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Common questions

What s the difference between a C corporation and an S corporation?

The IRS allows corporations to choose to be taxed as either a C corporation or an S corporation. Income from C corporations are subject to double taxation; that is, the corporation pays taxes on its net income and then the shareholders also pay taxes on the income that they receive from the corporation.

S corporations have only one level of taxation. The shareholders still have to pay taxes on money that they receive from the corporation, but an S corporation does not pay taxes on its net income. While the S corporation is popular among small business owners, C corporations have greater tax planning flexibility.

How does a corporation protect my personal assets?

If a business operates as a corporation, the business owners, called shareholders, are not personally liable for debts or other claims against the corporation. That s because the corporation is a separate legal entity from its owners. If a corporation complies with the formalities required for it to be treated as a separate legal entity, then anyone seeking to collect a debt from, or enforce a claim against, a corporation, would not be able to collect from the shareholders themselves. They would only be able to pursue the assets held in the name of the corporation.

Why do many people choose to form their corporation in Delaware?

Delaware is a very popular place in which to form corporations. However, the primary benefits apply to larger public corporations or those planning to go public. Delaware s laws provide heightened protection for board members against lawsuits brought by shareholders, and Delaware has a court exclusively dedicated to resolving corporate disputes. These benefits don t mean much to smaller corporations. Keep in mind that if a corporation forms in Delaware and does business in another state, the corporation would be required to file additional paperwork, and pay any taxes and/or fees required to do business in that state. Given those factors, many smaller corporations keep it simple and form in the state in which they plan to do business.

An employer identification number (EIN), also known as a federal tax identification number, is used to identify a business entity for tax purposes. It s like a Social Security number, but for a business. In general, most businesses need an EIN. The only reason a business would not get an EIN is if it has only one owner, elects to be treated as a sole proprietor for tax purposes, and does not want to open a separate business bank account. In this case, the owner would use their Social Security number as the business identifier. However, there are disadvantages to this approach, namely the risk of liability.

How are LLCs taxed?

Unlike a corporation, LLCs have some flexibility in how they re taxed. Depending on how many members and the type of tax treatment the owner selects, the LLC can be taxed as either a corporation, partnership or as part of the owner s personal tax return (called a disregarded entity ). By default, an LLC with two or more members are taxed as a partnership, unless they file an IRS Form 8832 to elect to be treated as a corporation. If the LLC has only one owner, it will be taxed as a sole proprietor, unless the owner files Form 8832. It s not necessary to decide which tax treatment until after your business is formed. You have up to 12 months to decide and can speak to an accountant if you need help making this decision.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent (sometimes called a resident agent or statutory agent) is a person or business authorized to accept important legal documents on behalf of a business. States require businesses to provide the name of their registered agent at the time they form their business entity. While you can be your own registered agent, there are disadvantages. You have to be available during regular business hours and your information goes on the public record. If you miss a filing deadline, you risk being fined or shut down. Our registered agent service can ensure you receive important business documents, sort through junk mail and keep your information private.

Is a corporation right for me?

It depends on many factors. Get help deciding by answering a few questions here .

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Incorporate a Business with LegalZoom – Form a Corporation Online Easily and Affordably

Protect your personal assets by incorporating your business with LegalZoom. When you choose LegalZoom to form a corporation. we create and file your corporation documents with the state where you are forming your corporation which means fewer details to worry about when starting a business . To ensure your satisfaction with our business incorporation services, you receive lifetime customer support as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee . In addition, corporations formed through LegalZoom are backed by a $50,000 Peace of Mind Guarantee . When it comes to something as important as forming a corporation. trust LegalZoom to help you take care of the details. Get started incorporating your business online with LegalZoom.

*Available in most states. Telephone consultations with a participating firm, during normal business hours, of up to one half (1/2) hour each, limited to one consultation for each new legal matter. After the 30-day trial period, benefits to the Business Legal Plan (also Business Advantage Pro) continue automatically for $29.99 per month. For states where Business Advantage Pro is not available, benefits to Business Advantage Standard continue automatically for $7.99. You can cancel by calling (877) 818-8787. For full details, see the Legal Plan Contract and Advantage Terms of Service .

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Search ASIC – s Registers #business #portal

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Search ASIC s Registers

We provide access to a range of information and products through our website.

Searching ASIC’s registers lets you access information on all our available registers.

You can also use NZAU Connect, our app that allows you to search across Australia and New Zealand.

Search fees

Are there any fees for searching?

Some of our search products can be viewed for free, while we are required to charge a fee for others. Our website outlines the different types of information you can receive.


How do I find information on a company?

You can use our ‘Organisations and Business Names’ search on ASIC Connect.

How do I know if the name I want is available?

Use our ‘Check name availability’ search to see if the company name you want is available.

Company alerts – keeping track of a company

You can create an alert to track a company and receive a notice when they lodge documents.

How do I find out if a company is being wound up or deregistered?

ASIC’s Published Notices website lists insolvency notices, company deregistrations, and other information.

Business names

How do I find information on a business name?

Our ‘Business name index’ search on ASIC Connect has details for all business names.

NZAU Connect

Our app for searching Australian and New Zealand

Our app lets you search Australia’s business name and company registers, as well as New Zealand’s company register.

SMSF auditors

How do I find information on an SMSF auditor?

Use our ‘SMSF register search’ to find information on registered SMSF auditors.


How do I find information about a person?

Our register shows any bannings and disqualifications a person may be subject to.

You can also use an information broker to find more about a specific person’s role.

Financial advisers

How do I find information about a financial adviser?

The ‘Financial adviser register’ has details on all appointed financial advisers. This includes their employment history and product authorisations.


What is data.gov.au?

Data.gov.au is a website that provides public access to government data. ASIC publishes our registers on data.gov.au to give everyone the opportunity to view and use our data.

Professional registers

What information is on ASIC’s professional registers?

Our professional registers include auditors, liquidators and other financial professionals.

Banned disqualified persons

Our ‘Banned and Disqualified’ search has details on any bannings or disqualifications ASIC has handed down.

A person who is disqualified under Part 6-5 of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 is automatically disqualified from managing companies registered under section 206B(5) of the Corporations Act 2001. You can search the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) Register of Disqualified Officers to see any relevant bannings and disqualifications.


How can I search for lodged documents?

Use our ‘Documents search’ to find information about documents lodged with us.

Registered charities

How can I find information about charities?

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) registers organisations as charities. This can include public companies limited by guarantee, proprietary limited companies or registered Australian bodies.

Search ACNC’s register to find the latest information on a registered charity.

Unclaimed money

How can I search for unclaimed money?

All searches for unclaimed money can be done through ASIC’s MoneySmart website.

Additional searches

We also provide searches on fundraising offers, summary prosecutions and much more.

Mazuma – s Holiday Business Gift Giving Guide: Part 3, Do –

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Mazuma s Holiday Business Gift Giving Guide: Part 3, Do s and Don ts of Client Gift Giving

If you re planning on holiday gift giving for clients, customers, and employees this year, we ve got you covered! We covered what to give and who to give it to, what’s tax deductible, and now we re talking Do s and Dont s of holiday gift giving.

-Give. Don’t promote. You have all year to promote your business; allow the holidays to be a time to focus on your clients and let them know how grateful you are for them.

-Send a card. A handwritten card or personal email can be meaningful and memorable. Gift giving has lost its personal touch over the years and your client will love getting a special note from yours truly, with or without a gift.

-Keep an ongoing list of employees, clients, service providers, and others who make your business great throughout the year. The holidays are a busy time of year, making it easy to forget someone. Keeping a small list throughout the year will ease your holiday stress and keep you from overspending at the last minute.

-Set a budget. Not all client gifts are equal, but you do need to have a budget in place before you start shopping. Check out our post on tax deductible gifts (link) and amounts here before deciding how much to spend.

-Check into a company’s gift giving and receiving policy before shipping your presents. The larger the company, the more likely a specific policy is in place. You don’t want to spend unnecessary cash on a contact who is not allowed to accept your gesture. However, a hand written card will almost always suffice and show your genuine appreciation!

-Don’t wait until the last minute. Keep in mind many people take a lengthy break from work to travel during the Christmas season, so sending a gift to a client’s office on December 23 rd may not work. Try to have your gifts sent out early in December to ensure on-time delivery.

-Don’t feel pressure to run out and buy a nice gift for everyone who sends you one. Again, a quick way to go over budget and not always necessary. However, be sure to send a nice thank you card expressing your gratitude or a holiday card, and add that person to the list for the next year, if need be.

-Don’t send gifts that are too personal or religious. Keep it professional in the work place and avoid gifts like clothing, perfume, and other items people have personal (and sometimes very strong!) opinions about.

-Don’t be a brown-noser. Give gifts because you’re grateful for your client, employee, boss, etc. and keep it at that. Don’t try to out-do another employee or company and keep in mind that as long as your gift is genuine and sincere, the recipient will appreciate the gesture.

The best holiday gift to give comes from the heart. Be genuine and sincere and your clients and employees are sure to appreciate the heartfelt gesture.

Dragons – Den – s most successful businesses: Starting a business advice

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Dragons Den s most successful businesses

It’s now over 10 years since the first episode of Dragons’ Den aired on British TV screens and in that time we’ve seen some brilliant, and not so brilliant, businesses pass through the Den.

While many of the start-ups which have appeared on the BBC show have since floundered or failed to gain traction, a number have gone on to achieve huge success – with and without the Dragons’ backing.

Action point: Need a loan to start a business of your own? See how we can help here and here

Now, with the 14th series returning in three weeks time, and to mark over 10 years of the show, we’ve delved into the Den archives to find out what has happened to 15 of the brightest businesses to have pitched to the Dragons and where they are now.

From the infamous Levi Roots to the £65m-valued Tangle Teezer dubbed “hair-brained” by Peter Jones, read on to find out just what happened once the Den’s cameras stopped rolling…


Forum post of the week

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What Can I Become with a Master s in International Business? #franchise

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What Can I Become with a Master’s in International Business? After graduation

A Master’s in international business is ideal for students who are planning to build a career in international business. Through this program, you can develop a variety of skills necessary to understand the global economy. It also gives you the ability to plan strategically for international operations and the capabilities required to execute those operations. A study programme in international business solely focuses on the area of international business.

Career opportunities with a degree in international business

With the massive growth of international business, there is a huge demand for individuals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of global markets. This is one of the reasons why completing a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in international business can open the doors for a series of career opportunities. Whether you choose to explore careers in the field of marketing or finance, you will be able to choose from a wide range of opportunities.

If you choose to go in the marketing direction, international business studies can be useful to land a job as an International Marketing Manager. In this position, you will be required to oversee the marketing strategy of a company in the international market. Your job will involve analyzing the potential market and predicting the profitability of various products or services.

The role of an International Finance Controller is popularly given to those who have completed an according specialisation in their international business programme and chosen to build a career in the field of finance. With this role, you will be dealing with various issues related to taxes, audits, accounts, regulatory compliance, and budgets. This position is typically the highest in the finance department for most companies.

After completing an international business degree, you can even land the role of an International Banking Manager. Your job will be to oversee the international banking policies and objectives as well as initiatives of a financial institution. You will also have the responsibility of developing and maintaining banking services to clients in the global market.

As a graduate in international business, you can also become an International Trade Manager. You will have the responsibility of overseeing every aspect of the trade negotiations and policies of an establishment be it a private firm or a government office. A Master’s program in international business will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to oversee contacts with important industry leaders and trade officials.

5. Business development

International business studies also prepare you for a career in the field of business development. You can become a Business Development Manager, which requires you to assess various marketing opportunities as well as the international target market. Your responsibility will be to evaluate a business to help it realize its full potential.

Higher studies in international relations degree

Once you complete a Master’s program in international business, you can even pursue a higher degree by enrolling in a doctoral degree program in the field. This degree will qualify you for more prestigious job opportunities such as the role of a CEO. You can even get into teaching at university level or get involved in research work.

What s Next for Staples? Put Office Depot Out of Business #cool

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What’s Next for Staples? Put Office Depot Out of Business

Staples (SPLS ) is pretty angry the federal government blocked its deal to buy smaller rival Office Depot (ODP ) and will now take several actions to try and put its competitor in the dirt.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan blocked the merger between the two companies Tuesday evening, saying the combination would create anti-competitive forces. The decision effectively ends the second attempt by the two office supplies companies to merge in an attempt to thwart off competitors including Amazon (AMZN ) .

“The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) met its burden of showing that there is a reasonable probability that the proposed merger will substantially impair competition in the sale and distribution of consumable office supplies to large business to business customers,” Sullivan wrote in a three-page order.

Obviously, execs at Office Depot and Staples saw it otherwise.

“While we are respectful of the court’s decision to grant the FTC’s request for a preliminary injunction to prevent our merger with Staples, we are disappointed by this outcome and strongly believe that a merger would have benefited all of our customers in the long term,” said Office Depot CEO Roland Smith in a statement. adding, “We do not intend to appeal the Court’s decision and the two companies plan to terminate the merger agreement effective May 16, 2016.”

Smith said the company will hold a conference call with investors on May 16 to discuss its future as a stand-alone company.

“We are extremely disappointed that the FTC’s request for preliminary injunction was granted despite the fact that it failed to define the relevant market correctly, and fell woefully short of proving its case,” said Staples Chairman and CEO Ron Sargent in a statement. Staples said it will pay Office Depot a $250 million breakup fee.

But Staples wasted no time outlining strategies that may help jump-start weak sales and profit in the wake of the merger saga ending, while at the same time stealing share from Office Depot. TheStreet takes a brief look at three things.

1. Here comes lower prices for some office supplies.

Staples said it will pursue market share gains in core categories such as office supplies, ink, toner and paper. To support this effort, the company will invest in lower prices and work to make its supply chain quicker.

2. Staples looking to divest European operations.

Staples plans to explore strategic alternatives for its struggling European operations, which is the main component of the company’s international operations. The company operates about 278 retail stores in Europe, with the largest concentration being in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal.

The World – s Coolest Business Card Holder – Smart Armor Tech

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The World s Coolest Business Card Holder

Business card holders – who really puts a lot of thought into these? Well, people who work in offices certainly do. Patrick Bateman most certainly does. If you are in a sales capacity, I can’t imagine you not keeping a few business cards always at the ready. There are even professions that are essentially a part of sales that some employees don’t know. If you are in a customer facing position, or are adept at speaking persuasively to strangers you meet at the grocery store about the product or service your company provides, you are in sales! So that means that even you need to start carrying some business cards.

If you are going to carry business cards, you will need a good place to keep them. A wallet is not adequate for carrying a large number of business cards, not to mention that wallets are often very hard on whatever is placed within them. Your beautiful business cards will have folded corners, lint, and ink smudges pretty soon. Business card boxes are the way to go.

There are tons of styles to consider when buying a business card holder for men or women. The Best Wallet 2015 website has a great updated list for some of the world’s coolest business card holders. The styles range from soft to hard, leather to metal, and all are sleek and stylish in their own way. We are biased, but we think the Smart Armor Safe would make the best business card holder for men. It’s tough enough to protect your business cards, and opens up via Bluetooth for a cool and dramatic presentation!

So, have you checked the business card holder list? http://bestwallet2015.com/beautiful-best-business-card-holder-for-men/
Which is your favorite and what qualities do you look for in a business card holder? Please comment below.

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What is Smart Armor®?

Smart Armor® is an IOT company that provides Bluetooth enabled micro-locking systems integrated into valuable physical objects controlled via mobile device.

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Business Ideas for Kids: Sparking Your Child – s Entrepreneurial Spirit #business

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Business Ideas for Kids: Sparking Your Child s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Business games for kids: The fun way to spark your child s entrepreneurial spirit.

Sparking your child s entrepreneurial spirit is for pushy moms and dads, right? Let s face it, thinking up good business ideas for kids is tough, not to mention boring. Who wants their 7 year-old dressing like Warren Buffet, worrying where his/her next big idea is coming from? Not me that s for sure, the thing is

Understanding how business works early will set your child up for a lifetime of success.

Don t worry. I m not suggesting you take all the fun out of your kid s childhood by pushing graphs and spreadsheets under their noses. Instead, you should explore smart ways of introducing your child to the world of business creation.

It s all about channeling your child s playful and creative nature in a way that teaches them some key business basics. And the clever thing is, for the most part they ll barely notice they have started learning.

The most obvious way to get started is by introducing simple business games

Useful business games for kids

There is an endless array of games for kids which can introduce them to ideas of spending, saving, investing and money making. Online video games, board games, and role-playing games are among them. Here are some of the best

Online video games: There a wide variety of business simulation games which your kids can play online for free. Learn4Good has compiled a list filled with kids business ideas which is well worth a look. It includes games such as Restaurant Empire, Code Monkey Tycoon and Shop Empire.

It s worth trying them first to see if they re suitable for your child as each one varies in difficulty and complexity. Alternatively, there are many paid-for business simulation titles available across different platforms.

Entrepreneurial board games: If you feel your child already spends enough time at the computer, then check out board games such as StartUp and The Allowance Game .

StartUp puts the player in the role of entrepreneur. The goal is for the player to make their fictional business a success – before their opponents do.

Alternatively, The Allowance Game teaches kids about the value of money management and work. It s a fun way for them to learn about earning, spending and saving.

Real world role-play: For me this is the most fun and effective option. Instead of relying on existing games, create your own which introduces the idea of how to start a business for kids. You can either devise a game involving pretend money or perhaps you can link pocket money to your child s entrepreneurial endeavours.

For example, when you re cooking dinner, your child could play the host or waiter. They set-up the table, help prep any food and let the guests (the rest of your family) know how long dinner will be and whether they would like any refreshments while they wait.

Real-life business ideas for kids and teens

They ve played the games, but can they succeed in the real world? There are many small business ideas for kids which are well worth considering. Of course, they can also develop their own unique concepts.

For inspiration, take a look at 14 fun business ideas for kids from The Penny Hoarder website. It features some of the stereotypical child businesses such as car washer, garage stand seller, and babysitter. But it also includes advice on potential online businesses a child might start.

However, there is one thing I think you should do. Help your child plan. A business plan for kids should be a simple document which details how the business will work in practical terms.

  • The business idea – what it is and how it will fulfill a target market s need or desire
  • The equipment you need – and how much it will cost
  • How your business idea will make profit
  • How you will attract buyers – will it require marketing?

You can also take advantage of the FREE printed book that Kids love that teaches them about entrepreneurship in bite size nuggets (The Toren Brothers published this book), here at Kidpreneurs.org

The philosophy behind the Kidpreneurs book is simple. The future of our children begins with us! Most people say, “It’s never too late.” The Torens say, “It’s never too early.” The benefits for an early introduction to the basic principles and infinite rewards of entrepreneurship are massive. The Torens have managed to break down otherwise difficult concepts in to fun to read bites that any bright minded child can easily enjoy.

By getting them thinking the idea through, they will develop the concept of how marketing works. The product must be something that people want. And you must be able to reach that market. So, how do you do it? It s an essential question that all business professional must answer throughout their careers.

And on this subject, you ve just given your kid a head start. By the time they go to college they should be adept at starting their own side business. That’s right, no flipping burgers or waiting tables for your budding business mogul.

A final thought to leave you with If your child is blurting out a stream of seemingly absurd business ideas, don t be too quick to dismiss them.

I mean, whoever thought the concept of Doggles would take off?!

Types of Business Degrees – Campus – online business management degrees –

#business degrees


Types of Business Degrees: From Marketing to Business Administration

As our economy becomes increasingly specialized and reliant on technology, degrees in business are quickly eclipsing liberal arts as the “do anything’” degree. With their focus on building relationships, innovation, and improving the bottom line, employers tend to view business degree holders as individuals who are ready to contribute to their organization and fulfill an array of roles, especially those at the management level. Adding a business degree to your credentials might help you move into higher levels of management or switch your career trajectory altogether. Learn more about the types of business degrees available to find out which direction in your business education is the best course to take.

Business Degree Levels

Business degrees are provided at all levels of post-secondary education, from certificate programs through a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). Due to the broad variety, admission requirements can differ greatly. Certificate programs usually last less than two years and are open for individuals at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Two-year associate’s degree and four-year bachelor’s degree programs in business typically ask applicants to have a high school diploma or GED. Some undergraduate programs may also require standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT.

Both Master of Business Administration (MBA) and DBA schools require a four-year degree and might ask applicants to submit GRE scores. While most graduate business programs accept applicants from numerous undergraduate majors, students are often expected to have acquired a few years of real-world business experience prior to applying. Depending on the school, some doctoral programs may also require candidates to have first earned a master’s degree. MBA degrees usually take two years to complete, whereas DBA programs can take 3-4 years, but the exact timeline will vary by program.

Business Degree Concentrations

In addition to the traditional business majors of business administration or business management, business degrees are also offered in a variety of specialized disciplines as separate majors within the business college, such as majors in finance, accounting or entrepreneurship. Additionally, many programs include concentrations within business administration programs, such as an MBA with an emphasis in human resources management, where students can take classes that will better help them in the particular field where the student would like to work. These types of programs have the benefit of providing not only a solid business foundation, but also a career-focused curriculum in a specific discipline within business. Among some of the more popular specialized business areas are:

  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Healthcare management
  • Human resources management
  • Information systems management
  • International business
  • Marketing
  • Public administration

Business Degree Course Formats

While traditional programs are still popular, larger numbers of schools are offering degrees in business administration with flexible scheduling. Business schools are reshaping their programs to accommodate working individuals in meeting their education goals. Options include part-time and accelerated programs; online business administration degree programs; hybrid programs, where some courses are online and some are on campus; and weekend and evening programs, which meet at times that are convenient for the busy adult.

Marketing Your New Skills

After completing your degree in business administration, the possible career paths range across multiple industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and IT. Salaries generally depend on education level and the demand of the field, with roles at the managerial level typically commanding the highest income. As such, supervisory positions tend to be competitive and usually require extensive work experience in addition to strong academic credentials. In 2011, the median annual salary for the following careers were as follows:

With the many types of business degrees offered by universities today, there are a number of options available to assist you in taking the next step in your career, regardless of your desired industry. Whether you are hoping to enroll in a full-time, on campus program to help kick start your education or are hoping to earn a part-time, online business management degree to move into a supervisory role, there is a business program that will fit into your lifestyle. Open yourself up to an assortment of opportunities by beginning your business education now.

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  1. How to Become a Business Analyst Business analysts, also known as management analysts, analyze an organization and propose ways to improve its.
  2. How Many People Earn College Degrees? Degrees, by Level of Degree and Sex of Recipient The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Business Review – Romania – s Premiere Business Weekly #new #business #grants

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Featured September 03, 2016 10:20 0 comments BR Exclusive

Each September brings to Bucharest the magic of national composer George Enescu, this year through the contest for young musicians setting out on their path to greatness. Some 174 were chosen to participate in this year’s George Enescu International Competition (biennial since 2014), the only Romanian classical music competition with international recognition, which will be [ ]more

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Paweł Tyszkiewicz, chairman of Polish Effie Committee CEO Polish Marketing Communications Association SAR, will chair the jury comprising 90…more