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IBM builds a smarter planet

Amid the global economic crisis of 2008, IBM began a conversation with the world about the promise of a smarter planet and a new strategic agenda for progress and growth.

As the internet grew, so did technology-driven enterprise needs and a truly global workforce. Computational power was being infused into things no one had thought of as computers: phones, cars, roads, power lines, waterways and food crates. A trillion connected and intelligent things were becoming a system of systems — an internet of things — and producing oceans of raw data.

Let’s seize this opportunity to create more and better jobs, cultivate valuable skills, and not simply repair but prepare our economy for the 21st century.

Sam Palmisano, IBM CEO and chairman, 2009

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Making sense of a sensored world

IBM introduced its Smarter Planet vision with an award-winning 1 marketing campaign designed to explain how a whole new generation of intelligent systems and technologies — more powerful and accessible than ever before — could be put to use for profound impact and to encourage further thinking. Smarter power grids, smarter food systems, smarter water, smarter healthcare, smarter traffic systems. And sophisticated analytics and algorithms that could make sense of it all.

Forward-thinking leaders and citizens around the world began to consider innovative ideas such as traveler-centric transportation, consumer-centric electric power and intelligent systems for managing healthcare, water, public safety and food. Within a year of the Smarter Planet initiative s launch, hundreds of IBM clients had seized on new capabilities to build smarter systems, and began achieving measurable benefits for their companies and communities. 2

Building on a smarter planet

Six years and thousands of clients after the Smarter Planet debut, IBM showcased its progress in a 2014 campaign, Made With IBM. The campaign showed IBM as an essential partner in providing technology building blocks for the new world at work — data, cloud, mobile, social and security.

In 2015 the Outthink campaign promoted the concept of cognitive business, with IBM Watson at its center. Smarter Planet had shown us an intelligent, instrumented and interconnected world. The Cognitive Era advances that idea using analytics, natural language processing and machine learning. The goal is systems that can understand, reason and learn; as IBM CEO Ginni Rometty explains, to redefine the relationship between man and machine.

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Women, Business and the Law – World Bank Group – Promote Gender

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Jaikumar Vijayan, November 10, 2017 5:35 PM

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Microsoft Adds New SwiftKey Customization Options

Pedro Hernandez, November 10, 2017 3:45 PM

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Nimble’s Contact Manager Unites Many Cloud Apps

Chris Preimesberger, November 10, 2017 2:42 PM

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Apple Working to Fix Cold Weather Display Glitch Apple Working to Fix Cold Weather Display Glitch

Todd R. Weiss, November 10, 2017 2:41 PM

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HPE Unveils Blockchain-as-a-Service for Enterprises HPE Unveils Blockchain-as-a-Service for Enterprises

Chris Preimesberger, November 10, 2017 1:26 PM

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Apple Working to Fix Cold Weather Display Glitch Apple Working to Fix Cold Weather Display Glitch

Todd R. Weiss, November 10, 2017 2:41 PM

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HPE Unveils Blockchain-as-a-Service for Enterprises HPE Unveils Blockchain-as-a-Service for Enterprises

Chris Preimesberger, November 10, 2017 1:26 PM

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Financial Impact of NotPetya Ransomware Keeps Rising

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LinkedIn Tool for Microsoft Word Uses AI to Spruce Up Resumes

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Red Hat CTO Details the Next Waves of IT Innovation E businessVIDEO

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Apple’s iPhone X Includes Innovative Features You May Even Find Useful

Enterprise Tech Videos

What s Next for IT Innovation at Red Hat?

Sean Michael Kerner. Posted November 10, 2017.

VIDEO: Chris Wright, VP and CTO at Red Hat, talks about the future direction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the next exciting areas of IT innovation.

Next iPad Pro to Boast Facial Recognition

eWEEK Staff. Posted November 10, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Apple will bring facial recognition to the iPad, a report says; the vast majority of users don’t use two-factor authentication, a survey finds; Google adds a version testing feature.

Google to Integrate Tools With Salesforce Cloud CRM

eWEEK Staff. Posted November 09, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Google will integrate G Suite and Analytics 360 with Salesforce Cloud CRM; Sprint ends merger talks with T-Mobile over control issues; Dell EMC expands its all-flash storage lineup.

Broadcom Offers $105B for Qualcomm

eWEEK Staff. Posted November 08, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: Broadcom makes an unsolicited $105 billion bid for Qualcomm; a fake WhatsApp update for Android dodges Google Play’s vetting process; IBM Cloud Object Storage opens a layer for Watson.

T-Mobile, Sprint Resume Merger Talks

eWEEK Staff. Posted November 07, 2017.

DAILY VIDEO: T-Mobile and Sprint talks resume on a tortuous road to a potential merger; users express anger after a glitch blocks Google Docs file access; Microsoft uses AI to tighten Word’s.

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Red Hat CTO Details the Next Waves of IT Innovation

E business

Next Apple iPad Pro to Get Facial Recognition, Faster.

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Google G Suite, Analytics 360 to Interact With Salesforce.

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Broadcom Eyes Mobile Chip Maker Qualcomm to Challenge.

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T-Mobile, Sprint Resume Talks to Merge to Take On Verizon.

Intel Processors, Storage Set New Dell Servers Apart

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

Dell’s latest Intel-based PowerEdge servers bring new levels of operational efficiency and flexibility while extending industry-leading reliability and uptime.

Dell PowerEdge T630: Versatility for ROBO

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

The Dell PowerEdge T630 is a mainstream 2S/5U rack-mount tower server with a versatile mix of configuration options, performance, and scalability. The Intel-based T630 is designed for mid-size.

Dell PowerEdge R730xd: Storage Density for Clouds

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

The Dell PowerEdge R730xd, also based on Intel Xeon processors, is one of the world’s densest server-side storage servers, with more than 100 TB of flash storage in a 2U chassis. It delivers.

Save on Operating Costs for Scale-Out Workloads

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

With the introduction of the Dell PowerEdge FM 120×4, Dell and Intel are bringing to market a server that can actually save on operating costs as it scales.

Dell PowerEdge R630: Incredible Density

eWEEK Sponsored News. Posted June 02, 2015.

The Dell PowerEdge R630 is a mainstream 2S/1U rack server that delivers incredible density across a range of resources, enabling highly flexible data center scaling. With its powerful Intel Xeon.

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E-Peniaga adalah sistem laporan dan pengurusan digital bertujuan mengumpul dan memproses penyata bulanan Peniaga Buah Sawit, Bahan Penanaman Sawit dan Peniaga Minyak/Isirong Sawit mengikut Akta Lembaga Minyak Sawit Malaysia 1998, Peraturan-Peraturan Lembaga Minyak Sawit Malaysia (Pelesenan) 2005.

Sistem ini menggantikan proses penghantaran penyata bulanan oleh pelesen secara manual kepada digital. Setiap pelesen dikehendaki mendapatkan kata laluan masing-masing dengan menggunakan ‘link’ pendaftaran yang terdapat di sebelah.

Sila hubungi pegawai berikut atau e-mel [email protected] untuk sebarang pertanyaan.

  • Pn. Nurul Hufaidah Sharif (Peniaga Minyak) – No Telefon 03-78022824 / emel: [email protected]
  • Pn. Fatin Aqila Abdul Razak (Peniaga Minyak) – No Telefon 03-78022943 / emel: [email protected]
  • Pn. Aziana Misnan (Peniaga Buah) – No Telefon 03-78022955 / emel: [email protected]
  • Pn. Nooralfaziana Ahmat (Peniaga Buah) – No Telefon 03-78022991 / emel: [email protected]
  • Pn. Harisah bt. Hamid (Bahan Tanaman) – No Telefon 03-78022916 / emel: [email protected]

PERINGATAN : Sila ‘click’ pada alamat web ini http://e-peniaga.mpob.gov.my/training untuk ke laman latihan membuat penyata. Sila kembali ke laman utama ini untuk menghantar penyata bulanan.

Kerajaan Malaysia dan Lembaga Minyak Sawit Malaysia (MPOB) adalah tidak bertanggungjawab bagi apa-apa kehilangan atau kerugian yang disebabkan oleh penggunaan mana-mana maklumat yang diperolehi dari sistem ini. Syarikat-syarikat yang dirujuk di dalam laman web ini tidak boleh ditafsirkan sebagai ejen kepada, ataupun syarikat yang disyorkan oleh Lembaga Minyak Sawit Malaysia (MPOB)

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3.4. sqlcmd – 3.4.1. применение sqlcmd

Delphi site: daily Delphi-news, documentation, articles, review, interview, computer humor.

SQLCmd – это еще одна новая (и очень важная) утилита, входящая в состав SQL Server 2005. Она предназначена для выполнения скриптов Transact-SQL из командной строки и призвана заменить использовавшиеся для этой цели в предыдущих версиях SQL Server утилиты osql и isql. При этом утилита isql (которая использовала для подключения устаревшую библиотеку DBLibrary) вообще удалена из поставки SQL Server 2005, а osql (которая работает по ODBC) пока сохранена, но рекомендуется по возможности всегда использовать только SQLCmd. Сама утилита SQLCmd работает по OLE DB без использования SQL Native Client.

SQLCmd используется всегда, когда нужно выполнить команду Transact-SQL, скрипт или набор скриптов из командной строки операционной системы. Ситуации, когда вам пригодится эта утилита, могут быть такими:

на SQL Server 2005 нужно создать и настроить базу данных. Произвести создание самой базы данных, объектов в ней, а также выполнить первоначальную загрузку данных удобнее всего при помощи скриптов SQLCmd (если вы не используете для этой цели резервные копии базы данных);

необходимо внести обновления в существующую базу данных, например, изменить ее структуру. Если вы – разработчик, и вам нужно обеспечить единообразное внесение изменений, например, во всех филиалах, то применение SQLCmd может оказаться самым простым и надежным решением;

когда нужно, чтобы выполнение определенных команд Transact-SQL инициировала операционная система (например, если вы используете планировщик операционной системы для выполнения каких-то действий на SQL Server по расписанию).

SQLCmd может работать в двух режимах: интерактивном и пакетном. При работе в интерактивном режиме SQLCmd запускается, и затем в открывшемся приглашении SQLCmd вводятся команды. В пакетном режиме вы сразу передаете SQLCmd нужный запрос или файл скрипта.

Полный синтаксис команд SQLCmd приводиться здесь не будет: его всегда можно посмотреть в документации. Приведем только самый распространенный вариант применения SQLCmd. Предположим, что вам нужно выполнить скрипт из файла C:\SQLQuery.sql и записать результаты в файл C:\Results.txt. Скрипт нужно выполнить на сервере london\sql2005, подключившись от имени пользователя sa с паролем [email protected] Команда при этом может быть такой:

sqlcmd -S LONDON7\SQL2005 -Usa [email protected] -i C:\SQLQuery.sql -o C:\Results.txt

Отметим некоторые моменты, связанные с применением SQLCmd:

скрипты для SQLCmd можно готовить и отлаживать в привычной графической среде SQL Server Management Studio (с поддержкой всех специальных команд и возможностей SQLCmd). Для этого достаточно перевести редактор кода в специальный режим написания скриптов SQLCmd. Эта операция производится из меню Query | SQLCmd Mode (Запрос | Режим SQLCmd). Правда, необходимо учитывать, что в этом режиме SQL Server Management Studio будет использовать для подключения SQL Native Client (в отличие от OLE DB, используемого SQLCmd): могут быть мелкие отличия в результатах выполнения скриптов;

SQLCmd умеет использовать переменные окружения операционной системы. Если вы заранее создали на компьютере нужные вам переменные окружения, можно не указывать в скрипте, например, логин, используемый для подключения, пароль, имя сервера, имя базы данных и т. п. – всю необходимую информацию SQLCmd “подхватит” автоматически. Можно даже определить специальную переменную окружения sqlcmdini. Скрипт, который вы укажете при помощи этой переменной окружения, будет выполнен автоматически:

set sqlcmdini=C:\SQLQuery.sql sqlcmd

SQLCmd можно использовать для выгрузки данных с SQL Server в формате XML (для выполнения команд select с параметрами for xml и записи результатов в файл). Для этого необходимо перевести SQLCmd в специальный XML-режим с помощью команды :xml on. Отключить этот режим можно командой :XML OFF.

E-Mail Marketing Programs #e #mail #marketing #programs


e-Mail Marketing Programs

Everyone wants to have a marketing campaign, blog, Facebook page, to communicate Professionally with an Opt-In and Opt-Out Option right?

BTW: Have you ever heard of being Black Listed ? You do know the Internet Police are out there and if too many people report you as being a Spammer you Domain Name can be blocked so no-one will send or receive any of your agency/personal e-mails.

Agency Revolution

Agency Revolution is an awesome tool for your agency and it integrates with AMS360 to make it smarter than ever. This program can do so much from blast e-mails (oh yeah e-newsletters, etc.) post cards, all customized with data from your own agency management system.

Want a Demo? Check it out right here

Constant Contact

I have used Constant Contact extensively with the New England AMS Users Group, now known as NetVU New England, and have joined up with Constant Contact to help agencies get that starter jump on their e-mailing campaigns.

If you want a real person that is agent/agency knowledgeable, customer/prospect knowledgeable, marketing knowledgeable and can give you a warm and fuzzy feeling utilizing one of the most dominant e-Mail Marketing Campaign Companies of today contact me or click below for a free trial and ask away any questions you need.

Click this link for more info on Constant Contact.

Benchmark Marketing

March 2015 I was asked to find a small economical program to e-mail clients updates and information about services and provide Helpful Hints.

I am happy to say that Benchmark is an easy to use program and if you have less than 500 (I think) customers the price is right FREE

It s easy to add your client list and create e-mail blasts that look great and better yet professional.

To check them out here is a link

If you want to ask questions first drop me an e-mail

Preferred e-Term Online Life Insurance Plan #kotak #life #insurance, #online #life #insurance,


Kotak Preferred e-Term Plan

Your primary goal in life is to see your family secure happy at all times. Your presence provides them with an envelope of security. Should your absence mean anything less?

Life is Uncertain. To help you protect your family against these uncertainties, Kotak Life Insurance presents its latest offering in the Online space – the Kotak Preferred e-Term Plan. It is a pure term plan that provides a high level of protection for nominal cost of INR 6,975 per annum*. It is loaded with attractive features like the unique inbuilt waiver of premium on Total Permanent Disability and Customized Claim payout options. This plan provides a comprehensive protection in just a few clicks, aided by KK, the eAdvisor.

It’s time to secure your absence and make your presence felt

Tax benefits & Disclaimer

High cover at a very low cost

The plan provides you with a high level of protection at a nominal cost. You can get insured for as a nominal cost of INR 6,975 per annum*. The plan further provides preferential rates for female lives non-tobacco users.

Waiver of Basic Premiums on Total Permanent Disability

We protect your most valuable asset-Your ability to earn an income. In the unfortunate event of you being totally permanently disabled during the premium payment term, all future premiums are waived off the policy continues.

Customized Claim Payout Options

Monthly expenditures never stop so why should monthly income? In case of any unfortunate event, secure your family’s income with customized payout options such as:

  1. Recurring Payout – You can opt for your nominee to receive 10% of Sum Assured on death of the Life Assured as a Lump sum the balance in 15 years as a Monthly or yearly Income Payout. In case of an exigency, this unique feature also gives the nominee an option to take the lump sum at a discounted value instead of the regular Income payouts. The discounted value will be 6.5% p.a compounding yearly of the entire outstanding regular payouts.
  2. Immediate Payout – 100% of Sum Assured will be given to the nominee on death of the life assured.

Quick hassle free buying experience

Keeping pace with your busy fast life, we offer you Insurance in a quick convenient way through our Online Portal. Your very own eAdvisor, KK, will assist you throughout your online experience.

Customize protection through optional e-Accidental Death Benefit Rider:

If you feel that you’re not adequately covered or wish to customize the protection, you can do so by attaching the e-Accidental Death Benefit (e-ADB) Rider which pays out lump sum benefit on accidental death of the life insured in addition to Death Benefit under the base plan. For more details on Riders and exclusions please refer to the Individual Rider Brochure before concluding the purchase.

* The above Premium figures are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax and Cess for a 30 year old non tobacco user male, sum assured INR 1 Crore, Regular pay for Policy Term 25 years, Immediate Death Benefit Payout Option. Goods and Services Tax and Cess thereon, shall be charged as per the prevalent tax laws over and above the said premiums.

  • Public Disclosure
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Insurance Ombudsman
  • Feedback
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Life Insurance Council
  • Commission Deferment Policy
  • Corporate Partners
  • Do Not Call Registry
  • Customer Notice Archives
  • Grievance Redressal System
  • Accredited Training Institute Complaints
  • Monthly unit reconciliation of ULIP portfolio
  • Key Persons
  • List of our GST registration numbers

BEWARE OF SPURIOUS PHONE CALLS AND FICTITIOUS/FRAUDULENT OFFERS. IRDAI clarifies to public that: IRDAI or its officials do not involve in activities like sale of any kind of insurance or financial products nor invest premium and IRDAI does not announce any bonus. Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint along with details of phone call number.

Trade Logos displayed above belong to Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited’s promoting partners Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited and Old Mutual plc and are used by Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited under license.

Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd. A joint venture between Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. and Old Mutual plc.
2nd Floor, Plot # C- 12, G- Block, BKC, Bandra (E), Mumbai – 400051

All rights reserved, Registered with Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDAI) as Life Insurance Company. Regn. No. 107. CIN. U66030MH2000PLC128503

Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation.

2012 Kotak Mahindra Group. All rights reserved.

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make a website

make your own website

SiteRightNow celebrates 17 years on the web

“I want to make a website, but I’m not sure where to start.”
“Why do some companies charge extra for everything?”
“How can I get on-line and accept credit cards right away?”
“I can’t justify spending a fortune on web development, when I’m not sure if my website will generate income.”

by Mitch Cohen – Webmaster
Sound familiar? Now, with SiteRightNow, you can make your own website for personal or business use. I created the SiteRightNow control panel web builder to speed up my own web design to help small businesses who couldn’t afford an expensive web design project. My wife thought it would be a good idea to let the public use it! In August of 2000, we launched SiteRightNow.com. This summer marks 17 years on the Web. Thank you to all of our customers. Some of you are still with us from 17 years ago! We appreciate your continued business.

Customer Testimonial:
“The SiteRightNow software is so easy to use, we hardly ever need technical assistance. But the few times we do, our problem is addressed and resolved very quickly. When there�s any trouble at all, you get the kind of service that lets you know your issue is as important to them as it is to you. We�ve used SRN for more than ten years now�for all of our web sites�and we�re very comfortable telling anyone undecided that SRN is the way to go. Thanks for your great customer support.”
NAR Associates

Click On Customer Examples Below:

Our control panel works well for visually impaired and blind users, since it is more text based than other web builders. Blind and visually impaired users often use screen readers that read the text out loud. Here is a link to one of our customers who provides classified news for the blind and visually impaired:

On SiteRightNow.com, everything you need to make a web site is included:

  • Great for beginners! Anyone can do it. Just fill out simple forms with our classic control panel, and it makes your website.
  • Choose and register your own domain name (yourcompany.com) or use one you already own.
  • Make your own website, including an unlimited number of pages!
  • No Programming Required! Just fill in simple on-line forms with your information.
  • Build your own family website
  • Make your own personal website
  • Create your own e-commerce business website
  • Upload your own graphics or choose from our on-line library.
  • Make changes and updates to your web pages with ease.
  • Announce your website on the major search engines
  • Get marketing help and advice
  • Get as much free support as you need. Don’t worry if you are a beginner.
  • Even sell your products on-line with instant e-commerce.
    Check out the latest pricing along with more details..

We are proud that SiteRightNow.com was created with SiteRightNow!

Even though SiteRightNow takes care of all of your website programming, we know that there are do-it-yourselfers out there who enjoy learning how things work. Learn about how to make a website using programming and the HTML language by checking out

The information on this site includes a very good overview of HTML programming for beginners and a convenient reference for experienced programmers!

Here is a great HTML and CSS reference website that comes in very handy:

ARNOLD E #music #business #degree

#memphis business journal



May 9, 2016- Memphis, TN- Glankler Brown, PLLC is pleased to announce that Arnold E. Perl was recently named one of five Finalists in the Memphis Business Journal’s inaugural Best of the Bar, Private Firm-Large category.

Arnold E. Perl has more than forty (40) years of experience in assisting organizations in labor and employment law, with extensive experience counseling organizations on remaining union free. He offers a dynamic leadership development program for all levels of management. He has successfully argued many cases before various United States Courts of Appeals, and is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Best of the Bar honors the top legal minds in the Memphis area and Finalists were chosen based on legal excellence in service to their firm, organization or company, service to their profession and community involvement.

ABOUT GLANKLER BROWN: Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Glankler Brown, PLLC attorneys represent clients with matters throughout the United States and abroad. In addition to Tennessee, the firm s attorneys are licensed in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, Texas and the District of Columbia. With experience in more than 30 different areas of law, Glankler Brown s attorneys deliver quality legal services to local, regional, national and international clients.