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Can I ensure my business loan application is accepted?

Assessing your business loan application

When assessing your business loan, we’ll ask you:

  • Can you afford the business loan?
    We’ll need your financials for the last 2 years including balance sheets, profit and loss and tax returns. Having access to this historical information helps us determine whether your business can meet your future loan repayments.
  • Can you provide security for your loan?
    You’ll need to secure your business loan with an asset, usually property (residential, commercial or rural) depending on the type of business. Find out what you can use as security for your business loan.
  • Will you be able to continue making repayments?
    We’ll evaluate your business by looking at your plans, competitor activity, suppliers and business contracts to determine whether your business will have enough revenue to meet your repayments in future.

What if you’re starting a new business?

If you’re starting a business, you won’t have historical financial statements but you will need to provide a detailed business plan with profit and loss forecasting to support your business loan application.

And if you’re buying an existing business you’ll need to show the last 2 years profit and loss statements when you submit your business loan application.

How to strengthen your business loan application?

Improve your future borrowing potential by taking some basic steps today:

  • Maintain accurate, up to date financials. This provides a clear understanding of your business income and whether you can afford the business loan.
  • Make sure you have enough money to cover costs. If you have an existing business loan don’t overdraw your account and make consistent additional repayments when possible.
  • Maintain a good credit history by paying off your debts on time. All your credit activity (personal and business) is kept on file for 5 years – including your loan details, repayments, overdue accounts – and lenders use this information to assess whether you’re credit worthy

If you’d like to discuss your options with a business manager, complete our short enquiry form and we’ll contact you or call us on 132 142 (8am-8pm, Mon – Fri).

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Home Based Online Business Opportunity For Sale

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No expensive Franchise Costs and ongoing Franchise Fees
No Industry experience required
No 5 year lease agreements, no expensive equipment to purchase
No stock holdings or staff necessary
Make 80% Up Front Profit per Sale
Genuine GLOBAL opportunity with NO restrictions and
You call the shots!

We are an established Global Market Leader in a $65 Billion dollar industry. With our recently fully accredited Leadership Development program spanning in over 50 countries and boasting 50,000 plus satisfied customers, we are still enjoying exponential growth and ongoing success.

This is a Home Based, Online business opportunity positioned in the Personal Development and positive media Industry.
Successful partners in this business come from all walks of life – from Sales and Marketing, to Law, Accounting, Health Professionals, Teachers, Trades people, General Management, Hospitality, Customer Service, previous Business Owners, and stay at home mums and dads, not wishing to return to previous work environment. It is for entrepreneurial minded people who wish to really take charge of their lives and career, by creating a financially rewarding lifestyle you always knew you deserved!

Home Based and online opportunity.
A proven simple system to follow
A lucrative revenue plan which consists of Upfront, Leveraged and ongoing Residual Income streams. Profits of up to 80% per sale paid upfront (ranging from $1828 – $19,000USD).
Flexible hours, you choose, full time or part time.
Low set up costs – to kick start this business all you need is a phone, computer and internet not to mention a real desire and belief to finally earn what you are really worth.
International travel opportunities.


NOT MLM, we are in the Direct Sales Industry
NO Cold Calling
NO Hassling Friends and Family
NO Pressure Selling
NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme
This business is not for everyone, it requires commitment and dedication.

12 month home study, accredited, personal development course
5 Day Live Wealth Creation Seminar
8 Day Live Personal and Leadership Development Seminar
Annual product updates.


A burning desire to achieve more and really get paid for your work.
Be self-motivated to succeed.
Be a self-starter.
Be a leader.
Willingness to learn, grow and help others.
Possess the highest levels of Honesty Integrity, and
Be fluent in English.

If you feel you tick all the boxes, simply contact us using the form below to register your interest today.

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Top new business ideas

Top new business ideas Analysis

Looking for a new way to make money? Here are 20 businesses that you can start with very little money. 20 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents. Tip You need top-notch people skills and an instinct for determining which caregiver to.To learn more about this business idea, check out Start Your Own Cleaning Service. Make sure to change your layout and put new stuff out for sale often. Just moving an item from a table to the top of a bookshelf might get it noticed, even. top new business ideas Our low cost startup ideas will help you find a business to fit your budget. We are searching for the Top Company Cultures of 2016. Should your company be.Business news from the Chicago Tribune. Get money tips, stock market updates and the latest Chicago business news.

Job opportunity in holland find job us ballet teacher in malta

There are still plenty of low tech business ideas out there that don’t require you to. of their cars, but also clean out the entire inside from top to bottom. that you don’t need some groundbreaking new idea to start a business. We’ve selected 10 new business ideas that will provide entrepreneurs with plenty of inspiration in 2016. Spotted from countries all around the. The best new business ideas for 2016. New research and data point to these business ideas as having big potential for success in 2016.

There are hundreds of Job Sites in UAE and more are mushrooming everyday. To distinguish good job sites from the not so good job sites is a task in itself for the.Earn 500 AED per day from home. No marketing / No MLM. We are offering a rare Jobopportunity where you can earn working from home using your computer and the.

Do job applications online

US Traders Accepted. NO
Job Applications Online. We help you apply for jobs online. Learn how to navigate the online application process and get a job today. Job Applications Online. Free Job Applications Online. Learn how to apply for a job with many, large companies in the UK. Learn about the hiring process, job duties, open positions and more.

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Most successful businessman ever

Then I’m told that the successful businessman with the mad skills Rafe SIGNED THE DOCUMENTS TOO. most delightfully spoiled little dog who ever lived. A lack of post-secondary education can be a deal breaker for many prospective. Whether they’ve done well or screwed up, a successful businessman must be.

job opportunity with the united nations home business Top new business ideas starting a new business checklist quick online business degree

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33 Best Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines #register #your #business

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33 Best Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines

There is an entrepreneur inside all of us that wants to come out.

However, we are limited by our own fears and beliefs; thus, we prefer to follow the business ideals set by others. Entrepreneurs are driven by one thing: PASSION.

If you have a passion for an activity, a skill that has remained dormant, or assets that only gather dust, the spirit of entrepreneurship will find a way for you to monetize them.

You can jump-start your entrepreneurial journey with a home-based business that requires these passions and skills and utilizes assets instead of letting them succumb to depreciation.

Related: 7 Home-Based Business Ideas without Spending Much Money

Before you start, it is advisable that you have three very important components in place:

  1. A fully functioning and mobile responsive website
  2. Accounts in the Big Three social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  3. Calling cards, printable brochures, and marketing materials

Finally, be prepared to network your services tirelessly during the first quarter of operations. You should get the word out, which means massive, ambitious online and offline networking activities.

Here are 33 ideas that you can consider for your home-based business in the Philippines.

Best Home-Based Business Ideas in the Philippines

1. Selling Products Online

From a plastic fork that was allegedly used by Michael Jordan to a potato chip that bears the likeness of US comedian Jay Leno, people make money by selling products online.

If you have talent with handicrafts or you plan to distribute a product in your region, going online opens a huge window of opportunity to find potential markets of buyers.

2. Freelance Writing

It is one of the basic skills that was taught to us while growing up. However, although everyone can write, not everyone can write a great, engaging content. Online job platform Elance cites “Writing Services” as the most in-demand service for freelancers.

3. Blogging

According to statistics. small businesses that have a blog generate 126% more leads than those that don’t. Blogging enhances your credibility, expertise, and reputation. Companies are in need of writers who can create relevant and engaging blogs for their business. Or, use your blog to earn both active and passive income.

Recommended Guide: How to Create and Start a Blog Site

4. Build Websites

Of the companies that generate between US$ 2.5 to US$ 4.5 million, 67% own websites. Only 53% of small business owners have websites. However, given the increasing popularity of smart phones for Internet surfing, the demand for company websites is expected to skyrocket in 2015.

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6 Business Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Stop Doing

6 Reasons Why Accounting Services Can Benefit Your Small Business

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10 ways to save money using these websites

In today’s world everyone wants to save more money that is the reason we always look for buzz words like offers, sale, discount, free etc. When we see something is available like this we grab that opportunity without fail. We even don’t notice word written in smaller font *Condition Applied.

Keeping that in mind we are herewith websites that gives free service and by availing these services you can save your money.

Website to send Text Messages:-

While selecting mobile plan we always select tariff which allows us to send certain number of SMS free, and we pay sometime more money to avail this facility. Many of us are not aware that this type of facility is available free on multiple websites. Just Sign up with website, enter your friend’s number write your message and click ‘send’ completely free.

Website that offer free online storage:-

Few years back small storage facility was costing us big money, but today storage is commodity item. Today you can avail 8 GB storage mini SD card in just 300 Rs. If you want to save money on storage there are multiple website which can provide you personalized storage facility online free of cost. You can store your document, photos, music online free of cost. This storage space is varying from 15GB to 2 GB.

Website for Long distance call

Gone are days where you need to have ISD facility for making long distance call. Today it is very easy to make long distance call to relatives and friends. Just logon to website of Skype and stay in touch with your friends and relative with one click.

Website for Matchmaking

Traditional way to do match making was by relatives, friends and family member. But as time changed the traditional ways has also changed. Today we have multiple matrimony website which provides free trial for match making. Certain site has paid membership but we can always refer to free part to save money.

Website to save commission money

We pay lot of money to buy, sell or rent our property. We can straight away save this money if we try to use online portal available for this purpose. Online portals provide facilities to post our advertisement free of cost. You can use this facility not only for property but also to buy sell products services.

Website for Books

If you are book lover and if you want to save money you spend on book or you want to make sure book you are buying is worth or not you can use these book websites which gives facility to preview and download books from any arena of your interest like, technology, health, finance, fiction, romances and horror etc.

Website delivering free music

In good old days music lover was visiting CD/DVD store for purchasing music CD/DVD but today everything is available online. So if you are music lover and want to save money you can visit following websites which gives facility to listen downloading of songs.

Website for Movies

We all love watching movies so here are sites where you can download/watch movie for free instead of paying money. If you want to capture movie from youtube you can use tool like atube catcher will help you.

Website for Greeting Card

Greeting cards are a ways through which you express your special feelings to your loved and dear ones. Such greetings websites save you money which you might have wasted on a paper card and its postage. Not only that you can always set the date and time in advance, that at which the card to be sent.

Website for learning Language

Many people today love to learn multiple languages, knowing additional language always helps. is a well-liked language learning site where you can learn many languages around the globe, whether it’s French or Bengali. There you get to interact with other language learners around the world. You can also practice the conversation with a native.

If you come across any website you feel saves you money do share it in comment section given below.

Top 4 Mistakes When Franchising Your Business #canadian #business

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Top 4 Mistakes When Franchising Your Business

Freelance Writer and editor, Self-employed

Specializations: small business, entrepreneurship and human interest topics. Katie’s work has appeared in Hemispheres, USA Today, Consumers Digest, Crain’s Chicago Business and others. Read more of her work at

Michael S. Rosenthal has childhood issues relating to franchising. No, he isn t damaged by a bad experience; he s regretful of what could have been. Back in 1957, the same year as his birth, his father Harvey opened a hot dog joint on the north side of Chicago. One day, a man came in and asked Harvey to go into business with him, offering a restaurant concept at $5,000 per store that, the man said, would blanket the nation and make Harvey very rich.

My Dad told him to get the hell out of his store, that there was no way he would pony up $5,000 that was a lot of money back then, says Rosenthal. That man was Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds. If only he had said yes, I wouldn t be working right now.

Perhaps due to this story, Rosenthal has made it his life s work to save wannabe franchisors from bad decisions. Today he heads the franchise law practice at Wagner, Johnston Rosenthal in Atlanta, Georgia, and shares the top four biggest mistakes he sees every day.

Mistake No. 1: Underestimating costs

While franchising can make your company (and you) wildly successful, it can also sink you in a massive hole if you don t have enough money on the outset. Most startup costs go to legal representation and the drafting of regulatory documents, says Rosenthal. And regardless if your franchise is doing well or not, the Federal Trade Commission mandates you update them once per year.

On the legal side, Rosenthal says costs can range from the low teens to the mid-20s. From there, you must file with your state s attorney general, which could cost you another $1,000 to $2,000. Then there are the accountant fees (franchised businesses must be audited once per year, even if you don t sell any units), which could ring you anywhere from $7,500 to $15,000. Gulp.

How much are we talking here?

I d say you should have somewhere in the high five figures, says Rosenthal. I ve had clients start with less, but it is rare. You really need to set aside legal and marketing money because things add up quicker than you think.

Greg Archer learned this the hard way. As co-founder of Age Advantage. a San Diego, California-based company that provides in-home care to senior citizens, he and his wife began offering franchises in 2006, but stopped about 18 months later largely because of under capitalization. He says you need even more than five figures starting out.

Being undercapitalized really inhibits growth ; I recommend starting with a minimum of $300,000 to $500,000, he says. As a new franchisor, there is no cash flow. You really don t make money on the sale of a franchise, you make your money on ongoing royalties.

In addition to legal and regulatory fees, the Archers were strapped with sales and marketing costs, all which proved to be too much. In 2008, they reevaluated their business. Two years later another company bought out their original location, which freed them up to focus on franchising alone.

Today, they are going to tradeshows and actively advertising. According to Archer, the company is on par to close about 15 more locations (they already have six) this year.

Mistake No. 2: Confusing the roles of franchisor and business owner

Rosenthal uses a barbecue restaurant as an example. As the business owner, it is your job to deliver mouth watering pulled pork; you do a great job and have legions of loyal customers. Pretty soon a potential business partner offers to open a franchise and you jump at the opportunity. It s an ace in the hole, right? Not exactly.

You need to recognize that being a franchisor and a business owner are two different skill sets, says Rosenthal. You may be a great chef, but that doesn t mean you will be a great franchisor.

Franchisors must be focused on finding and recruiting franchisees, says Rosenthal. Processes need to be put into place, manuals need to be written and franchisors need to invest time into training franchisees and lower level employees. These duties can take away from those related to owning your primary business.

Also consider bringing in a franchise consultant to help you with the process. (Note: to find a consultant, check out the International Franchise Association .)

Mistake No. 3: Lack of planning

Planning is key to a successful franchised business. Before even considering the business model, make sure you have a detailed operations manual for your business that goes step by step through every process in your company and you ve talked to an attorney or franchise consultant, recommends Rosenthal.

Don t just think that you can do it on the cheap and see how it goes, he says. Franchises take a lot of pre-planning.

Mistake No. 4: Franchising too soon

Just because your five-month-old Mexican restaurant is selling out every night doesn t mean it s time to think about franchising. Rosenthal suggests waiting three years before considering the business model.

You need to have everything figured out, he says. No one is going to want to buy your franchise if you haven t worked the kinks out yet.

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Franchising your business

Business format franchising is the granting of a licence by one person (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee), which entitles the franchisee to trade as their own business under the brand of the franchisor, following a proven business model. The franchisee also receives a package, comprising all the elements necessary to establish a previously untrained person in the business and to run it with continual assistance on a predetermined basis (including a predetermined agreement length with renewal options).

Franchising can not only strengthen the brand and reach of a company, but it can also act as a very good method of securing its future, but only if done well.

The first thing to understand is that franchising is not a tool to fix a bad business. It is not there to provide injections of income from other people to underpin a failing elsewhere. Franchising is a model used to replicate a successful and proven business. using the investment and skills of new individual business owners, who will be trained and supported to run the business under the agreement, conditions and format, as proven and agreed.

Franchising encompasses a multitude of business types and consumer markets and has well established itself as a respected and highly regarded business model.

To franchise a business is not something that can be done without thought. To start with, the business needs to be proven you need to show potential franchisees that the business works in the way in which they will need to run it. It also needs to be transferable, so that it can be run in multiple locations, using the same system, brand and quality. As a key point in this, the franchise also needs to be something that you can teach people to do. There is little point having a franchise that only one person in the world would be capable of running. You then need to make sure it is protected, by ensuring you have all the correct documents to secure your brand with any appropriate legal advice .

The links on the left-hand side of this page will give you a clear overview of what’s involved in franchising your business, and a solid understanding of the steps and processes you’ll need to go through.

Find out what you really need to know: Attend a franchise seminar

For more general information about franchising visit: About franchising

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Franchising Your Business

Franchising is an exciting marketing method. Properly structured and well run it provides benefits and satisfaction for both parties. However, it is not an easy ‘route to riches’ for franchisor or franchisee, nor is it a panacea for the ills of a ‘sick’ business.

Establishing a franchise has to be undertaken with skill, patience and capital.

The time scale for establishing a franchise system and preparing it for marketing can be as long as three years and it can take another three to five years before the franchisor begins to see net profits and cash flow.

The capital requirements of the franchisor have to reflect these time spans. However, once the network moves into net profit and achieves relative maturity, the return should make the effort and investment worthwhile.


Why consider Franchising your business?

The advantages of franchising for a franchisor may be summarised as:

  • The growth of the network is achieved using the financial and manpower resources of the franchisee
  • The franchisor is not concerned with the day to day operation of each outlet
  • The franchisor’s organisation is compact and can earn profits without involvement of high capital risk
  • The network has an ability to grow rapidly
  • The franchisor has fewer staff and fewer staff challenges
  • The management of each outlet is the owner who will tend to be well motivated to be successful
  • It provides wider and secured outlets for products and services
  • It enables the franchisor to service national customers using their network of outlets

Points to consider prior to Franchising

Franchising your business can be a very successful way of expanding. Some of today’s largest businesses have used franchising to finance and accelerate their growth into global brands. However, franchising must be planned properly:

  • It must be pilot tested with company-owned and operated outlets
  • Business must be successful, distinctive and replicable
  • Take proper professional advice – Solicitor, Banker, Accountant and possibly a Franchise Consultant
  • The Franchise Agreement must be written by an experienced Franchise Solicitor
  • Take time to write an operations manual
  • Choose franchisees very carefully and slowly
  • Avoid overselling and forecasts
  • Have first class training
  • Maintain good ongoing relationships
  • Focus on Franchisee satisfaction and profitability
  • Keep developing the Franchise and maintain standards
  • Ensure marketing, advertising and PR is first class

As the most-franchised nation (per head of population) in the world, there is a very high level of awareness of franchising in Australia. As a result, the Franchise Council of Australia receives many inquiries from individuals and organisations who have existing businesses or who are developing business concepts and would like to establish these as franchise systems.

This high level of interest, however, is not followed through by the number of new franchise systems which actually enter the market. The reason for this is simple. Establishing and testing a business concept is not as easy as some would believe, and furthermore, Australia now has some of the world’s most stringent franchising legislation which means there is little or no margin for error for “new” franchisors.

Proving the Business Concept

The average stand alone small business has an 80% chance of failure in its first five years of operation. Prior to franchising, a small business should operate for at least this time (and certainly no less then three years) to prove that it has a viable concept, ongoing market demand, replicable systems, and a management, logistic, marketing and training structure capable of supporting franchisees in a variety of locations. If not, the business may well become another statistic.

During this period, it is highly desirable for the intending franchisor to open several outlets using their own capital in which they can test the adequacy of their systems, procedures, training, etc. The lessons learned during this phase will reap dividends after the successful commencement of franchise operations.

Getting Proper Advice

Experts who are skilled and experienced in franchising can give you competent advice relevant to your franchising plans. Be sure to seek out these specialists. Most are members of the Franchise Council of Australia, denoted with representation of our logo, and they are listed on the FCA website under Buying a Franchise or at .

It is critical that intending franchisors get the right advice from the very start of their franchise journey and, in particular, that they have ensured all aspects of their intellectual property rights are protected prior to franchising.

The Franchising Code of Conduct

Implemented on July 1, 1998, the Franchising Code of Conduct provides the most stringent national regulations for franchising introduced anywhere in the world. The Code was primarily introduced to outline the rights and responsibilities of franchisors to franchisees including particular requirements for disclosure of information, the provision of a cooling-off period, and unconscionable conduct.

Complying with the Code is mandatory, however registration with a central body, or “approval” is not required prior to the commencement of franchising. The Code is enforced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the penalties for breaching the Code are quite severe. Click here to find out more about the Franchising Code of Conduct.

How can the FCA Help?


The establishment of the FCA Franchise Academy coincided with the introduction of nationally recognised qualifications in Franchising.

In 2004 we developed Certificate and Diploma level courses in Franchising and we became the first educational institution to offer the Diploma of Business (Franchising).

The FCA Franchise Academy offers a career path via industry specific education enabling individuals to pursue continuing professional development drawing upon the expertise experience of leaders within the sector.

FCA Franchise Academy courses present up to date knowledge and relevant theory together with practical skills that can be applied immediately to your advantage in the workplace.

Information on the Franchise Academy is available at .


The Franchise Council of Australia publish and market books on key aspects of franchise decision making, management and practices authored by acknowledged experts in their field.

  • Franchise Guide
  • Compiling a Franchise Operations Manual
  • How to Franchise Your Business: A Guide for Australian Entrepreneurs
  • Expanding Internationally: A Guide for Australian Franchise Systems
  • Profitable Partnerships
  • Franchisor’s Guide to Improving Field Visits
  • The Franchise E-Factor
  • What Great Retailers Do
  • Marketing Works

For full details on these publications and more, please visit the FCA Bookshop .

Money Saving Expert: Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more

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Or try one of the following links.

Important! How this site works

We think it’s important you understand the strengths and limitations of the site. We’re a journalistic website and aim to provide the best MoneySaving guides, tips, tools and techniques, but can’t guarantee to be perfect, so do note you use the information at your own risk and we can’t accept liability if things go wrong.

  • This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it’s right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service.
  • We don’t as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned (how likely they are to go bust), but there is a risk any company can struggle and it’s rarely made public until it’s too late (see the section 75 guide for protection tips).
  • We often link to other websites, but we can’t be responsible for their content.
  • Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. is part of the MoneySupermarket Group, but is entirely editorially independent. Its stance of putting consumers first is protected and enshrined in the legally-binding MSE Editorial Code.

More tools from MoneySavingExpert

Budget Planner

Free tool to analyse your finances and scrutinise spending.

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