Nov 8 2019

Barclays Group – Latest news and share prices, barclays finance.

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Barclays Group: Latest news, stocks and shares prices for banking group Barclays.

Barclays latest news

Barclays investment bank boss Tom King to retire

Barclays finance

Mr King is the second senior boss to leave the bank this year, following chief operating officer Jonathan Moulds out the door

Former Barclays exec Rich Ricci lands chairman job at FreemarketFX

Barclays finance

The horseracing fan and ex-investment bank chief has also taken the reins at online bookies BrightBet

Barclays hires latest JP Morgan man to aid new chief executive

Paul Compton – who replaces outgoing chief operating officer Jonathan Moulds – is a former colleague of chief executive Jes Staley

Barclays shares suspended as markets slump

Barclays finance

Turmoil in financial markets in Europe has hit Barclays harder than its UK-focused rivals

Barclays told: sell US investment bank and axe dividend

Barclays finance

Analysts say Barclays needs radical surgery if it is to return to growth

Barclays and Credit Suisse in $155m ‘dark pools’ settlement with US regulators

Barclays finance

The two banks are expected to settle with the SEC and the New York Attorney General as early as Monday

Barclays shares look like a value trap

Barclays finance

Barclays shares have tumbled almost 20pc within the past month, but this doesn’t look like a buying opportunity, says Questor

Barclays picks from JP Morgan’s ranks for new risk boss

Barclays finance

Jes Staley has hired his former Wall Street colleague CS Venkatakrishnan

Amanda Staveley sues Barclays for £700m

Barclays finance

Financier brings High Court action over 2008 rescue financing

Enough is enough: Banks told to stop payments systems crashing

Barclays finance

Millions of Britons have been hit by glitches at RBS, HSBC and Barclays, and MPs have told bosses that they must get a grip of the problem

Barclays cuts 1,200 Asian investment bank jobs

Barclays finance

New chief Jes Staley and investment boss Tom King are pulling out of nine countries as they shut down loss-making parts of the business

Ex-Barclays boss Agius: banks should have freedom to take risks

Barclays finance

Former bank boss warns that British economy could be at risk if banks are too tightly controlled

Marcus Agius: Former Barclays chairman has overseen Carlyle s $1bn backing of PA Consulting

Barclays finance

This master of reinvention may be entering his final act, but he is not going to do so quietly

Barclays to pay out $13m after US customers hit by fund charges

Barclays finance

The bank ends the year with another fine after US regulator finds customers were hit by higher costs due to ‘unsuitable’ account switching

Treasury hires RBS and Barclays to run state bank accounts

Barclays finance

The government is cutting costs with a new bank account deal, and is pushing departments to slash the cash they are holding in alternative expensive accounts

Barclays sells index business to Bloomberg for £520m

Barclays finance

The bank acquired much of the analytics firm when it bought chunks of Lehman Brothers in the wake of the financial crisis, and will now make 480m profit on the sale

Barclays customers stranded after online banking services crash

Barclays finance

Customers could not log on to the bank’s mobile app and online systems, delaying payments and Christmas shopping for a period of several hours today

Antony Jenkins ‘surprised’ at Barclays sacking

Barclays finance

The former chief executive was fired after less than three years in the top job at the bank

Incoming Barclays boss needs to ensure the gung-ho era is past

Barclays finance

The bank s sloppy financial crime controls and willingness to ignore crucial procedures revealed just how far it was prepared to go to win business for its rich clients around the world

Barclays fined £72m for poor oversight on financial crime

Barclays finance

The Financial Conduct Authority says the British bank cut corners on financial crime checks and did not properly monitor a 1.9bn transaction carried out on behalf “politically exposed” ultra-rich clients

Banks face ‘Uber moment’ that could decimate staff

Barclays finance

Antony Jenkins believes the number of branches and people employed in the financial services sector could fall by as much as 50pc over the next 10 years

Barclays to pay £9m to settle Libor claims

Barclays finance

Barclays ‘turned a blind eye’ before and after the financial crisis when its traders manipulated Libor to boost profits, it was claimed. The bank denied all wrongdoing

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