May 19 2019

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Newest Team Member, Scott Shortes

Please join us in welcoming our newest Team Member, Scott Shortes! Raised in Big Spring, Texas, Scott graduated with a Degree in Finance from Texas Tech University, and immediately began his banking career. Today he brings 29 years of banking experience to the First National Bank team. Scott married his wife Abby in 1988. They have three children: Emma, a senior at Ouachita Baptist.

Today’s Fort Smith – 64.6 Downtown

We sat down with Executive Director of 64.6 Downtown, Talicia Richardson, to discuss their recent video, “Today’s Fort Smith”. Richardson stated, “64.6 Downtown wanted to create buzz with Today’s Fort Smith of the downtown activity and economic commerce produced from events like Peacemakers Music Festival, Ales for Trails, Fort Smith Marathon, and of course, The Unexpected.” When asked how.

Steve Clark – FNB Customer

The one thing I think is unique with me and First National Bank is much more of a conversation, much more of a relationship. I seldom asked First National Bank for anything that they’re not already aware that its on my mind. Because I see them. They are my neighbors. That relationship has made me a better business man. How they have been committed to me. How I see that they are committed to.

FNB: Excited to See What’s Next

I’ve seen the effects of war. Too much war. I’ve seen people come, and I’ve seen them go. I’ve seen incredible things built around me – Built from nothing. I’ve seen the unforgiving power of mother nature. I’ve seen history repeat itself. I’ve watched the greatness of what industry can do. What depressions and recessions can rip away. I’ve seen the good, the bad, the sacrifices. I’ve.

Customer Spotlight: Maxey Signs

At First National Bank of Fort Smith, we are committed to offering financial services that help your business thrive and prosper. Whatever your dreams are for your business, we are here to help you succeed. Take a look at the story of Derrick Maxey, owner of Maxey Signs in Fort Smith, and see how FNB has partnered to help him achieve his small business goals.

FNB: Our Hometown History

The history of Fort Smith is largely the story of the First National Bank. The history of any town is but a record of the achievement of its people. While Fort Smith was founded in 1817, it was not until 1872, the date of the organization of this bank, that the town began to assume a position in the commercial world. Under the leadership of several generations, The First National Bank of.

Our personal checking, saving, CD, loan and other service options are designed to meet your current & future needs.

Partner with our Commercial Department to help your business thrive. We offer merchant services, cash management and more.

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#The arkansas # #Video NEF6.COM

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