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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Small Businesses #start #business

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Small Businesses

Many small business owners find that a personal Chapter 7 case is best.

If you are a small business owner struggling with debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate most or all of the debts for which you are personally liable. If you are a sole proprietor or your business is a general partnership, you are personally liable for your business’s debts, and Chapter 7 may work well for you. If, on the other hand, your business is a separate legal entity, such as a corporation or LLC, you must file a bankruptcy on behalf of the business. While you may be able to use Chapter 7 in this situation, you’ll need a lawyer to represent you.

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Overview Articles

Overview Articles

If you are a struggling small business owner, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help save your business or provide a simple way to liquidate it.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you eliminate personal liability for business debts.

If you have primarily business debts, you don’t have to pass the means test in order to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 for Different Business Structures

Chapter 7 for Different Business Structures

Find out how Chapter 7 bankruptcy works for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC, and corporations.

As a sole proprietor, you may be able to wipe out both your personal and business debts by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Learn about Chapter 7 bankruptcy for partnerships and how it may affect you as a partner.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help corporations and LLCs going out of business by providing an orderly liquidation of the business.

10 Cool Business Ideas For Newbie Entrepreneurs #business #tax

#cool business ideas


10 Cool Business Ideas For Newbie Entrepreneurs

Photo: Liesha Petrovich ; Credit: Crystal Clear Photography, LLC

Ready to take a chance this year? Maybe try something a little bit different?

If your answer is yes, then it’s time to start that business you’ve always dreamed about. You don’t have to start big, or risk your life savings. You can start each of these businesses with a minimal investment, and many as a side hustle on the weekend .

So, if you’re ready to have a little more fun (and income) this year, get inspired by one of these cool business ideas .

1. Offline education.

Online teaching is a booming business—$107 billion to be exact! That figure includes online universities, corporate training, webinars, and selling courses on platforms like Udemy and Ruzuku.

There are also a ton of courses on how to create (and profit from) online courses! But the growth of online learning hasn’t stopped the need for offline, local independent teachers.

If you have a talent and developed skill, why not teach it to an offline audience? Adult education, after-school programs, day-cares, community centers, and even churches need interesting and valuable courses for their members.

Here are a few examples: horseback riding. swimming, karate, dance, gymnastics, music, computers skills technology, golf, tennis, archery, business planning, accounting, home repair, cooking, meal planning, personal finance and so on.

2. Sell your hobby.

Combine your hobby with a business and you’ve got a recipe for success. Businesses like, How to Cook That. are part helpful blog and part online shop. Owner Ann Reardon shares helpful tips and tricks to make amazing desserts, but also sells interesting and fun how-to’s and templates.

Using a simple widget from the e-commerce platform Selz. Ann can sell any recipe, guide or template from anywhere on her website. This can be a great niche business for anyone who wants to start an online business selling plans, guides, patterns or tutorials. You don’t even need your own website, as you can sell your digital download from your own Facebook account or Selz store.

3. Lunch carts, food trucks and kiosks.

Starting a restaurant is one of the riskiest and capital-intensive businesses out there. There is a ton of overhead, even for the smallest diner.

On the other hand, starting a lunch truck, food cart or a kiosk has minimal startup costs. You still have to follow local regulations, but the investment is much smaller than a full-fledged restaurant.

One of the best things about food trucks is the insanely wide variety of possibilities. From a marshmallow cart to cannolis, the portable food business is here to stay. Checkout Portland Maine’s Mami Food Truck, which specializes in Japanese street food.

Photo: Mami s Food Truck; Source: Facebook

4. Vending machine business.

Who would have thought the vending machine industry is worth approximately $8 billion? While the location of the vending machine is the key to success, there are many different kinds of vending machines to consider, including drink, food, toys, gumballs, stickers, games, and even personal grooming machines.

There are also variations of traditional vending machines, like those that only offer healthy vending choices and others that offer credit card payment options.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial bug and want to try something a little different, Healthy Vending offers a smart guide on how to start a vending machine business .

5. Reiki therapist.

Reiki therapists are at the intersection of new age and creative wellness businesses. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s not for everyone, but it can be a fun, interesting and rewarding business.

You have to learn the practice and check the regulations in your area, but for those with a drive to help people, Reiki can be smart and rewarding business.

6. Herbal farm stand.

Shop local. It’s a mantra heard in every small community; and many offer farm stands year-round. There are many different niches to choose from including honey, jams, grass-fed meat, organic produce and fresh herbs.

Photo: © dusk, YFS Magazine

Beyond using herbs for cooking, consumers are now using herbs for medicinal purposes, candles and aromatherapy essences, baths and teas. If you have a green thumb and enough of a backyard for farming, consider starting a herb farm.

It has a low startup cost and can be operated part-time. One enterprising farmer started his business using lavender that grew along his road, and sold lavender sachets. That’s about as low-cost as you can get!


The term freelancer is actually an umbrella term for hundreds of different businesses. It’s anyone who is outsourced to do a job, and the benefit is the employer doesn’t have to pay benefits like insurance or 401k’s.

If you have in-demand skills that can be outsourced, consider starting a freelance business. One of the best things about being a freelancer, is that you can offer your services at competitive prices.

There is always a demand for business services such as: IT, human resources, accounting, PR, customer service, marketing and sales; Writing services: resumes, cover letters, ghostwriting, articles, editing and blog posts; and Miscellaneous services: wedding/event planner, graphic artist, photographer, and interior design.

8. Aquarium maintenance.

This business idea sounds crazy (i know) on the surface. But it’s actually a growing industry, and does great in the right market. You can cater to either homes or businesses, and you are responsible for all aspects of maintaining a healthy aquarium.

Research the licensing regulations in your area. It s a unique business idea for anyone with a passion for fish and aquatic life.

9. Bicycle maintenance and repair.

It’s easy to assume that bike riding is for the young. But biking is actually skyrocketing, especially in city centers and local towns! Thanks to baby boomers, seniors now account for 22 percent of adult bikers. And where bikes are, bicycle repair isn’t that far behind.

Plus, it’s the type of business that anyone can start in a home garage. For example, the Green Machine Bike Shop in Norway, Maine offers bike repair, but also created group rides in their area to promote their love of biking.

10. Ethical dog breeder.

The term puppy mill brings up horrific images of abused dogs. However, with so-called designer dogs fetching thousands per puppy, there is a growing need for ethical dog breeders.

Photo: © bussardel, YFS Magazine

Ethical breeders keep and care for each dog as a pet, not as livestock. They view their dogs as family members, not just a means to an end. Of course this means less profits than traditional puppy mills, so most ethical breeders only keep a few dogs for breeding purposes. The pet business is part money maker and part adorable fun.

This article has been edited and condensed.

© 2009 – 2020 YFS Magazine. All Rights Reserved. Copying prohibited. All material is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this material is prohibited. However, sharing of this material under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International terms listed here is permitted.

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6 Great Sources for Cheap and Beautiful Business Cards You Can Print

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If you’re a freelancer or you run a small business, you know that having a great is a valuable asset. However, when you’re just starting out, printing business cards can seem a little out of reach pricewise. It doesn’t have to be like that though. These days, there are dozens of low-cost printers who will do a print run of a modest amount of cards for you. All you need to do is choose your card style, add your details and put in your order.

There are even places who offer a free trial for your first batch of cards, online business cards to give you a stylish virtual presence and a great deal of variety for printed cards if you’re willing to pay a little. Check out these great options for cheap business cards that we found!

1. VistaPrint

VistaPrint have patented a way to do small runs of business cards cost effectively, thus allowing them to offer cards at a very cheap rate (normally £17.99 for 250 cards). In order to let you try them out, they also offer a 250-card print run for free if you are a new customer (but you pay for shipping). You can’t beat that!

If you’re taking up their free trial, they offer a decent range of designs to choose from and allow some personalisation. If you’re paying for a premium run, you can choose from thousands of designs, plus it’s possible to upload your logo and photos.

2. Moo

Moo has made quite a name for itself as a way of creating business cards from social media services like Facebook and Flickr. Moo specialise in creating unique cards for each customer, allowing everyone to design their own cards with their own photography and artwork or to work with templates. Moo also let you use different images on different cards, meaning that in a pack of 50 cards you can have different images on each one!

We’ve previously reviewed Moo’s quality MOO MiniCards Review and Giveaway MOO MiniCards Review and Giveaway Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at what MOO is all about and we placed several test orders with them to find out how great their print quality is. We’ll also be giving away. Read More. so we know it to be excellent. Business cards can be purchased for £10.99 for a pack of 50 and are offered in a variety of order sizes up to 600 cards for £101.97. If you want to check out Moo’s quality yourself, order a 10-card sample pack for free. It will be exactly like the premium product, but with a Moo logo printed on it as well.

3. Business Card Star

Using Business Card Star is more about the design process than anything. They allow users to design cards for printing at home, which is a real money-saver as you design and print your cards for free. Of course, they also offer a printing service with high quality cards, which will probably look more professional than the homemade variety.

There are plenty of designs to choose from, plus it’s possible to add your own photos and logos. If you’re printing at home, they charge a fee of US$10 to save a PDF of cards with your own photos and logos on them. If you are having your cards printed by them there is no extra fee for using your own images. Print runs start at US$22.95 + shipping and can be shipped to the US or Canada.

4. Business Card Land

Business Card Land works in much the same way as Business Card Star, as you can download free PDFs of your business cards for home printing or order professional printing via Business Card Star. The design process and the choice of templates are different though, so it’s worth checking out if you want a little variety.

5. Biz Card Creator

Biz Card Creator is yet another free online business card design company, but it has a more limited selection of card styles available. However, if simplicity is your thing, it may be worth trying. They do not offer printing services – in fact, they send you back to VistaPrint if you’re looking to print your cards.

6. Virtual Business Cards

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Longitudinal Business Database – Center for Economic Studies #online #business #directory

#business database


Center for Economic Studies (CES)

Longitudinal Business Database (LBD)

The Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) restricted-use microdata is accessible only to qualified researchers for approved projects in secure Federal Statistical Research Data Centers. By itself or linked to other Census products, the LBD provides important new insights about business formation and growth, the nature of competition, labor market dynamics, the nature of business cycles, the sources of productivity growth and the connections to credit markets and financing to name a few. The LBD and Business Dynamic Statistics (BDS) are unique among U.S. longitudinal business databases in providing consistent measures of economic activity at both the establishment and the firm level over a long period of time.

The LBD is a census of business establishments and firms in the U.S. with paid employees comprised of survey and administrative records. The LBD covers all industries and all U.S. States.

LBD Restricted Use Microdata

Microdata are data at the level of the establishment, firm, individual, or household that are collected through census and survey programs.

What is the BDS?

The Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) is a public use data set of annual aggregate statistics describing establishment openings and closings, firm startups, job creation and destruction by firm size, age, industrial sector, and state.

What are Federal
Statistical Research
Data Centers?

Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (RDCs) are U.S. Census Bureau facilities, staffed by a Census Bureau employee, which meet all physical and computer security requirements for access to restricted use data. At RDCs, qualified researchers with approved projects receive restricted access to select non public statistical system data.

[PDF] or denotes a file in Adobe s Portable Document Format. To view the file, you will need the Adobe Reader available free from Adobe. This symbol indicates a link to a non-government web site. Our linking to these sites does not constitute an endorsement of any products, services or the information found on them. Once you link to another site you are subject to the policies of the new site.

OnPay – Online Payroll Service for Small Businesses #registering #a #business

#small business payroll


Contact us today and your first month is free.
No long-term contract and no set up fees.

Starting at $39.95/Month!

includes your first 10 employees 1
unlimited pay runs
state and federal payment processing and filings 1
unlimited phone, email and chat support
Get Started

1 Additional employees are $1.00 more per month.
Includes first state. Additional state and local filings may be subject to additional charges.

Payroll has never been easier

OnPay delivers a simple, modern and
affordable solution for payroll.

Your first month is free!

Online Payroll Service

Processing payroll for your small business has never been easier or more affordable. OnPay combines the latest internet technologies to give you a simple yet robust alternative to high priced, traditional payroll services.

Unlimited pay runs.
Run payroll as often as you like for the same low monthly fee. 1

Create checks or direct deposits within minutes.
1: Enter your hours.
2: Review your totals.
3: Print your checks.

Tax filings and payments done for you.
We process your payroll tax forms and payments for you.

Transparent pricing that is easy to understand!

Payroll for only per month
Add $8.00 per month for direct deposit

  • Unlimited pay runs
  • Payroll tax filings and deposits are done for you*
  • Local check printing
  • Pay employees and/or contractors

*Price includes 1 state. Each additional state is $10/month.
If you are subject to local taxes there may be additional fees.

At work or on the go

Process payroll anywhere, anytime!

Today’s business leader is savvy, mobile and certainly busy. OnPay offers you the flexibility to access your account 24/7.
At work or on the go, OnPay has you covered.

Features include,

  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Easily navigable
  • Access to payroll history
  • View and edit employee information
  • Enter hours, calculate, review, and submit pay runs
  • and much, much more.

* Compatible with any modern desktop or mobile browser.

Best Small-Business Loans for Veterans 2016 #small #business #payroll

#business loans for veterans


Credit Cards






Credit Cards






Best Small-Business Loans for Veterans 2016

You can trust that we maintain strict editorial integrity in our writing and assessments; however, we receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners and get approved. Here’s how we make money .

Finding a small-business loan is a tough task for any entrepreneur. Bad credit, a lack of collateral and limited business history are all obstacles that small businesses may face. Funding can be an even bigger challenge for U.S. military veterans, whose financial history may have gaps because of their time in active service.

Despite these challenges, many veterans decide to become their own boss after serving their country. About 1 in 7 veterans is self-employed or a small-business owner, according to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University.

To help overcome the financing hurdle, we’ve rounded up some of the best small-business loan options for veterans based on personal credit score:

Small-business loans for veterans if you have a 500+ personal credit score

For startups and younger small businesses, lenders typically base lending decisions on the owner’s personal credit. This could be an issue for veterans who did not get a chance to build their credit during military service.

If your credit is lacking, Kabbage offers a line of credit that does not require a minimum credit score to qualify. You will need, however, at least $50,000 in annual revenue. If your credit score is 500 or higher and your business generates at least $100,000 in annual revenue, you could get a less expensive loan with OnDeck. The lender offers an APR starting at 9%, up to 98%, compared with Kabbage’s 32% to 108%.

Small-business loans for veterans if you have a 600+ personal credit score

For companies with at least one year in business and low revenue starting at $25,000 StreetShares is a good choice, with APR starting at 9%.

If your business is generating at least $150,000 annually, you will get a greater range of financing products with Dealstruck, which offers term loans, an inventory line of credit and an asset-based line of credit. Also, Dealstruck could be a cheaper financing option, with APRs from 10% to 28%, while StreetShares’ APR maxes out at 40%.

Before you apply for a StreetShares loan, find out whether you meet the lender s minimum qualifications.

  • 600+ personal credit score.
  • 1+ year in business.
  • $25,000+ in annual revenue.*
  • No bankruptcies in the past three years.
  • No current tax liens or collections (unless you have proper documentation).

You only need 6 months in business if you have $100,000+ in revenue.
StreetShares is currently unavailable to borrowers in North Dakota or South Dakota.

Before you apply for a Dealstruck loan, find out whether you meet the lender s minimum qualifications.

  • 600+ personal credit score.
  • 1+ year in business.
  • $150,000+ in annual revenue.
  • Breaking even or profitable.
  • Personal guarantee and a lien on business assets required.

Looking to expand? SmartBiz has the lowest borrowing costs among online lenders. The lender provides SBA loans with 7% to 8% APR for businesses with strong finances. With a repayment term of 10 years, SmartBiz is a good choice for purchasing real estate or equipment, refinancing high-interest debt or acquiring another business. Qualifying can be tough, however, since you have to meet the SBA’s stringent requirements (including about a dozen required documents). Lending Club is a good option for expansion capital if you don’t qualify for SmartBiz. You need at least $75,000 in annual revenue to qualify. The company offers competitive rates (8% to 32% APR) and repayment terms of one to five years.

Before you apply for a SmartBiz loan, find out whether you meet the lender s minimum qualifications.

  • 600+ personal credit score.
  • 2+ years in business.
  • $50,000+ in annual revenue.
  • Personal guarantee required.
  • No outstanding tax liens.
  • No bankruptcies or foreclosures in last three years.
  • No recent charge-offs or settlements.
  • Must be current on government-related loans.

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Lender reviews

See how different lenders stack up in NerdWallet’s expert reviews

We want to hear from you and encourage a lively discussion among our users. Please help us keep our site clean and safe by following our posting guidelines. and avoid disclosing personal or sensitive information such as bank account or phone numbers. Any comments posted under NerdWallet’s official account are not reviewed or endorsed by representatives of financial institutions affiliated with the reviewed products, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Disclaimer: NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. This information may be different than what you see when you visit a financial institution, service provider or specific product’s site. All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty. When evaluating offers, please review the financial institution’s Terms and Conditions. Pre-qualified offers are not binding. If you find discrepancies with your credit score or information from your credit report, please contact TransUnion® directly.

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20 Original Ideas For Starting A Service-Based Business #business #images

#service business ideas


20 Original Ideas For Starting A Service-Based Business

Your true calling is just a click away

Technology has come a long way since the printing press. It seems like every day, a new innovation is revealed and each one is more mind-blowing than the next. But even with all of these amazing technological inventions and advancements, there are some things that simply can t replace your own two hands. Like for instance: an app that folds your laundry will [probably] never exist. There are many service-based niches that need to be filled, and there are lots of potential customers who are looking for the right person and not computer for the job.

This is where people with specialized skills and talents can step in and take on the role of professional service provider, and make a profit. With a professional website, some self-promotion and some hard work, you can become that go-to person in your niche. Here are 20 potential service-based biz ideas that we love:

Personal Chef Cooking up delicious gourmet food isn t just done in restaurants, there are lots of people who would love to be treated to a nice meal in the comfort of their own home. Busy families and people looking to make a special occasion extra special will flock to you.

Baby Proofer Are you especially cautious? Can you spot accidents before they happen? Your perfect business just might be to make potential baby hazards disappear in expecting parents homes.

Tutor So long as there are things to learn, a good tutor will always be a highly sought-after commodity. So if you re a math genius or happen to be fluent in Xhosa and have a knack for teaching people, you could be in business.

Professional Organizer For most people, taking the time to organize their home doesn t only not come naturally, it s painful. So if you have a talent for making sense of messes, you could be sitting on a [neatly stacked] gold mine.

Computer Repairman Fact: today s world would barely function without computers. People are so attached to their own personal devices that they likely would be glad to have the phone number of a technically talented person on speed dial. Is that person you?

Pool Service Technician This business not only has very low start up costs, it s also pretty easy to learn and master quickly. Some elbow grease is required but, if you re ready to do the work with a smile, you could be laughing by the time you get to the bank.

House Sitter This niche is largely built on trust. While watching over peoples homes and keeping things running smoothly is a huge part of it, there are very few people that will hand you the keys without a good reference. Be sure to rack up the testimonials on your website for a good rep.

Home Decorator Color swatches, fabrics and throw pillows, oh my! Your talented eye for interior design can translate into potential big bucks, and all from doing something you love.

Personal Shopper For people who love to shop, this might come as a shock: there are a lot of people who would love to pay other people to buy their clothes. That keen fashion sense and ability to dress just about anyone really comes in handy here.

Mobile Mechanic If you think about it, the time people need a mechanic most is when they re stranded somewhere. If you ve got mechanical skills, all you need is to go to your customers. Your business will not go unnoticed.

Detective We know what you re thinking I don t live in a whodunnit mystery movie. But actually, being a PI is a real thing, and there are clients out there who will be more than willing to employ your sleuthy services.

Graphic Designer Tried and true, this career path is booming right now. With more and more emphasis on online presence for businesses and freelancers, there are lots of jobs to be filled in this field.

Packing Guru Moving can be a very trying time. Why not help people lighten the load by stepping in with your amazing packing powers?

Staffing Expert Finding the right people to help around the house is a delicate business, and isn t easy for most people. Helping people fill the various positions they have open is a growing niche that also needs to be filled.

Limo Driver With a fancypants car and some good insurance, you could [literally] be in the driver s seat of your very own business. Start small, and grow your fleet with other reliable and talented drivers such as yourself.

Translator Here s where that semester abroad comes into play. If you re fluent in another language, you can offer your translating abilities to those interested

Plant Maintenance Person Have you ever noticed that lots of nice offices are full of indoor plants? If you ve got a green thumb, with some basic (and inexpensive) supplies, you can maintain and care for these plants and earn yourself some more greenbacks in your bank account.

Window washing It s a dirty business, which is why so many people are willing to pay someone else to do it. Is that person you?

Debt collector Got a go-getter attitude? Are confident that you don t take no for an answer? Put these traits to good use by getting delinquent payments paid.

Party Planner There s always one person at a party who has comments about how things could have been done better. If that s you, you might have found your calling. Make the perfect party happen for your clients, time and time again.

Ready to take your business online? Set yourself up for success by creating your own website with Wix !

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Looking Back: Some of Our Favorite Success Stories of 2014

People Buy From People: Personalizing Your Sales Pitch

5 Steps that Will Make your Business Look Like a Brand

5 Options for Getting a Business Mailing Address – Danielle Keister –

#business address


5 Options for Getting a Business Mailing Address

By Danielle Keister | November 19th, 2013

Your #1 job in marketing is establishing trust. Having an address on your website is an important trust and credibility factor.

When you don t have one, people wonder what you re hiding. However, for personal privacy and safety reasons, as well as establishing boundaries, it s not a good idea to use your home address.

Here are five options for getting a business mailing address to erase skepticism while keeping your safety and personal boundaries intact:

1. Get a post office box from your local USPS branch. The cost is minimal, it s a tax deductible business expense and you can apply for, manage and pay for your PO box conveniently online. These days, the post office even allows you to spell out the address which can look nicer on your letterhead than PO Box ### . Prices vary slightly from branch to branch depending on location and can cost as little as $8/month. Visit https://poboxes.usps.com/poboxonline/search/landingPage.do for more information.

2. Get a PO box from a USPS Approved Provider. Many of your local businesses (e.g. drug stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, etc.) are also Contracted Postal Units from which you can get a PO box. This expands your options for finding the nearest convenient location. You can use the link above to search, but I’ll be honest, you might also have to just ask around as I’ve found it doesn’t necessarily give you complete results.

3. Get an EarthClassMail Virtual Mailroom. A bit pricey, but this is a really nifty service. You get a address you can use for your business and have mail sent to. They receive your mail and scan it into PDFs which can then be viewed and managed onscreen via your admin panel. Quickly and easily sort through junk mail and have them recycle or shred anything you don’t want. You can store your mail online and have them send you any physical pieces you like. These are just a few of the features and options available. Check it out at EarthClassMail.com .

4. Get a Virtual Office Location. Many similar services are springing up these days that will provide you with a business mailing address and mail receipt and forwarding. One such service is Davinci Virtual Office Solutions (they also offer virtual receptionist services). Check them out for a location near you.

5. The UPS Store. Get a real street address (not a PO box), package notification and more. You get 24-hour access and with their MailCheck® service you can call in to see if you have mail before you make a trip. Visit TheUPS Store.com for more information.

ABOUT DANIELLE KEISTER: I help women in the administrative support profession put their business britches on. Because when you run a business, you aren’t anyone’s assistant. As industry mentor and founder of the Administrative Consultants Association. I’m on a mission to show you how to kick business butt, get better clients and start making the money you and your family deserve. I’m all about a better life through better business. (Oh, and you’ll knock the socks off clients taking WAY better care of them in the process.) Want it all NOW? Head straight to the ACA Success Store for all the forms, contract templates and learning guides to start or uplevel your administrative support business today!

Free business advertising for businesses in the UK #best #small #business #to

#free business advertising


FreeIndex for Businesses

Free advertising that really works!

Get found online and win new business

FreeIndex receives over 2.5 million page views every month.

Every UK business regardless of size or budget can win business and gain new customers for FREE by advertising on FreeIndex. You’ll get your own page and your own traffic.

Yes – it really is FREE, and over 1,500 testimonials shows you that it really works. For more info on how it’s free click here .

Free Business Leads

The ONLY site in the UK to send you FREE business leads

Once you’ve registered. we’ll send you genuine business leads by email and text message for free.

You can choose which types of leads you want to be notified about.

Every month, around 2 million worth of new business is generated through the FreeIndex MultiQuote system.

No one else provides businesses with FREE leads.

Create an amazing business profile

Your FreeIndex business profile is your shop window to the world, giving potential customers all the information they need to choose your business.

You can add all kinds of information to your profile including photos and videos and you can make changes whenever you want.

You also get a free web address, and so if you haven’t got a website yet, your FreeIndex profile will do the job perfectly.

Collect and manage your customer reviews

80% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase

FreeIndex provides a perfect, independent platform for collecting and managing your customers’ comments.

Good reviews not only provide you with a powerful selling tool, but also boost your business up the rankings on FreeIndex.

You can also display your reviews on your own website using a range of tools we provide.

Optional Premium Membership

As requested by our members we have developed an optional Premium Membership package which gives you a highlighted listing, priority on business leads, no 3rd party Ads and other benefits helping you win more business.

Premium Membership is entirely optional and costs as little as 27p a day.

We will never hassle you to upgrade.

There really is no competition.

Free local and national business advert
Free business leads
Free to add photos / videos
Free review management
Free website address
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Small Business Ideas for Women at Home: Working with Realities #stock #markets

#small business ideas for women


Small Business Ideas for Women at Home: Working with Realities

Small business ideas for women at home are driven by two realities.

The first reality is the constraint of obligations at home. Whether by the choice or duty to care for others (e.g. children), most women staying at home do not have very flexible work availability when it comes to time and location.

This does not even necessarily mean these women need to work less hard and fewer hours; they just need to do it on their own time and at their own location, said Eva Rosenberg, owner of www.irsexams.com and www.taxmama.com .

Most small businesses started by these women, therefore, are Internet-based, which affords them the flexibility in time and location.

One route women at home can take is starting Web sites or blogs and monetizing the incoming Web traffic through online advertising (e.g. Google AdSense) and affiliate marketing.

Another route is to set up Web sites to sell their own products or services.

To get started and achieve success, Rosenberg suggested attending reputable conferences and reading helpful guides. One trusted resource for online entrepreneurs is Ken Evoy’s www.SiteSell.com. which still offers this helpful free eBook. said Rosenberg.

The second reality is that women at home often have more to offer than some of them may think.

Many of these women have hobbies and expertise that can translate into successful small businesses. By staying at home, they may also be extremely familiar with the needs of running a household.

Moreover, many women find success by building on top of their husbands’ existing careers.

Jacqueline Freeman, for example, set up www.equinenaturalmovement.com to market her husband’s horse training expertise, according to Rosenberg.

Rosenberg started www.TaxMama.com to dispense tax advice and www.irsexams.com to teach courses on passing the Enrolled Agent (EA) IRS Exams.

Shari Fitzpatrick. with “only a $1,500 cash advance and a passion for chocolate-dipped strawberries,” managed to build her home-based small business into a multi-million dollar empire. (Today, her brick and mortar operations have shut down but one of her online operations, which she sold to Provide Commerce, still exists).

“They key is to follow their passions,” said Rosenberg.

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