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15 Free Online Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Should Visit #business #accounts

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15 Free Online Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Should Visit

Entrepreneur and Marketer, Co-founder of ContentMarketer.io

November 3, 2014

Being a successful entrepreneur means you have to wear a lot of hats, especially when your company is just starting out and you don t have enough employees to cover all the areas you need.

Learning the new skills necessary to start a new business can be expensive, but fortunately the initiative for free, high-quality, educational resources online has only continued to grow in the past few years. Below are some of the resources available to learn more about marketing, entrepreneurship, business management and more.

1. CodeAcademy

This great resource offers free interactive programming sessions to help you learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. You can save your progress as you go with a free account. Learning to code can help entrepreneurs fix bugs if they don t have a developer, or even go down the road of building their own website or products (such as apps).

2. HubSpot Academy

The free certification program offers courses on inbound marketing, including website optimization, landing pages and lead nurturing. These skills are a must for business owners as they try to grow their business and online presence.

3. Moz

If you want to learn search-engine optimization to make sure your website is as visible as possible, check out this treasure trove of resources from SEO leader, Moz. Besides having the free Moz Academy, there are also webinars (live and recorded), and beginner s guides to SEO, social media and link building.

4. LearnVest

The most successful entrepreneurs know how to manage their money both on a business and personal side. In addition to having extremely affordable finance classes, LearnVest also offers some of its classes for free, such as Building Better Money Habits and How to Budget.

5. Niche consultant courses

The Internet has made for a coaching boom, which is extremely helpful to entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start or better a business in a specific niche. Some great coaches and organizations that routinely have free courses and ebooks on building a business include Natalie MacNeil and MyOwnBusiness. Try searching niche keyword + business course to find one most applicable to you.

6. edX

This free site currently has over 300 courses on a variety of topics, including Financial Analysis and Decision Making and Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? These courses not only cover business in general, but can also you help learn more skills that are applicable to your industry, such as big data or environmental conservation.

7. Khan Academy

This free learning resource was created to give everyone access to education in math, science, art, technology and more. There are over 100,000 interactive exercises to put your education to practical use. Even though many of the courses are geared toward high school students, there are several courses that would be good for anyone to have a refresher on, such as taxes and accounting.

8. MIT Open Courseware

These are actual courses taught at MIT and offered for free on the site for viewing and reading at your discretion. The school put together an entrepreneurship page that lists available courses that are beneficial to new business owners. Courses include Early State Capital and The Software Business.

9. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

This university has almost 100 free on-demand college courses that are extremely applicable to entrepreneurs, including ones that cover business planning, operations and management and small-business tax.

10. Coursera

Much like MIT s Open Courseware, this site has 114 educational partners that provide free courses to almost 10 million users. One benefit to Coursera is that there are very specific courses that fit perfectly into particular niches, such as Data Management for Clinical Research from Vanderbilt University and Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace from the University of Maryland. Its wide network of partners allows for a greater selection.

11. OpenCulture

This site isn t an educational platform on its own, but rather collects and shares free resources from around the web. Its list of 150 free online business courses is a great resource because it offers classes from iTunes U and other lessons on video and audio. The site also has lists of free audiobooks, certificate courses and other online courses.

12. YouTube

It s probably unsurprising to most users that YouTube is one of the world s largest search engines, as there are literally videos on just about anything you can imagine. From TED talks to recorded presentations on building a business, it s a great free resource on just about any topic.

13. Alison

This platform offers free online courses from some of the most well-known names on the internet today, including Google, Microsoft, and Macmillan. With over 4 million users and over 600 courses already, it covers topics such as economic literacy, personal development and business/enterprise skills.

14. Saylor

The Saylor Foundation offers tuition-free courses and also works with accredited colleges and universities to offer affordable credentials. Its course offerings are similar to what you d see when working toward a bachelor s degree.

15. Podcasts

Even though it s not an official course, podcasts are an amazing (and easily digestible) way to become a better entrepreneur. Podcasts can be listened to via streaming on your computer (if that certain podcast offers it) or via iTunes for iOS and apps such as Podcast Republic for Android. Podcasts such as Entrepreneur of Fire already garner thousands of listeners every episode and are a great way to learn the most up-to-date information and strategies possible. Another good list of entrepreneur podcasts include Think Entrepreneurship s .

Whether you learn best by audio, video or text, this list of 15 learning resources for entrepreneurs can help you learn more about building a business, accounting and getting customers.

Do you have a favorite resource not listed here? Let us know in the comments section below.

15 Best Free Services and Software for Business #business #manager

#free business software


15 Best Free Services and Software for Business

Just because you manage a business doesn’t mean you have to throw money around. A penny-pinching business manager can access some useful services and applications with no financial outlay.

We took at look at 15 of the best business freebies. They handle everything from customer relationship management and e-commerce Web sites to e-mail accounts, customer mailing lists, and business management training.

Many entail nothing more than Internet access, a Web browser, and a few minutes of your time for user registration. Others require you to download and install some software to access their capabilities.

All are free. Some have paid versions that offer additional features and higher capacities.

1. Customer Relationship Management: Highrise

The Highrise CRM tool. The Highrise CRM tool. Customer relationship management (CRM) helps you keep track of your contacts, with the aim of converting more of them into sales prospects for your business. Highrise could be just what you need to start using CRM effectively to maintain a closer relationship with your customers. The virtue of this Web service lies in its simplicity.

Using Highrise. you can enter customer contact information directly using your Web browser or import existing contact records. Then you can create new tasks, set deadlines, and assign tasks to categories. Establishing a case lets you bring together related contacts and tasks.

When you log in to the service, the Highrise dashboard displays recent activity and upcoming tasks. You can choose to have a daily task summary e-mail sent at 6 a.m. to remind you of what you need to accomplish that day.

Highrise is straightforward and doesn’t offer a lot of extra capabilities, but it’s a handy way for you to keep on top of what your customers want. The free plan is limited to two users and 250 contacts. Greater capacity is available with paid plans.

2. Customer Relationship Management: FreeCRM.com

FreeCRM offers a more sophisticated online CRM service than Highrise. FreeCRM offers a more sophisticated online CRM service than Highrise. CRM is a vital component of an end-to-end business strategy, one that can handle the sales process that begins with the first inquiry from a new prospect and can grow to an established customer relationship with continuing product and service requirements.

FreeCRM.com offers a more sophisticated online CRM service than Highrise, though it requires more time to set up and learn. But it allows easier tracking of potential deals in your sales pipeline. This lets you determine if your sales performance is on track compared to budget.

A large variety of user preferences let you tailor FreeCRM to your business environment. For example, you can select a different currency (pounds instead of dollars) and decide if you want to display completed tasks and deals in your calendar.

There’s no limit on the number of users, though the advertising-supported free version is capped at 10 MB of data storage. A paid Professional version of the service removes the 10 MB limit and makes it simpler to synchronize data offline, with a handheld device such as a Palm or Blackberry, or on your PC using Microsoft Outlook.

3. Web and E-mail Hosting: Microsoft Office Live Basics

Microsoft’s Office Live Basics lets a small business establish an online presence by providing a domain name along with the capacity for managing a good-sized Web site and a couple of dozen e-mail accounts.

If your business doesn’t have a Web site, Microsoft’s Office Live Basics can help you get started. If your business doesn’t have a Web site, Microsoft’s Office Live Basics can help you get started. Office Live Basics will appeal most to small businesses that do not have a Web site and want to establish and manage one. Unfortunately, if you already have a Web site you can’t upload it to the free Basics service.

While a professional Web site designer would chafe at the limited template design options available, the templates make it easier to develop a simple site even if you know absolutely nothing about the HTML code for a Web page. Some handy interactive Web components, such as a forms submitter and a site search engine, are also included.

The free advertising-supported Office Live Basics provides a domain name you select along with Web site storage that can hold up to 500MB of data and e-mail management for up to 25 accounts with 2GB of storage each. Paid editions of Office Live offer greater capacity and additional services such as uploading an existing Web site, document sharing, and contact and time management.

15 Best Free Services and Software for.

Free Business Powerpoint templates design #better #business #bureau

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Free Business powerpoint Templates Design

O ur collection of Free Business PowerPoint templates. This collection includes unique designs and results that you can use freely for your own presentation needs. Free Business PowerPoint templates collection includes high quality corporate templates, management technique presentations and many other business associated PowerPoint templates. Free Business PowerPoint templates under this part are specially designed for business PPT templates and administration needs,

D wnload Free Business PowerPoint templates now and see the distinction. This is a good useful resource also for Advertising PowerPoint Templates or Business Backgrounds for PowerPoint or business presentation PowerPoint templates to master your strategic thinking. What you will have is a further engaged target market, and the go with the go with the flow of information is clean and quick.Our site is UPDATED EVERY DAY with new PowerPoint Templates.

T ag Templates : success, resource, teamwork, technology, web, world, bussiness, alternative, change, climate, conservation, development, dioxide, efficiency, electric, electricity, energy, feature, generation, global, globe, industrial, industry, production, communications, community, computer, illustration, intranet, network, glowing, partnership, management, motivation, profit, target, time, work, trust, concept, announcement, system, relationship, marketing plans,

Business Documents – Free Legal Forms For Your Business #starting #a #business

#free business forms


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Popular Documents

Rocket Lawyer US

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Business Organization
Business Operations
Business Property

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Use Rocketlawyer as:

Business Legal Forms

Rocket Lawyer offers hundreds of legal forms that cover a range of business legal needs. Click on any document name for more information.

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All by category


Free Diploma in Business Communication Skills #business #models

#business communication skills


Diploma in Business Communication Skills

Study at your own pace!!

Course Description

The free online course Diploma in Business Communication Skills will help you develop effective communication skills for the workplace, from enhancing your professional writing techniques to improving your interpersonal and presentation skills. Good communication skills are an important element for a business or organisation to function effectively, and for the development of good relationships between work colleagues within a business and with clients and customers outside a business. The course first introduces the principles of written communication. You will learn that preparation is key for successful writing and will allow you express your thoughts in a clear, concise and efficient manner. You will learn about writing styles, how to use a planning checklist for business writing, and which writing style is most appropriate for business communication. Next, the course covers the key communication skills needed for successful team meetings. You will learn about the importance of the purpose statement and agenda for the meeting. The course also covers the communication skills needed to manage a meeting once it is in progress. You will learn how to transition from one topic to the next, how to help team members contribute positively at the meeting and how to bring the meeting to a successful conclusion. The course then shows you how to plan and develop effective presentations. You will learn how to assess the expectations of your audience and engage with them effectively. You will also learn how to overcome nervousness and become more confident when speaking in public. Finally, the course introduces you to the concept of cross-cultural communication and its importance in the modern globalized workplace. It then describes strategies for identifying both similar and divergent cultural characteristics across different cultures, and why they play an important role in effective cross-cultural communication. This free Diploma course will be of great interest to all business professionals who want to improve their communication skills, and to any learner who is about to enter the world of business and wants to develop an engaging and responsive communication style.


To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. A link to purchase your Diploma certificate will then appear under the My Certificates heading of your My Account page.


Having completed this course you will be able to:
– List and describe the rules that govern written language;
– Describe the planning process and essential elements of a business document;
– Describe how to prepare for and conduct business meetings;
– Define teamwork and explain how to overcome various challenges to group success;
– Describe the steps in the process of planning a presentation;
– Overcome common obstacles in public speaking;
– Define and discuss how to facilitate intercultural communication;
– Describe how to prepare for an international assignment and effective strategies for living and working abroad.

Free Advertising for Small Businesses – Dex Media #business #listings

#free business advertising


Free Advertising for Small Businesses

The Top Ten List

Free Listings for Establishing Your Presence in the Digital World

It is a popular and widely accepted benchmark that small businesses should spend between five to ten percent of their sales revenue in promoting and advertising their business each year. For their advertising dollars, owners aim at a mix of the highest quality leads and the most leads possible. However, with limited budgets, small business owners are also looking for good opportunities to promote their business for free.

Are you an SMB owner or manager looking for free advertising or an inexpensive way to establish your presence on the Internet? The following list contains the top ten companies (in my opinion) that will provide you with a free business listing in the digital space. These listings will appear on the Internet, whether people are searching on PCs, smartphones, or tablets. All for a favorite price – free!

It is easy to get started, and does not take much time to complete. Each site will take about 10 to 20 minutes to upload your data, if you have all of your personal contact information available (including your business email and business phone number).

In addition to this top ten list, there are four important things to know about free listings:

  1. Accurate Data: If you have a business phone, your business (most likely) already has some sort of data on these sites. You should claim your listing to ensure that your listing (or business profile page) has accurate, up-to-date data.
  2. Your Reputation: Your free listing or business profile page may contain ratings and reviews of your products or services from your customers. You should monitor the ratings and reviews that appear on these sites so that you can engage with your customers. These ratings and reviews might be visible only on these websites and not available on the search engines, such as Google. Again, not all ratings and reviews are visible through search engines, but your potential customers may see them. These sites provide you, as the business owner, an opportunity to respond to both the positive and negative feedback.
  3. Consistency: This list of Top Ten sites will help you ensure the consistency of your company s data across the Internet. Data aggregators and search engines may gather, pass and display erroneous information if customers or consumer users provide incorrect data for your business. By claiming your free listings on these Top Ten sites, you ensure that your data is accurate and consistent on other sites and other digital platforms as well.
  4. Getting More: Some argue that a business listing is not properly defined as an “advertisement,” since it simply contains basic company data. However, at many of these top ten sites, you can add more than just your basic listing for free. For no cost, you can add photos of your business, additional text describing your company, and blog posts. Regardless of whether you call this information a listing or an advertisement, you should get more from these top ten sites by adding as much information as possible about your company.

And finally, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have historically aggregated data from these top ten sites, including ratings and reviews. More recently, search engines are allowing SMBs to enter the data directly. Consequently, I recommend that small businesses add their business listing to at least these three top search engines.

I hope that you find this information helpful, and would welcome and appreciate your feedback. In addition, please feel free to use the comments to recommend any additional sites that I may have overlooked.

While we re on the subject of FREE

Check out these FREE tools to spy on your competition !

Originally posted on December 29, 2012.

Updated on May 29, 2015.

Free Advertising, Free Business Advertising, Free Online Advertising and Local Business Advertising

#free business advertising


Business Advertising Options

Free Business Advertising

Online Business Advertising

Local Business Advertising

Business listings are mobile friendly, responsive and designed to display well on mobile devices, smart phones and tablets.
All upgraded directory listing also provide NAP Citations in JSON Mark-up to help with Local rankings.

Basic Listing – 30.00 per annum

See example of Basic listing – Basic Listing

No other adverts appear on the page we create for you.
No message about upgrades appears with your listing.
Often approved within 3 days

You will be redirected to registration page after payment is received.
(Please feel free to ring 01608 663759 with any questions)

Upgraded Silver Listing – 50.00 per annum

Silver Listings are given more prominence over free listings.
No other adverts are displayed on Silver Listings.
Social Media details can be included on Silver Listings.
Silver Listings include a link so people can visit your website.
Silver Listings include semantic mark-up to help local citations.

You will be redirected to registration page after payment is received.
(Please feel free to ring 01608 663759 with any questions)

Gold Listing – 75.00 per annum

Custom Styling is included with Gold Listings
Gold Listings allow you to display an image or logo with your listing
Gold Listings are given more prominence over free and silver listings.
No other adverts are displayed on Gold Listings
Social Media details can be included on Gold Listings.
Gold Listings include a link so people can visit your website.
Gold Listings also include two extra link so people can visit the relevant sections of your website.
Gold Listings include semantic mark-up to help local citations.

You will be redirected to registration page after payment is received.
(Please feel free to ring 01608 663759 with any questions)

Free Listing – 00.00

See example of Free listing – Free Listing

Sorry, due to time constraints and directory running costs, free listings are now available by invite only and are only approved on a fortnightly basis.
Do you really want to miss out for the sake of £30.00? – Compare the difference between free listings and upgraded listings – See Options

Other adverts appear on the page we create for you.
A link to your website is not included with your listing.
A message about upgrades appears with your listing.
May take 2 weeks before listings are approved
Invite Only

Are you a Local Tradesman?
Take advantage of our brand new free advertising opportunity before all the top spots are gone – Show Us Your Van

Please note:

Prices are per annum not per month.
We reserve the right not to approve listings.
Displayed prices exclude VAT which is charged at 20%.

Free Advertising & Cheap Advertising

A range of free advertising options for small business.

Cheap Business Advertising Tips

Top 10 ways of obtaining cheap advertising or free advertising – in no particular order.

  1. Local Magazines
    We all get them, the free monthly pamphlets through the door from the local parish council, local publisher or local entrepeneur who tries to sell advertising space in their new local directory. Think about it though, how often do you use it if you want to find a local service? personally, it’s about the first place I look and more often than not the advertising rates are dirt cheap.
  • Stylish Business Cards
    I was once told the most expensive business card you can get is a free one! Why risk the chance of losing that big order because your business cards are poor quality and don’t reflect the service you provide?.
    Suppliers of Business Cards .
  • Branded Merchandise
    Everyone likes a freebie, you know your pens are going to go walkabout anyway, so why not get your name and logo on them so that at least you get a bit of benefit from the fact they are out there? The same goes for other nicnacks, make your client a coffee, leave him to his thoughts but have your USP on the mug he’s drinking from, you never know, it might just stick in his mind when he makes the decision you’re waiting for..
    Suppliers of Promotional Merchandise .
  • Local Noticeboards
    Have you seen your local noticeboard recently? chances are a lot of people have and for the sake of 4 drawing pins, sore thumbs for an hour, you can get your message to these people.
  • Leaflet Distribution
    On a par with local magazines except this time you have total control of the content. You also have the benefit of gaining a bit of fresh air, exercise and getting your face (and business) known in your locality. Go on, give it a go, get some nice flyers printed, get your tracksuit on and have a nice brisk walk around your local estate.
    Leaflet Distribution Companies – Leaflet Delivery Companies
  • Online Business Directories
    A lot of small business owners moan about online business directories taking up the top positions of the search engines. Rather than joining in with this moaning, the smart small business owner takes advantage of these directories to gain the positions they would have to pay a good optimiser to achieve for them.
    Register in UK Small Business Directory .
  • Sponsor Local Events
    Got a local team who needs assistance, a kiddies playground which needs a bit of new equipment, an annual event that needs a good raffle prize. Make yourself popular, feel good about yourself and gain a bit of cheap advertising all at the same time.
  • Article Writing
    You don’t have to be a great writer, you don’t need to spend a lot of time, you don’t even have to see it as work. The articles on this page are a perfect example, the kids have gone to bed, there’s nothing on the telly, don’t feel like the pub tonight so let’s just patter away on the keyboard as though your’e waffling to a mate. The more you write, the easier it becomes, and soon you have a page full of content. And as we all know, a website needs content.
  • Viral Marketing – Using News
    Listening to the radio the other day I heard someone talking about the fact they were going to buy their kids some hens for christmas, it was just the inspiration I needed to create my A Hen is for Christmas website. One week later it had received close to 3000 visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Avoid the rogues and snake oil salesmen which have come out of the woodwork in recent years, get yourself a good local SEO enthusiast and work with him, as long as you have a good relationship, are fair and don’t treat him as an employee, you can get great benefits. There are loads of geeks and young kids out there who still see search engine optimisation as a game, let them play and build up your sites popularity at the same time.
    Search Engine Optimisation .

    Free Advertising – Free Business Advertising – Free Online Advertising – Free Tradesman Advertising – Free Local Advertising – Local Business Advertising

  • Free Business Listings In Local Business Directory – Add Your Business #business

    #free business listings



    Verify Your Own Business!

    Why Join

    Participation in local Australian business directories like OzBusiness.com.au helps users and advertisers find each other. Advertisers can increase their business visibility online. Our users can find near by businesses servicing their particular location. We carefully check all new business listings for accurate description of services or products they provide.

    About OzBusiness Directory

    OzBusiness.com.au was developed to help Australians get fast and accurate results, when they search for local businesses or organisations. We verify all businesses submitted to our directory for accurate description of service and products they provide. We accept only Australian based businesses in our directory with no exception provided.

    Get More Out Of It

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    Vistaprint is a company that provides printing and marketing services to small and micro businesses over the internet. Since it was founded in 1995, Vistaprint has become one of the most rapidly expanding printing companies in America, meeting the needs of small and micro business people by offering highly customizable services at affordable rates.

    About Vistaprint free business cards

    Vistaprint allows customers to get 250 free business cards just by coming to their website, selecting a business card template, adding text and then having the cards shipped to one’s door. The only costs to the customer are shipping and processing fees, as well as any product upgrades selected in the course of creating the business card.

    While you do have to pay shipping and processing for these business cards, there is no printing bill whatsoever. You are getting business cards for free, which is a good deal. What’s more, the card creation process is remarkably easy to go through. Just select a template and type in your card text and you are done. Their “click-to-ship” process is about as simple as printing can get.

    How can you get 250 free business cards from Vistaprint?

    Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

    1. A computer with internet access.
    2. A valid email and mailing address.

    Detailed instructions:

    1. Go to the Vistaprint website at: www.vistaprint.com
    2. Under the section halfway down the page labeled “Free Business Cards,” click on the blue button marked, “Get Started.”
    3. Enter the text that should appear on the front side of the card, then select the design of the card you want from the menu. As you enter the text, it will appear automatically on the proof of your card.
    4. Tick the box to indicate that you have read through and checked the card proof and that the text is all correct. Finally, click on the button marked, “Next.”
    5. Create a Vistaprint account by entering your email address and creating a password.
    6. Enter your shipping and billing information and complete the card creation and shipping process by ordering your card.
    7. If you have any questions, please consult the Vistaprint FAQ at: www.vistaprint.com/customer-care/service-center.aspx?xnav=top

    If you are just starting your own small business and you need to order a small-run lot of business cards, why go to a big printer that has large minimum order requirements? Use Vistaprint and you’ll get 250 business cards for free! All you pay for is shipping and processing.