others. In this tutorial, such differences are noted where appropriate.

This SQL programming help site lists commonly-used SQL statements, and is divided into the following sections:

  • SQL Commands . Basic SQL statements for storing, retrieving, and manipulating data in a relational database.
  • Advanced SQL . Discusses SQL commands and calculations that are more advanced.
  • SQL Functions . Commonly-used math functions in SQL.
  • SQL String Functions . Common string functions used in SQL.
  • SQL Date Functions . Common date functions used in SQL.
  • Data Definition Language (DDL) . Commands used to create, modify, and delete database objects.
  • SQL Constraint . Commands that limit the type of data that can be inserted into a column or a table.
  • SQL ALTER TABLE . How to change the structure of a table after it is created.
  • SQL NULL . Discusses the concept of NULL in SQL and functions associated with the NULL concept.
  • SQL Video Tutorial . For those who prefer to watch videos to learn, the 1Keydata team has created several video tutorials on SQL.
  • SQL Syntax . A single page that lists the syntax for all the SQL commands in this tutorial.
  • SQL Quiz . A 25-question quiz that you can use to see if you have understodd the concepts taught in this tutorial.

For each command, the SQL syntax will first be presented and explained, followed by an example. By the end of this tutorial, you should have a good general understanding of the SQL syntax, and be able to write SQL queries using the correct syntax. My experience is that understanding the basics of SQL is much easier than mastering all the intricacies of this database language, and I hope you will reach the same conclusion as well.

Although it is a good idea to go through this tutorial in the above order, it is not required. You are free to go through the site based on how you learn best. Please bookmark this site now and so you can come back to this site whenever you need to remember how a SQL command is used.

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SSC Service Utility for Epson Stylus Printer #ink #cartridge #reset


SSC Service Utility
for Epson Stylus Printers.

SSC Service Utility allow you to do many amazing things with Your Epson printer :

1) Work directly with CSIC in Epson Stylus printers cartridges.
2) Reset or rewrite any chip using special addon device.
3) Freeze internal ink counters.
4) Reset internal ink counters even with empty cartridges.
5) Separate cleaning of color and black heads for all Epson inkjet printers, powerful cleaning mode.
6) Hot swapping of cartridges supported.
7) Resetting of protection counter (even then it is already full).
8) More then 100 different Epson printers supported

This allow many people with high printing demands to save some money (program works with both black and color cartridges).

Up to day this software works under Windows 95/98/ME/2K2/XP with both the LPT and USB printers.

NOTE ! You can lost Epson lifetime guarantee on print head by refilling ink cartridges!

Latest versions changes:

New in 4.30:
– support for R270
– support for R240
– support for R340
– support for CX2800
– support for CX3900
– support for CX4900
– support for CX5900
– support for C58/C59
– support for RX640
– improved support for C2100/2200
– improved support for RX700
– improved support for R2400
– improved support for 785EPX/825/895/915
– some other improvements and bug fixes

New in 4.20:
– support for CX4200/CX4700/CX4800/DX4200/DX4800
– support for C47/C48
– support for RX430
– support for CX6500/CX6300
– improved support for CX6400/CX6600
– improved support for RX500/RX510
– improved support for RX600/RX610
– improved support for R1800
– improved support for CX3700/CX3800/DX3800/DX3850
– improved support for C67/C68/D68
– improved support for C87/C88/D88
– many new chip models supported
– some other improvements and bug fixes

New in 4.10:
– support for PM-970C
– support for PictureMate
– support for RX700
– support for R2400
– support for PM-A700
– support for PM-G720
– support for RX520
– support for CX7800
– support for CX4100
– support for DX3800
– support for CX3800/CX3810
– support for CX3700
– support for C67/68 and Photo Editions
– support for C87/C88/D88 and Photo Editions
– support for R220/R230
– support for R320
– support for CX4500
– support for CX3650
– various bug fixes

New in 4.00:
– ability to work with additional reset device
– support for CX4600
– support for CX5300
– support for CX5100
– support for RX420
– support for RX425
– support for RX620
– support for R1800
– improved support for almost all other printers
– improved ink freezer
– improved ink monitor, implemented status information
– protection counter reset improvements
– various bug fixes

Full version history is in the help file included in distribution.

Please, read all instructions in help file before doing anything with Your printer!

Please, post filled test report form generated by the program (test report button) to us in case of any software problem or if Your printer is unsupported by this software (read instructions how to make test report in this case in help file) !

This menu can be accessed by right clicking on the application icon located in tray.

Iron Mill College – Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching #positive #psychology #course


Home Our Courses Entry Level Courses Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching

Our Courses

Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching

This innovative, entry level, part-time course is available to study in Exeter, over 6 weekends.

  • Offers the opportunity to become immersed in a positive psychology approach to coaching.
  • Will help participants develop an approach to coaching that draws on the latest evidence-based interventions from the field of positive psychology, enabling them to empower individuals and teams to achieve their goals.
  • Ideal for those who offer coaching to individuals and teams, including Managers, Human Resources professionals, Learning and Development Specialists, Coaches, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Organisational Psychologists and more.

Course Details

one cannot build on weakness. To achieve results, one has to use all available strengths These strengths are the opportunities – Peter Drucker.

  • Positive Psychology Coaching focuses on the enhancement of strengths and creating the conditions for success, by identifying what individuals do best and maximising the resources they already have.
  • Evidence-based research highlights that coaching strengths leads to increased engagement, energy and motivation. This, in turn, creates greater positive emotion, which has also been shown to engender increased creativity, mental flexibility, resilience and enhanced performance.
  • Positive psychology’s belief in the potential of individuals, teams and organisations is at the heart of this training, and we use the best coaching methods to capitalise on this belief.

No prior knowledge of psychology or coaching is required for this course.

Applicants should, however, feel that they possess a maturity to reflect on their own development as a person, and should have an interest in and desire to learn about the subject matter.

If you are interested in this course, you may wish to first book onto one of our Open Days or Open Evenings to find out more.

You can apply by submitting the following documents and items:

  • Application form (available to download from ‘Download’ section of this web page).
  • Passport / webcam style photo.
  • CV.
  • A personal reference returned to us by your personal referee (reference request form available to download from ‘Download’ section of this web page).
  • A professional reference returned to us by your professional referee (reference request form available to download from ‘Download’ section of this web page).

You will also need to pay a 350 Enrolment Deposit, in order to reserve a place on this course (see the ‘Fees’ tab for further information) .

Please note that you will only be offered a place on the course once all of the above application documents have been received and your Enrolment Deposit has been paid. This includes receipt of both references. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their referees supply references, following up requests for references where necessary.

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology.
  • Strengths-based Development.
  • Positive Emotions.
  • Psychology of Hope and Resilience.
  • The Journey of Change.
  • Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice.

Learning and assessment:

Training is delivered via a combination of tutor led sessions, classroom debates, group dicussions, research and skills practise exercises. There is an expectation for students to reflect on their own learning and development throughout the course.

Assessment is based on:

  • Reflective journal.
  • 2 written assignments.
  • Coaching case study presentation.

A minimum of 80% attendance is required at timetabled teaching days.

Iron Mill College Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching.

Upcoming Exeter intakes:

Spring 2018 intake:

  • Starts Saturday 17th March 2018.
  • Runs on 6 weekends (Saturday and Sunday), 10.00am – 5.30pm, over 5 months (full course dates available in ‘Download’ section of this web page).

Course fees and payment options:

Option 1 (Total Payable 900.00):

  • An Enrolment Deposit of 350.00 followed by ONE instalment of 550.00.

Option 2 (Total Payable 950.00):

  • An Enrolment Deposit of 350.00 followed by TWO instalments of 300.00 (payable by standing order).

Bespoke payment plans (Total Payable 950.00).

Further information on fees:

Fees listed include VAT.

Applicants are invited to enrol by paying the Enrolment Deposit (which shall be fully non-refundable in all circumstances) as well as submitting all application documents (see the ‘Applications’ tab for further information). The balance of course fees is payable as per the relevant schedule option above.

For initial course payments and deposits, you can pay online (via PayPal) by using the booking form on this web page. You can also pay all fees by credit / debit card, either in person at Iron Mill College in Exeter, or over the phone by calling 01392 219200. Please note that we are unable to accept payments via American Express or Diners Club cards.

This will vary depending on your own circumstances, but all applicants must make sure they fully understand the additional expense requirements they will need to undertake during this course. Iron Mill College is unable to contribute to any of these additional costs; they are met by the student. These costs may include:

Travel and boarding costs.

Purchase of books.

Please note: Iron Mill College makes every effort to avoid altering course times, course commencement and conclusion dates. However, should any changes be necessary, you will be notified at the earliest opportunity. All courses run subject to demand and the formation of a viable class cohort, based on the enrolment of a minimum number of successful applicants. A full refund of course fees paid, including any deposit, will be given to all applicants in the event that a course does not proceed and at least 14 days notice (prior to the advertised course start date) will be given to applicants, in the event of a course cancellation or postponement. The college cannot be held liable for any remedy, damages or compensation beyond this.

Is there any funding available for the Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching?

Unfortunately, there is no specific funding available for the Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching course. However, people may receive funding due to their own personal circumstances. Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for more information.

Are there any extra-curricular requirements on the Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching course?

Outside of the taught hours, there is a requirement to complete two written assignments and a reflective journal during the course. Students will also be required to prepare a presentation on a coaching case study to be delivered at the end of the course. Additional reading for each topic is recommended too.

Additional frequently asked questions:

Our comprehensive general FAQs pages include answers to many other common questions, grouped into the following areas:

What our Students Say

“Feedback from participants of the Professional CBT training was extremely positive. It was experienced as valuable in equipping the students with the knowledge and skills of the CBT approach. It was carried out in an atmosphere most conducive to learning. Working with the Iron Mill has proved to be a valuable partnership.”

Elisabeth O’Donoghue, Family Centre – Tailor-Made Training

What our Students Say

“I have never before learned so much about myself and about where I want to go in the future. I couldn’t imagine a better place for my development than at the Iron Mill. The tutors, staff and students are all fantastic. Thanks to all of them.”

Jess Houghton – Certificate in Counselling Student

Spinal Cord Shock # #spinal #cord #injuries, #spinal #shock, #spinal #cord #shock


Spinal Cord Shock
When a spinal cord injury is caused due to trauma, the body goes into a state known as spinal shock. While spinal shock begins within a few minutes of the injury, it make take several hours before the full effects occur. During spinal shock the nervous system is unable to transmit signals, some of which may return once spinal shock has subsided, the time spinal shock lasts for is approximately 4-6 weeks following the injury. In some rare cases spinal cord shock can last for several more months. The loss of these signals will effect the persons movement, sensation and how well the body�s systems function. Often the persons loss of movement and sensation below the level of the spinal cord injury may appear complete soon after the injury. This may mask the real extent of the damage. Usually, over the first few weeks the some of body systems adjust to the effects of the injury and their function improves. Therefore, during this time and the early stage of ANY new injury it is unlikely that an accurate prediction of any recovery or permanent paralysis can be made.

Treatment begins with the emergency medical personnel who make an initial evaluation and immobilise the patient for transport. Immediate medical care within the first 8 hours following injury is critical to the patient’s recovery. Nowadays there is much greater knowledge about the moving and handling of spinal injury patients. Incorrect techniques used at this stage could worsen the injuries considerably.

When injury occurs and for a period of time thereafter, the spinal cord responds by swelling. Treatment starts with steroid drugs, these can be administered at the scene by an air ambulance Doctor or trained paramedic. These drugs reduce inflammation in the injured area and help to prevent further damage to cellular membranes that can cause nerve death. Sparing nerves from further damage and death is crucial.

Each patient’s injury is unique. Some patients require surgery to stabilise the spine, correct a gross misalignment, or to remove tissue causing cord or nerve compression. Spinal stabilisation often helps to prevent further damage. Some patients may be placed in traction and the spine allowed to heal naturally. Every injury is unique as is the course of post injury treatment that follows.

Home Care Nursing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi #home #nursing, #homecare #services, #home #care #nursing, #home #nursing #dubai, #homecare #dubai, #home #nurses #in #dubai, #homecare #services #dubai




Enayati is a premier provider of home care nursing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are the first home care services provider in the UAE to be accredited according to International Standards, making us established leaders in the field of home care nursing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the country.

World-class Quality for Elderly Care in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE

Enayati Home Health Care is founded by a team of Canadian nurses who have more than 15 years of experience helping patients and families transition from hospitalisation to home care. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we provide the highest level of elderly care possible to all patients. In line with this, we use state-of-the-art cloud technology to monitor vital signs of patients and inform their families and physicians accordingly. At Enayati, we understand how important it is for families to have peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are receiving first-rate elderly care and attention from highly qualified professionals.

Our Western-trained managers and supervisors ensure our team delivers a high standard of clinical services to each and every family that puts their trust in us. As such, all of our home care nurse staff completes over 200 hours of training to acquire the necessary skills and experience in elderly care. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we are the choice home care services provider by many doctors and medical professionals, thanks to our Patient Safety-oriented programme.

If you want to give your loved one the best possible health care available today, then choose the premier provider of home nursing in the Emirates: Enayati Home Health Care.

Our Clinical team includes

25 Best Landscaping Companies – San Antonio TX, Landscapers, electric companies san antonio.#Electric #companies #san #antonio


Landscaping Companies in San Antonio, TX

Electric companies san antonio

Lone Star Turf and Landscapes
Blades of Glory Landscaping
Image Landscape Lighting
Tri-County Turf Landscape
Dependable Lawn Care
Caveman s Yard Lawn, LLC
Texas Lawn Landscaping
Eiland Landscaping
Ramires Landscaping
All America, Inc.
All Weather Grass and Sports Surfaces, LLC
DNS Landscaping
Mcleod Electric
On Electric
Texas Total Landscape
Hernandez Landscaping Services
Linda s Lawn Care
Greenleaf Facilities Management, Inc.
Butlers Of Landscaping
Harris Landscape Design, LLC
A+ Landscaping and Remodeling
C G Landscaping
I See Green Landscaping and Tree Service
Find the Right Pro. Right Away.

Let our ProFinder technology instantly match you to the perfect pros for your project.

Local San Antonio Landscapers

Landscaping is one of the best ways homeowners can add value to their property, often to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. When homeowners make informed landscape design decisions, the results can be even better. After all, landscaping is an enhancement that continues to improve and add value as time goes by.

In San Antonio, which has one of the fastest moving real estate markets in the country, sellers who invest in landscaping improvements can earn even better returns. With the city’s humid subtropical climate, the landscape designs that tend to work best include a mix of succulents, woodland shrubs and brightly colored subtropical flowers. Here’s what you need to know about landscaping in San Antonio.

Popular Landscaping Tasks in San Antonio

In San Antonio, landscaping improvements include everything from lawn enhancements to perennial design to covered enclosures. The following are some of the most popular landscaping tasks in San Antonio.

  • Installing Landscaping: Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or your yard needs a complete overhaul, installing landscaping can be a big or small project. Typical tasks start with laying sod and planting grass seed or replacing grass with low-maintenance xeriscaping (creative landscaping that conserves water). Many homeowners opt to plant flowers, shrubs and trees that will thrive in the subtropical San Antonio climate, which might also involve installing an irrigation system.
  • Resloping a Lawn: Homeowners typically choose to reslope their lawn if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing or if the current grading creates an erosion or irrigation problem. If the resloping is extensive, this can quickly become an elaborate project that requires new plantings to keep the soil in place.
  • Building a Patio Enclosure: Adding more livable space to a home can significantly contribute to the home’s value. In San Antonio, homeowners might opt to screen in their porches or turn their patio spaces into enclosed sunrooms. Because this landscaping project involves construction, you might need to consult with both a contractor and a landscape architect.
  • Installing a Misting System: When San Antonio summers get unbearable, an outdoor misting system can make the patio area pleasant. This improvement, which typically involves basic irrigation and construction, often works best when installed in conjunction with plants that benefit from the mist, for a complete landscape design.

Local Cost Information for Landscaping Services in San Antonio

Costs for landscaping services in San Antonio typically vary depending on the scope of the project and the size of the lawn. For challenging projects that require advanced design or skilled labor, it’s often in a homeowner’s best interest to hire a professional landscape architect or designer. The following are general costs for some common landscaping services in San Antonio.

  • Installing Landscaping: Because installing landscaping can be a major undertaking or a small improvement, the potential costs vary widely. In San Antonio, homeowners typically pay just below the average landscaping installation cost of $3,500.
  • Installing a Patio or Pathway: Creating a patio/pathway involves design, grading and installation. Depending on the size and complexity, San Antonio homeowners pay an average of $3,400 for a patio and/or pathway.
  • Resloping a Lawn: Whether lawn resloping is a practical or cosmetic endeavor, the costs are about the same. On the low end, San Antonio homeowners pay about $725, while more expensive projects top out around $3,000. On average, lawn resloping costs $1,750.
  • Building a Patio Enclosure: These structures can be modest or expansive, and the finished products vary widely. San Antonio homeowners generally pay at least $5,000 for a patio enclosure, and they might pay as much as $25,000 for a large, elaborate structure. On average, building a patio enclosure costs $13,000.
  • Delivering Soil, Mulch or Rocks: Mulch, rocks and soil can be the ideal final touch for a landscape design. Because most yards require much more of this organic material than what homeowners can haul in their own vehicles, the cost for these materials includes delivery and ranges from $300 to $700. On average, delivering soil, mulch or rocks costs about $550.

Service Areas Covered in San Antonio

As the second-most populated city in Texas, San Antonio is no small town. Landscaping architects and designers work to improve and beautify all areas of the city. These six neighborhoods are some of the most popular for landscaping professionals in San Antonio.

  • Alamo Heights: Upscale Alamo Heights features sprawling older homes with impeccable landscaping near some of San Antonio’s hottest new restaurants. With its flair for the fashionable, Alamo Heights appeals to those with a modern, elegant sense of style.
  • Helotes: Just northwest of San Antonio, Helotes is one of the area’s fastest growing neighborhoods and boasts homes with some of the area’s highest price tags. Despite its widespread appeal, Helotes manages to maintain a small town flavor, with plenty of live music and even a winery.
  • King William District: This historic district is south of downtown San Antonio and has been settled for centuries. The current street layout and many of the luxurious mansions date back to the 1860s. Designated a National Register Historic District since 1972, King William is still a beautifully landscaped neighborhood today.
  • Lavaca: It might be the oldest neighborhood in San Antonio, but Lavaca is still thriving. Lavaca continues to maintain a strong sense of diversity, with artists, laborers, tech professionals and young families enjoying this popular historic district.
  • Monte Vista: This National Historic District dates back to the late 19th century, when some of the neighborhood’s most expansive homes were built. Many residents today continue to preserve these Gilded Age homes in contemporary San Antonio.
  • Tobin Hill: With museums, a zoo, a botanical garden and no less than five colleges and universities, Tobin Hill is at the center of it all. This neighborhood includes the Tobin Hill Historic District but also embraces new economic development and a dynamic creative community.

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

In Texas, licensing requirements depend on the type of work performed. Landscaping professionals who plant, prune, water and otherwise maintain plants and trees do not need a license. Landscape architects who design spaces and modify land and buildings do need licenses from the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. Contractors who build landscape improvements such as decks, patio enclosures and pathways also need to obtain licenses from the state and the city. All landscaping professionals should have adequate liability insurance to protect from lawsuits or accidents.

With historic homes alongside new development, landscape design in San Antonio combines traditional with innovative. Whether you’re considering a minor design change or a major improvement, consult with a professional landscaper for a yard that looks great and will continue to add value to your home.

Study photography, graphic – Interior Design, interior design presentation boards.#Interior #design #presentation #boards


CATC Design School

Interior design presentation boards

Interior design presentation boards

Interior design presentation boards


Melbourne Little Collins Street

Learn When And Where You Want

CATC campuses are inspiring, creative zones where you can connect with people like you, share with people you want to be like and challenge your thinking with people unlike you. Ditch traditional classrooms for mobile pods and open-plan spaces for discussion and learning!

News Events

Open Days

Interested to know what it s really like to study at CATC? Join us at one of our open days or info evenings and get the full picture. Bring your family and friends along and explore your study options and creative industries career pathways in an exciting and interactive environment.

Day in the life of a designer workshops

Take a sneak peek into the world of design by joining us for an inspiring and interactive workshop. Work to a brief, generate ideas and get your brain churning like it s never churned before.

Scoring a new notch in its belt, CATC Design School has produced another award-winning designer. Emily Robertson, a 2014 graduate from the Interior Design Decoration diploma in Melbourne, has defined herself by winning two Design Institute Australia graduate awards at both the state and national levels.


She took out the DIA Australian Graduate of the Year award (AGOTYA) in the category of Interior Design Decoration, having qualified for the national round by winning the Victoria/Tasmania DIA Graduate of the Year Award. Emma Fenton, Melbourne’s CATC Interior Design and Decoration Program Manager, recognised Emily s blooming talent and entered her in both the state and national competition.


Before enrolling at CATC Design School, Emily had previously worked as a nurse for ten years; however, she says her passion has always been design. She made a huge leap into the unknown from nursing and has never looked back.

Emily is now working with Interior Designer Lisa Christie (another CATC Design School graduate!) at Lisa Christie Designs on a number of different projects, assisting with everything from presentation boards, to scheduling and sourcing.

Interior design presentation boards

Home – Healing Mountain Massage School #massage #in #school


Healing Mountain Massage School
School Of Massage Therapy Holistic Health

Healing Mountain School of Massage has been a leader among massage schools for the past twenty years. Healing Mountain embodies the way of the compassionate spirit in that we believe an individual deserves a space to heal. We believe in facilitating growth through creative expression in a healing community in the opportunity to live with passion while your work reflects your spirit.

We offer massage therapy certification, spa therapy certification, yoga teacher training certification, and a holistic health practitioner diploma program at a live day spa in our holistic massage education centers located in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. We also welcome those wanting to learn massage holistic health from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and elsewhere. We teach Japanese full body massage & thai massage asian bodywork, deep tissue, reflexology, chair massage, reiki energy healing, craniosacral therapy as well as other modalities that help graduates obtain massage jobs with good salaries.

Our massage and holistic health practitioner programs will prepare you for state licensing exams and the massage & spa industry. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced coursework, where you will learn more in our small class sizes (8-14 max). Practice what you learn along side mentoring licensed massage therapist in our amazing massage clinic and day spa. Graduate on time and we will pay for your MBLEx exam, $100 towards state licensure, and one year of professional liability insurance. Begin your new rewarding health career in massage therapy and holistic health today. Come in and visit our student massage clinic & day spa for paradise at half the price and take a tour & feel the difference!

Intro to Healing Mountain

The Official Best Of

Page updated: 01/31/17

Healing Mountain Spa

Healing Mountain’s student massage clinic and professional day spa offers a variety of bodywork modalities and spa treatments with both student practitioners and Licensed Massage Therapists in a calm relaxing setting at both Salt Lake City Main & Southern Utah Branch campuses.

About us #genesis #phone #system


About us.

Genesis Community Management was founded in 1983 to provide full service administrative, financial and physical management for single-family, townhome, and condominium homeowner associations in the greater Houston area. Our goal is to provide these services at a level that will yield the highest possible property values for your community. At the heart of our service philosophy is a personal and “hands-on” approach to identifying and solving specific problems. The Genesis staff is committed to handling the day-to-day needs of your association, as well as planning for the future through long term forecasting. Preventative maintenance programs are suggested to protect the association’s assets. Our expertise, commitment, and experience afford you unparalleled proficient management.

Our High Tech Advantage

This website is a gateway into the actual day-to-day business operations of Genesis and the associations we manage. Much of the information stored in the Genesis database is available to Board members and homeowners in “real time”. The following services are available to homeowners logged in to this website:

    • Pay your maintenance fee online
    • Review your detailed account history
    • Download an invoice for your maintenance fee
    • Update your email address, mailing address, phone numbers, and emergency contact information
    • Download association governing documents

Attorneys who provide legal services to our client associations also have direct access into the database through a secure login.

  • Tools and Software

    Our office is equipped with a network of powerful computers running software designed specifically for managing community associations, custom written by the founder of Genesis. We are committed to providing our personnel with the most powerful and efficient systems available to suitably service our clients. Our computers operate under the stable Windows 2000© operating system. We utilize digital cameras for photographing work order requests and deed restriction violations. The images are stored in the computer database for immediate retrieval and printing when needed, and can be viewed on this website by Board Members and attorneys.

    Genesis provides each staff member with their own email address, making it easy for Board members and homeowners to communicate with management. In addition, each manager is provided a cell phone so that they can be reached in the field at any time. Board members are given the cell phone number of their property manager.

  • FirstEnergy – Pennsylvania, FirstEnergy, water-heater maintenance.#Water-heater #maintenance


    water-heater maintenance

    Water-heater maintenance

    HVAC Upgrades and Maintenance

    Pennsylvania residential customers of Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power and West Penn Power can save energy and money with rebates on heating and cooling solutions for their homes.

    Save Now and for Years to Come

    The savings start up-front with rebates you can earn one of two ways:

    • Tune up* an existing HVAC system.
    • Replace a less efficient system with the latest high-efficiency HVAC technology.

    The savings continue month after month with reduced energy usage and increased efficiency.

    • *Customer is eligible for one tune up rebate per unit every 7 calendar years dating back to October 28, 2009.

    Earn Rebates on Qualified Purchases and Services

    Work with a participating contractor** to receive valuable rebates on qualified energy-saving HVAC solutions:

    • $50 rebate on the tune up of an existing central air conditioner or heat pump system – bring your system back to peak operating efficiency to improve performance and energy savings.
    • $150 rebate on furnace fan motor – replace the fan motor in an existing furnace or air handler, or install a new furnace or air handler with a high-efficiency fan motor. Fan motor rebate cannot be combined with a central air conditioner or heat pump rebate.
    • Up to $200 on the installation of a new high-efficiency central air conditioner – depending on the efficiency rating, earn rebates of $100 to $200 and reduce home cooling costs by as much as 30 percent***
    • Up to $500 on the installation of an air source heat pump – install an energy-efficient alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioners and save energy all year long.
    • $200 rebate on ductless mini-split heat pump – an excellent alternative for homes without conventional duct work.
    • $600 rebate on the installation of an ENERGY STAR -certified geothermal heat pump – take advantage of a renewable and efficient technology for heating, cooling and often, water heating;
    • $75 rebate on installation of a packaged terminal air conditioner and $150 rebate on installation of packaged terminal heat pump – an affordable, reliable, and efficient way to heat or cool your home.
    • Up to $25 rebate on the purchase of a programmable thermostat – install a programmable or smart thermostat and save about $180*** a year by programming it with recommended settings.

    Experienced and professional, a participating contractor can assess your current system, explain your options and perform a quality system tune up or installation.

    Start Saving Today

    Water-heater maintenance

    Contact a participating contractor in your area to learn more about how you can save energy and money with the Residential HVAC Program.

    Take advantage of these and other energy-saving rebates from FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities! Click here to download a comprehensive list of Residential Energy Efficiency Programs and available rebates.

    Water-heater maintenance

    Stock option trading strategies for profitable option trading, stock option trading strategies.#Stock #option #trading #strategies


    Stock Option Trading Strategies

    Our stock option trading strategies offer profitable, real time a title=”Option Trade Alerts” href=”” option trade alerts /a . Get up to 50% target profit with single-leg call or put option trades.

    Special plays strategy

    Stock option trading strategies

    • 8 – 10 trades throughout the month
    • 20% – 40% target profit
    • 2 day average holding time

    Core strategy

    Stock option trading strategies

    The Core Options Trading Strategy is the most consistent trading strategy available.

    • 5 – 10 trades one week each month *
    • 30% – 50% target profit
    • 5 day maximum holding time

    Bundle strategy

    Stock option trading strategies

    Our Option Trading Strategy Bundle lets you trade both of our successful strategies for less.

    • 10 – 20 trades throughout the month
    • 20% – 50% target profit
    • Short holding time **

    See a side by side comparison of all of our options trading strategies. Compare all features

    Latest Trades

    Option Trade Alerts

    Choose your preferred method of delivery for our option trade alerts, or receive all three. It is your choice:

    Stock option trading strategies

    Twitter notifications

    We are proud to be the first option advisory service offering real time trade notifications via Twitter.

    Stock option trading strategies

    SMS notifications

    Don’t have a Twitter account but want lighting fast notifications for trades? Have no fear, SMS is here.

    Stock option trading strategies

    Email trade alerts

    If email is your preferred method of communication, we have got you covered.

    Option trade alerts See how we distribute our option trade alerts.

    Target Profit

    Our stock option trading strategies have produced over 2500 winning option trades and counting. With such an extensive option trade history, we are able to clearly identify the optimal target profit for our trades. These price points arm you with a clear exit strategy for our option plays.

    Stock option trading strategies

    About our stock option trading strategies

    Options-Intelligence strives to serve traders who are serious about making amazing stock option trades month after month. To date Options-Intelligence has generated over 3419 trades from two proprietary stock option trading strategies resulting in an amazing 77% winning history. No other trading service utilizing stock options or any other instrument has endured such a rigorous test of time. No other service has produced such amazing, consistent returns month after month.

    Stock option trading strategies

    Special Plays Strategy

    The Special Plays Options Trading Strategy is the second stock option trading strategy from Options-Intelligence. This strategy was introduced in 2005 as a means to provide our members with additional option trading opportunities throughout the month.

    Stock option trading strategies

    Core Options Strategy

    The Core Options Trading Strategy is the premier stock option trading strategy from Options-Intelligence. The strategy was developed in 1997 and has produced a wealth of winning stock option trades.

    Stock option trading strategies

    Bundle Strategy

    The Option Trading Strategy Bundle combines both of our successful stock option strategies into one. This strategy provides our members with the most option trading opportunities and is a perfect way to take advantage of all we have to offer for less.

    *We only trade the Core Options Trading Strategy when market conditions are favorable.

    **The holding time for the Options Trading Strategy Bundle depends on the underlying options trading strategy used for the trade.

    Per option trade

    Make a 50% return or better from our option trades by following our profit targets.

    Over 15 years of options trading in all markets. No other trading service compares to our trade statistics.

    Twitter, SMS, Email

    Free text message notifications and real time option trade alerts through Twitter (@optionsintel).

    Get our alerts delayed by one hour, sign up for a free 30 day trial.

    License Lookup – Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists #structural #engineer #degree #online


    License Lookup (Verification) for California-Licensed Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, and Geophysicists


    You can look up the current status of California-licensed professional engineers, land surveyors, geologists, and geophysicists via the License Lookup databases. The links to the database is provided below the instructions. Please pay close attention to the instructions on how to enter the Name and License Number.

    How to search for a licensee:

    Name: Last Name ONLY or Last AND First Name. Partial last names OR complete last names and partial first names may be used for a search. For example: A search on jons will result in a list that includes Jons, Jonson, and Jonsen. This is helpful if you are not sure of the exact spelling of a name. If you know the city or county, adding that information will narrow the search. You cannot look up just by First Name.

    Match any part of name: Click this radio button to look up a licensee using any part of his or her name.

    License Number: Use NUMBERS ONLY, NO alphabetical characters. Do NOT enter leading zeroes. Searching by license number will locate results for that license number only. The same license number may be used for multiple license types, so double-check the license type on the search results to determine the appropriate discipline of licensure. You must search by name to find all licenses issued to a given person.

    City: You may search for all licenses in a city, or you may narrow your search by entering a name or license number AND a city.

    County: You may search for all licenses in a county, or you may narrow your search by entering a name or license number AND a county.

    New Search: Before starting a new search, use the CLEAR button before entering new information.

    When You Find the Name You Want: Be sure to click on the name of the person you’re searching for to see all the information available.

    License Types: The letter designation for each license type is listed below.
    NOTE: Civil Engineers with a license number of C 33965 and lower may practice land surveying without being licensed as a Land Surveyor.

    Click here to look up all Professional Licensees

    Finding Names to Match License Numbers from Survey Monuments

    Click here for Numerical List of Civil Engineers
    This 99 page .pdf file includes all licenses issued up to January 1, 1982. Civil engineers registered prior to that date are authorized to practice all land surveying as defined in the Professional Land Surveyors’ Act. Licenses issued after January 1, 1982, may be looked up using the License Lookup above.

    Click here for Numerical List of Land Surveyors
    This .pdf file includes all licenses issued between 1891 and May 20, 2000. Licenses issued after May 20, 2000, may be looked up using the License Lookup above.

    License Status Definitions

    Clear: The license is current and valid. IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if the status is CLEAR, there could be complaints or disciplinary actions as part of the license history. You may contact the Board at 1-866-780-5370 (toll free) to check for complaints or disciplinary actions against this license.
    Cancelled: The license is Delinquent (see definition below). The right to practice has expired.
    Deceased: The licensee is deceased. This status is only assigned when the Board has verified through independent sources that the licensee is deceased.
    Delinquent: The expiration date has passed, and the license has not been renewed. Delinquent licensees do not have the right to practice.
    Denied: The license has been denied/suspended pursuant to Family Code section 17520 or Revenue and Taxation Code section 19528. The licensee does not have the right to practice.
    150 Day TempLic: The licensee has been issued a temporary 150-day license pursuant to Family Code section 17520. The licensee may still practice.
    Retired: The licensee has been issued a retired license by the Board. The licensee may no longer practice.
    Revoked: The license is terminated, and the right to practice is ended. Revocation is the result of a disciplinary action.
    Suspended: The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time. Suspension is the result of a disciplinary action.
    Voluntary Surrender/Surrender of License: The license has been voluntarily returned to the Board, and the right to practice is ended. Voluntary surrender is the result of a disciplinary action.

    AG – Agricultural Engineer
    C – Civil Engineer
    CH – Chemical Engineer
    CO – Consulting Engineer
    CR – Corrosion Engineer
    CS – Control System Engineer
    E – Electrical Engineer
    EG – Certified Engineering Geologist
    FP – Fire Protection Engineer
    GE – Geotechnical Engineer (Soil or Soils Engineer)
    GEO – Professional Geologist
    GP – Professional Geophysicist
    HG – Certified Hydrogeologist
    I – Industrial Engineer
    L – Land Surveyor
    M – Mechanical Engineer
    MF – Manufacturing Engineer
    MT – Metallurgical Engineer
    NU – Nuclear Engineer
    P – Petroleum Engineer
    PS – Photogrammetrist (Photogrammetric Surveyor)
    Q – Quality Engineer
    S – Structural Engineer
    SF – Safety Engineer
    TR – Traffic Engineer

    Any Hour Services – Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Utah #provo #plumber


    Proudly Serving Utah for over 50 Years!

    Utah HVAC, Electric, Plumbing and Drains Experts!

    5 ways we make your service visit EASY!

    We were pleased with the service and help that we received with the problem that Any Hour helped us with. They were very professional and helpful in all the things they did. Ken & Carol T. Eagle Mountain

    Colter was very courteous & professional, explaining everything that needed done. As a professional, I’m glad to see others providing great service. Family Pet Hospital, Mapleton

    Great Service Tech. Very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and willing to explain anything you have questions about. Rosa S, Draper

    Colter came by today to do a furnace inspection. He was incredibly respectful, genuine, & seemed very well informed. He made sure I understood all of the issues involved. He seemed genuinely interested in the well being of everyone in my home & made sure everything was taken care of. He seems to be a great technician & person, I was very impressed. Megan, Farmington

    Gentlemen who installed new furnace were very, very polite yet very friendly. After installation was completed, they cleaned everything and it was spotless! Thank you very much and you truly saved my day! Tad T. Ogden

    Any Hour Rocks! Fast, friendly, clean and respectful! 10/10. Thanks Justin! Shawn E. Provo

    Great Job! Very nice and clean and trustworthy people at Any Hour. I have used them for several things in my home and will continue to use them. I recommend them to all my neighbors. Shelly T.

    Chasen was very thorough, but more importantly, he had a terrific attitude! What a pleasure to meet someone so polite and enthusiastic about the company for which he works and who takes pride in the job he does! Sandi T.

    Why Choose Any Hour Service In Utah?

    Any Hour Services techs are your Utah Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling experts! Our award-winning Utah company has been serving Utah residents since 1961.

    When it comes to installing a new furnace in Utah, making repairs on your Utah home’s cooling system, rewiring your Utah home’s basement, or fixing that leaky faucet. you want the job done fast, you want it done right, and you want to know how much it will cost upfront.

    Utah residents can take their chances with a “drive-by” HVAC Utah service, Utah plumber, or Utah electrical technician: or you can trust the professionals at Any Hour Services to treat you right every time we come to your Utah home.

    Brands We Service Include

    Any Hour Services specializes in servicing most major furnace, air conditioner, water heater and water softener brands. This includes the brand’s individual year, make and model. Contact the experts at Any Hour Services today to find out more about your brand, make and model and to schedule a tune-up or service.

    Services Throughout Utah !

    Our expert professionals provide services to Utah residents all along the Wasatch Front (and the Wasatch Back). These areas include Salt Lake County. Utah County. Summit County and Weber / Davis County and all their major metropolitan areas such as Salt Lake City. Orem / Provo, Ogden / Layton, Spanish Fork. Tooele, Lehi / Saratoga Springs / Eagle Mountain / Cedar Hills, Highland / Alpine / Cedar Hills, Draper / Sandy, South Jordan / West Jordan, Riverton, West Valley, and even Park City and Heber !

    Call for 24hr Emergency Services 6 Days a Week!

    Copyright 2015. Any Hour Services. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air

    Fire and flood restoration #storm #damage, #water #damage, #mold #removal, #flood #damage, #water #damage #restoration, #fire #damage, #remove #mold, #damage #recovery #unit, #fire #and #flood #restoration, #water #removal, #greenville #nc, #raleigh #nc


    The CareMaster Guarantee We promise to deliver excellent customer service like no other.

    There are certain things you can always expect from CareMaster. We will provide a free consultation and evaluation of your project. Our quality control department will monitor your project each step of the way. When your project is finished, we will provide a written one-year warranty.

    With offices in Greenville and Raleigh, CareMaster has served clients throughout NC for over 40 years. We are a professional disaster restoration and indoor air quality company. We focus on professional results through detailed planning, effective communication and quality craftsmanship. With our 24-hr Disaster Team, we can respond immediately to your fire, water, storm, mold or structural damages at any time, any day of the year. From start to finish, CareMaster has the experience to assist you in your recovery process, including the claim process with your insurance company.

    Consider it done!

    From large house and business fires to small smoke damage claims, CareMaster has the ability to handle every aspect of your project and complete it in a timely fashion.

    At CareMaster we respond to emergency service calls for water damage almost every day. Our trained technicians will take necessary steps to assure that your property is restored.

    Storms that contain damaging winds and rain are capable of damaging homes and businesses alike. CareMaster has extensive experience in handling these types of situations.

    A small leak that doesn’t get immediate attention can colonize mold within seventy-two hours. CareMaster has the expertise and equipment necessary to find the problem at the source.

    As a restoration company we are well rounded in the services we offer. CareMaster has an in-house cleaning crew that has experience and knowledge to handle virtually any type of cleaning situation.

    As a restoration company we have many services to accommodate our clients and their needs. Beyond water, fire, and mold restoration, we also offer additional services.

    Recent News

    CareMaster Talks Mold Protection

    After weeks of rain, the East is finally drying out. But all that water can spell problems for your home and your health in the form of mold. Senior Project Manager Eric Ambrose recently spoke with 9 On Your Side’s Katie Banks about how to protect. Read More

    What people are saying…

    Right on time.
    “In January of 2005 we found ourselves in quite a predicament. A Newly renovated building almost ready for occupancy had a water heater burst and flood the entire building over a weekend. We called CareMaster and they were on the scene within one hour. They helped get the leak stopped, and dried out the building and helped in the recovery. CareMaster demonstrated knowledge and professionalism and used the right equipment to dry out the facility. That helped to limit our timeline for renovation and keep us on schedule. They were there when we needed them.”
    Johnny Humbles
    Greenville Utilities Building and Maintenance Supervisor

    Greenville Office
    188 W. Forlines Rd. Winterville, NC 28590 Telephone: (252)-756-5700 or 1-800-521-7847

    Raleigh Office
    400 Dominion Dr. Unit 108, Morrisville, NC 27560 Telephone: (919)-377-0595 or 1-800-521-7847

    © CareMaster 2015. All rights reserved.

    South Africa-South Africa news and analysis #south #africa #news, #the #latest #on #south #africa, #south #africa #banking


    At first glance, South Africa is in a position of near-crisis. Its economic growth is sluggish, its government is making a series of unpopular decisions, and a severe drought is denting its agricultural output. However, the private sect seems to approve of the country’s new finance minister, and the rand is showing signs of stability. So is there cause for optimism? James King investigates.

    Though South Africa’s economy is cooling, its banks are continuing to perform strongly. For some, growth is coming from operations elsewhere in Africa, while for others its is stemming from the domestic market. James King looks at the strategies being employed to keep the country’s lenders buoyant in a slow-growth environment.

    The governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Lesetja Kganyago, tells James King about efforts to combat rising inflation and the impact of a devastating drought on the country’s economic outlook.

    South Africa’s growth has been sluggish of late but the country’s financial sector remains one of the world’s most sophisticated, while the government’s reforms are allowing businesses to tap into fast-growing markets in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa more easily.

    South Africa’s lenders, for so long the shining light in Africa’s representation in The Banker ‘s Top 1000 rankings, retain the top spots in the regional list but mostly with falls in their Tier 1 capital. The good news, however, comes from the direction of Morocco’s financial institutions.

    South Africa’s central bank governor Gill Marcus faces the tricky task of curbing inflationary pressures while trying not to damage the country’s weak economy. Whether or not she succeeds will depend to a large extent on factors outside her control.

    Africa’s banking industry has gone through huge changes during Jacko Maree’s career. The former chief executive of Standard Bank believes the future for banks on the continent looks promising, but says they will have to adapt to regulatory changes and tap new types of clients. Interview by Paul Wallace.

    In the latest ranking of African banks, Nigeria’s lenders had a blockbuster year in terms of profits, demonstrating their recovery from the country’s 2009 crisis, while South Africa’s banks remain way out in front of the rest of Africa, but continue to experience subdued growth.

    The Banker ’s Central Bank Governor of the Year awards celebrate the officials who managed to restore economic stability and even growth to their countries following a turbulent few years.

    Africa’s underdeveloped economies and financial sectors have proved a barrier for central banks implementing monetary policy and prudential regulation. But recent years have seen significant progress, thanks in no small part to central banks’ growing independence from governments.

    Find Masters Worldwide: all MBA, MSc, MA, LLM, MPhil and other postgraduate programmes #masters #in #internet #marketing


    Browse by Country

    The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

    EU’s hidden gem Estonia is becoming a new hot-spot for studies abroad. Estonia`s vibrant and affordable environment together with well-developed technology sector make Estonia an attractive place to study and live. With high-quality higher education, internationally accepted degrees and various scholarships this is a safe target country for international degree.

    Finland is situated in northern Europe and neighbours Sweden, Norway and Russia. For an international student Finland is both an exotic and a safe target country. Finnish society is credible: a networked and transparent open civic society, where education is always a top first priority.

    Situated in Central Europe, Hungary is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe and in the world. If you haven’t heard about the famous Balaton lake or the thermal water cave system, you have at least hard of the beauty of its capital Budapest and about the delicious Hungarian cuisine.

    From literature to landscape, from innovation to internationalisation, Ireland offers a lot of opportunities in education and researchпїЅ and the warmest of welcomes from the worldпїЅs friendliest nation!

    The UN consistently ranks Norway as having the highest standard of living in the world based largely on average levels of education and income, combined with expected length of lifetime.

    Studying in Poland will provide a solid education which will thoroughly prepare you for work in the most advanced labour markets of the world, at the same time stimulating your own personal development. You will also have the unique opportunity of meeting outstanding specialists and renowned intellectuals in your chosen field.

    Swedish universities are renowned for their investigative research and independent thinking, and this reputation is cemented with nationally certified degrees and rigorous quality control. As a country, Sweden is an open and multicultural society with a long tradition of welcoming international students.

    The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

    Canada has one of the strongest economies in the world, and Canadians enjoy a high standard of living, as well as an internationally renowned university system.

    The U.S. is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has an internationally renowned education system, and offers a huge variety of English-language courses and speciality degrees.

    Australia is well known for it’s warm climate, great beaches and exceptional higher education system. It has strong influences from both Europe and Asia, and with the worlds second highest development index, it is a fantastic place to study!

    I had known about my host university from this site at first. This portal helped me to find the right university. I am tremendously grateful to StudyPortals for helping me find out and define my next aims.

    I choose my current university because of its excellent reputation and because of the nice reviews I could find in StudyPortals and other websites (and for me, opinions from actual students count more than any international grading system).

    I found my university on StudyPortals. StudyPortals has very easy functionality to search for the desired course in any destination within few clicks.

    Rebekah Mae United States

    Using StudyPortals really helped me compare different universities in the UK which I’d learnt was the best place to get an MA Translation degree. The website gave me the ability to cross compare universities and to pick my top four to which I would apply.

    Interesting Articles

    Your Business School Application: Four Things to Do Right Now Checking these first tasks off your list can help put you on the path to success. Prepping for the GREпїЅ General Test When English is Not Your First Language Non-native speakers have a few more things to consider during test preparation. See tips to help you perform at your best. An InsiderпїЅs Guide to the GREпїЅ General Test Are you getting ready to take the test? This overview with tips and strategies is a good place to start. MBA Admissions: Tips for International Students Check out some useful tips when applying to a business school abroad. Find out more about the GRE test.

    Find and Compare Master’s Degrees Across the World

    MSc. M.A. MBA, LLM and other Master’s degrees and postgraduate studies (diplomas, certificates)

    Find and compare M.Sc. M.A. MBA, LLM and other Master’s Degrees and Postgraduate Studies (Diplomas, Certificates) from top universities worldwide.

    MastersPortal is the most comprehensive course search engine for higher education, listing over 50,000 Master’s degrees from over 3,300 universities, colleges and graduate schools all over the world. Currently we provide Master s programmes offered by top 1000 universities worldwide in Asia, Australia, the United States and Europe (e.g. United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain, France, Italy and more). In order to help you find the best programmes that suit your interests, we also provide a good overview of the most prestigious university rankings in the world.

    In our database, you can search for a Master’s degree in all academic fields: Business and Management, Social Studies, Natural Sciences, Law, Engineering and Technology, Humanities, Environmental Science and many more.

    Use the MastersPortal search engine to find the Master’s degree in your discipline of interest and we will present you with a list that is most relevant to your search criteria. All search results are presented with a short description, tuition fee, duration, and university information. Select your preferred study to find detailed information about application requirements, course content, application deadlines, start date, type of education (Full time, Part time, Distance Learning/Online Master s programmes), accreditation as well as scholarship and funding opportunities.

    We also provide a variety of other portals for Preparation Courses and Foundation Programmes, Bachelors and Undergraduate Courses. PhDs and Doctoral Courses. Short Courses (including Summer Schools), Online Degrees and Foundation Programmes as well as a database to search for Scholarships and Funds to finance your studies.

    Tuition Fee Preferences

    Bedrijfsontwikkeling en groeiversnelling – VentureLab Twente #university #twente


    VentureLab Twente is nu VentureLab International

    VentureLab ondersteunt de bedrijfsontwikkeling van beginnende bedrijven en is een groeiversneller voor gevestigde bedrijven. Ons éénjarige business development programma zorgt ervoor dat jonge bedrijven een zetje in de goede richting krijgen en aanzienlijk groeien, en het helpt reeds gevestigde bedrijven om verder en sneller groeien. Al meer dan 200 deelnemers profiteerden van ons jaarprogramma.

    VentureLab Twente wordt sinds 2013 voortgezet door VentureLab International. Venturelab North en VentureLab East.

    Wat wij doen

    VentureLab Twente is in mei 2009 gestart. De eerste groep van 16 deelnemers ontving het deelnamecertificaat in juni 2010. In januari 2012 nemen 200+ ambitieuze ondernemers en business developers deel aan het programma.

    VentureLab Twente ondersteunt de bedrijfsontwikkeling van beginnende bedrijven en is een groeiversneller voor gevestigde bedrijven. Ons éénjarige business development programma zorgt ervoor dat jonge bedrijven een zetje in de goede richting krijgen en aanzienlijk groeien, en het helpt reeds gevestigde bedrijven om verder en sneller groeien.

    De services van VLT omvatten intensieve coach ondersteuning, praktische en hoogwaardige trainingen, specialistische expertise en toegang tot financiën, de onderzoekswereld, en potentiële klanten en samenwerkingspartners. Beginnende bedrijven krijgen ook toegang tot flexibele kantoorruimte met faciliteiten. De voertaal bij VentureLab Twente is Engels als t moet en Nederlands als t kan , vanwege de internationale oriëntatie van de deelnemers en de niet-Nederlands sprekende deelnemers.

    Tijdens alle stadia van het opstarten en laten groeien van een bedrijf biedt het programma van VLT een stimulerende en ondersteunende omgeving. Dit geeft bedrijven die sneller willen groeien de kracht om barrières te doorbreken en de wegen te vinden naar de sleutelfiguren en organisaties die ondernemers daarbij nodig hebben.

    Het concept van VentureLab Twente is gebaseerd op meer dan 25 jaar praktijk- en onderzoekservaring in de ondersteuning van bedrijfsontwikkeling. We combineren de ervaring en netwerken van de Universiteit van Twente/NIKOS en het Saxion Kenniscentrum voor Innovatief Ondermen /SKIO.

    VentureLab Twente wordt sinds 2013 voortgezet door VentureLab International, met vestigingen in Groningen en Apeldoorn.

    Startende ondernemers

    U hebt een veelbelovend idee. U hebt de wilskracht om er een succes van te maken. Maar hoe zet u uw inspiratie om in een daadwerkelijk succesvol bedrijf?

    Als aankomend ondernemer bent u al één stap dichter bij succes door onze website te bezoeken. Met ons VentureLab -programma kunnen wij u helpen om van uw droom een winstgevend bedrijf te maken.
    Waarom VentureLab ?

    Door uw geweldige ideeën en uw vaste voornemen er een succes van te maken, hebt u er misschien nooit aan gedacht dat uw bedrijf wel eens zou kunnen mislukken. Maar wist u dat statistisch gezien 80% van de beginnende bedrijven binnen vijf jaar niet meer bestaat? Vaak wordt dit veroorzaakt doordat de nieuwe ondernemers de kennis van anderen niet weten te benutten. Wij zullen u leren door en door te begrijpen hoe je een bedrijf kunt opzetten, zodat uw risico’s worden verlaagd en de benodigde tijd en kosten voor het opstarten van uw nieuwe bedrijf worden gereduceerd.

    • Bedrijfsontwikkeling en optimalisatie van het businessmodel
    • Best practices voor verkoop, marketing, financiën, werkzaamheden en productontwikkeling voor bedrijven in de aanloopfase
    • Een bewezen, resultaatgericht model voor het ontwerpen, opstarten en managen van uw beginnende bedrijf en het uitgroeien ervan tot een succesvol, winstgevend bedrijf

    Het VentureLab programma omvat:

    • Intensieve en expert coaching
    • Wekelijks trainingsaanbod van top trainers
    • Flexplekken met kantoor en vergader faciliteiten
    • Toegang tot online hulpbronnen
    • Begeleiding, netwerkevenementen en bedrijfsstrategische introducties


    Door u te laten zien hoe u fouten voorkomt bij het starten van nieuwe processen, helpt ons coaching-programma uw leercurve verkorten.

    Voorkom stagnatie, of zelfs achteruitgang van uw bedrijfsontwikkelingzodat u barrières kunt doorbreken en kunt doorgroeien. Dankzij extra verkoop en besparingen zijn de programmakosten snel terugverdiend.

    Kernpunten van wat u leert:

    • Hoe u modellen gebruikt voor beter management, beter leiderschap, betere werknemersontwikkeling en teambuilding
    • Hoe u uw verdienmodel bepaalt, de marktpositie en verkoopcijfers van uw bedrijf verbetert en entreebarrières doorbreekt
    • Hoe u uw risico’s en kosten verlaagt

    Het VentureLab programma omvat:

    • Wekelijks trainingsaanbod van top trainers
    • Intensieve en expert coaching
    • Flexplekken met kantoor en vergader faciliteiten
    • Toegang tot online hulpbronnen, begeleiding, netwerkevenementen en bedrijfsstrategische introducties

    Tuition Benefits Program, excelsior college lpn to rn program.#Excelsior #college #lpn #to #rn #program


    NYS CSEA Partnership

    Now Available: Tuition Benefits Catalog 2017-2018

    Important Tuition Dates

    Phone: 518-486-7814 or

    Fax: 518-486-1989 or 518-473-0056

    Tuition Benefits

    Excelsior college lpn to rn program

    The Tuition Benefits Program can help you realize your educational and career goals through four components:

    Tuition Reimbursement – Authorized repayment of tuition to students who successfully complete coursework at accredited schools.

    Credit-By-Examination Fee Reimbursement – Unlimited reimbursement for credit-by-examination fees through CLEP, DSST, TECEP, and Excelsior College up to a maximum of $350.

    Certification and Licensure Examination Fee Reimbursement Program – Unlimited reimbursement for certification or licensure examination fees up to a maximum of $350.

    Excelsior college lpn to rn programStatewide Targeted Tuition Program for Information Technology – This program provides tuition assistance to CSEA-represented NYS Executive Branch employees that are matriculated in a Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information Technology, Telecommunications, or Management Information Systems program. Find out more with the Statewide Targeted Tuition Program for Information Technology flyer [pdf].

    Excelsior college lpn to rn programTargeted Tuition Program for Welding – This program provides tuition assistance to CSEA-represented New York State Operational Services Unit (OSU) and Division of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA) employees who wish to take welding courses. View information on the Welding Targeted Tuition Program [pdf].

    Excelsior college lpn to rn programStatewide Targeted Nursing Program – This program provides additional tuition assistance to CSEA-represented New York State employees matriculated in RN/LPN programs. Find out more with the Statewide Targeted Nursing Program flyer [pdf].

    Excelsior college lpn to rn program Commercial Drivers License Training (CDL)

    Did you know you can use the Partnership’s Tuition Benefits Program to take CDL training and obtain your license? Find out more with the CDL Flyer.

    Helpful Resources

    Excelsior college lpn to rn program

    Tuition Benefits Program Information for NYS Managers and CSEA Leaders

    Encourage your employees to take advantage of their tuition benefits to enhance their job skills and to prepare for future state workforce needs.

    Targeted Tuition Program – Can be used to meet the training needs of a particular position or title. The program supports agency and facility workforce development and succession planning needs. Targeted Tuition Program [pdf] benefits are issued to employees in positions or titles identified by agency and facility labor and management representatives and can be used when coursework or training programs satisfy:

    • Certification or licensing requirements
    • Educational requirements to take a New York State civil service exam
    • Educational requirements to complete a traineeship, or other specific job skills training

    Sober Living Homes – Sober House #sober #home


    If you or a loved one is trying to stop drinking or using drugs, sober living homes may be an option for you. Sober living homes are group homes for people who are recovering from addiction issues. People who live in sober homes have to follow certain rules and contribute to the home by doing chores. Most importantly, residents must stay sober throughout their stay in the home. Living in this type of environment can support sobriety and help alcoholics or addicts adjust to life without their addictions. Many addicts use sober housing to help them transition from rehab to living independently without using drugs or alcohol.

    What Are Sober Living Homes?

    Sober living homes are group homes for addicts. Most of these homes are privately owned, although some group homes are owned by businesses and may even be owned by charity organizations. Homes are usually located in a quiet area to help ensure a peaceful environment for addicts to recover.

    These types of homes are different from rehab centers; rehab centers usually offer a more intensive recovery experience and give residents less freedom. People who live in sober living facilities can usually come and go as they please as long as they follow certain rules. For example, sober living houses may require residents to be home by a certain time or to go to work during the day. Residents are also usually subject to random drug tests to prove that they are sober.

    People who live in these types of facilities are expected to be responsible for themselves. This is an important step in recovery because addiction causes people to act in irresponsible ways, and the friends and families of addicts often enable them by supporting them. People living in sober homes usually have to pay their own rent, buy their own food and do the same things they would do for themselves if they lived in a regular home. However, they also have to submit to random drug testing and follow certain rules.

    Use Our Contact Form or call us anytime at 1-888-341-7785 if you or someone you know is searching for a sober living home to get in touch with an advisor who can help.

    What Types of Rules Do Sober Living Facilities Require?

    Rules differ from facility to facility, but there are some rules that are common to most sober environments. Residents agree to all the rules when they move in, and violations of the rules have consequences. Depending on the violation, residents may have to pay a fine, make amends to another resident or write an essay about what they did. In some cases, residents may be asked to leave the home because of violations of rules.

    The primary rule in all sober living houses is that residents must stay sober. They are not allowed to use alcohol or drugs. In some cases, residents cannot use certain types of mouthwash or cook with certain ingredients, such as vanilla. These items contain alcohol and can lead to false positives if the resident is subjected to a drug test. In addition, residents may get drunk or high on these items. Thus, some sober houses ban the use of items that contain alcohol.

    In addition to these rules, people who live in these types of houses usually have to work or go to school during the day and must contribute to the home by doing chores. They also must refrain from fighting or violence toward other residents. Some people who live in halfway houses are required to be home by a certain time of night. These rules help residents learn to be responsible for themselves and their behavior.

    Who Can Live in a Sober Living House?

    Most sober living homes will accept residents who are new to the rehab process.

    Although most halfway houses do not restrict who may apply to live there, the majority of residents have gone through a rehab program before going to sober living. This makes sense because residents must be able to stay sober in order to live in this type of home. Thus, recovering addicts who already have some sobriety under their belt and some tools to help them stay sober are more likely to succeed at sober living than those who are new to recovery.

    Although this is the best path to take, it is not usually an absolute requirement. Most sober living homes will accept residents who are new to the rehab process as long as those residents are willing to stay sober and live by the other house rules. At the very least, however, residents should have already completed any detox program required to cure physical addiction so they are not acutely ill and unable to work while living in the sober house.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Prices vary for staying in halfway houses, but most of the time it costs about the same as it would cost to live in a modest apartment or home. Sober living residents must pay rent each month. The rent usually amounts to between $450 and $750 per month, depending on where the home is located. Residents have to pay rent on time, but they do not have to pay first and last month’s rent. They also do not have to pay for utilities in most sober homes, although they may get in trouble if they over-use utilities.

    Living in a halfway house is generally cheaper than living in rehab because staff provides fewer services. Residents still have to attend 12-step program meetings on a regular basis and may have to see a therapist while living at a sober living home, but they do not have to attend intensive therapy sessions. This helps bring the cost down. In addition, most sober homes try to ensure that residents can afford to live there so people who desire to stay sober are able to have a safe environment in which to do so.


    If you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, a sober living house may be the right solution. These types of homes help residents stay sober by keeping expectations high and giving them support while allowing them to resume normal activities such as working or going to school. Residents can also get support from one another in the home and make new friends who are committed to sobriety .

    Sober living homes are not for everybody; some people may need to go through detox or rehab before they can successfully live in a sober environment. However, these homes provide a supportive place to transition from the addictive lifestyle to one of sobriety and responsibility. People who have gotten sober and want to stay that way should consider moving into a halfway house or other group home dedicated to sober living. Living in this type of home can aid sobriety and make it more likely that recovering addicts will remain in recovery for the long term.

    If you’d like help finding a sober living home or a treatment program in your area, contact us at 1-888-341-7785. We are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

    Need Help? Contact a Sponsor Treatment Center Below (Who answers?)

    Call us toll free 24/7 at 1-888-341-7785

    Filan – Conner Plumbing – HVAC Contractor, Serving Cherry Hill NJ, find hvac contractor.#Find #hvac #contractor


    Professional Plumbing HVAC Contractor: Filan Conner

    Find hvac contractor

    Find hvac contractor

    Find hvac contractor

    Are you in need of bathroom remodeling, HVAC plumbing services in the South Jersey area? Working with Filan Conner is a great choice. With over 35 years of accumulated industry expertise, we are experienced plumbers that are committed to service, quality, and value that you will not find anywhere else.

    If you would like to ask a question regarding plumbing, heating, air conditioners or bathroom remodeling please contact a plumbing hvac expert from Filan Conner now.

    Find hvac contractor

    No one really wants to have to call a plumber for an emergency. We understand what it’s like to deal with those emergencies which never happen at a convenient time. That’s why our plumbing HVAC technicians act as quickly as possible. And for those improving a kitchen or a bathroom or replacing a water heater, we know how important your remodel is to you. We strive to provide high-quality workmanship with minimal disruption to your home and your life and are thrilled when customers are happy with our work.

    One of the things our customers love about us is that we know your home is your oasis. You need a plumber to get in and out without getting in your way or leaving a mess behind. And if things go awry, we work to make it right. Filan and Conner is a business built on referrals and repeat clients. Our reputation is important to us so each day is a mission to leave every single customer 100% satisfied.

    Over 35 Years of Experience. Proudly Serving the South Jersey Area.

    Here’s what a recent customer who has had some bad experiences with plumbing HVAC companies in the past said about us

    The plumber came to fix a pretty bad leak and were wonderful! They cleaned up after themselves and made it look like nothing ever happened. A lot of people try to take advantage of me because I’m 75 and walk with a cane. I never felt like that with Filan and Conner.

    Filan Conner Services

    Find hvac contractor

    Wordware, Inc, online point of sale software.#Online #point #of #sale #software


    “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”


    Online point of sale software

    School Lunch Software


    “Best in Class” software x top performance = faster lines + more time to dine!

    Online point of sale software

    Online point of sale software


    Cloud updates + auto backup x all platform compatibility = в€ћreliability + lower costs.

    Online point of sale software



    Controlled access = в€љsecurity + convenience 2 .



    Online point of sale software

    Web Based Solutions

    Web Based Solutions

    Work with the system you have. The LCS line of products is usable on virtually any HTML5 capable device.

    Online point of sale software

    Free and Reduced Module

    Free and Reduced Module

    Stay compliant. Our free and reduced module streamlines reporting requirements for your state.

    Online point of sale software

    Family Access

    Family Access

    Group families together to make life easier. Multiple family members can log in and view meal history, make payments and manage their accounts.

    Online point of sale software

    Balance Notification

    Balance Notification

    Keep payments and budgets on track. Low balance email notifications customized for each and every family are sent out nightly.

    Online point of sale software

    Reporting and Charts

    Reporting and Charts

    Generate up-to-date reports faster. Food service reporting for administration and management helps ensure the success of your cafeteria.

    Online point of sale software

    Virtual Machine License

    Virtual Machine License

    Go virtual in any host environment. With multiple images for all virtual technologies, Mayflower can be quickly deployed in your virtual host environment.

    Online point of sale software

    Cloud License

    Cloud License

    Use the cloud without compromising your network. Wordware LCS can be deployed as an entirely cloud-based solution with the proper license.

    Online point of sale software




    Families Participating




    Payments Processed



    When a problem arises, you need it resolved right away. Our technical support staff is ready and waiting to assist you whenever you need it.

    We are here to ensure any problem that arises is addressed immediately, allowing you to get on with your work quickly.

    Software upgrades and unlimited toll-free technical support are included with your annual support contract.

    For technical support please callВ 800-934-2621, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time or emailВ [email protected]

    “Wordware is a user-friendly school foodservice software system! My staff and I use the product for a wide variety of daily needs and like how it is customized to fit the needs of our district. Wordware also provides fast, friendly customer service. Immediate help is available simply by picking up the phone or submitting a work ticket.”

    Meredith Nitka

    Food Service Director Manitowoc Public School District

    “We have been with Wordware for many years. There have been many wonderful improvements in the program in the last couple of years. We love all the reports we can now get and that payments can be made at each site. The data bridge is a huge improvement. We also think the batch edit is a great feature. The Wordware team are great to work with. Highly recommended!”

    FinAid, Answering Your Questions, Colleges with Free Tuition, music colleges in philadelphia.#Music #colleges #in #philadelphia


    music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphiaMusic colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Music colleges in philadelphia

    Colleges with Free Tuition

    More than a dozen colleges offer free tuition to all students. The colleges don’t charge any tuition, but most do charge for room and board and there are other incidental expenses (e.g., books, supplies and equipment, transportation, health insurance, personal expenses), so loans are still required, just not as frequently or as much. Many of these colleges require all students to work. Several of these colleges are located in rural and remote areas.

    The various Armed Forces colleges, including the US Military Academy (West Point, NY), US Naval Academy (Annapolis, MD) and US Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point, NY), do not charge any tuition.

    The University of the People is a free online college, but it is not yet accredited, the courses are mostly introductory and it may start charging admissions application fees.

    Alice Lloyd College (founded 1923) is a 4-year liberal arts college with a religious emphasis located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky. It provides free tuition for residents of the 108 central Appalachian counties (Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia). There are 609 undergraduate students, with a student-faculty ratio of 19:1. All students work 10-20 hours a week.

    Barclay College (founded 1917) is a 4-year bible college located in Haviland, Kansas. There are more than 100 students with a student-faculty ratio of 13:1. The college began providing a full-tuition scholarship for all students in fall 2007.

    Berea College (founded 1855) is a 4-year college located in Berea, Kentucky. There are 1,549 students with a student-faculty ratio of 10:1. All students receive a laptop computer in addition to free tuition. Applicants must demonstrate financial need to be admitted.

    College of the Ozarks is a 4-year work college with a religious emphasis located in Point Lookout, Missouri. All students work 15 hours per week plus two 40-hour work weeks during the academic year. There are 1,334 students, with a student-faculty ratio of 14:1.

    Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (founded 1859) is a 4-year college located in New York. It offers Bachelor’s degrees in art, architecture and engineering, and Master’s degrees in architecture and engineering. There are roughly 920 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students. The student-faculty ratio is 9:1. Cooper Union will begin charging tuition for graduate students in 2013-14; undergraduate tuition will remain free.

    The Curtis Institute of Music (founded 1924) offers degrees in music and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are roughly 130 undergraduate and 30 graduate students. The student-faculty ratio is 5:1.

    Deep Springs College (founded 1917) is an all-male 2-year liberal arts institution located on a 50,000-acre cattle ranch and alfalfa farm in Big Pine, California. Total enrollment is about two dozen. All students work more than 20 hours a week. Most of the students transfer to prestigious four-year colleges after graduation.

    Olin College (founded 2002) is a 4-year college offering Bachelor’s degrees only in engineering and located in Needham, Massachusetts. There are 334 undergraduate students and a 7:1 student-faculty ratio. Due to the economy, Olin College is suspending its 100% full-tuition scholarship starting in 2010-11, replacing it with a 50% tuition scholarship for all students. This means the net cost will be typical of private non-profit colleges.

    Saint Louis Christian College is a 4-year bible college located in Florissant, Missouri. It offers full tuition scholarships for all full-time students who live in campus housing, and half tuition scholarships for full-time commuter students. The scholarships continue if the student maintains satisfactory academic progress. This financial aid policy began in 2005-2006.

    The Webb Institute is a 4-year college located in Glen Cover, New York. All students double major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. There are 90 undergraduate students with a student-faculty ratio of 7:1.

    The William E. Macaulay Honors College at CUNY (established 2001) is a collaborative program of seven CUNY campuses (Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman, Queens, and Staten Island). It provides the 1,200 students with a full-tuition scholarship (not including fees) and a laptop computer. Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA to keep the scholarship. Students are discouraged from working.

    It is not unusual for new colleges, especially professional schools, to offer free tuition to the first year’s class. In some cases this is designed to generate publicity for a new college. The surge of interest usually causes the college to be one of the most selective colleges in the country. In other cases the colleges offer free tuition because of the difficulty in obtaining financial aid at a new college. It takes roughly two years for a new college to get accredited and approved for participation in federal student aid programs. Examples of colleges that have offered free tuition to their first incoming class include Central Florida College of Medicine in 2008 and the University of California/Irvine School of Law (2009-10).

    Other Low Cost Colleges

    More than six dozen colleges have adopted generous no loans financial aid policies that substitute grants for loans in the financial aid packages of low-income students. Such no loans policies can significantly reduce college costs, effectively providing free tuition to students with exceptional financial need (e.g., zero EFC students).

    Some colleges who are unable to afford to eliminate loans from the financial aid packages have instead opted to adopt level or guarantee tuition rates where the tuition or cost of attendance is locked in for four years.

    Free College Courses

    Several colleges have made their courses available online for free, but not for credit. These lectures can serve as study aids for students as well as enrichment material for people who aren’t interested in a college degree.

    These free online college courses include classes available from MIT’s OpenCourseWare (which launched the open courseware movement), Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Tufts University, University of Notre Dame and Open Yale Courses, as well as more than 100 more free online courses listed at the Open Courseware Consortium. (Other free online educational materials can be found at the Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons.)

    There are also collections of free audio and video courses at ITunesU (including Stanford University) and YouTube EDU (including University of California at Berkeley).

    Salman Khan, a former financial analyst, has posted thousands of very popular short 10-minute lectures to YouTube as Khan Academy.

    Sociology – Undergraduate Degrees Online – Online – Distance Degrees #masters #degree #in #sociology #online #programs


    B.A./B.S. in Sociology – Online

    Compare 20+ online undergraduate degrees

    Now accepting students for fall 2017. Classes start Sept. 20.

    OSU’s online sociology degree program explores the study of human society, social forces and social interaction. As a sociology major you will study how human values and community are shaped by class, gender and ethnic differences, and learn about abstract social forces such as modernization and globalization.

    Sociology majors go on to hold successful careers in criminal justice, law, social services, education, non-profit work and news media. An undergraduate degree in sociology is also a stepping stone toward master’s and Ph.D programs and law school.

    This degree program is offered through OSU’s College of Liberal Arts, which is ranked No. 1 in the nation for best online liberal arts colleges. The courses are delivered online by OSU Ecampus.

    Sarah Brown is the first-ever Oregon State Ecampus student to achieve the honor of earning a Fulbright scholarship, and is in good company with five other Oregon State student and alumni recipients and one alternate – a record-breaking number at OSU. Read more »

    Advantages of an Oregon State University online degree

    • All classes are developed by OSU’s renowned faculty, who are known worldwide for their research, expertise and innovation.
    • OSU is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
    • Online students receive the same diploma as on-campus students.
    • Enhance your degree with a minor. OSU Ecampus offers a diverse selection of minors online.
    • Students can study from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

    With more than 1,000 online courses in more than 90 subjects, discover how OSU Ecampus can turn your passion into a lifelong career.

    We’re here to support you

    We understand that there is more involved to being a student than just completing a class. Oregon State Ecampus offers a full range of support services to help our students be successful, such as online tutoring, career services, library services and disability access. Plus, every degree-seeking student has an academic advisor to offer guidance in selecting courses and staying on track for graduation. If you need assistance, please contact Ecampus by email or call 800-667-1465 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT.

    * cost per credit and total cost are calculated using tuition per credit for the current academic year. It does not include associated fees, course materials, textbook expenses, and other expenses related to courses.

    Ranked top 10 in the nation

    OSU Ecampus earned a top 10 ranking for the third year in a row on a list of America’s best online bachelor’s programs. Learn more

    Tips to help you along the way

    Self-guided online classroom tour

    Distance learning for your lifestyle

    Let us answer your questions


    Contact Info

    About Oregon State Ecampus

    Providing access to quality education with 50+ online degree programs

    Quick Navigation

    OSU Ecampus Resources

    OSU Departments

    Division of Extended Campus

    Social Media and Canvas

    CGA Inc: Hole in One Insurance, Prize Coverage & Promotional Events #hole #in #one #insurance, #golf #insurance, #million #dollar #golf #shot, #golf #contests, #sports #promos, #sports #contest, #half #court #shot #prize, #golf #shot #prizes


    CGA Hole In One Insurance:
    At CGA You Play – We Pay

    CGA provides hole in one insurance for contests and unique promotional concepts for the following types of promotions: hole in one insurance, sports contests, direct mail, weather, traffic builders and much more. Hole In One packages starting as low as $125.00.Contact us today for all your promotional needs.

    Free Hole In One Prizes With Every Contest

    Hole In One Packages Include:
    Free Hole In One Prizes for up to Three Additional Par 3’s
    5 Day/4 Night Cruise for Two to the Caribbean.
    Two Round Trip Airline Tickets to Anywhere in the Continental US. (Some restrictions apply)
    Premium Electronics Package: Your Choice of Tablet, Xbox, or 32� Flat Panel TV.

    CGA’s service allows sponsors the opportunity to offer larger prizes for a fraction of the price. Most important, we take pride in offering the most competitive rates along with the best package in the hole-in-one insurance business. We also help to enhance your golf outing by supplying extra prizes and signs at no additional cost to you for your hole in one event. CGA provides prizes for as many as three other Par Three holes. These prizes are of superior quality – the best in the marketplace today!

    Why is CGA Hole In One the best in the hole in one insurance business?

    • Great signs. better hole in one packages, and free shipping
    • Automatic prize restoration – All of your players in your tournament have a chance to win the full prize amount. No dividing of grand prize. Automatic prize restoration
    • Flexible yardage requirements
    • Witness requirements only for the target hole
    • Prizes on additional par 3’s are of superior quality
    • Excellent customer service: CGA Staff members have been with CGA for no less than six years each. Now that’s experience!

    Putting and Million Dollar Hole In One Contests

    Putting Contests are a great addition to any hole in one contest. One 60 foot putt for $2,500.00 can be added for as little as $100.00

    Million Dollar Hole In One contests have been a great addition to charitable events since 1992. Increase awareness, visibility, and participation with a Million Dollar Hole In One prize – Premiums start as low as $225 .

    Free CFD Solver Reviews #cfd #solver,cfd #getting #started,cfd #cad #free #software,cfd #analysis #software,cfd #linux


    Choosing a CFD Solver

    If you are new to computational fluid dynamics, selecting a CFD solver can sometimes be a daunting task. There are a bewildering variety of choices.

    Commercial CFD Packages

    Even though I make my living developing non-commercial CFD codes and helping people use them, it must be said that commercial packages are a good solution for many organizations. So before we dive into the discussion of the various non-commercial CFD solvers, we need to make a quick side trip to the world of commercial software.

    If you are looking at commercial CFD packages, evaluate the different alternatives carefully to be sure you’re getting the right solution for your organization. There are many reputable companies that offer different CFD packages which cover the whole spectrum from highly customized expert systems, to stand-alone solvers, to all-in-one packages that attempt to provide everything you need to do CFD at your company. Follow the link for a short discussion of just a few of them.

    Non-Commercial Alternatives

    One size does not fit all, however, and sometimes businesses find that their needs require a different approach, either for a single project, or for all of their CFD simulations. For example, your projects might require the inclusion of terms in the governing equations which are normally neglected (because they’re very small in most cases). Or, you might require a higher order scheme than is commonly available (for an acoustics application, perhaps). Or maybe your budget just won’t stretch for the licensing costs.

    Whatever your reason, if you need something besides the commercial packages, there are many high quality CFD solvers which are freely available from one source or another. Here are some thumbnail reviews of some of them. Where present, you can follow the links to more detailed descriptions of the software you’re interested in.

    What about the many packages I haven’t covered here? If you are a developer or user of another package, you can contribute your own tip or review of a free cfd solver. You can also see and comment on the reviews that other users have submitted.


    This is the code I use for a lot of my CFD work, whether development or applications. It solves the compressible Euler or Navier-Stokes equations, but beyond that, it is about as flexible a code as any I’ve encountered. There are numerous options for the handling of flow physics and many different computational grid topologies can be handled. Also, Wind-US can be run in parallel in many different ways.

    Along with the CFD solver there are pre-processors, a post-processor, and numerous other utilities that come with it to make your life a bit easier. In summary, Wind-US is not the best code for everything, but it can be applied to more different areas than many other codes. It is freely available (including source code) to U.S. organizations (see the license for restrictions). If that sounds like what you need, check it out.

    In November 2011, the NPARC Alliance released Wind-US version 3.0. I have a review of the new features of this free cfd analysis software.


    This “code” is really a library of C++ routines which facilitate the numerical solution of partial differential equations. Using this library, many different solvers (included with the software) have been built to address many classes of problems in fluid dynamics (and other fields as well). Applications range from laminar incompressible flow to fully turbulent reacting compressible flow to solving the Black-Scholes equation for pricing commodities options. OpenFOAM is freely available worldwide under the GNU Public License. To learn more, see my review of this free CFD solver.


    This is a general purpose structured grid compressible CFD solver maintained primarily by Chris Rumsey at NASA Langley Research Center. One of the code’s many strengths is the diversity of available turbulence models. Like Wind-US, access to CFL3D is restricted to “U.S. persons”.


    The development of this widely used code is led by Pieter Buning at NASA Langley Research Center. This compressible CFD solver is specialized for use on overset structured meshes (aka CHIMERA grids). The recent release of OVERFLOW 2.0 (and now 2.1) saw significant additions which make it a leader in its ability to compute large-scale unsteady problems such as store separation from a full aircraft configuration. For additional details, see my review of this capable computational fluid dynamics software package.


    This code is the solver portion of the TETRUSS (TETR ahedral U nstructured S oftware S ystem) system developed by NASA Langley. USM3D solves the compressible Navier-Stokes equations on unstructured grids made up of tetrahedral elements. Like the other NASA codes, USM3D is free to U.S. organizations, and in this case, training and support for USM3D (and the whole TETRUSS system) is available, for a fee, from ViGYAN, Inc.


    Development of this CFD solver is led by Stéphane Popinet, with support from the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. Gerris solves the incompressible Euler, Stokes, or Navier-Stokes equations using unstructured Cartesian meshes with immersed boundaries. This allows the use of dynamic mesh refinement to automatically generate quality grids around complex geometries.

    At the present time, it is best suited for unsteady flows, but no turbulence models are available as of this writing. As a result, turbulence must either be completely resolved (a direct simulation) or the numerical dissipation of the discretization algorithms must be relied on to act as a model (a la MILES approach). Gerris is freely available under the GNU Public License.

    A World of Options

    From the above, you can see that there is quite a variety to choose from, and this is just scratching the surface. To any readers from outside the United States, I apologize for the U.S. slant to the reviews here; I will try to balance things out eventually with additional reviews of more internationally available packages.

    If you have your own favorite code, you can tell us about it here. You can also see other users’ submissions, and add your own comments.

    New! Comments

    Have your say about what you just read! Leave a comment in the box below.

    Smartphone Ultrasound, MobiUS SP1 #smartphone #ultrasound, #smartphone #ultrasound #attachment, #smartphone #ultrasound #probe, #smart #phone #ultrasound, #smartphone #ultrasound #device, #ultrasound #smartphone, #mobile #ultrasound, #portable #ultrasound, #pocket #ultrasound


    Yes, it s on a smartphone where you can call up the future of medicine.

    This is a game changer. It’s quick and easy to use. It can expedite diagnosis and guide injections, aspirations and line placements. It’s so affordable that cost need not be a barrier to care. Until now, 60% of the world did not have access to ultrasound. It was too costly or simply not portable enough to get to them. Those days are over.

    • Small and portable
      The MobiUS SP1 System can fit in your pocket and it’s light enough to take anywhere. So you can take imaging to your patient, easily.
    • Easy
      We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the MobiUS SP1 is quick to learn and simple to operate.
    • Connected
      Images are readily stored in 8 GB capacity and quickly shared from the MobiUS SP1 smartphone ultrasound device via secure Wi-Fi, cellular networks or USB.
    • Affordable
      We’ve put imaging within the economic reach of healthcare professionals – everywhere. Now smaller, more resource-constrained facilities and healthcare teams can offer more complete care.

    Display: 4.1″ WVGA (800×480) touch screen

    Dimensions: 5.1″ x 2.76″ x 0.4″ (130mm x 70mm x 9.9mm)

    Weight: 11.6 oz (includes probe)

    Image Resolution: Up to 480×480

    Image storage: 8 GB or optional additional storage up to 32 GB

    Share Images: Email or USB sync to PC

    Network Connectivity: Wi-Fi or cellular

    Battery: Continuous scan time over 60 min; Extended Battery: up to 330 min continuous scan time

    Supported Transducers:
    3.5 and 5.0 MHz — Abdominal, OB/Gyn, guidance procedures
    7.5 and 12 MHz — Vascular, guidance procedures, small organs

    Primary Care: Abdomen, Aorta, Kidneys, Gallbladder, Thyroid, Soft Tissue, Vascular, Small organs, Implants, Foreign Bodies, Bladder

    OB/GYN: Pregnancy confirmation/Dates, Viability, Placenta, Fetal presentation, Ectopic pregnancy, Amniotic Fluid Assessment

    Emergency Medicine: FAST exam to detect impact of trauma, Vascular, Small organs, Chest, OB/Gyn, Cardiac

    Vascular: DVT evaluation, vascular access and line placement, Carotid

    Videos Images

    IP Phones #ip #phone #systems #for #business


    Allworx ® Verge™ IP Phones

    1. Requires an additional advanced software license key(s).
    2. A system extension does not have an individual voicemail box (e.g. break room, customer service queue). The maximum number of system extensions is equal to the maximum number of user licenses available for a server.
    3. Handsets include Allworx IP phones, activated Allworx Reach licenses, generic SIP devices, and analog devices.
    4. Requires Allworx System Software 8.1 or higher.

    Programmable Function Buttons

    We believe your business phone should work the way you like to use it. Use the Programmable Function Buttons to customize your individual phone.


    Speed dial your favorite personal contacts or colleagues in the corporate directory. For colleagues who are also in the Allworx system, you can see their presence setting and real-time call status (active call, active ringing, or do not disturb).

    ACD Appearance

    Used by call center agents to receive incoming calls into their assigned ACD queues. They can also use this button to log in/out and update temporary status (e.g. break, lunch). This feature requires an Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software license key.

    Call Supervision

    Allows supervisors to participate in any agent calls in three possible modes – silent (just listening), whisper (only the agent can hear the supervisor), or barging (supervisor can join the active ongoing conversation).

    Emergency Alert Monitoring

    Flashes alternating red and amber colors when 911 is dialed within the Allworx system. It also indicates the extension from which the call is made so you can direct the emergency crew to the exact location.

    Hot Desking

    Great for shared or temporary work spaces where users must share the same Allworx IP phone. Once a user logs in with a unique extension and pin, that shared Allworx IP phone automatically becomes his/her unique extension.

    Park Monitor

    Allows you to monitor parked calls that are waiting to be answered. If you have a multi-site configuration set up, you can monitor parked calls on other Allworx sites as well.

    Queue Alarm

    Alerts agents when callers in a specific queue have exceeded a specified wait time and/or a specified number of callers are waiting in that queue. This feature requires an Allworx Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software license key.

    Shared Call Appearance

    Useful when you want to share a line(s) among multiple users. Do you and your colleagues want to be able to say “Hi, there is a call for you on line one”? It can be easily set up in an Allworx system.

    To see the complete list of programmable functions, download the Allworx IP phone user guide or brochure from the Allworx Resources page.

    Verge IP phones contain, in part, open source software that has been developed by third parties without any affiliation to Allworx. To learn more, visit Allworx open source software page .

    Trade-Up and Trade-In Program

    It’s easy to grow your business with Allworx Connect.

    Not sure how many employees you’ll be adding in the future? You can always trade up from one Connect system to another with ease.

    Or perhaps you have an older Allworx system (6×12, 6x, 48x, or 24x) you’re looking to upgrade? Trade it in for a brand new Connect system at a price that’s easy on the wallet.

    Home – Algonquin College, college information technology.#College #information #technology


    Important Dates

    9 Thanksgiving Day (College closed)

    Jan 1 Christmas Break (College closed)

    AC Events

    25 – 28 Fall Convocation Ceremonies (Ottawa Campus)

    This is our turn to dream.

    To be bold. To do our part to build, create, and move us into the future.

    Cheryl Jensen – President and Chief Executive Officer of Algonquin College

    Explore the campuses and book a tour

    Student Support Services

    AC Career Opportunities

    Financial Aid


    Students’ Association

    The AC Community

    AC Blog

    College information technology

    The IgniteAC Centre has won the Startup Canada Entrepreneur Support Award (Ontario)! The award recognizes government organizations, not-for-profits, academic institutions and private for-profit businesses that demonstrate excellence in advancing Canadian entrepreneurship through their leadership, innovation and impact.


    College information technology


    College information technology

    Want to see some of the hottest events happening at AC? Keep an eye on the AlgonquinSA Calendar stay in the know…


    College information technology

    19 more days to register for the #AC50 Colour Run Walk! Complete with a swag bag, Warm-up Stretch and Cool Down Yoga Class! ‍♀️ #Amazing50 . See More See Less


    College information technology

    Current Students


    The AC Advantage

    College information technology

    College information technologyAlgonquin’s organizational philosophy is defined by its mission, vision and core values. The following are intended to serve as points of inspiration, carefully articulating our purpose.

    To transform hopes and dreams into lifelong success.

    To be a global leader in personalized, digitally connected, experiential learning.

    Internet usage monitor to track everything employees do at work, Work Examiner, monitor network usage.#Monitor #network #usage


    Monitor employee internet usage at work

    Monitor network usage

    Why Work Examiner?

    • 30+ web usage reports
    • scheduled reports via e-mail
    • export to popular file formats
    • easy to deploy
    • 100% stealth work

    free 30-day trial

    • Monitor network usage
    • Monitor network usage
    • Monitor network usage
    • Monitor network usage
    • Monitor network usage
    • Monitor network usage

    Monitor network usage

    Web usage analytics

    Scheduled reports

    Monitor network usage

    Monitor network usage

    Export capabilities

    Easy to deploy

    Monitor network usage

    Monitor network usage

    Stealth mode

    Work Examiner will work stealth on user’s PC: no icons, processes and windows visible. And no problems with anti-viruses.

    Work Examiner is not Internet usage monitoring software only, it can also:

    • Totally computer usage time (apps + web)
    • Restrict web access and block programs by various filtering policies
    • Collect screenshots, keystrokes, chat conversations, e-mails received\sent
    • Show PC usage data in real-time
    • Monitor files usage, block USB drives
    • More…


    Enjoyed WE’s ability to track active and idle surfing time

    Michael Bradley, CIO

    Nice tool, provides a lot of graphs and in-depth Internet usage data.

    Wanessa Lee, System Administrator

    Download Work Examiner and start to filter Internet instantly!

    Install Work Examiner all over your network within 5 minutes

    Angling Trust Organisation for Anglers #resources #trust #company


    The Angling Trust is the representative body for game, coarse and sea anglers in England and Wales. Our members support the campaigns and legal action we carry out to protect fish stocks and our programmes to increase the number of anglers fishing for fun and in competitions. We’re fighting for the future of YOUR fishing, but we need YOUR support to do more. If you want to protect your fish and fishing, for now and in future, join your representative body today.

    Fish Legal (formerly the ACA) a unique, non-profit making organisation set up to use the law to fight pollution and other damage to the water environment – both freshwater and marine – and to protect the rights of anglers and angling. We act for fishing clubs, fishery owners, syndicates, commercial fisheries across the whole of the UK. In England only, we act for the Angling Trust as well as other members.


    Joining the Angling Trust as an individual member includes great benefits. You get 10% off at fishing venues, free �5m public liability insurance worth �14.99, entry to Angling Trust member only competitions two copies of our magazine each year, discounts on tackle, books fishing mags and outdoor gear, membership of our Fish for Free Loyalty Points Scheme, e-updates and members only prize draws plus more – for all the details click on the picture above.

    Those who participate in sporting activities must ensure that anything they do does not cause injury or loss to other people or damage their property. Angling activities are no exception and the Angling Trust has developed a Civil and Employers Liability facility for Affiliated Member Clubs and Organisations. For the full details and to purchase this insurance call our office on 0844 77 00 616 (Option 1) – your call will only take a few minutes and costs less than 5p a minute from landlines.

    About The Angling Trust

    The Angling Trust is the representative body for game, coarse and sea anglers in England and Wales. Our members support the campaigns and legal action we carry out to protect fish stocks and our programmes to increase the number of anglers fishing for fun and in competitions. We’re fighting for the future of YOUR fishing, but we need YOUR support to do more. If you want to protect your fish and fishing, for now and in future, join your representative body today.

    Bradford School Pittsburgh, PA Specialized Associate Degree programs, paralegal programs in pa.#Paralegal #programs #in #pa


    Finish First at Bradford School!

    Everything we do at Bradford School is so you can Finish First.

    • Programs are accelerated, so graduation rates are high.
    • Classes are smaller and focus on the skills employers need, so your learning can be relevant.
    • Proactive career services are offered to graduates, so you have help finding a good job.

    Find out more about how we help students Finish First through our student resources, career-focused programs, and career placement.

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Employment growth since 1989 has been driven entirely by those with an education beyond high school.

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Conveniently located in Pittsburgh, PA, Bradford School offers career-focused programs in many growing occupations. Some of our programs include an externship, where students get to learn from a real-world experience. Our programs are designed to be completed by full-time students in 8-16 months, depending on the program and diploma or specialized degree option that you choose.

    Around Bradford

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Congrats to our Graduates!

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Congrats to our Graduates!

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Our active student body took a trip to PPG for ice skating.

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Watch our video and see what life is like at Bradford School Pittsburgh!

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Dental Assisting students get to practice taking both digital and traditional film radiographs on our patient!

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Our Hospitality Travel students after they presented their final project presentations in Event Planning. Each student chose one event to plan and present where they detailed the theme, budget, guest list, menu, location and schedule!

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Computer students in PC Hardware and Diagnostics class working in small teams to disassemble, identify parts and rebuild laptops.

    Paralegal programs in pa

    Merchandising students in Sales Management researched Fortune 500 companies with the best practices and presented their findings to the class!

    PTA Program Accreditation

    Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management #bachelor #health #information #management


    Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management

    SAQA ID: 91934, NQF: LEVEL 7 (CREDITS: 360)

    Are you the type of person who feels compassion and concern for the people? Prepare to skill up and serve humanity in the public eye.

    Lyceum s School of Public Safety Studies is at the forefront of training and education in the field of public safety. The role that disaster and safety management plays in the society cannot be underestimated. Major catastrophes worldwide, have accentuated the importance of disaster management i e. to safeguard and protect human lives and property. Occupational Health and Safety is also a sensitive issue, which in the industrialised environment precipitates certain risks that may affect negatively on society. The primary role of agencies and individuals specialising in disaster and safety management is to cope with disasters within a predetermined framework. These agencies and individuals coordinate and plan for natural and man-made disasters. In essence, this means a working relationship with all relevant public sector agencies and non-governmental organisations at national, provincial and local levels that include the police, emergency services, public health officials, charities and numerous private agencies. The development of professional practitioners in the field of disaster and safety management is a pre-requisite to ensure that the country copes adequately with disasters and industrialised incidents.

    Many practitioners in both the private and public sectors may want to acquire a formal qualification in disaster and safety management to augment their performance in this specialised field. Disasters are an international phenomenon acquiring the assistance of all role players involved, irrespective culture and/or borders. Recent international disasters are a practical example of cross border assistance. Safety in the workplace is of equal importance, as the health and economical system of the country may be affected, especially in the event of major incidents. This necessitates international cooperation, liaison and information sharing. This program is developed to focus on these issues.

    The Bachelor of Arts in Disaster and Safety Management is a NQF – level 7 programme that has been developed to provide learners with specific knowledge and competencies to ensure that graduates are prepared for the challenges of a career in this exiting and specialised field.

    Lyceum College is a leading provider of training to the law enforcement fraternity and the addition of this program is seen as a natural extension of its services to practitioners in a closely related profession.

    Lyceum s School of Public Safety Studies is at the forefront of training and education in the field of Public Safety. Our degree programmes are uniquely structured by professionals in the field to meet the demands of the South African Society. We are committed to ensuring our students are equipped with industry relevant skills and gain comprehensive knowledge to make a valuable contribution in South Africa and succeed in their chosen career.

    Careers You Can Pursue

    Learners could pursue a career as a:

    • Disaster Management Specialist/Practitioner
    • Operations Risk Officer
    • Local Government Disaster Management
    • Construction and Mine Safety.

    To study this course, you will need to meet the following requirements:

    The minimum entry requirement is a National Senior Certificate OR equivalent as prescribed by law.

    Minimum – Three (3) years of study (part-time)

    Maximum – Six (6) years of study (part-time)

    Upon successful completion of this programme, you will receive a:

    Bachelor of Arts in Disaster Safety Management.

    Contents of Course

    Retire in Delaware, why form an llc in delaware.#Why #form #an #llc #in #delaware


    Retire in Delaware The secret is out. Southern Delaware is a retirement oasis.

    “For people living in the area between Southern New Jersey and Washington DC, a popular weekend and retirement destination lies near the Delaware shore. A three-hour drive from both Philadelphia and Washington DC, the Rehoboth Beach area has been a magnet for retirees over the past several years. The beaches feature dolphins throughout the summer months, a mile-long boardwalk and more than 70 restaurants.”

    Why form an llc in delaware

    Tax Benefits Delaware property taxes are among the lowest in the nation. With your savings, you’ll enjoy fun times together.

    Location Retire in Southern Delaware and enjoy natural beauty, year-round comfort, and miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline.

    Healthy Lifestyle Retiring in Southern Delaware offers many recreational opportunities and access to top-rated healthcare facilities such as Beebe Medical Center.

    Why form an llc in delaware

    Why Love Delaware? is a website dedicated to exposing everything great about living and retiring in Delaware. Check it out and share why you love DE!

    Tax Benefits:

    Property taxes on a 2,000 square foot home in Delaware will run in the range of $125/month (less than 10% of the tax on an equivalent home in New Jersey). Sussex County Delaware is tied for second among all U.S. counties for the lowest ratio of median annual property tax to home value. This means that the percent of your home value devoted to property taxes will be about as low as it can be.

    With your savings, you’ll enjoy fun times together — and with the grandkids.

    Why form an llc in delaware


    Sussex County, Delaware offers a relaxed environment that is close to the action while providing a vibrant culture all its own. The location affords easy access to the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast. Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore are all within a three hour drive.

    Add one more hour to your drive and you can see a Broadway show in New York City. But you really won’t need to go that far to enjoy five star restaurants, a lively theater and arts community, and endless opportunities for events and outdoor recreation. Most are available year round, with V.I.P. benefits for local residents during the off season.

    Why form an llc in delaware

    Healthy Lifestyle:

    Beebe Healthcare, a not-for-profit community hospital, is located in downtown, historic Lewes. Specialized service lines include Cardiac and Vascular, Oncology, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology/Bariatrics and Women’s Health. Beebe has received the Healthgrades Orthopaedic Surgery Excellence Award nine years in a row (2007-2015).

    Why form an llc in delaware

    Exchange Server 2013 Disaster Recovery #exchange #recovery


    In this blog post we will be learning on how to Recover Exchange Server 2013 if it is crashed. Although the steps remain same in 2013, however there are few pre-requisites changes which we will explore in this blog.

    The account with which we are going to perform Recovery should be a member of Domain Admins Group and Enterprise Admins Group along with Exchange Organization Management Group.

    Disaster Recovery is purely based on the Data which is available. By which we can recover an Exchange Server. This data is available in any one of the Domain Controller which is reachable at the time of recovery. Exchange Configuration information is available on a Domain Controller under Configuration Partition. Disaster Recovery is not possible only when there is only one Exchange Server which is also a Domain Controller. It is always a best practice to have your Exchange Server running on a member server. This is applicable for Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Although the steps to recover is little different, however the concept remains same.

    Always maintain a proper backup of AD System State and Exchange Database Files.


    Exchange Server 2013. MBX

    Windows Version. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

    Forest Functional Level. Windows Server 2008 R2

    Domain Functional Level. Windows Server 2008 R2

    Functional Domain Controller (Should be Reachable)

    Same Sever name and Operating System for Recovery. DO NOT ADD THE MACHINE TO DOMAIIN.

    How to check what was the operating system the server was running before crash and its name.

    Figure 1.1. Properties of crashed sever using Active Directory Users and Computers

    Assign same static IP address.

    How to get the IP address. Go to any AD Integrated DNS server and check for the host name of the crashed server. Make a note of the IP address and assign the same address.

    Same drive letters are mandatory. Else recovery will fail.

    How to get drive letters of crashed server.

    Figure 1.2. In ADSIEDIT go to the location as shown above.

    Go to the properties of “Mailbox Database 1679725872” and make a note of below attribute value for drive letters which has the database and log file path.

    These attributes will have database file path and log file path.

    Caution. Working with ADSIEDIT requires core understanding on how the tool works. If you are not confident of handling the tool then it is recommended to have an expert advice. Please be careful.

    Before adding the server to Domain. Go to Active Directory Users And Computers Right Click the crashed server and Select “Reset Account ” as shown below.

    Figure 1.3. Resent Account.

    In figure 1.3 once the Account is reset then we will be able to join the same server to the domain.

    Now that we have added the machine to domain. Its time to check if Exchange information is available on Domain. To check that login to any one domain controller and open ADSIEDIT.

    Caution. Working with ADSIEDIT requires core understanding on how the tool works. If you are not confident of handling the tool then it is recommended to have an expert advice. Please be careful.

    To open ADSIEDIT go to Start Administrative Tools ADSIEDIT

    In the console right click ADSIEDIT Select Connect Too… Select a well Known Naming Context In the drop down menu select Configuration.

    Below is the DN of the server object which was crashed.

    Figure 1.4. DN of Exchange Server

    Figure 1.5. Location in GUI.

    Now that we have confirmed that Exchange Server Object resides in AD and its safe to move further by running Disaster Recovery. Before running Disaster Recovery please ensure that the required Roles and Features are installed as shown below.

    Open Windows Powershell and type the below commands.

    Add-WindowsFeature Desktop-Experience, NET-Framework, NET-HTTP-Activation, RPC-over-HTTP-proxy, RSAT-Clustering, RSAT-Web-Server, WAS-Process-Model, Web-Asp-Net, Web-Basic-Auth, Web-Client-Auth, Web-Digest-Auth, Web-Dir-Browsing, Web-Dyn-Compression, Web-Http-Errors, Web-Http-Logging, Web-Http-Redirect, Web-Http-Tracing, Web-ISAPI-Ext, Web-ISAPI-Filter, Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console, Web-Metabase, Web-Mgmt-Console, Web-Mgmt-Service, Web-Net-Ext, Web-Request-Monitor, Web-Server, Web-Stat-Compression, Web-Static-Content, Web-Windows-Auth, Web-WMI

    Post installing the roles and features restart the server and install the software as listed in Microsoft Site. Please click here for installing the required software.

    You also have to install the updates listed in this article KB974405

    Now its time to create the folder path as listed in the attributes as shown below.

    “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1679725872”

    Post creating the folder path restore the data files as shown below.

    “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1679725872\Mailbox Database 17679725872.edb”

    Note. Database file path and log file path may differ in practical scenario.

    Download Exchange Server 2013 from here and save it in a local drive.

    Open Windows Powershell and type the below command.

    Figure 1.6. Recover Server Switch

    Figure 1.7. Configuring Prerequisites

    Figure 1.8. Setup completed Successfully.

    Disaster Recovery is completed and its time to get the Mailbox database in place. Restore the database and mount the store.

    Figure 1.9. Mount the Database by selecting the option as shown above.

    Figure 1.10. Emails are restored and users are able to send and receive emails.

    Disaster Recovery is completed and we are able to send and receive emails.

    Important Points to Remember

    1. Good Exchange Database Files backup is mandatory.
    2. Its easy to recover the server if it’s a member server.
    3. Healthy Active Directory can help us recover the server faster.

    MSEXCHANGETEAM | Ideas That Clicks

    There are 3 MMC files available in
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Bin\

    1) Details Template Editor
    2) Exchange Queue Viewer
    3) Exchange Toolbox

    I have checked before i tried to recover the exchange server, they were working fine, but after recovery these 3 files are not working.

    Please check once in your end after recovery.

    Thanks Regards,

    Venkat, This is the default option available in 2013. In order for you to have a complete management experience then please open Exchange Shell.

    Get-ECPVirtualDirectory | fl inter*

    Copy this link and paste in the browser.

    You will get the option to login to EAC. Once you are in then you will get what you are expecting from it.

    Please let me know if that is not helping you.

    Actually EAC is working fine, am looking for the mails Queue viewer.

    Mail Queue option not available in EAC.

    Can you please check how to check the mails which are in Queue in graphical mode .

    Exon oil spill #hes, #hes #analyst #estimates, #hes #earnings #estimates, #hes #share #estimates, #hes #analyst #recommendations, #hes #ratings, #hess #corp. #analyst #estimates, #hess #corp. #earnings #estimates, #hess #corp. #analyst #recommendations, #hess #corp. #analyst #ratings


    Hess Corp.

    • Jun. 20, 2017 at 4:41 p.m. ET
    • by Sara Sjolin

    A popular exchange-traded fund used to bet on the energy sector on Tuesday was looking at its worst daily decline in more than three months, according to FactSet data. The Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF was down 2.2% in recent trade, putting it on pace to log its steepest drop since March 8, when it plunged 2.6%. The slump in the energy-focused ETF was led by sharp drops in Transocean Ltd. Hess Corp. and Marathon Oil Corp. which were down at least 4%. All of the index s components were trading in the red, in early trade. The decline for the sector comes as crude-oil prices sink to a seven-month low and are flirting with a close in bear-market territory, defined as a fall of at least 20% from a recent peak. Crude s slump was putting pressure on the S P 500 index. with the energy sector the worst performer among the benchmark s 11 sectors, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average was lower, weighed by a 1.6% decline in shares of Chevron Corp. and a 1.3% fall in shares of Exxon Mobil Corp.

    • Jun. 20, 2017 at 10:41 a.m. ET
    • by Mark DeCambre

    Hess Corp. announced Monday a deal to sell its stake in enhanced oil recovery assets in the Permian Basin for $600 million to Occidental Petroleum Corp. The deal includes Hess s 34.2% interest in the Seminole-San Andres Unit and the 46.6% stake in the Seminole Gas Processing Plant in Texas, the 100% stake in the West Bravo Dome C02 field in New Mexico and the 9.9% interest in the Bravo Dome unit in New Mexico. The deal is expected to close on Aug. 1. Hess s stock slipped 0.2% and Occidental shares fell 0.3% in morning trade, while the S P 500 gained 0.4%.

    • Jun. 19, 2017 at 9:32 a.m. ET
    • by Tomi Kilgore

    Hess to sell stake in enhanced oil recovery assets in Permian Basin for $600 mln to Occidental Petroleum

    Hess to sell stake in enhanced oil recovery assets in Permian Basin for $600 mln to Occidental Petroleum

    • Jun. 19, 2017 at 9:28 a.m. ET
    • by Tomi Kilgore

    Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. shares rose 1.4% to $101.57 in morning trade Friday, after the company announced several new executives will start June 5. The news follows a massive managerial shake-up at the biopharmaceutical company in late May, in which Alexion announced the departures of its chief commercial officer, chief financial officer — who started at the company in December — and two executive vice presidents. The company has faced a scandal over sales practices for its expensive blood disorder medication Soliris. Alexion named John Orloff, who previously served as executive vice president at Novelion Therapeutics Inc. as its head of research and development, and named Anne-Marie Law, who previously served as chief human resources officer at Hyatt Hotels Corporation. as the new chief human resources officer. Alexion also named Indrani Lall Franchini, previously chief compliance officer at Hess Corporation. as its new chief compliance officer. Alexion shares have dropped 23.5% over the last three months, compared with with a 2% rise in the S P 500.

    • Jun. 2, 2017 at 10:33 a.m. ET
    • by MarketWatch
    • Jun. 1, 2017 at 9:25 a.m. ET
    • by Rebecca Ballhaus

    Energy stocks led S P 500 decliners on Tuesday, as crude oil prices extended recent losses after OPEC stopped short of more aggressive action to cut production. July West Texas Intermediate crude declined by 35 cents, or 0.7%, to $49.46 a barrel, as traders returned to their desks after the holiday weekend. Devon Energy was the biggest decliner, falling 2.8%. Kinder Morgan Inc. shed 2.6%, Hess Corp. fell 2.4% and Chesapeake Energy Corp. was down 2.5%. Cimarex Energy Co. fell 2.2% and Williams Companies Inc. was down 1.9%. Pioneer Natural Resources Corp. fell 1.9% and Marathon Oil Corp. was down 1.9%. Tesoro Corp. bucked the trend to gain 0.7%, after the stock was upgraded to overweight from equal weight Tuesday at Morgan Stanley. Analysts pointed to several catalysts for the oil refiner, including its acquisition of Western Refining Inc. which they expect will diversify its growth opportunities. The S P 500 was flat.

    • May. 30, 2017 at 10:47 a.m. ET
    • by Ciara Linnane
    • May. 25, 2017 at 6:16 p.m. ET
    • by Michael Brush

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    Met life annuity

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    Apply for MetLife Rapid Term life insurance for coverage up to $500,000, with no medical exam required, just a few health questions.

    Part of our U.S. business has separated from MetLife to become its own company.


    The descriptions below may help you identify your dental network. If not, log in to MyBenefits to find a dentist.

    • Supports the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program, a Dental PPO plan
    • Visit any licensed dentist or specialist (however, out of pocket costs are usually lower when you go to a participating dentist)

    PDP Plus

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    • Federally Facilitated Marketplace customers, please select this plan if you reside in one of the following states: AZ, FL, GA, IL, MI, MO, NC, NJ, OH, PA, TX, VA, WI. (Note: this listing of states on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace where MetLife has filed to be a participating SHOP dental carrier is subject to change)
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    • Available only to employees living in CA, FL, NJ, NY and TX
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    • Federal or State Marketplace customers, please select this network for Dental HMO/Managed Care Plans. Plan names begin with your state abbreviation (Ex: FL Family Basic Plan for Florida)
    • State based marketplace participants from the NY State of Health and DC Health Link, please select the PDP Plus Network

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    How many times have you bought a tie for your dad, your husband, your son for yourself. They definitely make the perfect gift. AND they re also super easy to make! Once you sew one, you ll want to make them for every occasion and for every guy you know. They re that fun. And uncomplicated.

    The Everyday Necktie comes in THREE sizes:
    • BOY S TIE 3 to 7 years old
    (43 inches finished length)
    • TWEEN TIE 7 to 11 years old
    (46 inches finished length)
    • MEN S TIE 11 years +
    (62 inches finished length)

    The pattern comes in THREE styles:
    Classic • Skinny • Color-Blocked

    For each Tie you need:
    • 1 yard of OUTER fabric
    • 1 yard of LINING fabric
    • small amount of twill tape or bias tape (optional)

    This pattern is aimed at 100% quilting cotton because it s an easy fabric to work with, gives your tie an everyday look, and comes in so many cool prints. But feel free to use beautiful silks, brocades, and whatever else catches your eye!

    FABRICS USED in this Pattern
    Most of the fabrics in this pattern are from the Boardwalk Delight collection, designed by Dana Willard (myself) for Art Gallery Fabrics.
    You can read and see all the details HERE .

    This pattern is great for any sewer, even if you re just starting out. My goal was to keep the process as simple as possible, because other necktie patterns I ve seen feel complicated with extra steps, interfacing, and excessive hand sewing. You ll be amazed at how quickly these ties come together! And how cool they look.

    • This is a 26-page PDF downloadable document You are NOT mailed a physical paper pattern.
    • After purchase you will receive TWO emails. One is payment confirmation. The other email has a download link and instructions.
    PLEASE SAVE the Document to your COMPUTER (rather than a mobile device. The pattern works best on a desktop or laptop) Do a save as to your computer and then you will always have the pattern file because your download link will expire at some point.
    • The file size is 1.2 MB
    • Pages print to 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (you do not need to print every page)

    • By purchasing this pattern, you are free to make Neckties from the pattern and sell them in your small-scale shop, such as an etsy shop, or for a local fundraising event. No production license needed. Please mention in your product listing that you used the Everyday Necktie Pattern by MADE Everyday .
    (and link to
    • NO mass production please.

    Okay. Let s sew!

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    We just wanted to say a sincere thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our house! We absolutely love the way it looks. The colors are beautiful and we feel like we have a brand new home. We were also very impressed by everyone we met with at M E. Matt was so professional and he instinctively knew what colors we were looking for. We only tried out one set of colors, and they were the right ones. Our crew was excellent; everyone was friendly, professional, and efficient. We were not able to believe how they completed such a fantastic job in just five days! We really appreciate all the kindness and professionalism from everyone at M E. Thank you for making this process so simple for us. Painting our house had intimidated us but it turned out to be the least painless of all projects. We will definitely recommend M E Painting to all our friends.

    It has been more than two years since I said “I can do it myself” Our home is a ranch style and didn’t seem like it would involve much climbing. Retirees have a lot of time. Anyway help was available from family members. Well, after looking at the highest peak of the house still not done after giving it a try, help was near. Matt’s crew just finished painting two of my neighbor’s house. The sign was in the yard, and the quality of their work was on display so I gave them a call. From our first meeting I was impressed with Matt’s professional manner. While Matt was measuring and estimating the cost, he handed a me a full book of references and information about M E Painting. Before Matt completed the estimate, I was sold.

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    Eric and his crew just finished painting our home. We are very pleased! I have to admit that I had my doubts at the beginning about what would what would happen due to my previous experiences with other painters. I was also concerned that the cost seemed a bit high.

    It was worth every penny! I would recommend your company to anyone!

    I was especially pleased that the crew deported themselves in a gentlemanly manner. They cleaned up after themselves daily. They were conscientious regarding our nosy pet. Any questions were addressed immediately during the walk through.

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    Sex ads: It isn t just

    A new report could defend the besieged and it comes from the same research organization that has been used in the campaign against the classified-ad site.

    Activists calling for the site to shutter its adult classifieds section on the grounds that it promotes sex trafficking like New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof have seized on research from Advanced Interactive Media Group (AIM) showing that across a handful of sites carrying prostitution ads, 70 percent come from Backpage. Another significant finding from the organization is that the site s parent company, Village Voice Media, makes $22 million from such ads. Again and again, critics of the site trot out these, and similar, statistics drawn from AIM research but the organization’s latest study highlights just how far online prostitution spans beyond Backpage.

    In fact, the first lines of the report return to the supposedly resolved issue of sex ads on Craigslist: Prostitution ads are back on Craigslist. If they ever left in the first place. As the report explains, shortly after the adult section was shuttered, AIM reviewed the classified site and found that there were few if any blatant ads for prostitution. But now, AIM has found that ads that appear to be for paid sex work are posted regularly on Craigslist. Granted, the numbers are much lower than they were before the site closed its adult services section and specific stats weren t available ahead of this writing but some [ads] were as blatant as they were before the closure, and a subset included terms like barely legal (which is often used to signal the opposite: underage girls).

    In addition, AIM found sex ads on mainstream sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Mostly, these ads come in the form of Facebook pages, blog posts or tweets advertising an escort service or individual sex workers. Researchers also found such ads on and (interestingly, the latter is owned by the New York Times Co. which employs Kristof, arguably the most vocal critic of Backpage).

    The release lays out the financial benefit to hosting such ads: Whether free or paid, listings and ads for escort services and similar adult content frequently serve a business purpose for sites like and, the report explains. They drive traffic and page-views; they deliver legitimate results for seemingly (or pseudo-) legitimate businesses; and they provide search results with adjacent paid or pay-per-click ads, which can generate revenue as they are served.

    The volume of these ads is nowhere near that on Backpage, but AIM s finding shows how easily sex ads proliferate online, even in legitimate online venues. Keeping these ads from popping up online is like trying to keep frogs in a bucket.

    Asked to comment on whether this latest research poses a challenge to the effort to shut down Backpage s adult section, Peter M. Zollman, founding principal of AIM, said, Ads for prostitution are in hundreds or thousands of places online, and anyone looking for them can find them. Backpage and Craigslist are just two sites, and both have taken pretty aggressive steps to eliminate ads involving trafficking in children. The AIM report doesn t look specifically at the existence of trafficking ads, as opposed to general sex ads, but as anti-trafficking activists have told me. they see the two as inseparable.

    Update: A publicist from tells me the site is in the process of removing any pages from that include links to escort services and says they represent a very small percentage of overall pages on

    Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 2 #sheet #metal #workers #local



    Any questions regarding the program can be directed to the
    Sheet Metal Apprentice Office, at 816-353-0038.

    **Next test date 6-20-2017 – application must be in by 6-15-2017**

    Sheet Metal Workers fabricate and install metal ducts, which are used in ventilating, air conditioning, and heating systems. They also fabricate and install a wide variety of other products made form thin metal sheets, such as roofing and siding, commercial stainless steel kitchen equipment, partitions, sheet metal shelves in industrial establishments, store fronts and chutes used for movement of material. Sheet metal workers cut the metal with hand snips, power shears, and other types of cutting tools.

    AN APPLICATION FEE OF $50.00 MUST BE WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION. Cash, Money Order, Debit or Credit (no personal checks accepted)

    Age- 18 years of age (Proof of age required, valid Drivers License must be submitted at time of application.)

    Applicant must be able to perform essential job functions of the trade. with due regard to aptitude, attitude, personal characteristics, and shall be subject to a medical examination and a urinalysis test for drugs prior to being employed. Any applicant who has a positive urinalysis test, or who refuses to take such a test, will not be admitted. The Apprenticeship Fund will pay for the cost of the urinalysis and physical.

    Must live in the jurisdiction of the Apprentice and Journeyman Training Fund of Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #2.

    All applicants will be subject to an exam administered by the Business and Technology Center. The test will be over the following:

    o Numerical Skills-designed to assess basic numerical skills in performance of operations with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and basic word problems involving arithmetic.

    o Elementary Algebra-designed to assess skills commonly acquired in the first high school algebra course.

    o Reading Skills-measures reading comprehension.

    o Spatial Relations-measures the ability to visualize a three dimensional object from a two dimensional pattern, and visualize how this product would look if rotated in space.

    o Mechanical Aptitude-paper and pencil test that measures the ability to understand the basic mechanical principals of machinery, tools, and motion

    The time required for an applicant to complete all of these tests listed above is approximately 3 hours. All persons must have a photo ID at the time of testing. (No Exceptions)


    Applications may be picked up Monday thru Friday during normal business hours 8:00 am- 4:00 pm.

    All applications must be returned to the Apprentice office at 9703 East 53 rd St. Raytown, Mo 64133. Applications will be accepted Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, year round. Application fee must be submitted with the application, no exceptions. For further information you may contact our office at 816-353-0038.

    Selection of apprentices under this program is made on the basis of qualifications alone as set forth in the approved standards and selection procedures of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee for the trade. All applicants are afforded equal opportunity, without regard to race, religion, color, sex or national origin. The Sheet Metal Joint Apprenticeship Committee is responsible for final selection and placement of apprentices.


    Sheet Metal Workers Local #2 Wage Package

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    Florence Park Nursing Rehab Center

    Florence Park Nursing Rehab Center is known for its family environment, an individualized approach to customer service and meeting each person’s medical, mental, and social needs in a dignified, respectful manner. This is a place of healing mind, body and spirit.

    Our “Open Door” philosophy allows residents and family members to have a voice, receive the attention desired and get results.

    Physical therapy rehabilitation at Florence Park follows the standard of all HCMG communities: we return patients to healthy independence consistently faster than any other provider in the area. Our programs address:Cardio, Pain, Edema, Wounds, Stroke Recovery, Contractures, Arthritis, Post-acute Orthopedic, Neuromuscular Dysfunction, COPD and Fall Prevention.

    Nursing home care at Florence Park is based on respect for the individual patient’s comfort and self esteem, and does not follow the pattern of traditional institutionalized nursing homes. A one-on-one caregiver relationship is of utmost importance: that there is trust and friendship with the patient and his or her family.

    • ACLS-certified nurses
    • ACP (Accelerated Care Plus) Equipment*
    • Disease and pharmaceutical management education
    • Individually tailored rehabilitation programs, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy
    • Emotional and lifestyle adjustment, including smoking cessation
    • Nutritional assessment and counseling
    • Church services throughout the week
    • Separate dining rooms (independent and assisted dining)
    • Home exercise and therapy development
    • Respite care
    • Advanced I.V. therapy
    • Wound care
    • Respiratory services
    • Creative activity programs
    • Pharmacy and Lab/X-ray services
    • Podiatry services

    *ACP is widely praised for their state-of-the-art, safe, non-invasive and medication-free equipment the choice for over 100 professional and collegiate sports teams, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, and NASCAR.

    EMR vs EHR – What is the Difference? Health IT Buzz #electronic #medical #records #software #comparison


    EMR vs EHR – What is the Difference?

    What’s in a word? Or, even one letter of an acronym?

    Some people use the terms “electronic medical record” and “electronic health record” (or “EMR” and “EHR”) interchangeably. But here at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), you’ll notice we use electronic health record or EHR almost exclusively. While it may seem a little picky at first, the difference between the two terms is actually quite significant. The EMR term came along first, and indeed, early EMRs were “medical .” They were for use by clinicians mostly for diagnosis and treatment.

    In contrast, “health ” relates to “The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially…freedom from physical disease or pain…the general condition of the body.” The word “health” covers a lot more territory than the word “medical.” And EHRs go a lot further than EMRs.

    Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office. An EMR contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice. EMRs have advantages over paper records. For example, EMRs allow clinicians to:

    • Track data over time
    • Easily identify which patients are due for preventive screenings or checkups
    • Check how their patients are doing on certain parameters—such as blood pressure readings or vaccinations
    • Monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice

    But the information in EMRs doesn’t travel easily out of the practice. In fact, the patient’s record might even have to be printed out and delivered by mail to specialists and other members of the care team. In that regard, EMRs are not much better than a paper record.

    Electronic health records (EHRs) do all those things—and more. EHRs focus on the total health of the patient—going beyond standard clinical data collected in the provider’s office and inclusive of a broader view on a patient’s care. EHRs are designed to reach out beyond the health organization that originally collects and compiles the information. They are built to share information with other health care providers, such as laboratories and specialists, so they contain information from all the clinicians involved in the patient’s care. The National Alliance for Health Information Technology stated that EHR data “can be created, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff across more than one healthcare organization.”

    The information moves with the patient—to the specialist, the hospital, the nursing home, the next state or even across the country. In comparing the differences between record types, HIMSS Analytics stated that, “The EHR represents the ability to easily share medical information among stakeholders and to have a patient’s information follow him or her through the various modalities of care engaged by that individual.” EHRs are designed to be accessed by all people involved in the patients care—including the patients themselves. Indeed, that is an explicit expectation in the Stage 1 definition of “meaningful use ” of EHRs.

    And that makes all the difference. Because when information is shared in a secure way, it becomes more powerful. Health care is a team effort, and shared information supports that effort. After all, much of the value derived from the health care delivery system results from the effective communication of information from one party to another and, ultimately, the ability of multiple parties to engage in interactive communication of information.

    With fully functional EHRs, all members of the team have ready access to the latest information allowing for more coordinated, patient-centered care. With EHRs:

    • The information gathered by the primary care provider tells the emergency department clinician about the patient’s life threatening allergy, so that care can be adjusted appropriately, even if the patient is unconscious.
    • A patient can log on to his own record and see the trend of the lab results over the last year, which can help motivate him to take his medications and keep up with the lifestyle changes that have improved the numbers.
    • The lab results run last week are already in the record to tell the specialist what she needs to know without running duplicate tests.
    • The clinician’s notes from the patient’s hospital stay can help inform the discharge instructions and follow-up care and enable the patient to move from one care setting to another more smoothly.

    So, yes, the difference between “electronic medical records” and “electronic health records” is just one word. But in that word there is a world of difference.

    Was this blog post helpful for you? Please comment below and let us know if there are other ways we can help spread the word about the EHR/EMR difference.

    Yes, behavioral health /mental health records are part of the patients record and therefore a part of the patients single/combined medical record. This is a complete violation of privacy. I am completely against electronic medical record sharing for this exact reason.

    My region is probably not a lot worse than average for pervasiveness of alcoholism, drug abuse, and behavioral aberrations. The vast majority of ER patients seen at the hospital where I work present with problems either secondary to these behaviors or exacerbated by them. This carries over into all aspects of inpatient management from Labor/Nursery to Surgery, PACU, and M/S to ICUs. We see more patients in some phase of detox than any other secondary complication. So why should these records, which can impact significantly on treatment options, be held as sacrosanct? If your head lands you in a hospital bed, why should it be excluded from consideration when determining how to best treat you?

    I am a software engineer with over 16 years of experience and have about 3 years of cumulative experience building EMRs (starting about 10 years ago). The distinction this article is making is false. Even 10 years ago, EMRs had the ability to share information via SOAP web services, SFTP and HL7 interfaces. This article says that an EMR is only for the organization using it to store the medical information and not intended to share the information. Again, this is simply false and since the early days of building EMRs, there has always been the ability to share the information. Whether or not the vendor/creator of the EMR decided to build this functionality is irrelevant. This article is thus stating that simply building the ability to share information makes an EMR become an EHR. That s a pretty silly distinction. In my experience, an EMR is typically only for users of the health organization to use. It s for the doctors and nurses to log into and record information about the patient and their visits. The EHR is a newer term, but often offers the ability for the patient to also log into the system, view and modify their own record. So, a patient can upload data about their vitals, allergies, medical history, etc. But in any case, EMR and EHR are not distinguishable based on sharing of information. There are many EMRs being sold today that by this definition are EHRs, but they ve been called EMRs for years and have had the ability to share data with other EMRs for years.

    Chris Chaney says:

    Actually PB, President Bush started the push for electronic health records. He established the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) to promote universal use of the EHR and Computerized physician order entry.

    In order to provide treatment, legally, you must provide a health history and a signature verifying that your information is accurate. Imagine if one physician had entered a medication allergy incorrectly and you never had the opportunity to view this information or correct it. It’s irritating, but, essential to the physician providing care to obtain written verification of YOUR understand if you health and history.

    Paul Davidson says:

    This is an informative post I want to share this site PDFFiller a blank form for CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE here s the link This site also has some tutorials on how to fill it out and a few contract forms.

    Cyndee Malowitz says:

    I agree! I own a minor emergency clinic and everything is streamlined. Even though we have a user friendly EMR and have lots of templates set up, charting still slows me down! I type over 80 words per minute and you would think that between that ability and the use of templates, my charting would be faster, but it s not! I can easily see up to 50 patients per day, but that means that I m charting until 11 pm. When I used paper charts, everything was completed before I left for the day. So, now I m looking at hiring scribes.

    Thank for providing a definitive definition and clarification. Totally agree that we are evolving to EHR world which is far more powerful than the legacy, on premise, closed behind firewall legacy EMRs. New web based (rather than older client server) EHR architecture will find much easier to provide all the (connectivity and) information sharing benefits of EHRs.

    Epic Research says:

    I always confused to EMR and EHR, but after reading this excellent article i understand the difference clearly.

    Steps to Applying for Financial Aid, Community College of Philadelphia, steps in financial planning.#Steps #in #financial #planning


    Community College of Philadelphia

    Steps in financial planning

    You are here

    1. Home ›
    2. Paying for College ›
    3. Financial Aid ›
    4. Steps to Applying for Financial Aid

    Steps to Applying for Financial Aid

    STEP 1

    Video Support

    Watch these videos for help and support in filling out FAFSA

    Complete the FAFSA

    You must apply for financial aid each academic year, and completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is the first step. Go to to get started. Apply for your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You will need a PIN to sign your FAFSA electronically or make corrections to your FAFSA. Your FAFSA application is used to apply for the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work Study, SEOG, Federal Direct Loans and the PHEAA State Grant. Use Community College of Philadelphia School Code 003249 when filing your FAFSA. In addition to completing the FAFSA, students applying for the Direct Loans must also complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and an entrance counseling session at

    Changes to the 2017-2018 FAFSA

    What’s changing for the 2017–2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? Students can now submit a 2017-18 FAFSA as early as October 1, 2016 rather than beginning on January 1, 2017. Also, beginning with the 2017-18 FAFSA, students will report income and tax information from an earlier tax year. For the 2017-18 FAFSA, use the 2015 income and tax information.

    You are strongly encouraged to submit/renew you FAFSA in February/March after you have filed your tax return, and you must file before April 15 if you are planning to attend College in the fall semester. If you need assistance, please call 1-800-433-3243. Remember, the FAFSA application is always free.

    STEP 2

    Read Your Student Aid Report

    Once you have completed the FAFSA application, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) via email. Review your Student Aid Report carefully and take appropriate steps.

    STEP 3

    Check Your MyCCP and College email Accounts

    We will review your FAFSA application and post any outstanding requirements to your MyCCP account. Please provide the Office of Financial Aid the documents and forms requested as soon as possible so we may assist you in finalizing your application. You may download financial aid forms and worksheets online.

    You must complete, print and sign the appropriate forms before submitting it to the Office of Financial Aid. You may also be required to provide copies of your (and if a dependent student, your parents’) IRS tax return transcripts, W2s, citizenship papers and other documents. For instructions on checking your outstanding requirements in MyCCP, login and click on the “Check Your Overall Financial Aid Status” link.

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    Cornerstone Building Foundation Award Winner – 2012 Design Consultant of the Year

    Company Profile

    Kelly, Wright Associates, P.C. (KWA) is a Tucson-based professional mechanical engineering consulting firm owned and managed by senior design professionals.

    As a full-service mechanical engineering firm, KWA has extensive experience in the design of HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection systems for all types of facilities. Established in 2000, the Firm has a history of over eight hundred successful projects in Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico. The firm has also provided engineering services outside the United States in Argentina, Chile, Guatamala, Kuwait, and Mexico.

    The firm maintains two registered Mechanical Engineers (with registrations in both Arizona and New Mexico) and one of the few consulting professional Fire Protection Engineers in the State. Two of the principals of the firm have achieved LEED AP certification. Unique in mechanical engineering firms, KWA offers complete fire protection system designs, including hydraulic calculations and shop drawings.

    Example Projects

    KWA provides engineering design services for all types of educational facilities, from grade school to University. Additionally, KWA has provided commissioning. (read more )

    KWA has extensive experience providing engineering designs for Government projects. The KWA team is knowledgeable of the varying required design standards and codes. (read more )

    KWA continues to lead in the area of Fire Protection Engineering in Southern Arizona. KWA’s design experience includes wet dry pipe, deluge, pre-action, foam, gas agent. (read more )


    2012 Design Consultant of the Year

    To honor the best in project delivery through an annual awards program that recognizes all members of the building community in the format of a

    “Dream Team”


    KWA proudly maintains memberships with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).


    KWA provides HVAC design services including audits, feasibility studies, life cycle analyses, payback analyses, master planning, central heating and cooling plants, commercial kitchens, laboratories, and all types of air distribution systems.


    KWA provides waste vent and domestic water plumbing system designs as well as specialty designs like solar hot water heating, compressed air, medical gas, vacuum, grease waste, as well as many LEED water-saving solutions.

    Fire Protection

    KWA offers complete fire protection engineering services to our clients. This includes the capability of properly coordinating fire protection system designs with the work of other disciplines and integrating them into the contract documents.

    9 Accredited Radiology Technology Schools in Colorado, radiology bachelors degree online.#Radiology #bachelors #degree #online


    Find Your Degree

    There are 9 accredited radiology technology schools in Colorado for faculty who teach radiology technology classes to choose from. The following statistics and charts help analyze the current state of the radiology technology academic community in Colorado, and the future trends in radiology technology training at the following levels:

    • Radiology Technology Certificate
    • Associates degree in Radiology Technology
    • Bachelors degree in Radiology Technology
    • Masters degree in Radiology Technology
    • PhD degree in Radiology Technology

    Arrange By

    5401 W. 20th St., Greeley, Colorado 80632

    111 N. Havana Street, Aurora, Colorado 80010-4314

    102 Administration Building, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-0100

    1111 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, Colorado 80204-2026

    1100 North Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501-3122

    900 West Orman Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado 81004-1499

    13300 W Sixth Ave, Lakewood, Colorado 80228-1255

    7475 Dakin St Suite 100, Denver, Colorado 80221

    350 Blackhawk Street, Aurora, Colorado 80011


    1. Radiology Technology Schools in Denver, CO 2 Schools
    2. Radiology Technology Schools in Aurora, CO 2 Schools
    3. Radiology Technology Schools in Fort Collins, CO 1 Schools
    4. Radiology Technology Schools in Greeley, CO 1 Schools
    5. Radiology Technology Schools in Pueblo, CO 1 Schools
    6. Radiology Technology Schools in Grand Junction, CO 1 Schools


    Professional Trends

    Colorado Vs. National Radiology Technology Employment

    Of all of the radiology professionals that work in the US, approximately 1% work in Colorado state.

    Employment Growth for Radiology professionals In Colorado

    • Yellow: Actual Values

    In Colorado, radiology technology is a shrinking field. There were 2,370 less radiology professionals working in Colorado in 2010, than there were in 2006. Thus, in Colorado, this field has shrunk by 41% in four years. This decline is faster than the change in the number of radiology professionals around the country. Nationally, the number of radiology professionals has shrunk by 26% from 2006 to 2010.

    Radiology Technology VS. All Professions salaries in Colorado

    • Light Blue: Radiology Technology
    • Dark Yellow: All Professions

    As the number of radiology professionals is declining, the salaries paid to radiology professionals are increasing in Colorado. Radiology professionals earned a yearly mean salary of $87,930 in 2006. They earned a yearly mean salary of $195,280 in 2010.

    Salary percentiles for Radiology professionals in Colorado

    Thus, there was a 55% growth in radiology professionals’ salaries. This growth is mirrored by state trends for all professionals. Within the field of radiology technology, there is a huge variation in pay, with the highest paid radiology professionals earning 91% more money than those in the bottom 10% of the pay bracket in Colorado state.

    Average Salaries for Radiology professionals and related professions in Colorado

    In Colorado, radiology professionals make, on average, more than their counterparts in related professions.

    Educational Trends

    Radiology Technology programs available for each degree type for all schools in Colorado

    57% of these graduates received a associate’s degree in radiology technology.

    Radiology Technology Faculty Salaries in Colorado

    Share Compare

    Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

    We are now in the process of collecting data for the number of radiology technology faculty in Colorado, growth in the field of radiology technology academia and radiology technology faculty salaries in Colorado. Please enter your information in the form below if you are involved in teaching radiology technology courses to students at the certificate in radiology technology, associates degree in radiology technology, bachelors degree in radiology technology, masters degree in radiology technology, and doctoral degree in radiology technology levels This will help us build a valuable free database resource for the benefit of current and future faculty in the field of radiology technology in Colorado. All information y A summary of the information we have collected thus far will appear once you submit your information.